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Jul 10, 2008 - 12:59:00 PM

More Interesting Spiritual sites: Readers can send me links to stuff I haven't placed so far.   Contains material on native Americans and a good deal of writings about our Constitution and government. Politics and government, are supposed to be spiritual, but aren't usually.   Site associated with the book Thiaoouba Prophesy. You can purchase an inexpensive download of the book. Thiaoouba is the most advanced planet in the Pheiades, encircling the Central Sun Alcyone. These people have been caretakers over Earth for a very long time, and are often called the Lord God, in the old Testament. These are the ones that fried Sodom and Gomorrha, visited Abraham, helped the Hebrews out of slavery from Egypt, and gave well more than 10 commandments to Moses. Includes story of one of the Christs hung on the cross 2000 years ago, but was a different person than Esu. So don't get confused in that story, when you read the book. The book is highly recommended for reading by readers new to the concept of our star visitors. You will get a nice introduction to how advanced peoples live. In this book, a person named Michel was taken for 9 days to Thiaoouba in the 1980's, and then wrote a book about the experience.  website with free online version of the Thiaoouba Prophesy, containing nice artwork illustrations.  Site by Donna D.  She conscious channels several entities, including Christ MIchael and Nebadonia, and lately, Monjoronson from time to time.    Site by Ed Young with collections of pieces from Contact and Spectrum magazines that were written in more recent years (though 2003) , that are not in his books by the same name. These are short educational pieces by the various Rainbow masters, Aton, Esu etc.     Helen Engels site, with part or all, I am not sure of course work given on telepathy, will Esu (Sananda Immanuel) as teacher. I don't know if her whole book is up or just sections. I think she is reworking it for publishing. Not sure.  website with collected workswith Sananda Immanuel Esu by Sister Thedra, deceased in 1992, that pre-dated the Phoenix Journals.   English version of Russian website, masters coming through russian Woman, I have to get her name, I messed up, but its there if you go.


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