Seraphin Message 450: THE DIVINE INDWELLING
By Seraphin through Rosie
Jun 10, 2021 - 12:03:05 PM


Seraphin Message 450: THE DIVINE INDWELLING

Through Rosie, 27th May 2021

What does it mean, Beloveds, to be “divinely indwelt”? Does it mean that an over-powering force will suddenly invade you without your will? Does it mean that it will reside in every cell, irrespective of the defence you put up? Does it mean that you will recognize it in advance and put up your hands and say NO, NOT HERE, NOT NOW, I’M NOT READY?

What does being “divinely indwelt” mean to you, inhabitants of earth?

Are you even acquainted with the word “divine”, or what it actually means, as far as your behaviour is concerned, or as far as your mission is concerned, or as far as other people are concerned?


You may wish to ponder these questions, as they will prepare you for what is coming. You will be receiving an invitation, and it is up to you whether to accept it or not. Of course, if you are already busy, or occupied, or if you have got something else planned, then – you know how it is with invitations – you will immediately say that you have not got the time, or the capacity, and you will reject it outright.


If you are only partially committed to your “normal” activities and your “normal” train of thought, then you may entertain the thought of an invitation, but if you are in a state of constant flow and flux, reflecting on every step, living in the moment, you may indeed be ready to accept any invitation which is forthcoming, especially if it resounds in the timbres of your inner being, especially if it reminds you of something glorious from the past, especially if it exhilarates you to the point of no return.


These are your options, inhabitants of earth: to choose between your sorry, dull, stuttering path on the way to a dimly defined goal, or to join with the divine light which is coming, so that you can co-create with it to form a completely new, enlightening, joyous and exhilarating path. It is your choice.


We hereby give notice of the arrival of such an invitation, and we invite you to consider the consequences in advance, for those who choose the path of darkness and refuse the light must move to a place of darkness and cannot remain on a planet which is destined to be flooded with this same light.


Again, we beseech you to ponder your choices carefully, and to awake to the possibility of your lives changing around completely on this beloved jewel of a planet, or whether you prefer to keep staring in one direction, plodding along the same old beaten path which never changes. Seraphin.






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