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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: May 5, 2021 - 7:45:59 AM

C.G.I Cures Fauci's Voice & Takes 10 Years Off Hunter
By Dianne Marshall
May 5, 2021 - 3:43:14 AM

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Well, here we go again. I noticed a few months back...and I suspect maybe even pre-inauguration... Fauci no longer sounded the same. There was so much going on and I don't watch fake I didn't notice when this happened. But one day, a few months back, I was watching on You Tube and he sounded different. I did a bit of comparisons...and he was different. The question is the new Fauci a double or a C.G.I. or mix? I am sure someone will say he had cosmetic surgery and a throat operation. At the age of 79, in the middle of COVID Operation RESET? NOT!

Now, some will say...why waste time on this? That's a stupid waste of time. And in the next breathe they will ask someone else - "What's happening?" Go figure? But, if you were trying to figure out what was taking place...then it would be important to follow through on the voice. That is why I did. I know what I found...and sure enough, video after video of comparing things in 2020 to 2021.... there was a BIG CHANGE.

So first lets remember what the real Fauci looks and sounds like.


This video is from March 29, 2020. Listen to his voice. The typical gravely voice and very distinctive. He is only in the first half...note his ears. He has ears that stick out. He has rough skin. His eyes and eye lids are aged with deep creases and overlap.


The real Fauci has creases in his upper lids, a rounder facial structure, rounder skull structure and protruding ears. His skin is more saggy, and the mouth less wide, lips thinner.

Now listen to Dr. Fauci from April 19, 2021



The new Fauci has nice eyelids. Different skull structure, less rounded face, and ears do not poke out as far.


This leads us to a new this the double or a C.G.I.? The voice is so clear compared to the old Fauci. This head looks more oblong and less rounded. His eyebrows and brow bone look bent. This Fauci seems to have a shorter neck. His ears look smooth and protrude out less. His skull is more narrow than the real Fauci. The question is are we looking at a CGI or a Double? Or are they using both doubles and C.G.I. at different times? Watch the necks on both of them...what do you see? Skin going through their clothing was a sign to watch for, remember the other blog?FAKE PHOTOS, FAKE VIDEOS = FAKE NEWS - HOW CAN WE TELL? - THE MARSHALL REPORT (
This one is from October 2020. It sure looks CGI generated.


This would be very important in an investigation...because these changes were obvious as far back as October 2020, before the election. I'm not sure if the change started before October, as I didn't search beyond that date. Why is this important? Because this would indicate that Dr. Fauci was removed from his position before the election and vaccine roll out. The new question is WHY? The Fauci who was vaccinated was the new Fauci. So a show has been taking place... the question is why? If this is so, these maneuvers were very skillful and subtle. I believe the White Hats out smarted the Black Hats more than we know...and they have been on this from the beginning. That is my THEORY...NOT MY NEWS - let me be clear, it is a theory like a prosecutor looking for evidence and motives. I believe this theory holds a lot of weight. Because this would implicate the news stations who are doing these interviews and airing them world wide. It could swing both ways. Either the black hats who control the media are controlling these broadcasts, or the white hats are now in control over what is being broadcast? Who would this benefit? Remember the world is watching the same show we are.



  • Just like identical twins...when they are not together, it is harder to tell them apart.
Biden's forehead is much longer than the double/C.G.I., and his temples are more square and prominent.


Just like identical twins...when they are not together, it is hard to tell them apart. But, when they are together, they each have subtle differences that help you tell them apart. When you see these doubles and C.G.I. look alikes it can easily pass as the real person. Especially to those who are not in their day to day lives. Masks help a lot as well. So, like Trump says...where is Hunter? This show began way before the election. It appears Trump and the Military allowed the thieves and deep state to play out their crime with all their little whistles. This is a theory...but we can add to it or alter it when new information surfaces. What these prove is some people are missing in action and actors have stepped in.



This is an actor. This is not Hunter Biden. What purpose does this serve? What do they want us to know? Are they telling us that this is all a show (like they said and had planned all along?) How many are acting out a live theater script? Which side? Both sides? One side? Think national...and purposes. When did this show really start? What really went on inside the White House with the legal team? Were they at odds by design? Who is watching? Poor Trump they said he had terrible council and made so many bad decisions because he was misled???? I never believed that... Trump is not that type of man. He's the "YOUR FIRED!" type of man.



Now look at the REAL HUNTER BIDEN. See what he looks like, acts like and see these are two different people. And or is the other one a C.G.I. or both? Sometimes a double and sometimes a C.G.I.?

When did this show really start? It appears it started as soon as President Trump stepped into office. He immediately began the wall, along with E.O.'s to end human, child and drug trafficking. He was stopping the flow of their trade and he was following the adrenochrome trail, positioning peculiar people in key positions. He repeatedly told the snake story....there was a reason he told it. Who knew? He knew many were snakes before he took them in. It's easier to keep tabs on your dangerous reptiles by holding them in a private zoo. Trump kept announcing "the leakers". He told us all along the way what was taking place. The wrap up smear don't work well if he reports the news directly to the people in Tweets. He totally outsmarted the fake news.

Once Trump got what he needed as evidence or proof...these losers were given notice to get out. Strategically, Trump took every advantage of the fake news and played them like a fiddle. The swamp are all in shock. Look at their desperate faces and eyes when they rant about a man who is no longer in office? They are worse now than when he was in office.

THEY HAVE LOST and they are still trying to win. They are desperate to find out who is left in the international world. The puppets are floundering all over the place... why half of them don't even look like themselves anymore do they? Why?

I'm just making observations and asking questions. When we all do this...we will find the truth. One truth is a puzzle piece. Each truth...will have to cross reference with another truth. We can't make the mistake of fitting odd pieces into odd holes. We DON'T WANT LIES...WE ARE DETECTIVES of THE REPUBLIC looking for the truth. Pieces that don't fit now, may fit in later. That is how all detective work goes.



Stay strong....and pray for those on the front lines and pray for God to keep our eyes open and believe no more lies! Learn to seek the truth and search for the truth, the Bible guides us in God's Word, the Holy Spirit guides us in the Quest of our lifetimes.

Think about the quest of the first apostles. They watched, and had spies to see what the enemy was doing. They even lowered Paul down a wall in a basket so he could escape Damascas, for he was a wanted man. The old and new testament is filled with how God's people were to watch, warn, and escape danger...and do whatever they were led to do to stand strong and survive. Watch what's happening and know when to stock up, you may have to help a family in need. The power of truth is what sets one free. And maybe...God's plan was to JOLT US AWAKE! Nudging wasn't working, we kept pushing the snooze alarm. No one knows God's purpose and timing but Him. We must look at what he asked was simple. He said, "I will be your God and you shall be my people." And let me tell you, no one touches what belongs to God!

We all have our own quirks that we need to improve upon. These are stressful times and not everyone has mastered their emotions during this insane behavior we are watching. Life without the obstacle course was hard we are challenged. Be patient with one another and build confidence in our youth for they have had their world turned upside down at a time they are developing control of their impulses and trying to find security, love and develop trust.

They will be as brave as we are. Be brave and fear not.



Stay Strong!



All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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