David Crayford and the ITC
The Office of International Treasury Control (OITC) Speaks to Abundant Hope's Readers
By Senior Consultant to the OITC
Sep 15, 2009 - 7:39:00 PM

Candace:  Since i still send this out to folks, The Whistleblower mentioned is David Crayford.  Also, as you will perceive later working thru the material in this section,, Dr. Ray Dam was eventually ousted and there is a new International Treasury Controller.  We are NOT naming this person at this time.  But correctly chosen and filling the slot.

The Office of International Treasury Control (OITC) Speaks to Abundant Hope's Readers

Ron: The Office of International Treasury Control (OITC) is Urantia’s key organization in relation to global wealth and finance and the current 3D global economy. Here is a statement from  a Senior Officer of the OITC about the OITC’s origins, organisation and functions. Accordingly this information is straight from “the horse’s mouth”. Full background information on the OITC and its activities is available at its website, see:

As I understand it, CM and the Celestials have repeatedly told us that the so-called “Program Pay Outs” and GESARA or other similar "pay outs" will not be made prior to the occurrence of complete US and other global government changes and stasis. From its perspective the OITC seems to support this assertion in spades. The implication is that financial “salvation”, when it comes, will be global and primarily under the auspices of the OITC rather than individual and local under the auspices of current corrupt global financial systems and governments. So be it!

Those who follow ‘Casper”, “Trustee” and “Poof” on Rumormill, Fourwinds or other Web sites may wish to note that those “sources” are not part of, associated with, connected to, related to, or otherwise, the OITC. However, as I have indicated before it is possible that “Trustee” is connected with some other organisation or group that is working to overthrow the corrupt grip that Corporate US has over the US government and people.

Candace has said that the OITC: '...IS the organization, that once we have our changes was created by the leadership of Nebadon to fund the New World nations as suggested in PJ #50, the portion of what she has repeatedly drawn attention to in the New Readers section.

When you visit the OITC site, you will discover a discussion stating it has been most difficult to function since it's inception with the Powers of this World.  This site was put up in 2008.  PLEASE do visit and read everything on this site.  This organization is sovereign, not incorporated, has no shareholders and is out of the "legal" reach of the thugs of this world.

Please note the "logo" is a version of the Sacred Christic Circle.

These precious metal reserves finance individual countries. The individual mission projects through AbundantHope will be financed also out of precious metals that are separate from this organization. All this is under Nebadon and not anybody else.  We will give no further details on this at this time, but those still chasing NESARA can give that up. The total of these two precious metal funds  form the concept of GESARA.’

Candace: We also commented recently that exactly all of any funds formerly labeled NESARA, and others were completely stolen and non existant anymore.  Godbless and thanks, Victor!!!!!!

Candace September 15:  Now AH will be funded under the St Germain Trust, under World Trusts in the diagram below. I have the actual "ground" paperwork, for my account which was set up by Germain himself. I of course can't give the details around such.  But suffice it to say, that Germain told me about it telepathically and needed my physical mailing address and the paperwork showed up in the mail exactly when he said it would arrive.

******************************** -C

Reference:-  The Office of International Treasury Control (OITC).

Dear Readers,

Please excuse me for intruding, but I am aware from the analytics of our own Web Site that many readers of the  web site, have actually visited our Web site ( ), spending considerable time reading the content and viewing the Videos.

I too read the Web Site (when I get the chance and time) and feel that this letter is necessary to ensure that some of the readers do not get the wrong idea or get misled regarding certain comments being made reference to Casper, Poof, Whistleblower, Trustee, S, as writers of articles mainly reference to “Programs” and Pay outs”.

I also consider that the readers deserve more definitive information which I include herein, sincerely hoping that it will allow you a better insight into various issues.

“Casper”, “Trustee”, “Poof”, who write on several Web Sites, but mainly and are not part of, associated with, connected to, related to, or otherwise, the OITC.

We are aware of them and many of their articles, which in our opinion, based upon our extensive knowledge of such matters, are considered mainly misleading and non-definitive which may cause readers, within their own perceptions, to misconstrue the real situation.

The writer “S” was in communication with us sometime ago, seeking information about the “Corporate USA” and the “Constitutional USA”. Mr “S” appears to have a legal background but did actually admit in one article to that he was not a lawyer / attorney. We gave Mr “S” as much information as we possibly could and directed him to specific departments of the United Nations to seek clarification of the USA Charter that is registered and recorded within the United Nations. Other information requested was not given by us because it was “Classified” material, for which Mr “S” did not hold any security clearance and therefore was not eligible to view such material. Additionally, some information requested was not within our specific field of activities, and although we tried to assist, we were not able to provide any further information to “S”

“Whistleblower” is known to us and worked with us as Legal Counsel to the Global Envoy. He retired some 2.5 years ago, in the normal events of life, but also had some health problems which were eventually diagnosed as Cancerous growths. Having undergone treatment for same he is now recuperating and has to return to hospital when the doctors consider him well enough, for a minor operation to remove a small non-malignant growth.

Whilst in hospital he was still working, writing articles and responses to various people, but was subsequently ordered by the doctors to drastically reduce his working time and relax more to enable his body to recover from the “chemo” treatment. Knowing Whistleblower, we hope, will be back writing in force as soon as he can. His article are not official articles issued by the OITC, but do contain official information.

He is an exceptional Lawyer with an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs / workings of the International Financial System. Dedicated to the cause to assist the world and the people of the world, his work is his life (like most of us at the OITC). As former Legal Counsel he has access to information from all sources, including H.E. The Chairman, Bankers, other Lawyers, Central Bankers, Intelligence Operatives that work in conjunction with the OITC, and from every member of the OITC Cabinet.

I further consider it prudent, as you have a right to know, other specific but brief information relevant to the OITC and how our operation is involved in world financial affairs.

Much of this information is already included within our Web Site, and within “Whistleblower’s” writings / responses on and but please allow me to expand same for your benefit.

H.E. Dr. R. C. Dam was appointed Legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility; and International Treasury Controller by the Nations of the World on 20th January 1995.

The term “Owner” means owner of the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Primarily, this includes the Master Foundation known as “Foundation Divine”, under which there are numerous Primary Trusts / Foundations of which St. Germain Trust, World Trust, St.Germain Master Trust, China Foundation, Dragon Family Trust, Mae Hua Trust, and many more. Each of these trusts / Foundations are the Masters of several other Trusts / Foundations under them, and each of those Trusts / Foundations are masters of sub-trusts / foundations, and sub-sub-trusts / foundations.

All in all there are in excess of 30,000 Trusts / Foundations, scattered throughout the world, which make up “Foundation Divine”, which is generally / commonly referred to as the Global Debt Facility.

To enlighten you all to the basic structure of Foundation Divine / Global Debt Facility I insert here a response sent by Whistleblower to one reader of the web site.

Copy starts here:- ……………………………….

Dear Mr. J.R.

Thank you for your question referred to me via Mr Bellringer of

I will, if you will permit me, explain this very briefly in written form followed by a Diagrammatic view as there is, and has been, some confusion of the written word based on one’s own perception, interpretation etc, of words, phrases, sentences, whereas a Diagrammatic view (picture) appears to be more definitive (a picture speaks a thousand words) which many people have a better understanding of in comparison to written words.

I will now continue to answer to questions:-

a).    If the money from the prosperity funds cannot come from the collateral accounts, as whistle blower insists. Then what is the source of these funds?

This is exactly the point I have been attempting to clarify for a considerable time. I have requested many people who have written to me in the past, to provide all relevant documents especially a copy of the Collateral utilized, so that I may determine whether, or not, such Collateral has actually derived from the Collateral Accounts. To date, no one, and I mean no one, has provided me with anything.

If the Collateral for the Programs, or various names, did not derive from the Collateral Accounts, then someone somewhere put up sufficient verifiable and bankable Collateral to enable these programs to commence. The question now is WHO put up the Collateral, and WHAT is that Collateral which was used for these Programs, of various names?  Until someone specifically answers that question and provides the information, there will always be an element of doubt.

The same principal will apply to the Freedom Programs, and possibly others. It would not apply to the Farms Claims as these is based upon a Legal issue not a Program issue.

b).    Would it be connected to Foundation Divine and World Trust? If I am not mistaken the collateral accounts is a part of Saint Germain's World Trust, or is it the other way around? Perhaps there are other sources of funds which remains outside the sphere of influence of the OITC .

The best way to answer this question is to refer to the diagrammatic view (Family Tree) below, which should explain the structure of the Collateral Accounts in its basic form.

Please now refer to the Diagrammatic View below:-

c).    Perhaps someone who is more knowledgeable about this could please explain the difference between the World Trust, Foundation Divine, and the OITC. Maybe then we can shed some light into this complex puzzle.

The structure is not as complex as people would imagine. The complexity comes into how the security of the assets allocated to each Trust, Foundation, is arranged and operated, which is an issue that can not be disclosed for asset security reasons. What I can say is that each Trust, Foundation (of which there are in excess of 30,000 throughout the world) would be Custodians of assets for the Collateral Accounts.

Again the Diagrammatic view below should assist on this.

The above is a basic diagrammatic example of the structuring of Trusts / Foundations under the Collateral Accounts legally owned by The International Treasury Controller, which should be construed as an example only and for the purpose of simple explanation.

Considering that there are in excess of 30,000 Trusts / Foundations throughout the World, categorised as Primary Trust, Sub-primary Trusts, Secondary Trusts, Sub-secondary Trusts, Sub-Sub-Secondary Trusts, Sub-sub-sub-Secondary Trusts, and Corporations, the structure is far more elaborate and extensive than shown above.

The overall responsibility and Control of ALL Trusts, Foundations, Corporations belongs to and remains with The International Treasury Controller at all times.
No Trust, Foundation, Corporation, or otherwise can undertake anything with any assets unless fully approved and assented to by The International Treasury Controller.

The assets of any one Trust, Foundation, Corporation, are always held by a recognised International Bank, whereby, the actual bank involved with each Trust, or, Foundation, or, Corporation will be recognised as the Account Holder, which would be construed as being a separate and individual entity from the Trusts, Foundations, etc. whereby such Banks are acting as a protective barrier against Fraud by any Trust, Foundation, Corporation, etc.

As a protective against any of the Banks committing Fraud with any assets, there will be an independent Account Signatory.

One Trust, Foundation, Corporation, may be the “Holder” of physical Assets, although such assets may be held by a Central Bank or International Bank, whereby another Trust, Foundation, Corporation, will be the “Holder” of the Paper Assets relating, or pertaining to, the Physical assets, which will always be held by another Central Bank or International Bank.

This is where the structuring becomes very complex, which is deliberately complex, to avoid, minimise, reduce, or otherwise, any possibility of Fraud by illegal use of the assets of the Collateral Accounts by any one party involved within the structure.

I trust that the above will enlighten people and gives an adequate explanation as requested.

Kindest regards


Copy end here:- ………………………………………………………….

The Global Debt Facility also consists of numerous corporations, which are effectively “dummies” holding under Custodianship rules, assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Faculty (Collateral Accounts).

The Collateral Accounts are the largest owner, by far, in the world of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and other precious metals, as well as precious gems, various National Treasures, Bank Debenture Stock, Special Gold Backed Freddie Macs, Fannie Maes, Jennie Maes, Sally Maes, and National Debt Bonds.

With such assets, the Collateral Accounts are the only source of assets in the world that is capable of providing the necessary Gold and Silver to back any new International currency. In fact with the World GDP at approximately $60 trillion USD, the Collateral Accounts could support a Gold Backed International Currency / Monetary unit, by more than 5000 times and still have substantial assets available for other factors.

Many people have asked us, which the answers are also within the content of our Web Site, about the IMF and World Bank. It will come as no surprise to know that assets of the Collateral Accounts are actually held by both institutions and were the initial asset backing back in the 40’s for these institutions. The IMF holds slightly in excess of 3,400 MT of Gold which is actually owned by the Collateral Accounts. It will be noticed that the IMF has never been allowed to sell the Gold is holds, even though it claims it is their Gold, and even though the IMF and Politicians make a lot of noise about selling Gold to finance the world.

We disagree with the IMF policies and their radical approaches as Lender of Last Resort, which has contributed to the demise of many countries, whereby we will no longer tolerate this abuse with our assets, and thus will not allow the IMF to sell any Gold to finance its radical ideologies related to financing countries.

Prior to 2003, the OITC constitution prevented us from financing anything other than Governments, whom have proven themselves to be so corrupt and inept that to finance such Governments actually endangers the “Safety and Security” of our assets. In January 2003 substantial changes were made to the Constitution by the Nations of the World, in support of a substantial report submitted to the said Nations, whereby those changes amended the Clauses relative to operational practices and objectives and allowed / permitted the OITC to take a more direct approach, based upon a commercial philosophy, which ultimately took the finance / financing of Nations out of the hands of the Governments / Politicians, placing such financing under the direct control of the OITC for the purpose of ensuring that financing was correctly applied, evenly distributed, and properly used for the benefit of all Nations and People of the World.

That was nearly 6 years ago and we are just beginning to make headway on this after a very extensive period (1995 – 2007) correcting many of the serious problems and misdemeanours previously created in the period 1945 – 1995 by the former managers / controllers of the Collateral Accounts, who were known as the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (United States of America, France and the United Kingdom ------- TTTGC); and their Government allies.

To say “serious problems and misdemeanours” is really an under-statement, as the Collateral Accounts were in fact abused and illegally used in a manner that could only be likened to the promotion / continuation of Colonialism and the Slave Trade by the TTTGC, being totally detrimental to the majority of Nations of the World. Hence why changes had to be implemented as quickly as possible, but as always when attending to such matters with the very highest hierarchy of the World, it took time ensuring that every “I” was dotted and every “T” crossed, so that there was no misunderstanding whatsoever.

We are not finished yet with such changes and further changes will ensue in due course.

I would just like to mention two other factors in the simplest possible way that I can because I do not desire to burden any reader with so much information, even though it is very basic.

The current World Financial Crisis.
There have been many calls from all parts of the world, for changes to the international financial system and a different approach to the International Reserve Currency. I can advise that the OITC has designed a Financial Platform which provides for a full International representation via National, Regional, and one International Independent Body to operate and manage the International Financial System away from the hands of Politicians and Bankers. It also provides for a Gold Backed International Monetary Unit, Tighter regulations in respect of International Banking, Control of all “Bank Paper” via the Central Banks of each Country, plus many more factors that will give independence and stability throughout the International Financial World.

Unfortunately, we can not disclose the substantial report that was compiled on this as it is still being added to by Economists, Central Bankers, Financial Lawyers, and so on. The question is whether those currently in control (politicians and Bankers) will allow it to be implemented because it will take away their power and status.

Finally, back to the subject of the “Programs” as widely articled on various Web Sites. What you see and read is not in compliance with how things actually work within the International Financial Systems. Even though “Whistleblower” requested people to send in documents, I am aware that no documents relative to these “Programs” have ever been received from anyone who is a participant or contributor. The reason is probably because they do not have any documents, or have never been given any documents. They have in fact just handed over their hard earned money to people who appear to know very little about the workings of “Programs”.

There is also a question of what these “Programs” actually are. Many articles, both past and present clearly indicate that they are “Trading Programs”. However at the same time there are many denials of this and some people even refer such “Programs” as “Government Programs”.

To those realistic persons within the community, one has to ask the question, “Since when has any Government ever undertaken anything, similar to these “Programs”, which would benefit the population”. I do not even need to answer that question because most people would know the answer anyhow. So, why class these “Programs” as “Government Programs”?

As for any other definition of the word “Programs”, other than “Trading programs”, I personally can not determine, as we have no documents whatsoever, either in our possession or documents that may have been passed to us by various readers, to be able to determine anyway.

We will not speculate on whether these “Programs” are real or not, only to say that if they are “Trading Programs” then what is described on the Community Boards does not collate with how the system actually works, and does not collate to the procedures of the Financial System, or how the Financial system operates. Therefore we will refrain from making any further comments on same until someone provides us the relevant documentation that enables us to determine exactly what is meant by the word “Programs”.

I hope that the above gives all readers further insight into the matters referred to above.

Thank you for allowing me to intrude on your web site.

Yours sincerely

This report was originally posted to
the web site and written by a Senior Officer of
The Office of International Treasury Control".



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