David Crayford and the ITC
WhistleBlower's response to Benjamin Fulford's latest posting.
By Whistleblower
Jun 30, 2010 - 5:32:30 PM

WhistleBlower's response to Benjamin Fulford's latest posting.

First: The BENJAMIN FULFORD UPDATE - June 30, 2010 to which WhistleBlower is responding.

The Vatican is now the last obstacle to the new financial system

Talks this Monday between a representative of the White Dragon Society and two senior Vatican representatives (including the Papal Nuncio or ambassador to
Washington) did not go well. The Vatican insist they have a right to steal trillions of dollars that do not belong to them because "the survival of the church is at stake."
This is simply not true, they are simply blocking the announcement of the new
financial system because of a lust for raw power. The Vatican Banker, Daniele Del Bosco, who has hidden the close to $1 trillion in gold-backed bonds, has been trying to cash them with the help of a fraudulent organization known as the Office for International Treasury Control or OITC. An Interpol investigation has revealed the OITC has no mandate and no right to these funds.

The funds Del Bosco is hiding were earmarked to help Portugal, Spain and Italy end their respective financial crises. The $134.5 billion in bonds confiscated at the Italian/Swiss border in June of 2009 were linked to these funds. Del Bosco is about to be placed on an international wanted list and is now under 24-hour observation. We can also add that according to both CIA and Yakuza sources, the Vatican dispatched two separate assassination squads to Japan with the goal of killing and silencing this writer. They seem to be under the mistaken belief doing so will suddenly give the Vatican the ability to cash these funds.

The Vatican will be provided financing to help it survive but only after they purge
the Satanists from their top ranks.

We must also mention the new financial system is designed to finance a campaign to end poverty, stop environmental, end war and set humanity and life on a path for exponential expansion. The fact that the Vatican leadership is trying to prevent this from happening is good proof that they are going against the teachings of both Jesus Christ and of Roman Catholicism in general.



The above article by Fulford is strewn with mistruths, lies, innuendoes, defamation and a totally distorted story about the "Italian Job" and the new financial system. Fortunately, Fulford is not aware of what we have been doing for many years. Now he is about to find out. I will explain:-

After many years of investigations, from December 2005 to date, the OITC are finally able to expose certain persons who claim to be members of the Black Dragon Society (Now referred to as the White Dragon Society), Benjamin Fulford, Akihiko Yamaguchi travelling on Japanese Passport No: TF 4658848, Mitsuyoshi Watanabe travelling on Japanese Passport No: TF468855, Xavier Bertomue Blay travelling on Spanish Passport No: 8300019, Neil Francis Keenan travelling on USA Passport No: Z8205672 and also holding an Irish Passport, Ibrahim Ghonaim travelling on Egyptian Passport No: 863512; as to what and who they really are.

Many Readers will remember the situation at Chiasso on the Italian / Swiss border during the latter part of 2009, which was reported on several Community Websites and in the main stream media, concerning two people (Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyosho Watanabe) who were arrested attempting to smuggle into Switzerland, Bonds and Certificates that were hidden in a secret compartment of their briefcases.

The Bonds in question were the 1933 / 34 Federal Reserve Notes, which are Debt Obligation Certificates against the United States of America issued against Gold borrowed by the USA following the Great Depression of the 30's, stolen from an asset depository in the Far East, together with Kennedy Bonds and Dragon Bonds. These Certificates hold a Face Value of slightly less than $1 trillion USD, yes, $1 trillion USD.

Information and documents received from our friends in the Italian, Japanese, and UK Secret Service, reveal a far bigger story than the one isolated incident on the Italian / Swiss border. A story that should scare the hell out of the people of the world because it involves big names in the US and it exposes the covert corruption and serious attempts to destabilize the whole world, that exists with illegal use of assets of the Collateral Accounts.

Afraid of being caught, Yamaguchi and Watanabe "sweet talked" several Italians into holding other Bonds and Certificates on their behalf. Two of Five Italians we have located were an aged Gentleman (over 65 years of age) who accepted the talk about helping the World and the poorer elements of society with the use of these Bonds and Certificates, and who willingly held onto some Bonds and Certificates for Yamaguchi and Watanabe. The other one was a younger person located in the same vicinity as the older gentleman.

When Yamaguchi and Watanabe were arrested at the Italian / Swiss border. Their possessions (Luggage) were searched by the Italian Financial Police. Besides finding Certificates hidden away in a secret compartment of their briefcases, the Italian Police found a list of Italians, giving names, addresses, etc. All these persons were investigated.

The Police arranged for Warrants of Arrest and Search to be issued and signed by a Judge.

One Aged Gentleman was arrested and his home totally searched, whereupon the Police discovered additional certificates and bonds within the confines of the house.
This Gentleman along with Yamaguchi, and Watanabe are due to appear in an Italian Court later this year against criminal charges.

Guilty of being helpful, cooperative and innocent, the aged Gentleman's life is effectively in ruins for believing two very serious dishonourable, disreputable and dubious Japanese persons name Yamaguchi and Watanabe. It has also brought to light the names Benjamin Fulford and the names of 3 top officials in the US as being involved with, whether directly or indirectly, with Yamaguchi and Watanabe. Two are US Generals and one is an ex-President..

There are others whose houses were searched by the Police but no further Certificates or Bonds were located and therefore no arrests were made.

Further evidence, in the form of written documents, has recently come to light and presented to us, whereby Benjamin Fulford is directly connected to and working with these two very serious dishonourable, disreputable and dubious Japanese persons name Yamaguchi and Watanabe.

Furthermore, we are now aware of the fact, through friends in the Japanese Secret Service, that Fulford, Yamaguchi, Watanabe are all active members of the Black Dragon Society (Now referred to as the White Dragon Society), operating illegally and falsely using the name of the Black Dragon Society.

Furthermore, recent contact has been made to the Head and Deputy Head of the Black Dragon Society (who we have been in contact with previously on other issues) who are now aware of these illegal activities and have clearly indicated that there are members who have betrayed the Society and their very high standard of principles, whereby the Society will take the relevant action.

Yamaguchi is, or was, the signatory to the Dragon Funds, via the Ministry of Finance in Japan, from which he was dismissed many years ago for fraudulent activities surrounding the use of the Dragon Funds and being in possession of special Government to Government Japanese 57 Series Bonds. Yamaguchi was arrested, charged, found guilty and sentenced to quite a long spell in prison for the offences.

The Dragon Funds, as is commonly known, is actually a Foundation which is part of, complete with all assets of the Dragon Funds, the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility whose Legal Heir, Owner and Sole Arbiter is H.E. Dr. R. C. Dam, International Treasury Controller.

The Bonds issued against the Dragon Funds, together with the FRN's and FRB's that Yamaguchi and Mutsiyoshi have in their possession are all legally part of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

The question is, if these people (Fulford, Yamaguchi, Watanabe) are innocent and doing nothing wrong, why hide Certificates in a secret compartment in their suitcases? Why involve, coerce, or otherwise with false and misleading stories, deliberately as it appears, innocent persons who have absolutely no knowledge of the illegal activities they are becoming involved with? Why attempt to carry Certificates and Bonds over a border when Yamaguchi, as former officer of the Ministry of Finance in Japan should be fully aware that all Banking instruments, whether historic or otherwise are transferred by Swift Wire whereby if the Hard Copy is required, same is usually dispatched by special Bank Courier or Bonded Courier? Why involve innocent third parties to look after Certificates and Bonds for them if everything was legal, genuine and above board? Why should they be carrying such special Bonds and Debt Obligation Certificates when same are utilised in specific manners to prevent them ever getting into the normal International Commercial Market place, and Why in the last few weeks make some very serious threats against the person of my Superior and some of the Italians.

Referring now to a further but well connected situation. Fulford is always stating within his articles on the Community Boards that a "New Banking System and currency is being developed which is Gold Backed, and that this new system will be introduced soon", "He (Fulford) is attending meetings with the Vatican and the BDS", " Fulford is talking to the Rothchilds", "Fulford is talking to the underground Government of China", "The PTB are on their last legs and running for cover", and so on and so forth, when all the time he is an active part of illicit and covert activities under the guise of the BDS, and associating with persons (Yamaguchi and Watanabe) who actually betray and discredit the BDS. At the same time, and Fulford is as guilty as those actually holding these Certificates, Bonds, etc, on the basis of association whereby he is complicit in the handling and possession of stolen goods, as well as attempted Fraudulent use of same which legally belong to the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

WHAT DOES THAT MAKE BENJAMIN FULFORD? I know what that means in my mind as a lawyer, but I will leave people to answer that question for themselves.

As for Fulford's statement, quote "The funds Del Bosco is hiding were earmarked to help Portugal, Spain and Italy end their respective financial crises". If this was the actual situation then those certificates / instruments would have been passed direct to the Governments of Portugal, Spain and Italy via Swift Wire from the Central Bank of Japan, so what utter nonsense Fulford is spewing out to cover his own backside, and those of his criminal colleagues. Does he honestly think that we all came down with the last shower of rain. Mr Fulford, there are well known regulated methods to transfer funds and certificates anywhere in the world and in a matter of minutes. Hiding certificates in secret compartments of briefcases and attempting to cross National borders with same (Contrary to Law) is NOT one of them.

More to the point what does that do to all the people who believed Fulford and believe his articles? They must be devastated to now be informed that Fulford is working illicitly and covertly with others in the illegal use, laundering and possession of Stolen Certificates and Bonds that belong to the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

Is this what is actually behind Fulford's false and preposterous proclamations of a new Financial System and Gold Backed Currency, if so, then so much for his New International Financial System and New Gold Backed Currencies built on STOLEN Assets of the Collateral Accounts. A myth, or better still a very big con, created by criminals using people's misery and distrust of the present financial system to gain support for his own, and inter-connected illicit and covert associations and illicit / dubious acts.

Furthermore, one must look at the damage caused to a solid and very reputable BDS, whose credibility is beyond reproach, in addition to the ruined lives and reputation of innocent Italians who were well and truly conned by these people.

We also believe that Casper and his colleagues are somewhere within this whole scenario. Casper is always referring to the Chinese who claim they control and own these funds / assets, yet the Prosperity Programs that he continuously refers to have not paid out for 20 years and people are still waiting, and waiting, and waiting.
Although we admit that there may not be a connection at all, we do not believe in coincidences of this nature based upon the evidence before us.

What we do know, through friends in the genuine intelligence services throughout the world, is that there is a very strong rogue US Agency link to Casper and his friends, which coincidentally is the same link, with the very same people, to the Yamaguchi, Watanabe, Fulford, Bertomue Blay and Keenan, the latter two also associated to this whole situation.

Note: Many people will also remember that I have stated on several occasions that if the Assets / Collateral behind the "Prosperity Programs" have anything to do with the Collateral Accounts, then these Programs will never pay out, so get on with your lives and write it off as a bad experience.

It is looking more like that I was correct in my initial assessment of the situation based upon evidence gained from non-Secret Service sources. Put all the evidence together and the answer "Stands Out and Hits One in the Face" ....... and totally beyond any reasonable doubt. A very big fraud of inconceivable magnitude, operated by rogue elements of the US Agency in conjunction, specific high officials in the US, with crooked elements (Yamaguchi, Watanabe, Fulford) claiming to be associated with and working in conjunction with the BDS (now referred to as the White Dragon Society), and various less reputable persons related to Trusts and Foundations holding assets of the Collateral Accounts of which H.E. Dr. R. C. Dam, International Treasury Controller, is the Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of same.

Based upon the fact that this is, without any reservation whatsoever, the same link, with the same people involved, and it involves many people not referred to here, it is being made publicly to appear as a separate issue. However, it does seriously implicate Fulford and his colleagues, which are, based upon the enormous evidence at hand, just another International gang of crooks and thieves, whereby Fulford is openly promoting this New Financial System and New Currency, which is to be backed by STOLEN assets and which would place the world in a situation of removing one set of crooks and a corrupt system for another set of crooks and possibly a system that is far more beneficial to these people than what it would be to the World, for which we do have a list of payments to be made to various people, including those mentioned herein, which does make for very interesting reading and certainly doesn't leave many funds available for any claimed new Financial System. The old adage comes into play here, which is, quote "You can con some people some of the time, but you can't con all of the people all of the time".

Not the nicest of situations to be confronted with at any time for anyone when there is so much desperation around the world relative to the existing financial system.
However, one has to seriously question the motives of Fulford and his colleagues (Yamaguchi, Watanabe) based upon unquestionable and irrefutable evidence of the Theft and Illegal use of substantial assets (Total Value = slightly less than $1 trillion USD) of the Collateral Accounts to finance their proposed new financial system, which can only end up in disaster for the whole world, and certainly numerous arrests and criminal actions galore in the process.

We know that theft of Assets of the Collateral Accounts have, and still are, being perpetrated from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines. We also know the names of several rogue CIA agents who have infiltrated the China Foundation, Mae Hua Trust, and the Dragon Funds.

We know that Yamaguchi, Watanabe and Fulford are all claiming connection to the BDS, when in fact that connection is not as it is claimed. We know at least three top officials in the US whose names have been inadvertently exposed by Neil Keenan. We also know that Yamaguchi and Watanabe are illegally carrying, holding, and attempting to use Certificates and Bonds in a manner that can only be described as reminiscent of ill conceived actions by criminal minds who believe they can do as they please with other people's property and get away with it.

We know that innocent people have been caught up in all of this without any regard for them, their families, their reputation, their future, etc via the use of "Sweet Talk" by Yamaguchi, Watanabe, and Fulford, who is responsible for same via his totally misleading articles and misguided activities in association with persons claiming to be part of the BDS, for which Fulford actually charges people for all the BS he comes up with.

People can, or should be able to, see how easy it is to get caught up in what appears to be euphoria towards someone working to replace the present Financial System with a New Financial System, or assisting the under-privileged people of the world, which anyone can do if they are illegally using the assets legally owned by other people. The Rothschild's have done it, and still doing it, as are the Rockefellers, and have been doing it for decades.

These elements claiming to be part of the BDS or working with the BDS (Yamaguchi, Watanabe, Fulford) and many others, are no different to the corrupt and criminal regime that is currently in power throughout the world. They are all crooks of the highest order. They tell you one thing to keep you happy and give you hope, and then do the opposite to benefit themselves in one way (Lists of the breakdown of personal payments to all persons involved, is in our possession) or another through the illegal use of other people's assets.

I also refer to a communication received by us from Benjamin Fulford dated 20th July 2009, part of the content of which is, quote "Our group includes a Chinese secret society with over 6 million members (including 1.8 million gangsters, 100,000 assassins and Politburo members), the British Royal Family and their Freemasons, the Sicilian black nobility (who control the Vatican and the Mafia), the Black Dragon (kokuryu 黒龍会) Society, the Japanese Yakuza and others. The Black Dragon and Chinese Secret societies combined can mobilize, if necessary, the 100 million people currently associated with martial arts societies around the world",
and a further quote from the same communication,
"On a different note, I have been in regular contact with a member of the British Royal Family (Who we now know to be Prince Andrew) who has sent the Philippine gold around the world in exchange for vast sums of dollars. He supports our plans and we would prefer that you do not work at cross-purposes.

If anyone knows Prince Andrew, as nice as he looks publicly, those vast sums of dollars are neatly tucked away in a very private bank account somewhere.

It also appears that the latter part of the second quote may be a veiled threat directed towards us.

All I can say to the above statements by Fulford is, If you live and work with deadly snakes, you end up becoming one your self.

Even as I am writing this Article, I am receiving copies of some very serious threats issued by an American Irish person (Neil Keenan) and Japanese person (Unknown at this moment in time), both claiming connection to the BDS and specific persons within the US Government, or its various agencies, a sample of which follows:-

"You are on Chinese and Japanese Black List. Asia no need you. We work hard for 9.5b to place for behind bonds and you steal bonds. We make charges here for to you and have Chinese pick you up in Geneva or Rome . We have all information for through the UN. We speak with UN to warn them of your crimes also today. You have no way to run. We catch you for sure. Understand your consort is guilty with you and will fly to Chinese jail together.

You on Interpol and we wait for you to cross lines. Where to hide? Run? Like Rat you are. Serious people take things very hard. We are hard. We come to Geneva to arrest you."


Others threats received as of 22nd June, are as follows:-

Threat contained in an email dated 22nd Tuesday 22nd June, addressed to a person in Switzerland, at his email address, who was conned by these people into holding instruments on their behalf, quote "When the Swiss, Italian, and Japanese read about how young disturbed ******* *** ***** was taken into the mountains". (Note name of the person is removed to protect the identity of this person).

Threat contained in an email dated Tuesday 22nd June, addressed to Mr David Sale, at, received from Neil Keenan, quote "So let this be the Threat for you for TODAY!!!"

These are in addition to other serious threats received in the last 2 weeks.

With Threats like that, which contain so many abnormalities and mistruths, who has any faith or Confidence in those claiming connection to the BDS, or what Benjamin Fulford has ever stated. Can the World really afford to change one gang of crooks and criminals, for another gang of crooks or criminals ......NO, so people should start to understand what is really happening in this world today. You see and hear exactly what these people want you to see and hear, when all the time there are serious and dubious ulterior motives in the background which you are not told about.

Note: The OITC does not support, will never support, persons, organizations, companies, or otherwise that deliberately attempt to use, or steal, the property (assets) of others (The Collateral Accounts) for their own purpose whether such purposes are claimed to be based on goodwill and good intent, or otherwise.

All of the above information, and lots more that I haven't disclosed, is fully supported by real documented evidence (Now held in a totally safe and secure place in a different domicile) provided by our own Intelligence sources, in addition to evidence provided by several other Intelligence / Secret Services throughout the world and independent sources. This evidence consists of Full passport copies, addresses, names of numerous associates involved, statements, official police reports, names of rogue CIA operatives (some of whom are known to be extremely dangerous), copies of Arrest Warrants and Search Warrants, historic records of persons involved, etc, Statements, Affidavits, Computerised Records, Photographs, etc. In fact, a mountain of documents of irrefutable and unquestionable evidence, which will be used against all these people in due course?

Additionally, the OITC has now issued a full "Cease and Desist Notice" and "Order to Surrender" all Assets, against Yamaguchi, Watanabe, Keenan, and all associates (which includes B. Fulford), whether known or unknown, which are involved, associated, connected, or otherwise, with the theft and illegal use of assets held by them, or by others on their behalf, for which failure to comply will result in further action being taken.

Anyone of Seniority in the Banking World knows exactly how Banking Instruments are transferred to the recipient's bank, and it certainly isn't hidden away in false compartments of briefcases for illegal "hand carry" across national borders. Those of Seniority in the Europe Financial System know that it is an illegal act under law to carry Banking Instruments, or copies thereof, on one's person across National Borders, so who the hell does Yamaguchi, Watanabe and Fulford think they are kidding with their children's fictional stories.

As for Fulford's statement, quote "a fraudulent organization known as the Office for
International Treasury Control or OITC. An Interpol investigation has revealed the
OITC has no mandate and no right to these funds"
. He just doesn't seem to recognize the truth even when it is put right in front of him by someone who is a Custodian of Assets of the Collateral Accounts. That someone knows Fulford personally and gave him the advice to stay clear of this mess, but no, he has to become involved and has to defame everybody he can think of to protect himself and his criminal colleagues.
Furthermore, as Fulford, Yamaguchi, Watanabe, and even others do not hold any security clearance levels, it is impossible for them to verify the OITC, hence why he is currently making wild and inaccurate allegations about the OITC. If he (Fulford) really knew the truth and faced up to it he would be wearing Brown Trousers for a considerable time. He may even end up wearing prison uniform.

Finally to enlighten people as to the structure surrounding the aforementioned Dragon Funds.

Yamaguchi is, or was, through his past position within the Ministry of Finance in Japan, the Signatory to the Dragon Funds.

General **** , Head of the Dragon Family is the Custodian of the Dragon Funds
The Government of Japan are the Account Holders of the Dragon Funds.
H.E. Dr. Dam, as International Treasury Controller is the Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Dragon Funds, as part of the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

Based upon the above, the over-riding decision to utilise any assets of the Collateral Accounts (including the Dragon Funds) legally rests with H.E. Dr. R. C. Dam, therefore the aforementioned parties above can do nothing legally without the authority and approval of H.E. Dr. R. C. Dam, as assented to, approved by, and sanctioned by The Nations of the World under numerous International Treaties. The highly dubious / criminal actions of Fulford, Yamaguchi, and Watanabe were not, have not, and never will be authorised by H.E. Dr. Dam, as International Treasury Controller, legal heir, owner, and sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts.

I sincerely hope from the above that the people of the World will start to open their eyes and realise what is really happening in the world, orchestrated by people in, or of, power, and the possible consequences of same to everyone in years to come. If the people realise this when it is too late, then it will undoubtedly be far too late to do anything about it.

Anyone with a motive, willingness, or otherwise to help the World and particularly help the less fortunate members of the world's society, should undertake matters in a legal manner only. To do otherwise would be illegal and cause a multitude of problems at a later date for the very less fortunate people of the world, as well other members of the world's society. Let's face it, when a problem occurs in any country (The current Financial Problem is a very good example) ultimately it is the people who pay through their taxes and pensions, and austerity measures, etc, to resolve that problem

It is a very DARK and DANGEROUS world that we live in, with one group of Elitist Crooks attempting to out manoeuvre another group of Elitist crooks, who are also attempting to out manoeuvre yet another group of Elitist Crooks, whereby people are conned by the enormous amount of "Sweet Talk", "Propaganda" and deliberate misinformation that emanates from these Elitist groups, as well as their Governments.

"Take Heed" of the points, statements, or otherwise, herein. To do otherwise is welcoming ultimate disaster. As previously stated herein, we have, and hold, substantial (beyond all reasonable doubt) evidence on all of these people.

The original purpose to combine all assets into one Master Account was to prevent any one party, Nation, Government, person, or otherwise, holding such wealth to enable use of that wealth for destructive (Wars) means, and / or provide a platform for one group, party, country, government, or otherwise to hold control over the world and the people of the World.

The evidence that we hold against all these people is substantial and built up over many years. Fulford fabricates his stories and is complicit in fraud, criminal deception, theft of assets, defamation, libel.

Such stories may make people feel better and wrongly understand that things are happening to change the current situation in the world.

In reality they are false stories, cover stories, mere fabrication hiding the real illicit / illegal and covert activities surrounding the massive fraudulent use of assets of the Collateral Accounts, whereby those activities are designed to covertly undermine the stability of the World, and the Common Sense of the People of the World.

Further information on this matter may, but not guaranteed, be released at a later date provided it does not jeopardise any existing, or future Court, or Legal actions, revolving around same.


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