The Wait is Over
By CM thru Rubens
Sep 14, 2012 - 11:55:29 PM

Rubens: Who am I communicating with?

Aton: This is I, CM Aton beloved

Rubens: I am all ears dear brother

Aton: I am here to make a public announcement and not to say hello as I have in the past few days

Rubens: All right, I am ready

Aton: This is CM, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon;  I have chosen to come to this scribe to announce officially that the wait is over.  Yes, dear ones, as you were told by Siraya and Esu, 3DD is upon you, that is to say that it can transpire within moments of your time; I am not by any means telling you the exact time that it will occur but, I want it known that I have PRESSED THE BUTTON, to use one of your phrases.


Manifestation will take shape in your realm shortly.  Watch the sky and you will know unequivocally that it is so.   I know that we have told you that on my instances and that, in a way, is a hindrance because many of you do not know whether or not this a message addressed to the dark ones or to you, my children per say; I want this information to be known around the world and there are many around the globe who will receive this information and pass it on to the populace.  THIS IS SERIOUS folks.  Belief is a choice that you will not have in this very instance for it will impact you no matter where you are.

Prepare yourselves as we have told you many times and remain CALM.

This is CM, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon and I have given my seal of approval upon this message

Rubens: Thank you dear

Aton: Salu

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