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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Apr 11, 2021 - 7:36:42 AM

'Woke imperialism strikes again': CNN Faces Backlash After it Defends Keeping US Troops in Afghanistan by Citing Women’s Rights
By Russia Today with comments by Ron
Apr 11, 2021 - 5:05:02 AM

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11 Apr, 2021
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'Woke imperialism strikes again': CNN faces backlash after it defends keeping US troops in Afghanistan by citing women's rights© Twitter/CNN

Follow RT onRTAn attempt by CNN to rally against the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan on the pretext of protecting women's rights there has drawn pushback, with netizens criticizing the notion as driven by an imperialist agenda.

"Concerns mount that US withdrawal from Afghanistan could risk progress on women's rights," read the headline on the article published by the cable news channel on Saturday. Citing a chorus of Democratic and Republican lawmakers as well as several Afghan officials, the piece makes a case for keeping American troops in the war-ravaged country until "the conditions on the ground are right - regardless of the date on the calendar."

Noting that US President Joe Biden signaled that the May 1 deadline for the troop pullout will unlikely be met, CNN argues that "a precipitous withdrawal" would have spelled doom for "hard-won gains for women and civil society in Afghanistan."

[Ron: The bullshit never stops! The US didn't give Afghan women ANY gains, in fact the US has destroyed their rights, lives and nation. Afghanistan was already a reasonably modern, progressive nation in 1979 before the US unleashed its covert terrorist, mujahideen puppet army on that hapless nation. In fact female education was widely available and females enjoyed lifestyles akin to those in Western nations.See eg: From Afghanistan to Syria: Women's Rights, War Propaganda and the CIA -

Contemporary Liberalism Is Mental -

This Before And After Image Of Afghanistan Is Hard To Believe:

Afghan men and their women of all religions have the US to thank for their misery due to barbaric terrorists and their ideologies foisted on Afghanistan by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the US. See: CIA Was Aiding Afghan Jihadists Before the Soviet Invasion -

Unknown to the US and global public, the US prepared Afghanistan for a US organised, funded, trained and armed jihardi puppet military invasion and occupation by spreading the teachings of the Islamic jihad in textbooks Made in America, developed at the University of Nebraska: The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system's core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books.

Be aware also that the US was responsible for a US puppet terrorist invasion cum insurgency attempt to overthrow the legitimately elected Afghan government in 1979; and for over 40 years of continuous war and destruction of Afghanistan ever since! The US organised and arming a Jihardi puppet terrorist army to invade Afghanistan in mid 1979, ie looong before the Soviet intervention and over 20 years before the public US military invasion and occupation in 2002. The LIE used by the US for THAT invasion was that the Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan. in truth the Soviet Union DID NOT INVADE AFGHANISTAN! It was invited by the elected Afghan government to assist it to fight against the PRIOR covert US proxy terrorist invasion of Afghanistan authorised by US President Carter. In fact the US was responsible for the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by US proxy terrorist armies in 1979, followed in 2002 by the US military, and for the bloodshed and destruction they caused. See eg: The CIA's Founding of Al Qaeda Documented -

Zbigniew Brzezinsk has said publicly that on 3 July 1979 'president Carter signed the first directive for the secret support of the opposition against the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul.' He also said: 'on the same day I wrote a note, in which I explained to the president that this support would in my opinion lead to a military intervention by the Soviets.' In other words the Soviet Union did not INVADE Afghanistan but was invited by its government to assist it to fight against a PRIOR covert US proxy terrorist invasion of Afghanistan just as subsequently occurred in Somalia, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine, Sudan and other countries.

The People of Afghanistan Have Had Truly Enough of Western Imperialist Barbarism -


ALSO ON RT.COMTop Democrat reveals US will miss Afghanistan withdrawal deadline, says Biden will ask Taliban for ‘more time'

The argument that the US presence on the ground is necessary so that Afghan civil society does not crumble failed to strike chord with many. The article quickly got ratioed on Twitter, triggering a torrent of criticism and mockery.

"Good gracious the propagandists will do anything to keep wars going," US Navy Veteran and Martech Zone founder Douglas Karr tweeted.

Good gracious the propagandists will do anything to keep wars going.

- Douglas Karr (@douglaskarr) April 10, 2021

"It's disgusting the way the corporate press serves as the propaganda wing for endless war," a libertarian commenter chimed in, while another took issue with the pretext CNN cited to delay the withdrawal. "Woke imperialism strikes again," he tweeted.

"Equity, inclusion, and de-colonization requires the continued occupation Afghanistan," journalist Michael Tracey wrote, paraphrasing the CNN message.

Equity, inclusion, and de-colonization requires the continued occupation Afghanistan

- Michael Tracey (@mtracey) April 11, 2021

Some denounced CNN for apparently taking more interest in the US being the world's policeman than in actual Americans stationed in Afghanistan.

"It is not the US responsibility to police the world otherwise the US will be involved in endless wars, you may not care about American troops dying to police the world but the rest of us do care about American troops," a commenter wrote.

"This is a difficult issue to address. Is it our job to police the world?" another asked.

Other critics opted to bombard the CNN piece with memes.

Attention ladies

- FrançoiseHardly🌹 (@HardlyTimes) April 10, 2021

god DAMN it

- Chicken WingDings (@eBridget) April 10, 2021

Some 3,500 US troops and another 7,000 or so NATO troops are currently in Afghanistan. They were supposed to leave by May 1 under the Doha Agreement struck between the US and the Taliban last year. The US' likely failure to depart on time has already prompted the Taliban to threaten retaliation for violation of the agreement.


[Some colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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The CIA's Founding of Al Qaeda Documented -

The People of Afghanistan Have Had Truly Enough of Western Imperialist Barbarism -

From Afghanistan to Syria: Women's Rights, War Propaganda and the CIA -

The CIA's Founding of Al Qaeda Documented -

CIA Was Aiding Afghan Jihadists Before the Soviet Invasion -

This Before And After Image Of Afghanistan Is Hard To Believe. See:

Empire by Terror, Afghanistan to Syria: Brzezinksi's al Qaeda Doctrine -

From Afghanistan to Syria: Women's Rights, War Propaganda and the CIA -

Senior U.S. Official Acknowledges Washington Has Spent $143 Billion to Destroy Its Own Government in Afghanistan -

Nobel Peace Prize goes to two ‘Zionist pasties'. See:

Malala is another Illuminati Psy Op. See:

Malala drama, another propaganda tool of CIA? See:

Women's Rights in War Torn Afghanistan: Pervasive Poverty, Oppression and Abuse. See;

Women's Rights in Afghanistan, "A Justification for War". See:

‘Cutting the nose, lips and ears': Brutality against Afghan women at record level. See:

Kandahar massacre - epitome of injustice made in USA. See:


It's Déjà vu All Over Again The Balandi, Afghanistan Massacre And The Lessons Unlearned From My Lai. See:

Afghanistan accuses US of killing woman, 7 children in airstrike. See:

Taliban stopping polio vaccinations, says Afghan governor. See:

Afghanistan: Any 15-30 Year-Old Male is a Target for US "Elimination". See:

Scoundrel Media Afghan Massacre Cover-Up. See:

Kandahar Slaughter Preplanned, executed by Squad - Afghan Top Brass. See:

Afghan villagers told they would pay for bomb days ahead of massacre of 16. See:

The Massacre of the Afghan 17 and the Obama Cover-Up. See:

Afghanistan killings: 'no evidence' against US soldier Robert Bales - video. See:
Afghan massacre investigation blocked by US - lawyer. See:

Depleted Uranium ‘Dirty Bomb' Now In America. See:

AFGHANISTAN: A Tale of "Three Tragedies". See:

Karzai rebuffs US, warms up to Iran. See:

Afghanistan, Ecology and the End of War. See:

UK slyly admits Afghan war unwinnable. See:

Karzai reportedly suspects US hand in recent Afghanistan attacks. See:

For Ochamchire read Afghanistan: Old Tricks from Old Dogs. See:

Obama, Malala and the Militants America Put into Power. See:

Irresponsible media to blame for world tension. See:

World in Flames - the Deadly Legacy of Cold War warrior Brzezinski. See:

The U.S. (Again) Escalates The War In Afghanistan. See:




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