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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

AMERICAN LAWYER ----- Hotdogs, fireworks, and apple tea with David P. Crayford and Secret Agent Man Sam and an explosive Happy Birthday to America!!!
Jul 8, 2017 - 12:39:38 AM

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AMERICAN LAWYER ----- Hotdogs, fireworks, and apple tea with David P. Crayford and Secret Agent Man Sam and an explosive Happy Birthday to America!!!

Sam had gotten the illegal something or other from somewhere or another and all I knew was that they looked like they could blow up a tank. They were "Explosives!" I told him, and that's what I feared most. That Sam was actually thinking about blowing something up. Like a tank. Or something bigger. I didn't want to know. We didn't really have any tanks in my neighborhood, I reminded Sam, other than Mrs. Schmitz's garaged pristine Studebaker, so that whole scenario posed a problem. I shouldn't have mentioned the Studebaker. I really had no interest in rediscovering Sam's total explosive capabilities. I knew them to be legendary. Sam's first ex-wife could attest to that. I'd heard stories about Sam's explosive nature from way back in his days with Special Ops, both theirs and ours. Sam liked to play it both ways.

Sam had been barbecuing hotdogs pretty much all day primarily because I had wanted to keep his mind off of what he called fireworks but I called ordnance. For dinner, I had three hotdogs and some chili and that was it. I was fine. Okay, maybe four hotdogs. So I have maybe four hotdogs tops, three buns, but I thought Sam was going to break the World Hotdog Eating Contest record. The man was out of control shoving hotdog after bun after hotdog after bun through mouth straight down into hollow leg. He ate more buns than any man I've ever seen. I lost count at twelve and I know he wasn't even half way done yet. 

David P. Crayford didn't eat any hotdogs. He just looked at them kind of funny, coughed politely, and changed the subject. He stopped by early evening just as Sam and I had begun eating. Crayford got to watch Sam go to work. It was not a lovely sight. I would have been embarrassed if Sam or I had any humility left between the two of us but we don't. We've known each other too long. We've been through too many wars together. We've been through too many wars against each other.

Crayford sits on my living room couch drinking tea looking like he just stepped off the cover of Forbes magazine. The man was dressed to the nines looking like a quadrillion bucks. I thought it was a little late to be looking like a quadrillion bucks. He said he liked my Apple Divinity herbal tea. The cup I now hand to him is his second cup of the night. 

Sam's out --- well, I don't actually know where Sam is at the moment. After we got done eating Sam just went all Twin Towers on us and said he needed to go let off some steam. That he needed to get pliable. That he needed to see what might be in store for the night's celebrations. I took that to mean Sam needed to go blow something up, or something like that, and then he was gone. What is this world coming to?

While Sam is outside hunting down targets, I can hear fireworks going off in the horizon and it's a welcomed relief from all the craziness I've been putting myself through. I'm still trying to regain my senses from all the mind-bending analysis I've been doing regarding what the heck Winston the Poo Shrout has been up to. Reading his work literally makes me want to jump off a very high cliff. Or set my hair on fire and put it out with an ice pick. My article has turned into an encyclopedia. The man is the poster child for madness. Brilliantly mad.

It's all been too much work, though, and that's why I'm just sitting back, and having a nice apple tea soaked chat with David P. Crayford, which is nice for a change. We don't get to do this often enough. Speaking with Crayford about the happening surrounding the Global Debt Facility helps me to take my mind off of Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott's treachery. It keeps my conscience clean of what Sam might really be up to when the siren in the back of my brain becomes a reality to my ears. The siren grows louder and I stand and go and take quick glance out the window to see if I can somehow spot Sam amongst the backdrop of humanity, but no such luck.

The siren passes and my heartbeat returns to near normal and my mind immediately flashes back to Shrout. Again I cringe with the eyestrain of too much work. I find too many questions racing through grey matter as I prepare my notes for the different chapters. And again I have an involuntary bout with anxiety trying to figure out what it all means. I don't know what it all means and that's what's bothered me so badly all day. Even when I was eating my fourth hotdog. Even as Sam and I scarfed on apple pie and Haagenbody vanilla ice cream and Crayford just sipped his tea, I was agonizing.

Why did Shrout file that particular notice? What does that pseudo language he uses really mean? Does the "Strawman" ever get to meet the "Sovereign" Citizen? And vice versa? And I want to know how it all ties in with the OITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, and Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott. So I would pour through more documents, then I'd have to research those documents just to have an idea what the heck he's been up to with that particular pleading or notice. I don't understand what all this means. Is this in fact legal law he cites? Is it fake legal? If so, how do I show that it is fake legal to readers? There's purpose to his madness, but what exactly it is, who knows?

Shrout and Scott have a huge scam going on here, where they've put tremendous energy into what they're doing for many years, and it's all tied into the Freeman / Common Law / "Sovereign" Citizen movement, where Shrout is a huge player. The Common Law scam he operates ties into the United States Treasury, and Shrout is playing off his criminal case, taking it to the Treasury Secretary, asking for payment through lien, in the trillions of U.S. dollars, asking to be paid in non-Federal Reserve Notes, and this all somehow then ties into his establishing his "Sovereign" legal status to the IRS branch that handles the Philippines.

So of course I believe he's trying to cash in big time, which will go through back financial and government channels, with stolen Global Debt Facility gold, maybe being paid off by the Philippines branch of the IRS or possibly their Treasury, or related Federal Reserve Banks. This all goes into Shrout's account and the accounts of other 3rd parties with the U.S. Treasury. Anyway, this is all stuff I'm trying to document, understand, and then connect intelligently. I've had to analyze and translate documents that misstate law and fact, and I try to follow the lead to understand why, and connect to writing it in a somewhat interesting way. And then see eye has all the Websites and info that I try to research. It's their version over and over that's on the internet. So that's where I am on that. And I keep working diligently.

I really can't tell Crayford anything about it, not yet, anyway, because he'll just tell me to go put it into a book so he can read it. Crayford loooooves spy books. Crayford also said he likes spy movies. In fact, Crayford told me he is going to write the greatest spy novel ever written. Greater than all the spy movies. Better than James Bond. Better than Jason Bourne. Better than James Bond and Jason Bourne put together because his stories are about real spies; reality; major doses of what really goes on behind the world financial and political scenes. Of course some of them are dead spies, but there's a lot of dead spies in movies too. So when I want to tell David P. Crayford things about my research, like what I'm doing with Shrout or maybe Benny the Fraud Fulford, Crayford will just tell me to "Go put it in a book." And I say I just might do that. I just might go ahead and write it into a book. With chapters and everything. And a table of contents.

Crayford yawns politely, and I've just watched the man consume three gallons of apple tea, and he hasn't gotten up once to use the restroom, and I know he can't be tired, so he must be trying to politely move the conversation forward with a yawn. I half expect him to run wind sprints down the hall with as much Divine Apple tea as he has just drunk. He checks his shiny million dollar gold wristwatch, and continues listening to my rant. That's when I hear what sounds like a minor explosion from outside and it doesn't sound like fireworks to me. It sounds like an explosion; like a tank just got blown up. I've heard bigger explosions but that is a good one. I listen for screams or sirens and when none are immediately forthcoming I sit back down on the chair across from Crayford and I try to relax. 

"What are we going to do, David?" I ask. My country is in trouble and I can literally feel it. America struggles so badly and people have no idea what is happening to them. Especially if they are Democrats. But Republicans are almost as clueless. The two party system is strangling us. The U.S. dollar is zeroing out, we can't afford healthy food or good doctoring, and young men cannot afford to watch as much sports and CNN fake news as they used to because they have to find jobs, that don't exist, if they are going to find the money to buy the food to subsist. Hyperinflation affects everything we need to buy in an expensive way, while deflation sucks the value out of everything we own. "Our financial bubble's about to burst," I say. I can feel myself whining so I clear my throat and speak with a deeper voice. "Do you have any thoughts on what we might do with our time to help us Americans survive the financial nuclear meltdown of the U.S. dollar that we are about to experience?"

Crayford doesn't hesitate before delivering his response. It's as if he's been waiting for me to ask just the right question so he could give me just the right answer. "Al, America has been living beyond her means for decades, all at the expense of the Collateral Accounts," he says. "As the latter is gradually being eliminated, the American 'Bubble' is about to burst. Not only that, it will get worse than it is right now. No one can help America as the answer is in America's own hands not the hands of someone else."

I hear a bang crash from the back landing and I half expect Sam to burst in through the back door through a cloud of stun grenades and smoke, but he never does. I turn back to Crayford. "What do you think America's biggest problems are?" I ask.

Crayford sips his tea. The nonplussed look on his face says he enjoys it. "One of the problems is an 'Attitude Problem' which only the Americans can resolve," Crayford says. "America is mentally insecure, immature, irresponsible, and actually insane."

I swear he's looking at me when he says this. I realize he's looking past me, and I shouldn't take it personally, that he thinks we're all insane, not just me. I search for my water but I believe I left it in the kitchen.

"America feels that the world is against them, Al," Crayford says, "so it tries to secure itself by destroying others and having power over others. In doing so it is destroying itself. Remove these military bases and let other countries protect their own borders, and stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. Another problem is a financial one whereby decades of theft and illegal use of the Collateral Accounts since 1945 to date has given Americans a false sense of security. Again, only the Americans can resolve this as you are fully aware of the ITC's current policy, which is 'Nothing goes into America until they have paid back all that they have stolen or misused from the Collateral Accounts over the decades'."

I know this to be one of the greatest issues that Americans will have to one day face. I really can't imagine my fellow countrymen and countrywomen, as divided as we truly are, ever working well enough together to actually bring prosperity back to our country. We're just too divided. We fight, kill, and murder each other. We don't know any better. The mass media again sets us up with their false sarin gas charges against Assad in Syria as a pretext for an attack and more war in the Middle East. I know the debt ceiling no longer has reality in America. I can see my country approaching civil war as the mass media leads the lunatic liberals into a literal psychotic collective imbalanced zombie frenzy, with zero ideas toward actually resolving any issues. They just spread hatred and attack Trump voters. I'm a Trump voter and "Fuck you lunatic liberals!" I say, and it comes out much louder than I want. 

Crayford's brow rises.

I step over to the window and glance outside to make sure no liberals are listening. "Sorry, I wasn't talking to you," I say. "So what is America's third problem?"

Crayford sets down his teacup on my grandmother's antique pink rose chinaware saucer. "America's third problem is that it has to somehow remove such people as Kissinger, Clintons, Bushes, Cheney, and their followers, plus the many 'Secret Societies' you have in America," he says. "These are the 'One World Order' people that are destroying America, and many parts of the world, and for what? America needs to resolve its own problems before trying to mess into the affairs of other 'Sovereign Nations'. America has 1,000 Military bases all over the World. These are not for the purpose of protecting others, but for the purpose of securing the States and the theft of our assets. Unfortunately, all the above means suffering for many years, and facing the reality that many countries have had to face because of American policy. It will be a long hard road, one that other countries have followed over many years, and no one is going to help America until they show that they are facing reality and starting to help themselves in resolving these long term problems. America is similar to the 'Big Bully Boy' in the school playground. Expulsion of same is probably the best policy to rid the playground of such Bully Boy tactics."

America expelled. That seems appropriate to me somehow. But my reasoning would be different. I look at America as more of a programmed Zombie that is really having problems coming out of our trance. And we're on steroids. And we have "roid rage". And we're infected, and a little bit crazy. Alright, maybe a lot crazy. But we have been tortured in many ways, starved of emotional and physical nutrition, and we have been at the blunt end of global programming and commercial, capitalistic engineering. We believe in Darwin and evolution. We don't believe in extraterrestrials or God. We believe in many Gods. We don't believe in quiche. We do believe in the American Dream. We don't believe in the Global Debt Facility. We've never even been allowed to know about the Global Debt Facility. The Rolling Stones told us about the Reptilians. "Are there any new breakthroughs regarding what the ITC is trying to do that you can share with us?" I ask, hesitating for a moment, absorbing the rapid rat-tat-tat of either machine gun fire, very loud fireworks, or rapid fire explosions created by Sam that echos through the cool July night. Then I turn back to Crayford, "If so, what are they?"

Crayford stirs in his seat but not nearly as high as I jump at the next explosion. It was definitely bigger than a trashcan. Bigger than a trash truck. I think fireworks, run for cover and pray for rain. Crayford says, "There are a few, but there are also adjustments in existing policies based upon the need for adjustments from time to time. However, I will not reveal those to anyone..."

"Not even me?" I interrupt.

"Not even you, Al," Crayford says. "I will not reveal those to anyone for the time being, until we have more strength; as it always seems that the opposition becomes aware of these adjustments and ideas and then they use them against us. Sometimes the ITC will put out false situations to see what happens, and sure enough the opposition reacts rather quickly, so we do have a leak somewhere which needs to be stopped. By not informing people of everything, but specifically directing particular factors in certain directions, it not only protects the innocent but it does expose the guilty ones who are dismissed immediately. The ITC will not operate in the same way as Ray Dam did, as that would be suicide."

I think about suiciding Sam when the next explosion blasts through the neighborhood. I am hearing a lot of celebration emanating from outside or at least I believe it's celebrating, or maybe it's a terrorist attack, I can't be sure. I think of Sam out there with his magical bag of explosive tricks and I wish there'd actually be a terrorist attack because Sam would blow them all up. He's that badassed. "And what about all them GDF thieves?" I ask. "The biggest ones like Keenan, Schmidt, Fulford, they've run out of information to share. They seem to be losing traction, battling for financial support that isn't coming. Fulford's on RMN all the time begging for money, just like Jerky Bobblecockski and dead as dirt Keenan used to do, when he was still breathing. Word is that the circle is closing in around Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott as well. Are the public face leaders of the GDF thievery who are enemies of the ITC on the run? If so, could you explain where they're running to, and who's chasing them, and what is the score?"

Crayford's head shakes. I've missed on something. "That's not quite right, Al," he says. "The biggest GDF thieves are people like the Bushes, Clintons, Kissinger, etc... People like Keenan, Scott, Babkowski, and others are only the minions doing the dirty work for the real thieves. They follow the orders coming from the top, but the top people will never expose themselves, hence people like Keenan, Scott, and Babkowski. I believe that people like Keenan, Casper, Scott, Babkowski, Fulford, Drake, Hudes, and many others, are actually running because their masters are failing to give them 100% support. The latter is because our work and the work of the people behind the global 'Hierarchy' in respect of the GDF, are all working hard to put a stop to these unlawful activities and they are beginning to feel the pinch. This work will take a great deal longer than what the average person believes because it is so intense, and as I have stated before, 100 years of theft and fraud is not going to be eradicated in a few months.

"What we have to do is keep these people on the run until they run out of steam and either give up completely, die because they become a threat to their masters, or we catch and incarcerate them. What one needs to look at Al is the history of America. Since inception, America has continuously gone from one financial disaster to another because they are not financially disciplined and never have been, so to give America the 'International Reserve Currency' position after WW II was madness to say the least because that irresponsibility has followed through to the present day creating in part the problems we have today across the world. 

"Another point here is what America did during and after WW II. The immigration of Jews and Nazis, especially 'High Level' Jews and Nazis, not for their religious or political faith, but for the knowledge they possessed in respect of advanced technology and knowledge of their own local history and the surrounding countries. Let me ask you a question, if I may."

I give him my palms up. "Go ahead," I say.

Crayford glances at his watch then asks, "Why did America, backed by the UK, give the Israelis the country of Palestine, under a Three Party Treaty even before Palestine, as a free country, had been occupied by the Germans and before Palestine was liberated by the Allied Forces, headed by the UK?"

I have an answer to his question which I am sure is as inadequate as it is inaccurate. To make it easy on both of us I just say, "Please, tell me."

Crayford says, "Part of the answer to this question is the fact that historically the West has fought against the Arabs and Persians for centuries. The other part answers I will leave to you to decide."

I try to decide and I decide that I just can't decide, that there's no real way for me to give justice to an intelligent answer because I have none to give. I'm sure he believes the same thing and that's why he gave me an out by giving me a partial answer to his question. Which proves his point. I, like most Americans, have not enough correct answers. But I do have many questions and I can tell by the way he keeps tapping the face of his watch that Mr. Crayford's time is running short. 

I feel privileged that he has taken the time he did to stop by for hotdogs and apple pie, even though he didn't have any hotdogs or apple pie. But his conversation and key incite are critical to my development of understanding, so I soak up his outpouring of wisdom like a sponge. I'd pay good money to get this kind of inside information, but I don't know what store to shop. 

"There have been representations coming out of Benny the Fraud Fulford's camp and elsewhere that Henry Kissinger says he owns the Global Debt Facility," I say, "and that he's negotiating settlement of the GDF assets with the Russian Government as we speak. Intel reports suggest that Kissinger is actually negotiating a comprehensive 'out' plan for the Cabal who's on the run, including financial, security, and an escape plan. Will you comment on that? Who gets the GDF? And where does the ITC fit into all of that?"

Crayford nods in a modicum of agreement. "That is correct, to a degree," he says. "Yes he is claiming, wrongly I add, that he is the sole signatory to the GDF. However, he is not negotiating with the Russian Government as they will not negotiate with him. The real facts are that Kissinger was requested to go to Russia for meetings. At the same time the Patriarch of Russia made arrangements to meet with the Pope in Cuba. Kissinger, when in Russia was bluntly informed that Russia knew the truth and that neither Kissinger nor America had legal control or use of the GDF. The same information was passed to the Pope by the Russian Patriarch in Cuba.

"Kissinger was told that the Russians would not allow him to tell them what to do and they would do what was legally correct. Kissinger was told to find his and America's way out / solution of the situation. Kissinger went back to America for discussion with his colleagues, and then replied to Russia stating that he and America would do it their way, which Russia did not accept. The 'Out Plan' as you refer to it, is to speed up / increase the activities against the GDF / ITC and against the world so that America retains its No. 1 position in the World. Unfortunately, or as it appeared at the time and at present, the election of Trump as President may yet upset Kissinger and his colleagues' plans, but that has yet to be seen.

"The Russian Patriarch informed the Pope of the same thing and told the Pope that Russia would not support the Vatican in respect of their fraudulent antics with the GDF. Since those meetings the Vatican has been pressing Russia for assistance with some ancient equipment they have obtained, unlawfully, via the Americans from vaults in Libya. The Russians have strongly refused to assist, so this ancient equipment sits idle and non-working.

"Since those days, which is not all that long ago, America has increased their activities against the GDF and the ITC because they now know that to lose their position as the World's primary protector, an Unofficial position, and the International Reserve Currency status, America will be no different to every other country and will probably suffer more than most over a number of years. The position will not change immediately and that is why you see all this Trump / Putin BS in the International Press and Media around the world.

"One also has to understand the actual International Policy that America is following. It is one of centralizing areas of the world, initially into regions and then finally from regions into a One World Government / One World Order. It started with South America back in the 80s where most of the South American countries commenced using the U.S. Dollar as currency. It failed badly and countries like Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela got into an awfully big financial mess, to an extent that they still are. Then it moved to Europe with a Euro Dollar which is now standing on a precipice. Then you have the 10 countries of Asean for which the Asean Dollar is already printed and in storage in China. Then it is the Middle East which is currently being subjected to the same American policy / philosophy.

"This is what America and its followers refer to as the Global 2000 Agenda, because the initial stages --- Regions --- were supposed to be completed by the year 2000. Fortunately for the rest of the world, the Global 2000 Agenda is not complete and appears to be on the decline as the pressure upon America increases. The American policy still exists and is still foremost in the eyes of many, but the forces against such a policy are increasing against the uni-polar policies of America, but would accommodate a multi-polar policy."

I could sit and listen to his intelligence endlessly. Mind blowing intelligence regarding the financial implementation of the New World Order. This kind of information one does not find on Wikipedia. One doesn't find it searching endlessly on the CIA / NSA infested Internet. I know we have serious problems to overcome in America and I constantly picture how I can help make the changes we need. We're so divided, though, and that division is palatable. It's volatile. We have to not only get the parasites out of our government, but we've got to clear ourselves of dependence upon the parasites who run our financial system. We won't get any help from the Divine Wealth of the World, the GDF, as Crayford just said, because all we've done in my lifetime is try to steal it. Crayford says we owe a quadrillion dollars just to pay back the Global Debt Facility. Where are we going to get that kind of cash when our dollar is nearly worthless?

The bubble of massive financial thoughts tormenting my mind bursts with the sound of the loudest explosion of the night. It's nearly 11:00 p.m., Sam's not back yet, and sirens multiply, sounding the distance, getting closer.

"You have a lot of excitement around here, Al," Crayford says.

I throw up my hands. "Hey, what can I say?" I say. "This is America, Sir. It's the fourth of July. It's our birthday. We have a lot to celebrate. Do you mind if I ask you one more question?"

Crayford taps his watch. I can see through the reflection of light that it's 11:05 p.m. "One more question. Then I must be leaving."

I smile when I say, "Don't want you to be late for your hot 4th of July date, right?"

Crayford rises to his feet. "Is that your question, Al?"

My head shakes. "No." And the sirens are getting closer. There's sounds of shattering windows and or the breaking of bottles along with yelling and whole lot of screaming and you gotta just love the way Americans celebrate our pseudo freedom. The Aussies have nothing on us. "I'm thinking about writing a piece for the 4th of July," I say. "And I would like to tell America, and the world, how the ITC is doing? And if you think he might have any messages of hope on this 4th of July celebration of America's independence that might help Americans understand what we have to do to save our children and grandchildren, who didn't have anything to do with stealing any GDF, which most of us actually never even heard about?"

Crayford begins walking toward the back door. I sprint to catch up. "Based upon the five years in different hands since the demise of Ray Dam," he says, "I believe the ITC has done exceptionally well, albeit slowly. Ray Dam achieved nothing in 15 years because people like Scott destroyed it all deliberately. What the ITC has achieved since then is enormous in comparison, even though it is small in the sense of the whole world being covered." 

We stop at the end of the hallway by the back door. I hand Crayford his hat and walking stick with a grin. It's been fun.

"Al, to answer your question," he says, "I am holding out no hope for America until they start to change and the rest of the world, including the ITC can start to see that change. I believe what you are doing by putting out the information like you do through AH and previously RMN, is helping the situation. You are doing what I tried to do. What I am still trying to do, but the learning curve for Americans is still pretty much running flat at this juncture. Whether this is because the Americans are slow learners, or whether it is because not enough see and read our articles, or whether it is because people like Fulford contradict the truth in favor of their own misinformation, whereby in respect of the latter, people tend to look through Rose Tinted Glasses and believe more in Fulford's misinformation, than in the truth put out by you or I. You say 'what will we have to do to save our children and grandchildren, who didn't have anything to do with stealing any GDF, which most of us never even heard about?'"
I open the back door. "Yes," I say. "How will we do this?"

With two hands Crayford precisely sets his hat atop his dome. He leans in. "Al, with respect, it is the past and current voting population that votes these so called American idiots into power," he says. "It is not us or any other country. When Americans vote do they actually think about their children or grand-children? If they did, they would analyze, think and vote differently. Unfortunately, they do not think because they work on a 'short term' philosophy, and that is the fault of the education system and the banking system ---- Work for today and forget tomorrow until it comes, or as others analyze it ------ Make money today whatever it takes, as tomorrow may be totally different.

"That type of policy only works short term and eventually collapses a country. Babylon and Rome are good examples of this. Russians, on the other hand, think long term, 25 to 50 years and actually think of their children and grandchildren. They do not make decisions until the long term thinking is in place. They do not over-spend, nor do they push out their policies based upon short term thinking. There is a big difference. America is in debt up to their eyeballs and can no longer control it. Russia is not in debt. What little debt they have is controlled and wisely managed. America is internationally over ambitious. Russia is not over ambitious. Again, a very big difference. America has to change and until it does I have no good news for you or anyone else in America.

"As for not hearing about the GDF. That is the same all over the world. It is a subject never taught in universities, so the question is WHY? Because this subject is a very important subject in the world of Macro Economics and Finance, but it is not taught. The only reason I can put behind this is that those in power did not want the subject of the Trust taught because it is easier to teach what they want you to know, and forget the truth and reality.

"There are of course other minor factors involved, but the above are the primary factors. All in all, no one can save America --- only the people of America. No one else anywhere in the world is going to offer, as they have in the past and have been shunned to the maximum. We certainly will not get involved based upon our policy of not becoming involved in the internal affairs of any country, and being totally neutral in religion and politics. It is up to America and for America to show the world it means to change.

"Let's quickly look at other angles which the world does not like. America lays down the rules and everyone had to abide by them, except America. No country is allowed to print currency in excess of a specific limit. America on the other hand prints currency as if it grows on trees contrary to the rules that all other countries have to follow ---- WHY?"

I can only scratch my head on that. I am void of good answers at this moment.

"Every country needs to play on the same level playing field," Crayford says. "America uses their position as the International Reserve Currency in a political manner over all other countries of a strategic importance. However if other countries do likewise, America and its Allies bitterly complain and forcefully object. Take the situation with Russia and Crimea. Crimea has always been Russian territory until after WW II when it was taken from Russia in the re-writing of borders, etc.

"Take the 'Collapse of the Communist Wall in 1989'. That was America using its financial power and unlawfully using the GDF to bring down communism, in the tune of $665 Trillion USD through trading of GDF assets. Many American collaborators within the affected countries of the former Eastern Bloc and Russia benefited financially from this whilst millions of others suffered. Also take the situation that America executes Treaties and then discards them immediately, or, alternatively, ensuring that such Treaties are placed on the 'Back Shelf' and duly forgotten. The 'Global Settlements Treaty' is a good example of this. One which would have benefited the world, but shelved, and instead the shelving led to the problems we have today in the world. America has a lot to answer for and until they do, they will suffer. Please do not expect any sympathy from me towards America, because it just isn't there. America has to be stopped. That's what we're going to do." Crayford glances at his wrist. "Anyhow, that is enough for now. I'm afraid I really am going to be late this time."

I want to say to him that Americans aren't like any of that. We're actually just a little messed up, that's all. And that's because the CIA and NSA and the mass media keep us totally screwed up. They lie to us about everything. We get no truth from the mass media, and everything's controlled in the alternative media. I could say for a fact that the Internet is totally controlled, and everything we find on there is totally controlled, including all the searches, the search engines, and the Websites that serve information. All the information we find on the Internet one way or another was written by Keith Scott. Or it was written by one of Stomach Staple's handlers. Or it was taken straight out of pages of the CFR. Or it was taken right out of the old Pentagon Script. But it's all lies and that's all we know. I want to plead with Crayford to take another look at us Americans, through different reading glasses. We are not really like what he thinks we are. America has been controlled by foreigners. We've been mind controlled by the Greys and MK Ultra hasn't helped. 

Secret agents entered our country through Project Paperclip and we've never been the same since. That's what happened to us after 1945. Straight out of Nazi Germany. Straight out of Sci Fi. They programmed us. But I don't have the time to get into all of that, because Mr. Crayford has places to go. He has someone to see.

"I know we've got a long way to go," I say. "And I speak on behalf of all Americans. But there's a lot of good ones here too. We're going to continue working hard to try to make the changes we need. Don't forget about us. Don't give up on us. Really, don't do it. We're important, even if we do vote the idiots into office. But we can't elect candidates when they only let us select who they give us. I voted for Trump. But, then again, I voted for Reagan. And I voted for Jimmy Carter too. I got both sides of that fence."

I lick my dry lips and smile at the appointed spokes person for the International Treasury Controller, and I await a response. I can hear him smiling, and I wonder by the way he has been studying his watch all night, as if he didn't want to miss this very important 11:30 p.m. meeting --- and the time of the meeting made me believe there might be a well dressed lady on the other end of 11:30 p.m.
"Happy fourth of July, David," I say.

"Happy fourth of July, Al," Crayford says. 

He tips his cap, and he's gone. Just like the night. Just like the giant explosions that tear through America's psyche. And I wonder if Sam's ex wife is out there and if she has anything to do with it. 

American Lawyer

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