Ostentatiousness and Promises
By Christ Michael thru Joyce
Apr 8, 2010 - 9:25:45 AM

Christ Michael: Ostentatiousness - go ahead and write that down.

All of my children are dearly loved - one no more than another. There is NO
reason for separating yourselves by this non-existent measurement. Nor is there
any qualifier that will make you more loved - for you are loved completely.

I see easily all of the growth still needed and the misconceptions and missteps
that you make - even against divine will - and I could not love you more. Can
you not emulate this with you darkest brethren? Do as I do. Try to do as I do,
in earnest - and I will do the rest.

Imagine not that one stands above or ahead of the other in the great line towards Godliness - for the road is ETERNAL mydears. Imagine yourselves to be looking me straight in the eye and seeingyourself reflected as I see you beloveds!

Then turn to your darkest brother andlet their God Self be reflected back to themselves in your eyes. This ONErealization will carry you far in your understanding of ONENESS. And THAT mydears is a launch pad to many other truths that you will come to KNOW.

Acting "puffed up" or "better than" is just that - acting. It has exactly NO basis in
TRUTH. NONE. Nor does the act of making yourselves "less than" another - for
that is a pattern borne of slavery, my dears. BANISH it from your thinking -
for it serves not GOD.

When we talk of a level playing field going forward into
this new world - we mean just that. None is at a disadvantage - but the school
bell rings again! The classroom has been remodeled and stocked full of the
textbooks of truth to be used as building blocks of your new civilization.

So you might say that a distinct advantage is given to TRUTH. That is the nature of
truth - it is STRONG and shines brightly in dimmed spaces - including the dark
areas of your collective mind. You are all one and the light you see shining
from ME is reflected in you. Do me proud!

Taking Notes thru the Higher Self 040710




It is CM

Remember your innocent view of promises - when you accepted a promise as an
unquestioned certainty. Revisit your many experiences that have taught you to be
wary of the promise since then - for what was promised in earnest one day was
dispelled with in the next. We ask you to consider the world of quantum physics
- as even your scientists will tell you - it deals with probabilities.

This was an important "discovery"- for in realizing that the scientist's focus and
consciousness impacted the field of probabilities and its outcome - the
boundaries of certainty were torn asunder. To speak of probabilities or
potentials is a much more accurate way to define the now that is a moving
target. This is what we do and manage. This is what you will learn to do and

Fast forward yourselves to a point in the future where you are dealing
comfortably with these ideas for a version of this will become your science of
the day. You will - for instance - be well aware of probabilities for continued
earth changes - for nature is always active in one area or another - and you
will be working WITH her. Do not pin your hopes, your desires, your actions on
what seem to be certainties but rather consider becoming "comfortable" with
probabilities- and there are untold numbers of these probabilities converging to
become certainties late in the game - we promise you.

That is all.

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