True US History
By Jim Stone
Jul 8, 2017 - 5:18:45 AM


If you want to know what religion hates Trump, THIS IS IT.

The following image has been jail broken, and is not blurry like every other version of this image on the web. It is well worth a close look

I managed to jail break this image out of Imageur. I do not know who put this together or why they did not want it copied out of there, other than that it might be a trap if you access it the way they wanted you to. Then again, it might all be innocent because this is really good work. If you click this, it will come from this web site clean. I suggest people (even Rense) use my jail break of this because what even Rense managed to get via capture is crap. The computer runs horrible after I accessed this from the source, so I did not want to link the source.

DEAR AMERICA: HERE IS YOUR SCUM BAG FULL OF SCAMMERS AND LIARS AT CNN. QUESTION: WHY TF ARE THEY ALL JEWISH? That says a lot, when this is "TEAM HILLARY" and the mortal enemy of Trump. Jared Kushner, you can KMA, this PROVES IT:

This will come in clear if you click it (so you can read the small print)