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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

When Abnormality is the New Norm
By Lasha Darkmoonwith comment by Ron
Jul 26, 2016 - 8:16:18 PM

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When Abnormality is the New Norm

When the abnormal has been normalized, it becomes a crime to be normal.


CONCHITA WURST, the bearded drag queen,
winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2014
and promoter of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights

Can you imagine a world in which heterosexuality has been criminalized and straight people are hunted down and killed? I can. It’s on its way. [Ron: the Canaanites appear to have pioneered that scenario thousands of years ago.].

You may have to go underground if you are perverted enough to prefer the opposite sex to your own, but don’t worry, they won’t compare you to a pedophile — because by that time pedophilia will be all the rage and incest the ‘in’ thing.

Brave New World, stop! — I want to get off!

Pretty soon it will be a crime even to think like that, let alone say it. We are moving into uncharted waters where the old certainties no longer apply. This is what has been planned for us. It didn’t just happen. This is Nietzsche’s Umwertung der Werte—”the revaluation of all values”—in which the traditional verities our ancestors took for granted are kicked into the long grass.

Moral anarchy is the result. Mass immiseration. Universal despair, planned in advance. And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born…?

—  §  —

I was shocked to read an article in the Daily Mail the other day which began by revealing that scores of schools throughout Britain had decided to adopt a ‘gender-neutral’ uniform policy that would allow boys to wear skirts to school in future—and girls, presumably, to cultivate beards if they wished.

Around 40 state secondary and 40 state primary schools have recently changed their dress rules in a drive to be more sensitive to transgender pupils. Schools have been ordered to stop referring to “girls” and “boys” because to do so, allegedly, can give rise to serious misunderstandings and cause considerable psychological trauma.

Henceforth, everyone in school undergoing education must be referred to by the neutral term “pupil”, without specifying biological gender. This is because gender is “fluid” and the person you are referring to presumptuously as a “boy” or “girl” may have very different views to you on that subject. A boy today may feel like a girl tomorrow, and vice versa.

The result is that pupils are now being encouraged “to dress in the uniform in which they feel most comfortable. It will mean children as young as five will be able to ‘come out’ as trans without breaking uniform rules.”

According to the Daily Mail:

“Diversity campaigners have warned schools that current policies risk discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pupils. However, Christian groups fear that introducing a choice of uniform could confuse youngsters.

Allens Croft School in Birmingham is believed to be the first state primary school in Britain to declare it has a ‘gender neutral’ uniform.

Its rules state that boys can wear a grey or black skirt or pinafore while girls can wear grey or black trousers. It says it aims ‘to promote each child’s right to express their gender and personality in whichever way feels right for them’. ” (See here)

Logically, this means that girls with a surplus of male hormones can come to school sporting beards if they want. Bearded females, like the 40-year-old housewife pictured below, will be encouraged as future role models for schoolgirls who are not sure of their gender identity.

feisty role model for the bearded feminists of the future

A feminist colleague of mine has a thing about beards. “If men can have beards” she told me indignantly, “why can’t women? I was given the sack at my last job for growing a goatee beard.”

“Beard luck!” I quipped.

She wasn’t too pleased.  🙂

—  §  —

Head teacher Paula Weaver told The Sunday Times: “Everybody has the right to be themselves. We do lots of work through literature and drama and we talk to children about the fact we have someone who was assigned male at birth who is saying ‘I’m a girl’. It’s about being open with them and about everyone feeling OK.”

Elly Barnes, founder of Educate and Celebrate, echoed Ms Weaver’s politically correct views:

“In some schools, when I have the initial staff meeting and talk about gender-neutral uniforms, the reaction is ‘We can’t do it, parents won’t like it’. But as soon as they do it, they find out there is absolutely no difference.

You don’t get boys coming in to schools suddenly wearing skirts. But it just gives that space for it not to be an issue if there are trans kids.”

I can see some kids getting a bit confused, like the little mite below:


Andrea Williams of Christian Concern, however, takes a more traditional attitude. She argues that gender-neutral uniforms could mean schools were pushing an agenda on impressionable minds. “We are increasingly seeing boundaries being overstepped,” she said, “and it is concerning.”

You bet it’s concerning. It’s more than concerning. It’s creepy.

Take the issue of unisex toilets. If you’re a woman, how would you like a miniskirted serial killer barging into your “safe space” and beating you to the only available cubicle? That is soooo unacceptable!



HE :  Your first time doing it standing up, is it?
SHE :  Yep, I’m still a learner.
HE : Careful you don’t splash your shoes!

New York City has just launched a $265,000 tax-funded ad campaign to push transgender bathrooms on the city’s residents. There’s nothing now to stop a serial killer—and 99.9 percent of serial killers are males—from freely entering female bathrooms and going berserk. Disturbingly, it’s now a criminal offense in Washington State to ask a man in a woman’s bathroom if he thinks he is male or female.

—  §  —

The Daily Mail goes on to report the case of 34-year-old Emma Symonds from Gloucester. She has a 4-year-old son called Logan who insists on dressing up as a girl. Logan’s (non-identical) twin brother Alfie is quite happy to dress up as a boy, but Logan prefers wearing pretty pinafore dresses and playing with dolls. If Emma dresses Logan in male clothes, he throws a tantrum.

Result: Logan goes to nursery school kitted out in pinafore dresses and “the head of his school has been most supportive.” The only problem is that Logan runs the risk of the other little boys in his class calling him a “sissy”. The government takes a stern view of this sort of “antisocial” behavior and is pouring vast sums of money into training staff to deal with “transphobic bullying.”

All very interesting, but the paragraph that made my eyes pop came right at the end of the Daily Mail article:

“Transgender criminals will be able to choose between male and female prisons under official guidance drawn up by ministers. The policy would mean convicts would be allowed to serve their sentences alongside those of the gender they ‘identify with’, The Sunday Times reported.”

That takes the biscuit. We are living in Absurdistan.

If criminals are going to be free to choose between male and female prisons, depending on which gender they identify with at the time of their conviction, it doesn’t require much imagination to figure out what kind of prison the average  heterosexual male convict is going to end up in—provided he is willing to trade in his trousers for a skirt. What if the Jack the Rippers of tomorrow should claim, “Hey, I now feel like Jill the Ripper!”

—  §  —

A few words now on the difference between “transgenders” and “transsexuals”.

If a boy likes dressing up as a girl, like the 4-year-old Logan mentioned above, there’s no need for alarm. He could be going through a phase. He could grow out of it.

If he doesn’t, then he becomes a “transgender”, i.e., someone suffering from gender dysphoria, a term introduced officially by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 2012. This means: a profound dissatisfaction with the sex assigned to you at birth. If you’re a boy, you want to be a girl; and if you’re a girl, you want to be a boy.

Many people are confused between “transgender” and “transsexual” and often assume these two terms are synonymous. Let me explain the difference. Consider the tomboy: the little girl with short hair who wants to be a boy. First of all, she could grow out of it. If she does, no problem. She is behaving like most women do: happy to wear female attire, showing a healthy interest in men, and not particularly anxious to acquire a beard or moustache.

If, however, she continues to be dissatisfied with her female sex and would prefer to have a penis and grow a beard, then she has a problem. She is now a “transgender”, suffering from gender dysphoria. She continues to be a “transgender” as long as she holds on to her breasts and refrains from drastic surgical treatment. She can dress up as a man if she wishes, but at least she retains her breasts and can, if she wants, make an effort to pass as a woman again by growing her hair long, wearing skirts and heels, and generally trying to look feminine.

It’s the same with a man. No matter how dissatisfied he is with his male sex and would prefer to be a woman, he remains a man—a transgendered man—as long as he keeps his penis. As soon as he has his penis removed, it’s a different ballgame. He is now a “transsexual.” With the help of female hormones, he will grow breasts and even get himself an artificially constructed vagina.

To all intents and purposes, he is now a woman. And he can be pretty hot, too, with lots of men lusting after him like crazy—as long as they don’t know he was once a man. When they find out the gorgeous female they’ve been wining and dining all evening was a guy with a Charles Darwin beard only a couple of years ago, passion tends to die the death.

However, not always. Sometimes love triumphs. Amor vincit omnia.

What counts is attitude. If your attitude is the politically correct one, you will be perfectly happy living with a transsexual in marital bliss. But you will never be able to have children. The man with the artificial vagina, now officially a “woman”, will always remain a man biologically. She/He  will never be able to conceive.

In 2014 Facebook created a stir when it added over 50 gender options for its billions of users. With 50 different genders on the menu, figuring out what gender you are can be quite a problem for the average dimwit. You have a choice between several bewildering, exotic and overlapping genders. I will list only a few: agender, androgynous, bigender, cisgender female, cisgender male, female to male (FTM), male to female (MTF), gender fluid, gender nonconforming, gender questioning, gender variant, gender queer, intersex, neutrois, non-binary, Other, pangender, polygender, transgender, transsexual, trans-masculine, trans-feminine, “two spirit”. (To find out what these impressive terms are supposed to mean, see here).

In my humble opinion, the people inventing these terms are all bluffing. They cannot even agree on the number of genders in existence: some of them pontificate that there are 71 genders, others 56, or 58, or 51, or 63. Quite simply, they are making it all up. (Check out these pretentious figures here).

If the astronomers all differed about the number of planets in the solar system, and if the geographers weren’t sure how many continents there were, I think we would be right to take everything they said with a pinch of salt. So it is with these pseudo-scholars of sexual gender. Their inability to make up their minds how many genders there are makes it unnecessary, I think, to believe a word they say. They look like Frankfurt School charlatans to me.

For the various species to increase and multiply, only two sexes have hitherto been necessary. So far the grammarians have contented themselves with three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. The idea of 50-plus fluid and overlapping sexual genders is almost certainly a violation of Occam’s razor.

E.B. White says it for me: “Trust me, Wilbur. People are very gullible. They’ll believe anything they see in print.”

—  §  —

The latest trendy term for normal people, by the way, is “cisgender.”  If you want to sound really cool, you can shorten this to “cis”, as in: “Are you cis or trans?” (The prefix “cis” in Latin means “this side of”; which is the opposite of “trans”, meaning “across from” or “the other side of”.) With any luck, you will find the terms “male” and “female” buried away in small print among the voluminous footnotes.

The case of Caitlyn Jenner (pictured here on the cover of Vanity Fair) will serve as a useful illustration of the difference between “transgender” and “transsexual”.

Caitlyn Jenner was born William Bruce Jenner in 1949 and is biologically a man, though he insists he is a woman. Though he retains his penis, he dresses as a woman and looks like a woman after receiving hormone replacement therapy and cosmetic surgery. “For all intents and purposes,” he maintains, “I’m a woman.” He says this in spite of that fact that he has never been attracted to men, always preferring women. He has never had “gender reassignment surgery”—which would involve the removal of his penis, turning him into a full-fledged “transsexual”. This is an option, however, he is prepared to consider. (See here)

To clarify and summarize: if you’re a man who prefers to be a woman, you can do this by taking three steps: (a) hormone replacement therapy which will give you breasts and feminize your voice, (b) cosmetic surgery, which will alter your face and make you look more like a woman, (c) by dressing like a woman. However, you can still hang on to your penis in case you change your mind and wish to revert back to being a man. The final step is the removal of your penis: gender reassignment surgery. There’s no going back after this. You are now a “transsexual.”

A “cross-dresser” or transvestite is simply a man who dresses up as a woman or a woman who dresses up as a man. You can be a cross-dresser without cosmetic surgery, hormone replacement therapy, or gender reassignment surgery. These three steps come later, if you are really determined to switch over. One fact remains indisputable: you can change your sex only in appearance, but you can never change your underlying biological gender.

(How long will it last?)

"Would you like to see a picture of me before the operation?"

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.

— WB Yeats, The Second Coming

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Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

117 thoughts on “When Abnormality is the New Norm

  1. sexual deviancy is the new norm cause the judens have taken over…

    but “superior white men” like Franklin Ryckaert would like to think that the negroes and wetbacks are the cause of this degeneracy…

    1. Rubbish! Franklin Ryckaert believes no such thing.

      As for the normalization of sexual deviancy, we all know the (((cause))) for this.

      1. So tell me, Salman. You yourself, according to your own account, have been extremely adventurous in the sexual sense. I am not accusing you of “sexual deviancy” but of hypersexuality, with no attempt to restrain your baser passions. This is what you have bragged about constantly — telling us, for example, that you started masturbating at the age of six and just went on doing it unrestrainedly.

        I’m not passing judgement on you or being moralistic, but I just wanted to point out that sexual restraint has always been seen as an essential virtue in Islam, as in Christianity and most of the world’s great religions. There has never been a religion that has approved of masturbation.

        What think you, Salman? When you lived in Toronto, did you fall under the evil influence of Western mores as promulgated by the Jews? Were you ever conscious that you were a “victim” of the Jews? That the Jews had corrupted you sexually by surrounding you with sleaze and pornographic filth?

      2. ADMIN TOBY: Frankly, this comment gives me the creeps. If this is what most Muslims are like, then I think Islamophobia is fully justified. Salman Hossain sounds to me like a thoroughly “Jewified” Westerner. God help the Islamic world if Salman is to be their spokesman.


        Madame Butterfly,

        I said sexual prowess had a genetic component to it and I started jacking off when I was 5 years old – when living in Ghana, West Africa – but not only that – I had wanted to screw/have forced sex with my maid servant in Bangladesh when I was 10 years old – a few months before I moved to Canada…

        implying that…sex is a natural thing…some people are hornier more than others…the jews are trying to subvert us all…as to the question about me aware of this jew corruption of the West and now the entire world, I was always aware of it to a certain extent but I focused on their more visible crimes like false flag terrorism and usury…and of course the homosexual/faggot filth…

        was I aware that Jews ran porn? OH YES!

        but porn is thrilling…and enhancing one’s sex drive is a GOOD/POSITIVE THING…especially when you are YOUNG…so while it has its temporary benefits, the children of the apes and swine are trying to impose an ABNORMAL sexual lifestyle on young kids – I don’t consider hyper-sexuality to be a bad thing if it is within the context of normal heterosexual relations

        hypersexuality means that we all crave a more fulfilling sex life…and we get ultimate thills and pleasures off the act of love making…

        after all, we Muslims ALL believe in sex in the after life…in paradise 🙂

        jews making us poor through suffering, usury, and war is the biggest issue I have … and now imposing an abnormal sexuality and sex life is troubling …

        but I guess …the jew’s plan is in stages…since I celebrate sex and don’t consider hypersexuality an issue – the next phase/stage is to push for gay rights/beastiality/transgenderism…and God knows what else..

        since I am open about sex I just took advantage of the situation and starred in a few porn vids myself…

        after all, I am a MALE…and I won’t have to worry about “slut shaming” now…do I?

        being a male porn star gives u upward social mobility and a social standing…

        and which woman after all, could resist my holy cock and holy sperms?

        as to relationships, I was never a fan of it knowing all the head/heart-aches that come along with it…
        make-ups/breaks and all….degeneracy was always more “fun”….and pleasure comes along with leisure….but business and school and work always before pleasure…ya get the drill?

        since i wasn’t a fan of relationships…I stuck to doing other people’s girlfriend’s/wives and starring in porn – including amateur webcam shoots…

        insha’Allah…one day you will see me breed women on cam or on the net…send me some women my ways for breeding purposes…they need some divine blessing…my seed is irressistable…

        porn has its own benefits if it can be harnessed for the right reasons….

        it can also educate people about how to make love…and voyeurism isn’t always a bad idea if u have a woman/women with u…

        it helps boosts/spices up my Bangladeshi paternal uncles sex lives (btw one is a Hajji and the other is going to be a Hajji soon)

        my views on porn are moderate I guess…and while modesty is a part of Islam – it’s only 1% of the religion – most of the superficial Muslims you meet may only focus on that 1%

        yes, Islam preaches restraint about sex but encourages it when it’s with the right person (i.e. girlfriend/wife)…and unlike monks and priests, our religious leaders tell us to go out and breed instead of having meaningless and/or degenerate sex…of course fucking for pleasure has its benefits as well and there’s nothing wrong with that…but again…with the right person…and of course no group sex or gang-bangs or orgies…

        as for masturbation…it came to me automatically when I was 5…I wasn’t watching porn or nothing like that…I would sit on my pillow on a suitcase and when my cock scratched against the pillow it felt good…so good that I had to do it a lot…and it helped in my early semen production at 11

        i don’t see where Islam forbids masturbation…it doesn’t encourage it that’s for sure…but it doesn’t forbid it either… and masturbation has its own benefits as well – like it prevents prostrate cancer… and keeps up constant sperm production going… and it enlarges the penis size and increases/lengthens it as well…

        I personally advise men to masturbate if they can’t get a girlfriend or wife…it’s a great stress reliever too…no?

        I don’t know about women and if dildos or vibrators also help releasing their stress…does it?

        or do you gals prefer bananas and cucumbers?

      3. “Bacha bazi”

        Bacha bāzī (Persian: بچه بازی‎‎, literally “boy play”; from بچه bacha, “child”, and بازی bāzī, “game”) is a slang term in Afghanistan for a wide variety of activities that involve child sexual abuse and pederasty. The perpetrator is commonly called bacha Baz (meaning “pedophile” in Persian). It may include to some extent child pornography, sexual slavery, and child prostitution in which prepubescent and adolescent boys are sold to wealthy or powerful men for entertainment and sexual activities. Bacha bazi has existed throughout history, and is currently reported in various parts of Afghanistan.


        The köçek (plural köçekler in Turkish) was typically a very handsome young male rakkas, or dancer, who usually cross-dressed in feminine attire, and was employed as an entertainer.


        North American Man/Boy Love Association

      4. @ Salman Hossain

        “Masturbation has its own benefits as well – like it prevents prostrate (sic) cancer… and keeps up constant sperm production going… and it enlarges the penis size and increases/lengthens it as well…

        I personally advise men to masturbate if they can’t get a girlfriend or wife…it’s a great stress reliever too…no?

        The research showing that masturbation is beneficial to the prostate gland was conducted at (((Harvard University))) and financed by corporations with a vast stake in the (((porn industry))). This research has since been dismissed as bogus. The (((Masturbation Lobby))) was behind the research.

        Whichever way you look at it, masturbation is a shameful act. No decent woman I know would put up with a husband who spent all his time jerking off to pornography. Nor would a man’s children look up to their dad if he had semen stains all over his trousers.

        Would you love and respect your mother if you found she used a vibrator or dildo all the time?

        I guess YOU would, Mr Hossain, since you give every indication of being a degenerate sexual pervert. How many porn videos have you acted in, sicko?

        One thing I know for sure: our hostess on this website has given lots of scientific evidence to show that compulsive masturbation to pornography can cause brain damage. These are the closing paragraphs of her 2-part article, “Pornography’s Effect on the Brain”, published on the Occidental Observer a few years ago. I have emphasised the important bits in bold print:

        That long-term pornography use, accompanied by compulsive masturbation, actually causes structural changes in the brain is now beyond dispute. Whether this amounts to “brain damage” in the classic sense is a contentious issue and will be hotly denied by the Masturbation Lobby and all those who believe, erroneously, that masturbation is a stress reliever and a cure for depression. Porn addiction and its invariable accompaniment, compulsive masturbation, are in fact stress increasers. They are often found as major symptoms in obsessive-compulsive disorders. Far from relieving depression, they intensify it. Indeed, they are all too often the underlying cause of the depression in that they generate a huge loss of self-esteem. These are truisms, patently obvious to all except the merchants of lies.

        Meanwhile, there is little doubt that the virulent sex epidemic we witness all around us is a deliberately planned sex psyop. This is what governments want. The Puppet Masters who pull the hidden strings of our Western regimes, all masquerading as democracies, have managed to manufacture exactly what we see when we look around us: widespread neurosis, mass misery, the collapse of moral values, Christianity in ruins, and the coarse brutalization of the common man.

        No need for gulags for those who consent to their own chains.

      5. Rousso, Sardonicus, and to all the haters in here… whats wrong with starring in some heterosexual porn with hot chix?

        wanna jump right in or what?

        i see the jealousy factor in here…

        Uncle Toby, my issue with is that when western societies see Muslims like Erdogan or Sheikh Usama Bin Laden they call him names but if they see me, then they can see that there are all kinds of Muslims out of the 2 billion worldwide…and while I may have my personal flaws, I love Islam and am ready to die for the religion like hundreds of millions of others…

        I mean, I think I am a better PR man for Islam with regards to some elements of Western society…

        dontccha agree?

        I don’t think celebrating the joys of sex to be a bad thing…sex is a gift and pleasure from God…

        why is this website sooooo loaded with prudes?

        and Madame Butterfly…

        my next step is to engage in some love jihad…

        breed and convert white women …

        after all, it’s the easiest type of jihad out there – to breed babies AND raise them as Muslims…

        the jews were clearly lying to you when they say Islam expanded through violence or by force…


        it expanded through LOVE MAKING mostly…and preaching/conversion too but the LOVE MAKING PART was more INTENSE than the alleged “violent” or “Armed” or “conquering” aspect of it…

        conquering with the sword in between my legs is the best and easiest way for me to enter paradise…

        than conquering with the sword in the battlefield and/or heavy arms (RPGs, AK-47s, planes, tanks, etc.)

        our holy seed is the ULTIMATE weapon of mass destruction and regeneration against our enemies….which the enemies of Islam wish to destroy us from possessing…

        thus the dissemination of Depleted Uranium and mini-nukes and neutron bombs in Muslim lands…

        in order to damage our genetics…but their turn is also coming to get nuked off the face of the earth….

        engaging in the love making or sex jihad has major benefits…

        it is after all, better than getting involved in armed/”violent” jihad…after all…no body wants to be

        called a “Terrorist” nowadays…do they?

        exploding inside a woman is better than exploding an I.E.D. and killing the enemies of Islam (in the latter case u’ll be labelled and smeared as “insurgent” or “terrorist”)…or when u can’t do the latter u might as well do the former, ain’t that right?

        raise a future army for Islam…

        I see porn as a weapon now to use for the spread of Islam…

        whereas the Jews use it as a way to subvert society…

        my jihad right now is to go on a baby making spree for Allah…whats yours fellahs?

        whatcha guys think? lemme know whats good…

        masalaama/peace out!

      6. Dude, if you’re a PR man for islam, I wouldn’t want to get any closer than at least a mile from any given muslim. Toby was right about you. You give us the creeps and you justify islamophobia big time. Calling us haters doesn’t improve a thing. I truly hope there are sane muslims out there simply because the concept of almost 2 billion insane muslims are utterly depressing if nothing else.

      1. There is not much of a difference between Judaism and Islam. Both are the mirror images of each other.


    1. To prove to everyone I’m not a joo, I shall make Holy Hajj to Chicago and plant three [ 3 ] Fig Trees in Reverent Honor to Islam’s “holy [ 3 ] trinity”, “Amish” Mark Glenn, “Catholic” Noor, “It Doesn’t Matter In German” MachtNichts.

  2. As the Judas Class in D.C. rises from their knees from “servicing” their AIPAC/Israel masters, they do their bidding with smiles. The perverse groups created by the Jew co-opted SCOTUS now becoming “accepted” in a fast rotting U.S. believe they’ve found “friends’ in The Synagogue” but, as with all normal Goim, all they’ve found is it can be “fun” to be used as a political tool for their nation’s destruction;

    Imagine the “orthodox” slaughter when the Synagogue looks about and seeing all but Jehovah’s Witnesses have embraced Satan’s world directs their Judas Class in D.C. to crush them. After all, under Noahide Law only “the Synagogue of Satan” has freedom of religion. I don’t think J.W.s will embrace the Talmud as readily as Babylon The Great. then you’ll see genocide where you thought you’d NEVER see it; Your own “back yard”

    The “Anti Christ” has always been the U.N. and in ’45 when the snakes in D.C. signed the U.N. treaty, they drove a knife into the heart of their nation. And as with L.E. and our(?) military, they authorized and will support the slaughter for a pat-on-the-head, promotion, kick-ass benefits and power. But, like Lenin/”Uncle Joe” Stalin before them the synagogue has a habit of not keeping their lackeys on the payroll once they’ve outlived their usefulness.

  3. Actually Africans in Africa take a very jaundiced view of sexual deviancy. In many countries a prison sentence of over 20 years is the norm. And, surprise, surprise, Christianity is actually growing in that continent. Go to Ethiopia, it was Christian from 1st century and they are very proud of that fact. You won’t find any smarmy, “New Age, Modern” Christianity amongst Africans. The moment I hear a priest or politician use that word, I want to reach for something.

    1. Islam is the dominant religion in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Tanzania. I don’t even know why the Jew media claims Christians are the majority….

      these countries are anywhere from 60-70% Muslims …according to the local Christians from there themselves…and I’ve talked to quite a few back in Canada

      and Malawi and Mozambique are anywhere from 40-50% Muslim – yet the International Census is making out the numbers to be half that or even less…like wtf?

      yes, Christianity is growing in subsaharan quite a bit unfortunately we Muslims should step up our operations in bringing the masses to Islam…

      everywhere else Islam is expanding…

      and insha’Allah it will continue on until it dominates and we become the majority

      1. “everywhere else Islam is expanding…

        and insha’Allah it will continue on until it dominates and we become the majority”

        And this epitomizes why I have the views I do about Islam, whether it’s radical Muslims or peaceful Muslims living in the west. Salman, clearly wants and envisages the ummah. And he most certainly is not alone.
        What about those who don’t want to live under Islam? I don’t want to live under Islam. I don’t want to live under any religious authority. What right do you have to impose upon those who do not wish it so?

        Salman, clearly promotes why so many people are greatly concerned about mass Islamic immigration into the west. This is not an irrational fear, of another religion and their culture. It’s an incredibly RATIONAL fear of having no choice whatseover, but be forced to live under a completely authoritarian and alien way of life.

        Thank you Salman for making people see that Islamic migration and the growth of Islam in non Islamic lands will eventually lead to it conquering over all. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks and Islam will continue Islamizing every non Islamic land in this world, until they have complete Islamic authority over every living human on this planet. Forget about the ‘Islamaphobic’ websites out there such as Jihad Watch, Atlas Wept and Front Page. All one need do is come to Lasha Darkmoon and read what Salman has to write. 🙂

      2. yes Harbinger…

        I say this OPENLY…

        Islam is SUPERIOR to going out binge drinking, smoking, and consuming pork…

        or gambling for the most part…

        If I were two choose between the two evils (drinking and consuming pork), I’d pick the latter ANY DAY of the week…

        that’s how much I HATE cigarettes and alcohol…and the jews peddle that in the west…

        u infidels are free to smoke and drink to your heart’s content…

        NOW – to answer your question – as an infidel – u will have the RIGHT to drink and smoke in a Muslim land OR eat pigs (which is akin to cannibalism and toxic in many ways)…

        the Muslims who conquered the world after the death of the prophet ALLOWED the non-Muslims their rights provided they fulfilled their obligations…

        which was to pay a small amount of jizya…Islam became dominant 2-3 centuries AFTER the conquest in slow stages – it’s like oil seeping into your skin…once it ENTERS…it’s EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get out…and while an area may be reconquered like Portugal and Spain…or Eastern Europe/Ottoman lands…the BELIEVERS who are true to their religion will END up in more heavily concentrated Muslim lands….

        THUS, the descendants of the INDIGENOUS Portuguese/Spanish Muslims who converted to the religion and NOT the “Moors” or “invaders” ended up mostly in North Africa, or the former Ottoman empire or in some cases ended up even in the New World WHILE the descendants of Eastern European Muslims who were forced to flee after the Turkish Caliphate receded ended up going to more Islamic majority regions -thus there are TENS OF MILLIONS of European Muslims in Turkey today…whose ancestors are INDIGENOUS to continental Europe….

        and if u don’t wanna be Muslim, that’s fine Harbinger…u’re hardcore and you shouldn’t be forced or pressured into doing something you don’t want…Islam ALLOWS that right not to convert and remain with whatever belief system or lack thereof that you possess right now…Faith is after all a matter of the heart…BUT eventually your DESCENDANTS (if u breed any sir – and the Jews told me Nazis don’t breed so it’s highly unlikely you’ll leave much behind to worry about)…WILL END UP CONVERTING…INSHA’ALLAH – ALLAHU AKBAR!

      3. Harbinger…

        dear infidel…

        Islamization of society is a VERY good thing…

        it keeps the Jews in check…dontcha think?

        and gives your infidel population a MUCH NEEDED BOOST…

        good for the economy too as the Juden realized…

        look at what has happened to Jewish control and/or influence in Turkey?

        It’s completely waned…and gone out with a bang this year thanks to Sultan Erdogan!!!

        I hope one day Istanbul takes over Rome, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Berlin, and London!!!

        Then it moves into Canada and the USA if the Chinks and Russkies don’t nuke them off the face of the earth…and then China and the rest of India simultaneously along with Latin America after the conquest of Rome…

        I feel the adrenalin pumping into my system…


      4. Harbinger,

        If the west is invaded and Islamised by Muslims it will only be because the west allows and even encourages it. And we know why the west allows and encourages it. Normally Islam or any other alien ideology wouldn’t have a chance in hell conquering the west. The minute we would govern ourselves this immigration would be reversed. And so would the endless crimes on foreign soil comitted by ‘our’ armed forces. There’s really noting more to it.

      5. Salman,

        The more you write the more objectionable you become. You are a Muslim and thus will say Islam is superior to any other way of life. It’s akin to a football player saying football is a far superior sport to any other; but what happens when he meets a rugby player, or a boxer, or a hockey player? I’m sure there are many other faiths on this land who want nothing to do with Islam. Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Yazidism…..the list goes on and on.

        Free will is the choice of the individual. You continue to say that Islam will allow this and that for the life of the infidel, so that stated, why on earth invade a land to allow people not of your land the way to live the lives as they so choose? Again, it is merely a ruse. There would be a certain amount of Islamic law introduced within. To say we’d have freedoms is utter bull shit. For example, your barbaric halal slaughter would be implemented wouldn’t it? And there go the rights for animals to have a painless slaughter. And what happens when Muslims decide that we shouldn’t drink, smoke and eat pork? What happens when Muslim me decide non Muslim women must cover up in burkhas? You see, you can’t give me that guarantee whatsoever. You just continue to imply that I need Islam, yet I and many others don’t want it. I ask again, who are you, or any of your ilk, to tell us how, as infidels, how we should live?

        I would also like to state that long before your prophet started talking with moon godesses, people had been drinking, smoking and eating pork for thousands of years previously.

        And as for Islam keeping the Jews in check, well, you know that’s BS. Saudis don’t do they? And what of the Moors, the invaders of Spain who brought with them their Muslim bankers? Like the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, the Sub Saharan Slave Trade was a Jewish led venture as well.

        The thing is Salman, if you had any common sense and I really do mean that, you would see that people, with your insane views of Islamization, are doing far more harm than good for Islam. Stay in your lands. Live your way of life and respect those peoples who don’t wish to live under an Islamic way of life/Islamic control of their lives.
        And again, I will state the futility in your belief that lands under Islamic way of life would allow us our freedoms. They wouldn’t, for if they did, there would be no need to Islamize them would there?

      6. 1138,

        Well of course. We all know why mass immigration of Muslims is happening. It’s there to cause chaos, civil strife and a continuing growth of hatred of Islam, all to benefit Zion. As I continually state, the education of westerners is the only way that will make them see sense and in doing so, not only will they kick out the Muslims, but also the Jews. The Jews want us at war with Islam – more western and eastern deaths, all for the benefit of Jewry, without them losing any of their own. The goyim yet again, is pitted against the goyim while the Jew, sits back and benefits.

      7. Harbinger…

        your fears have already been answered…

        the earliest Muslims were in FACT a minority…

        so how could they IMPOSE their will on the majority?

        it happened as a slow process…and out their OWN FREE WILL and when YOUR PEOPLE CONVERT over a period they WILL THANK US for making them Muslims…

        and as an infidel…you can go to ANY MUSLIM LAND AND GET PORK OR ALCOHOL OR SMOKE CIGARETTES…

        did i not say in Islamic lands u WILL do all of that…

        the earliest Caliphs allowed non-Muslims to FOLLOW THEIR OWN PATH…

        Islam is the right religion and most people will end up converting if explained properly…

        or at least over time…and their descendants will THANK their ancestors for converting to the religion…

        ask the masses in the Muslim world – Eastern Europe/Balkans/Russia/Middle East/Anatolia/South Asia/South-East Asia/China even Iran…the only Muslims who have some anger at their religious leaders are the Shias of Iran …those living in the diaspora that is…BUT THOSE INSIDE IRAN…are PRO-ISLAMIC – especially Sunnis but Shias as well…



        ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

      8. Muslims and Jews don’t eat pork for the wrong reason(s).
        Perhaps the right reason is too easy?
        As inconvenient as it might be.

      9. @Salmon. I’m also hardcore. Ain’t ever going to either convert or paying jizya for that matter. So what will be our fate? Off with the head routine as usual?

      10. u’re watching ISIS videos here…thinking that what they did to the Yezidis or in some cases Shias and Christians is the norm when it comes to Islam –

        so any black propaganda…you will swallow…

        as for you Morningstar, how does imprisonment sound if you don’t pay the jizya?

        if u’re a woman, a child, or an invalid/handicapped/sick person you do NOT pay the jizya….the jizya is to ENSURE that you don’t fight on behalf of the State when it comes to war…IF you don’t pay jizya, then u will HAVE to fight for Islam….even if you are not Muslim…just like many Christians and Sabians/Mandeans/Zoroastrians did after the conquest of non-Muslim lands…

        the jizya is for ALL ABLE BODIED ADULT MALES…the population that may potentially resist or rebel against the state…it may in fact be more symbolic than anything since the Qur’an says to pay with your own hands…

        it’s not an “extortion” racket… if you are an able bodied military aged MALE you will have to pay…and this can ONLY happen after an Islamic conquest or take over of the government by people who wish to interpret and/or apply/implement Islam in some form…

        there’s nothing in the Qur’an saying those who refuse to pay jizya should be killed…

        imprisonment or exile would be a great idea I suppose…

        now in a Muslim dominated society would there be elements that are against other religions?

        Why not?

        In the West – officially at least – on paper that is – we are all supposed to have equal rights –

        but in realpolitik some people are more equal than others…

        do we need to get into the treatment of its Arab/Muslim minorities AFTER 9-11?

        When the Muslim populations increase, some people among the descendants of the converts may be a bit intolerant towards other religions – it’s human nature –

        BEFORE 9-11, people of colour in the Western world were disliked by many white people – it’s a FACT… it’s human nature – there will ALWAYS be the “other” …it’s only due to intense jew brainwashing and liberalization and the chase for the $$$ that resulted in the flood coming in…and jew control of the third world money supply…

        so who said non-Europeans and non-Whites in White nations (Except White Muslim nations) were ever given any bit of equal treatment until recently?

        in the 1980s, when Blacks and Browns were fewer in number in the UK, racism and xenophobia against them was heavy…now its tamed BUT there is a backlash still…

        or better yet…when Muslims were a minority in Mecca or in non-Muslim countries where today we are a majority…the persecution against us was intense at times as well…

        so if a society becomes Muslim majority and there are elements within it that have intolerant attitudes towards non-Muslims or Muslims not of their liking…this is to be EXPECTED…it’s only a part of human nature… get on with it…

        what is NOT a part of human nature is to ensure that the GOVERNMENT and STATE doesn’t engage in discrimination or oppression against minorities and contains the segment of the population that may mistreat them…

        so after 9-11, the governments in the Western world has been oppressing Muslims thanks to the Jews – whereas the general population INITIALLY didn’t hate Islam and Muslims as much as they do now…however this is a slow process…it was gradual…

        IF on the other hand the government protected Islam and Muslims and the general population disliked it for the most part due to their own prejudice or whatever…then it would have been a different issue on itself and guys like me wouldn’t try and literally arrange/facilitate a state backed genocide against the Jews and anti-Islamic elements in the Western world….

      11. “as for you Morningstar, how does imprisonment sound if you don’t pay the jizya?”

        So much for freedom in islam. So much for no compulsion in religion. Just the same age old taqyyia as to be expected from a devout muslim. Then war it will be but I already knew that from the beginning. I value my freedom and free will more than islam or any other religion for that matter. Religions are nothing but a system to enslave the masses mentally. It is nothing but a prison for the mind. If you’re not capable of seeing that, then it is probably because you have been indoctrinated since early childhood. In pretty much the same matter as the jews are indoctrinating our children with feminism and homosexuality today. If they get into your mind early enough in life, it works. It sticks in there. The jews have known this for millenia.

  4. As far as I know it is only in western society where the regime actively pushes this perversion, but the perversion itself is not exclusively western. In Asian countries like Thailand, India, Paksistan, Bangladesh there apparantly are a lot of people suffering from the same kind of sick third gender confusion, that’s a hard fact. In India it is even an ancient phenomenon. Naturally western jew NGO’s are active in championing this in these countries. The best thing those countries can do is arrest these NGO types and publicly execute them. Salman, a noble task lies ahead 🙂

    1. 1138, thanks for the notification…

      I will identify my friends in Jamaat Islam to take some action in order to get rid of the disease in society…

      by throwing them off roof tops …starting with my own appartment building…

      my brothers in Ansarullah Bangla killed a couple of faggots financed by USAID and then John Kerry and the local US Embassador got all upset and started shitting her pants

      may God be with me 🙂

      and perhaps the noble Caliph Erdogan can help out insha’Allah 🙂 🙂

  5. Let us not think that this insanity is just the natural outcome of an ongoing process of civilizational degeneration (like in the Roman Empire in its latter days). No, this process is centrally planned and implemented in stages (by the “Usual Suspects”) to establish their horrible Dystopia, also known as the New World Order (better : Jew World Order). The promotion of sexual depravity, homosexuality and gender confusion is part of that program. One has only to notice how much happens at the same time and everywhere to come to the conclusion that it is not a spontaneous development but a coordinated organized effort, which include : celebrity worship (such as “Caitlyn” Jenner), “spontaneous” movements (such as “gay rights”), street demonstrations or pageants (such as “gay prides”), favorable reports in the press, promotion on TV and in Hollywood and in academia and finally a change of laws which will establish the depravity not only as “normal” but also as “legal”. The last stage will be reached when anybody who only mildly criticizes this process will be prosecuted (for “intolerance” of course). To make the changes permanent the indoctrination of little children is practised. This is what we are seeing now happening in the schools.

    I don’t know what will be the next step after the establishment of gender confusion. There are indications that the acceptance of pedophilia is on the program and after that perhaps incest or even bestiality. For further information, I refer to this guy :

    BTW, Umvertung should be spelled Umwertung.

  6. A good article Lasha thank you.

    There has been a boom, in the numbers of non heterosexuals within the last twenty years.
    The really sad thing about homosexuality is, that unlike in the past, when it was simply a case of sexual pervertion, today it’s not so black and white. Courtesy of years of synthetic oestrogens like, Bisphenol A being used to rinse everything from beer cans to baby bottles, along with women’s disposing of their sanitary towels in the toilet, which ultimately infected the water supply with natural oestrogen, man has, as planned, created males and females who are attracted to the same sex. They grow up with the body of one gender, but their brains have evolved as the opposite. Voila, the homosexual is made.

    Added to the above, a huge surge in the promotion of sex over everything else in life and there you have the society we live in today, as promoted in Brave New World, where everyone will be rutting like rabbits, with whatever sex and abortions will be there for all, to make sure there are no ‘waste products’.

    I simply cannot abide homosexuality. It is just blatantly wrong, but it’s even harder to have this view when you realise, as already stated, man is, very much, responsible for creating this chimera. My mother is now accepting of homosexuality, now that she’s much older and brainwashed by the msm. My uncle was a homosexual that caused a rift with my father. My ex brother’-in-laws’ daughter is a lesbian, about to be ‘married’ and his nephew is a homosexual. Some of the busiest places in my home city in Scotland are homosexual venues, flying the rainbow flag and the overwhelming majority of people’s attitudes, here have gone from anti homosexuality to pro. It’s amazing what twenty years of brainwashing can do, via TV. People I know who used to be anti homosexuality are now ‘experimenting’ with the same sex and are predominantly the women. A young girl I know who’s 20, now won’t touch men, having been a lesbian, for over a year…….

    The world is fubar. To no longer go with the flow and not be politically correct, is to be where the homosexual was in the pre 80’s. Just as with the holocaust, you can’t have a debate with people on homosexuality. They simply see no wrong with sodomy and same sex relationships. It’s always the case of: “if two people love one another, who are you to tell them they can do otherwise”? That sets a deadly precedent. What happens when brothers start having sex with their sisters and mothers? What happens when they start having sex with animals? What happens when they start having sex with not just infants but their children?

    It is clearly the destruction of all that is. After all, you cannot create a new world order, when the old one remains.

    1. Well informed comment, harb, as always.
      But as often, i will spot a tiny fly floating somewhere in the primordial soup:

      Just as with the holocaust, you can’t have a debate with people on homosexuality. They simply see no wrong with sodomy and same sex relationships. It’s always the case of: “if two people love one another, who are you to tell them they can (sic?) do otherwise”?

      This, “Just as with the holocaust, you can’t have a debate with people on homosexuality” is quite true.
      But whereas homos do whatever they do to each other and i am happy to stay outside NOT looking in, i get no such consideration with Holoexhaust, no matter how much i want to remain outside, NOT looking in.
      Because if it was the case of
      if two Jews kill one another to the tune of 6 million, who are you to tell them they can’t do otherwise”?
      i wouldn’t say a thing, Holocaust-among-consenting-Jews is a perfect example of religious freedom, afaiac.

      But what is happening is as if all these millions of queers are leading perfectly chaste lives yet i am accused of having sodomized 6 million of them and if i refuse to admit, i am homophobic.

      I am all for queers marrying one another, i am all for jews marrying one another, i am all for queers and jews intermarrying, since there is such a giant overlap between 2 groups and i am all for being sidelined from all that action.
      and if you want to swap “gassing” for “marrying”, who am i “to tell them they can’t do otherwise”?

      1. Lobro…




        Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau’s faggot brigade will come (err…I mean cum) after you

    2. Harbinger…

      judging by your complaints about the society has been transformed…

      I suggest you ALL convert to Islam and move to a Muslim land…

      you will fit right in…


      the homophobia you are spewing…

      its too much for me to handle…

      Scotland Yard will chase you down for some bum-f&@*ing…

      that is after all…how the jews and their shabbos goyim pets get their “jihad” on against uppity goyim…

    3. “What happens when brothers start having sex with their sisters and mothers? What happens when they start having sex with animals? What happens when they start having sex with not just infants but their children?”

      One only needs to examine Wiemar Germany to see the end result of this forced normative inversion upon a culture by the filthy Jew. Berlin was perhaps the most corrupt, debauched city on the planet under the Judenized Wiemar administration.

      Anything and everything was available in Berlin, including sex with children and animals along with every kind of drug then imaginable. Children were sold on the streets by their mothers for the price of a meal. And all the while Jews gleefully profited, buying everything up for pfennigs on the mark.

      Adolf Hitler was perhaps the greatest cleansing agent in history. An examination of photos from mid to late 1930s Germany provide ample evidence of the healthy culture created by the National Socialists.

      There is nothing the least bit surprising or astonishing about the bizarre behavior now exhibited throughout western civilization; such behavior is the mark of a thoroughly Judenized culture. It is merely the same old Jewish filth and perversion once again being meted out against a goyim too ignorant and too stupid to understand the end results of these activities.

      A people too stupid to read and understand history must ultimately repeat the destruction once again to understand what this eventually bodes for their race, culture and future. Of course, then the pendulum swings to the other end of the spectrum bringing forth new forms of insanity just as destructive as the old. It is in these violent swings that the Jews realize their best profit and progress. I suspect this is where the Trump trend is taking us.

  7. This is very odd. Part of the attraction to ‘experimentation’ with lesbian and homosexual acting out (basically normal and harmless in itself, and perhaps an appropriate lifestyle to a small minority, who cares really?) was a healthy sense of rebellion. When these acts begin to be approved and sanctioned by ‘authorities’ they will lose their appeal. They are already beginning to appear silly and conformist to daring experientialists .

    1. SW,

      “Part of the attraction to ‘experimentation’ with lesbian and homosexual acting out (basically normal and harmless in itself, and perhaps an appropriate lifestyle to a small minority, who cares really?) was a healthy sense of rebellion.”

      Is it and was it?
      What is worse? A man who inserts his penis into another man’s anus, imitating vaginal sex, with a high risk of causing an anal fissure, not forgetting catching Hepatitis B, through the urethra which will affect the kidneys, or a man having sex with an eight year old girl, who is menstruating?
      Your average Joe will say that the latter is far worse, yet, a girl who is flowering, by nature’s choice, is ready to have offspring. Our society has been conditioned to frown upon a man having sex with a young woman, ready to procreate, yet it’s perfectly ok to put the penis into a part of a body that is not there for any form of sexual experience and worse, with a member of the same sex.

      Homosexuality is simply wrong. You cannot argue for homosexuality, unless you are a deluded individual or a homosexual yourself.
      Our society has forgotten that sexual intercourse is there for one purpose and one purpose only – procreation. It is not, as it has become today, a recreational activity. Heterosexual sex, is now on a par with homosexual sex, that is, it’s nothing more than mutual masturbation, for the pursuit of self pleasure. “But it feels good” is what we always hear. Yes, but it has to, or else people wouldn’t do it. If a man’s penetration of a woman’s vagina, felt as though he was slicing his penis with a razor blade, you can guarantee that the population would end forthwith.

      Society has been reprogrammed to see sexual intercourse as something other than what it’s there for. If we have a society with morals and ethics, then that society has no place for ‘experimentation’ in sexual activities. I really couldn’t care less with the kama sutra. The fact that love between man and woman has drastically moved from the spiritual to the physical is bad enough.

      1. “…sexual intercourse is there for one purpose and one purpose only – procreation. ”
        Actually there are two purposes – procreation, which is the primary purpose and “telos” or final cause, and also the loving union of the spouses accompanied by pleasure; just as eating and drinking is not only for nutrition but also for pleasure, although the latter is of course secondary.

      2. HARBINGER
        Spare me the details!
        The odd couple living quietly down the street who practice “the love that dare not speak its name” is hardly an issue to me.
        As long as they keep it that way.
        But this horrible creature Conchita Wurst and it’s like are so very repulsive that I think no one, queer or straight, would touch them with a ten foot pole (which fact they bemoan no doubt) and their only prospects for sexual pleasure would be masturbation, coupling with dumb animals or inanimate objects, or celibacy.
        My point was how odd the culture destroyers play their hand so inelegantly, so in our faces, that a backlash is inevitable. Young people will begin to laugh at such foolishness.
        The odd couple down the street was always a very small minority in a healthy society. I really don’t care what they do in private. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean I am arguing for homosexuality.

        And BTW, I was tossed out of a Jury pool for daring to question the criminality of consensual sex (even the parents were Ok with it) between an 18 year old boy and a 17 year old girl. The Court said ‘the LAW is the LAW’ and if proven to have happened the boy would be found guilty, facing Jail time.
        That is insane.

      3. Darrell,

        It is society that has turned the act of coitus into pleasure seeking along with food consumption. Most people in the past were so poor, that it was about survival. Food and drink is about the survival of the human and all other creatures on this planet for that matter.
        The very fact that you see it as you do, overwhelmingly proves how the human psyche has been altered.

        What is masturbation if not self pleasure and no offspring created? Now look at having sex with your partner, wearing a condom or not seeking to create offspring? What’s the difference? There is none. A man who uses a woman to have sex with, where no child is created, or should I say, there is no intention of creating a child, is using that woman’s ‘orifices’ as an alternative to his hand. The same for a woman.

        We have taken the love from the spiritual into the physical and once that is done, it can be controlled and manipulated.

        The business that has grown up around sex is massive. From the oldest trade in the world – prostitution, we now have a huge porn industry, catering for all deviancy and depravity as well as lap dancing bars and sex talk in women’s and men’s non porn magazines. Would we have this if it were a case that men and women would only come together to copulate? Of course we wouldn’t, so we’ve programmed society to thinking that we ultimately need sex, constantly to live healthy lifestyles.

        Look at the reality. As a man, once I’ve ejaculated, I don’t want to be doing what I’m doing. No doubt this goes back to ancestry, where spending too long having sex may end up being attacked by wild animals. The urge to continue having sex completely disappears. It is the programming within us that makes us so. This is a completely logical biological response because, no more semen is available to impregnate the female so there is no need to continue.

        Society has been continually programmed to think as you do – sex is good and drink and eat more. This is especially noted with the epidemic of land whales, wobbling within every city, town and village. If you eat and drink more you are generating more income for the bankers. One can also say the same for sex, in that men and women are spending more money, to attract one another. We have seen the rise in speed eating, with the likes of Matt Stonie, Molly Schuyler and Furious Pete, who will unbelievably consume 20lbs of food in less than 30 mins. This has brought back the sins of greed and gluttony back into society.

        Your views on sex, food and drink consumption are on a par with the majority of people’s views on homosexuality. That is, you fail to see that you have been programmed to see sex as a necessary recreation, outwith procreation, along with the desire for good food and drink. It is your views that the elites love, because it keeps society ignorant to what’s really going on in this world, allowing our ‘masters’ to get on with their installation of a new, world order.

  8. Yes, everything is topsy-turvy these days, isn’t it, so topsy-turvy is everything today from Noo Yawk we find out even muzlim Obama’s muzlim brutha is going to VOTE for Trump, LMFAO, what you be thinkin’ , Salman, about one your fellow brutha Muzlims wanderin’ away from de muzlim herd, escaping de joo-mohhamedan slave plantation now on de undergound railroad to FreedomLand!! , LMFAO!!!

    1. Everything in the world is corrupt, everything in the world has always been corrupt, everything in the world will always be corrupt.

      Don’t like corruption? . . . . .

      You fuckin’ darkmoon hydra heads, each and every one of all of your 666 millions of hydra heads as Janus-faced as can be … coiling about one another in the reptilian shit and piss and puke of your snake pit in the murk of a night without any Moon Light even … thinking no one can see your true chameleon snake natures and what you all are really all about.

      1. TROJ,

        I’ve been trying to understand why, at every given turn, you just launch into an attack on Lasha, but all the posters on this forum? The very fact that WE ARE on here pretty much proves that we’re not part of any hydra, or a reptilian from the pages of Icke.
        Do you not think your time would be spent more constructively, getting along with people AND NOT insulting everyone? Everyone goes on about you taking your medication. I don’t know whether you are on them, or have some kind of personality disorder, but I will say that your attitude towards everyone is one through your own choosing. I, for one, have never launched into any attack on you, or been disparaging. There are others on here as well.
        If you’re angry, because you’re moderated and the majority of your posts don’t see the light of day, then post less and more importantly, in tune with the article. If you’re still angry, then start your own blog, where you can post to your heart’s content.

      2. Joe, life is short and pleasure fleeting and yes it’s a bromide, but why do you spend so much time here among the hydra headed monsters? Only a suggestion but rise up out of the pissy & pukey murk, shake the shit off your head and move on up to the Sunlight. Fuck them, they always lose.

    2. I support Malik Obama since he’s against the crazy liberal Jews behind most the evils in the world…

      I hope he gets to realize that Trump is an Israeli point man…and not some smart ass who will outsmart the jews

      1. I find Darkmoon very interesting, really, as Darkmoon is a NEXUS POINT for so many “alternative” media SHADY CHARACTERS, and I’m talking a NEXUS POINT for some real shady Big-Shot “alternative” media webmasters, not just low level shady characters, high up there on the chain of command shady “alt” media characters, and well, you know me, I find NEXUS POINTS interesting, actually I find NEXUS POINTS downright fascinating, as one always learns THE MOST focusing on, intently studying, learning all about NEXUS POINTS. But YES, yes of course, Fuck them.

  9. Les Visible says that in this current state of Kali Yuga that materialism manifests itself in aberrant sexual activity.

    “…It is the concerted effort to defame, diminish and profane the divine feminine. At present, in the cultural sense, it involves the feminization of the masculine into expressing itself in physical expressions of submissive, sexual engagements from the female position, in order to debase and confuse the natural order of things. The truth is that the Aquarian Age is a time in which the higher virtues of the divine feminine are ascendant and so… the dark side seeks to pervert that into the lowest common denominators of expression. This is the agenda of the elite..”

  10. What is equally troubling is how the LBTG crowd is really aggressive and hateful against criticism. As late as in june there was a pride festival going on in Gothenburg. One young guy went there to peacefully protest and demonstrate against their unhealthy behaviour. The PC people claims it is all about “love”. I have never seen anymore hateful people than the LBTG crowd and this video proves my point. Most of it is subtitled in english. It went quite viral over here afterwards.

  11. Just came in to have some dinner and browse Internet and Darkmoon, here at the kitchen table – and lo and behold – see this bearded transvestite cocksukker displayed by our beautiful Lasha! 🙁 It makes me sort of glad that farm animals and John Deere are the only things I really have to deal with every day! If the world is coming to this, y’all can HAVE IT! Trump it, godammit!

  12. “Can you imagine a world in which heterosexuality has been criminalized and straight people are hunted down and killed? I can. It’s on its way.”

    don’t bite too hard on this bit of sensationalism. gays and media people are nothing if not sensational.
    hopefully, we’re evolving into a much more tolerant and understanding society, where the terrible persecution of gays, as promoted by religion traditionally, will die out. but, it is a mistake to allow gays to re-write the entire gender program for school children.
    prepubescent children are not entirely genderless or “innocent’ if you will, even though they’re not active sexually. but stifling any creative urges they might have to explore non-biological roles would and has been repressive – of children, which is not the same thing as repressive of homosexuality.. the problem is – it is not the state’s job to promote sexuality of any kind in its dealing with children. the promoted gender experimentation is construed as an aggression against innocent children by the homosexual community.
    of course, allowing gender choice is protecting the freedom of choice and expression of individuals. but it’s clear it ill be taken too far and result in a tyrannical application of state power, which may very well be the main motive behind it all. in the end, when the situation has been pushed too far, the state will not act fairly.
    and, in the state’s eyes a confused public is disorderly and excuses the state’s excesses.
    we all saw what happened to the bakery people who refused to make the gay wedding cake. does anybody suppose the state would also defend a skinhead who requested a jewish bakery to make a hitler birthday cake on april 19th? not a chance.
    and always bear in mind – the corporate hierarchy are constantly conducting class warfare against the proles. all this sexual confusion is another manifestation of the basic disaster capitalism they always thrive on. they can never let things run smoothly for too long, because eventually the public would finally figure it all out for themselves.
    i think being a hetero man in a woman’s prison might soon turn into a living hell of a different sort. but what guy looking at jail time in prison wouldn’t give it a try?

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      LD says: “Can you imagine a world in which heterosexuality has been criminalized and straight people are hunted down and killed? I can. It’s on its way.”

      Barkingdeer says: “Don’t bite too hard on this bit of sensationalism…etc etc….”

      There’s nothing “sensational” about imagining a situation that happens to be a staple plot theme of many dystopian science fiction stories.

      I can remember reading an excellent SF story by Richard Matheson (I think his name was) many years ago with precisely this theme: a world in which heterosexual lovers were forced to meet up in secret holes and corners and all around them were these very aggressive homosexuals looking for evidence of “sexual deviation” — i.e., perverted heterosexual behavior!

      I think Lasha is entitled to use her imagination (“Can you imagine a world…”) without being accused of narrow-minded “sensationalism”, don’t you? If you have any doubts that the scenario Lasha “imagined” is the staple fare of dystopian science fiction, check out this 20 minute video:


      You might as well accuse Orwell of “sensationalsm” just because he imagined a scary Orwellian world! Is Nineteen Eighty-Four too “sensational” for you? 🙂

      1. Sardonicus,

        “You might as well accuse Orwell of “sensationalsm” just because he imagined a scary Orwellian world! Is Nineteen Eighty-Four too “sensational” for you?”

        Orwell never imagined anything. There was certainly no prescience within him whatsoever. His teacher, at university was Aldous Huxley, author of ‘Brave New World’. Aldous’ brother was a one Julian Huxley who formed the Humanist society, another tentacle of the new world order.
        Aldous and George used to sit in on meetings with the ‘big boys’ so to speak, along with other writers. Many of those were involved in comics.
        In other words, Sardonicus, 1984 is not a ‘warning’ of what the future will become, but predictive programming into teaching people to accept what is to come, or should I say, already here. We are already living in the pages of 1984 – constant wars where one week we are fighting so and so enemy and then the week after, they’re our friends. Remind me again, did the west not go to war in Afghanistan to fight Al Qaeda? And who are the west now protecting in Syria? Then there’s the situation of pricing, where no one really knows just how much certain things are. One week coffee is such and such a price, then there are deals on two for one, when they aren’t really and then the price of coffee just jumps up in price and then back down to continually confuse people. Then we have hate speech amongst numerous legislation that restricts liberty and freedoms.
        And Orwell’s 1984 told us of the time when physical contact between man and woman was forbidden. Remember the room Winston Smith, rented above the old antique shop, where he would take his girlfriend to listen to music and drink real coffee? It was there he was eventually caught and taken to room 101.

        There are very few journalists in this world who investigate, just as there are very few authors, if any, who write about exposing the new world order, within the msm. They are all brainwashed automatons, from an early age, ready to accept the oncoming dystopia and they’ll be rewarded for their services.

      2. @ Harbinger

        I’m not sure what point you are trying to make, dear Harbinger, but I’m sure it’s an excellent one. I will not be drawn into an unnecessary argument with you because we appear to have different tastes. You seem to think that Aldous Huxley was a preeminent genius at whose august feet the rather unoriginal Orwell sat and picked up crumbs of wisdom.

        I beg to differ.

        I couldn’t care less if Huxley was Orwell’s teacher. It doesn’t follow that the teacher is always superior to his pupil.

        On a recent cruise I took two novels with me to read on board: Huxley’s Brave New Word and Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. I had read both before many years ago in my youth and also seen the movies of each book. I thought I’d compare them now, these two great dystopian novels, from the perspective of an older man.

        Well, all I can say is this. I was enthralled with Orwell’s vision, his storytelling ability, the sheer genius of his political exposition. My enthusiasm for his book was far greater than it had been 30 years ago when I first read it as a callow undergraduate.

        Not so with Huxley’s effort. I found the whole thing a bit of a bore. Disappointing. The story line and the suspense were weak. I gave up the book half way through.

        A reflection on my own limitations? Possibly.

        But it seemed to me that Orwell had depth and passion whereas all Huxley had going for him was a kind of clever intellectualism. Orwell’s passion came from experience. Though he had been to England’s poshest school, Eton, he had spent part of his time as a plongeur in Paris, washing dishes, so he knew what life was like for the underclass. Not so Huxley who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and never knew what it was like to do menial work.

        The difference between Orwell and Huxley was that Orwell lived a more authentic life. He struggled. He knew hardship. Huxley looked at life through the spectacles of books. He lived the life of a privileged, upper class scholar, wrapped in the clouds of his ivory tower.

      3. I forgot to mention that Orwell was an avid reader of the Protocols. I believe it was his bedside book and he read it at least 30 times. He was certainly influenced by it.

      4. Sardonicus –

        Thanks for the tip about the influence of The Protocols on Orwell’s writing of 1984! I must now read it again to discern the particulars and pertinence to current affairs. Like yourself, I read 1984 a long time ago, but I have continued reading the (Henry Ford) publication of the translation of The Protocols throughout the past few decades. (For some reason, this damn I-Pad will not allow me to type the translator’s name!)

      5. Sardonicus,

        “You seem to think that Aldous Huxley was a preeminent genius at whose august feet the rather unoriginal Orwell sat and picked up crumbs of wisdom.”

        I’m not trying to embroil you into any argument, quite the contrary in fact. I don’t think Huxley was a genius, but only stated that he was Orwell’s teacher.
        The point I was trying to promote, was that Orwell and Huxley, wrote these books because they both knew what the future would be. They didn’t have a crystal ball or prescience. What they did have though were meetings with those who ‘pushed the buttons and pulled the strings’ who gave them the future agenda. There job, as authors, was to sell it to the public.

        If you look at both books, they both portray authoritarian societies. Huxley’s Brave New World isn’t as draconian as Orwell’s 1984, but regardless, they both portray a future where man has no free will. Whereas Huxley writes of test tube, maturation chambers, heavy use of drugs and a hedonist society; Orwell writes of a heavily controlled, zero pleasurable, sex free society, where people are ‘conditioned’ in room 101. The big brother state controls all.

        I do not know if Orwell wrote this as an official warning to humanity or not, but one thing’s for certain is that it was not ‘thought up’ as we are all led to believe.

      6. @ Harbinger

        Fair enough, Harbinger. The points you make, as usual, are excellent. You distinguish quite correctly between the two distinct kinds of dystopias presented here — the Orwellian and the Huxleyan — and argue that both writers were handed down their ideas by others who knew better.

        It’s often said that Huxley’s predictions were more accurate and that the modern world as we know it is more like Huxley’s dystopia than like Orwell’s.

        What do you think? Who has proved more prescient?

      7. Sardonicus,


        “What do you think? Who has proved more prescient?”

        I will say neither. If we do, sadly, become trapped within both author’s view, then it will be a society of hedonism, without offspring, heavy drug use, even more brainwashing and propaganda, continuing false flags, persecution of the majority by the minority and most certainly O’Brien figures and room 101’s.

        I do very much believe that the future will be one of a human being, neither male or female. The creation of the androgynous human being is ultimately the overall outcome. We will see the eventual joining of homosexuals and heterosexuals, along with all other races into a homogeneous people. Of course, the Jews, will remain unique, a separate race, who will promote themselves as Gods upon this earth to be worshiped by all. Talmudic teachings will become reality. They will have their goyim to slave for them and because all are the same, there will be no revolution. Just as society today sees no problem with homosexuality, by that time, they will see Jews, as nothing less than their superior beings and take pleasure in being their chattel.

      8. Harb –

        Years ago…. I was curious how Orwell came to know so much about people control by Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

        As you know, George Orwell’s name was Eric Blair. He saw how people are ruled…. through the eyes of his family. His time in the army showed him the waste of humanity and constant wars for control.

        His great-grandfather controlled much of the farming and plantations in Jamaica…. from Britain. The ideas of “Animal Farm” were said to have been related to that knowledge.

        Eric Blair’s father, Richard Blair, worked in the Opium Department of the Indian Civil Service.

        This allowed further insight than most on drug use and control, and despair of whole populations, by the distributors in London… the Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ East India Company…. That is the same ones who took control in China as well, by the same method.

        The Indian Civil Service (ICS) for part of the 19th century officially known as the Imperial Civil Service, was the elite higher civil service of the British Empire in British India during British rule in the period between 1858 and 1947.

        The ICS, the railway system, the legal system, and the Indian Army, as among the most important legacies of British rule in India.

        Some info here:

      9. Thanks for that Pat and I shall certainly look at the link.
        What do you think? Do you believe that Orwell was generally aggrieved for the future of humanity, writing 1984 and Animal farm to warn people to change, or do you think that he was merely one of the many ‘harbingers’ out there?

      10. good stuff, Sard, learned something new today.
        Where was the cruise, i always wanted to see the Sea of Okhotsk out there, sakhalin peninsula and Kamchatka.

        my favorite Orwell’s work is Down And Out In Paris And London, as ludicrous as it is perceptive and shows that Orwell had a strong sympathy for the working stiff and the criminal underclass.

        In all his works, his revulsion with hypocrisy showed clearly, eg, Homage to catalonia or Keep the Aspidistra Flying.

        in fact, having an eye for hypocrisy is a prerequisite for navigating one’s way out of the Matrix … dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, orwell, Pound, ts eliot, … Jesus, though his literary skills are unknown (Ung, what did he mean by “scribes” in matthew-whatever verse?)

      11. Eric Blair was a Fabian socialist. Sidney and Beatrice Webb were funded by the Rothschilds and their spokesman was George Bernard Shaw who designed the Fabian Window. Four Fabians, Beatrice and Sidney Webb, Graham Wallas, and George Bernard Shaw founded the London School of Economics.

        “Dear love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire
        To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
        Would we not shatter it to bits, and then
        Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire!”

        “Beneath the line Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire, the mural depicts Shaw and Webb striking the earth with hammers. Across the bottom, the masses kneel in worship of a stack of books advocating the theories of socialism. Thumbing his nose at the docile masses is H.G. Wells who, after quitting the Fabians, denounced them as “the new machiavellians.” The most revealing component, however, is the Fabian crest which appears between Shaw and Webb – It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing!”

        At some point, Mr. Blair was made privy to the Rothschild future plans for globalization. This is where the idea for his book 1984 originated.

        Still, these back and forths always make me smile.

      12. Yes Arch,

        The other logo of the Fabians is two men hammering a globe (signifying the world) into shape.
        As I stated, Orwell and Huxley both new very well how the future would be. Although reading what Pat has written and agreeing that Orwell certainly saw wrong in the world, as well as being against authoritarianism, I’m still trying to wonder whether he was merely, as stated, a harbinger, or someone who wrote 1984 to change the future.
        The fact that he was a Fabian speaks volumes. All of these elite organisations are all inextricably linked to one another.

  13. Transsexual is a subset of Transgender. If you have hormone therapy or breast implants you automatically become a (pre-op) transsexual. If you go under the knife to get a fake vagina then you become a (post-op) transsexual. I just cannot imagine a fake vagina looking like the real one. Surely a man can tell (I think).

  14. Without the deterrence (The Torah/The Law of God/The Pentateuch), transvestites, etc. will continue. But, the reality is, we need to be protected from them and their influence.

    Deuteronomy 22:5, 23:1

    Having failed to follow The Torah as given to Moses, the Judahites (smaller portion of the Israelites), are no longer differentiated from the counterfeit-jews; now all are ‘jews’ as witnessed here on Darkmoon. But, it is not The complete Truth and misleads people into not recognizing The Torah as The Law of God that would protect us from such evil.

    The only solution to all our travails is to return to The Torah under Christ’s Leadership.

    The ‘New Song’

  15. “One fact remains indisputable: you can change your sex only in appearance, but you can never change your underlying biological gender.”

    And, that is a fact beyond any reasonable doubt. In addition, bucking nature is a losing proposition even with sex. Nature prevails whether a person believes they are part of nature or not. Consequently, sexual deviancy never becomes the norm and will always remain a marginalized condition regardless of what any jew worshiping thieves known as politicians decide or how much jewish controlled media hypes it. There is a natural attraction between males and females that transcends all deviancies with the vast majority of humans.

    Fortunately, jewish world domination faces the same natural marginalization since everything the jews desire is in opposition to the natural order. For the jews to believe that they and their god, Satan, can out do the natural order of the all powerful creator, the Heavenly Father, is simply fantasy.

  16. “The best are full of passionate intensity, while the worst
    lack all conviction.” ~ new reading of Yeats.

  17. whatever God’s opinion on the matter and he never bothered telling me, I will avoid bringing into this debate.
    i will say that those biological unfortunates that are not strictly heterosexual should not be personally blamed for their biological misfortune – does this make sense? or do we blame the lame …
    there used to be an organization in Toronto (near Queen and Shaw, next to the 999 nuthouse) called Society for Crippled Civilians and no one gave it another thought but some decades ago it was scrapped as offensive to … crippled civilians (ww2 veterans had their own facilities).
    so, God says, leave them alone, you hear?

    What is news to me, probably heard it before but never paid attention, is Harb’s point about estrogenic compounds in water and food supply and how it affects males much more severely than females, resulting in tremendous proliferation of pseudo-males today.
    There is no doubt about the causal chain, besides the ones mentioned, consider the stuffing of cattlefeed with these estrogens in order to fatten them up quicker and improve the texture, ie, make it less muscular and musky – which is why the young males are gelded prior to slaughter – thoughts to flesh out your carnivorous fantasies.
    Jew runs all the steakhouse chains in North America, not to mention giant slaughterhouses, packing plants and distributors (Agroprocessors come to mind) … just mentioning, nothing to see there, keep moving along.

    i mentioned previously how when i lived in mexico, i noticed ever more common androgynous appearance of N American males prominent on the beaches, no matter how much they worked out in the gym – i guess the steroids helped, didn’t they – the ever greater prevalence of manboobs, more common, more massive and one can see them flopping under the t-shirts too.

    so … stay vegetarian, stay antisemitic, say NO to antichrist.

  18. Next point: the morphing of popular culture through ages, chrono-snake shedding successive skins, hoping you don’t pay attention.

    Any white males in today’s pop music, Mr Conchita aside?
    In the olden times, 50s to late 80s, i suppose, it was almost exclusively domain of the white males, direct, hard beat, testosterone driven: steppenwolf, deep purple, the savagery of iron butterfly (the 4 min drum solo starting at 6:30 in inagaddadavida, the guy is the INTACT MALE version of Conchita), creedence and literally hundreds of now long forgotten ones – white man’s turf.

    and today?

    1. Lobro,

      I had a very bright future in the music industry when I lived in London. I went down there to do just so. However, upon realising what it was, the constant stroking of artist’s egos, having to accept everything that was contrary to my then conservative views, I wanted nothing whatsoever to do with it.
      You are, as usual, correct. The music industry, is dominated by effeminate men, homosexuals and women. If you DO NOT agree with homosexuality, multiculturalism, multiracialism, feminism, LGBT rights, minority rights, open borders, mass immigration etc etc, then you get nowhere whatsoever. The minute anyone within finds you have right wing views, you’ll be dropped like a hot potato by the record companies. If you happen to have a very libertarian record company that accepts your views, then you will face a backlash from media outlets, such as Tyson Fury did from the BBC of late and your music won’t get out.

      Look also at the lyrics of today’s pop music. How many attack the state and the government? How many artists are singing against the wars in the middle east? None. All we hear are love songs, coming from the new crop of artists. As to why most music today sounds the same, I read something insane that four songwriters are responsible for writing most of today’s pop songs by artists such as Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, Beyonce etc etc.

      The music industry is an extreme, left wing bastion.

      1. Harbinger,

        Quite correct. But that is no surprise since EVERY industry that generates careers for some of the participants works like that. Not only in entertainment but also in science, politics, sports, business and especially in ‘art’ as well. The function of these pointless and usually talentless celebrities is to serve as role model for the stooopified goyim. Take for example football (and most sports) , where even very mediocre players are making millions a year. I remember when babyvoiced glamourboy and professional ponce David Beckham started this tattooed sleeve fashion. No you can’t walk around without seeing countless of these totally ridiculous kitschy tattooed arms. Even women are covered in ‘m. I mean women behind baby carriages walking around like that.

        Same thing for everything else, like the sudden rise of bling, which is now mainstream. It’s not just the sex hype but everything that used to be depraved and freakish which was associated with low life scum is now normal. It’s the culture of ugliness. If there ever were a signature of Jew, this is it. It’s all meant to destroy our normal and natural perception of what is beautiful. That’s why there is such a thing as modern art, which is the most direct attack. A genuinely talented artist who chooses to produce art in naturalistic form will never have succes while disgusting depraved – and deprived from talent – ‘artists’ are esteemed world wide for producing filth and other idiocy.

      2. Of course 1138. I can’t fault a world.
        You have to destroy the old world order before you bring in the new.
        It’s all just bread and circuses; creating images of wizards while sending Dorothy and her companions on missions, while the man behind the curtain continues to create dystopia.
        The sad thing about tattoos and all other things that have destroyed natural beauty is that the drones have been led to believe that it’s all about self expressionism. I haven’t any tattoos. I never will have. I find them repulsive and the domain of the majority of people who have nothing intelligible to say. David Beckham is a very wealthy man. He hasn’t the common sense to boil an egg, but he can dribble a bag of wind past other dead head footballers and that’s all that matters, to other, like minded dead head drones.

        One can understand why misanthropy is on the rise amongst truth seekers. One can also realise why the controllers look upon most within as the profane. When I look at what makes up the younger generations today and to a point even my own within the 40 & 50 year olds, desperately trying to remain young, covering themselves in tattoos and partaking in drugs, I realize why the elites have the contempt that they do. They are drones. There isn’t a spark within, happily accepting the constant lies daily through the msm, along with everything else degenerate within.

      3. re. tattoos, people who have nothing to say, say it the loudest and that is what the tattoos, piercings and other forms of self-mutilation are, expressions of self-contempt.

        Well, if they despise themselves, who am i to disagree?

        i am glad to agree to despise them too and consider their tattoos their best part, too bad about wasting it when they line up for cremation … maybe they could be saved for cool lampshades, a form of immortality that will go from one fleamarket stand to the next and entertain the lucky buyers with bizarre shadows projected on walls while Holocaust reruns are on TV.

      4. Lobro,

        While we’re on the topic of Orwell; when one remembers the saying “War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery” we can see how well this thought pattern has infested society. Today we have ‘Fat is thin. Homosexuality is normality. Tattoos are beautiful.’
        We could of course keep adding to that, but it’s interesting when one realises, that, that which you and I avoided like the plague when younger, is now the cultural norm. Society is now living ‘through the looking glass’, so to speak. I really wouldn’t be surprised that eventually, tattoo artists will copyright all of their works and so upon death, said tattoo will be removed and either placed in a frame for all to see, as you have stated, or reintegrated upon a body part of the highest bidder.

      5. “re. tattoos, people who have nothing to say, say it the loudest and that is what the tattoos, piercings and other forms of self-mutilation are, expressions of self-contempt.”

        Precisely. It is an indication of the state of mental health. Ergo, seeing a large percentage of the population blatantly walking around covered with meaningless tattoos says it all. Combine that with utterly ugly and preposterous clothes and you have public freakshow.

        Yesterday I watched La Piscine, a free online stream, with Alain Delon and Romy Schneider. Compare the elegance and style of that era with that of today’s. Together with the lack of non whites in society’s streets it makes you cry.

    2. quite so, Harb.
      the point being that I in my lifetime witnessed another few downward steps that Apocalypto’s head bounced along from some point already near the bottom rung – i honestly don’t see where it can go next, being down to incoherently repetitive bestial grunts.
      I realized this scenario early on after i quit my youthful LSD experiments, when i would listen to stuff like hendrix, iron butterfly, deep purple, procul harum, pink floyd (pretty much gave up on them after ummagumma, atom heart mother and the wall) or king crimson … i liked the audio-spatial effects.
      yet it was such a pathetic stuff compared with german Romanticism or Italian renaissance music, i was struck by the terrible degeneration that had set in and blamed it on mass consumerism – now i know better.
      It is, guess who 😉 (((J,J,J)))
      hey, i like the visual effect of “,J”, something … um, nasal about it.

      But as my interest evolves toward eschatological underpinnings of the world, it seems that the triple-J has his place in the scheme of things and is essential to this eschat-o-logic, like volcanic eruptions and brushfires fertilizing soil for a fresh crop.

      1. Lobro,

        Every older generation has always attacked the younger generation’s musical tastes, but like you I agree. There’s no doubt in my mind that music has hit a brick wall. When I was younger, you would go into a bar and hear Jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk, folk and classical, however today, it’s today’s music. The non melodic, heavy, techno drum beats, robotic voices courtesy of autotune and of course, the incredibly affected singing styles, where artists do their very best to put as many notes in between one another, now makes up modern music. And as for lyrical content, well, a five year old, in the 1940’s could have written better.

        Music today is dead and if it isn’t and some good songs are coming out, they’re nothing more than rip offs of older ones, where whole melodies and rhythms have been plagiaraized such as Ed Sheeran’s Thinking out loud is no different whatsoever to Van Morrison’s Crazy Love. And of course, the crowd goes wild.

        From classical we went to folk. From folk to Jazz, blues, soul, rock…..and now they listen to dead head (c)rap and hip hop, where non talented morons, such as Jay Z and Little Wayne et all, try to emulate, miserably so, the likes of Gil Scott Heron and his branch of Kerouac beat poetry. And who was behind the rapid rise in rap & hip hop? Well, no need to ask you that one.

        Our society is completely contaminated. It is unable to think for itself. We have a majority of mindless automatons in everything they do. I hate to say it, but progress certainly wouldn’t miss the majority were they all vaporized in a nuclear explosion.

      2. Lobro-
        Harb –

        NO nukes needed…. iTunes and iPads have already destroyed the culture. No need to get rid of structures…… managed by the zombies… whose bank accounts are controlled from London. 🙂

  19. Harbinger —

    Thanks for the reply.

    You asked:
    “Do you believe that Orwell was generally aggrieved for the future of humanity, writing 1984 and Animal farm to warn people to change, or do you think that he was merely one of the many ‘harbingers’ out there?”

    I’ll let Orwell answer:

    “First I spent five years in an unsuitable profession (the Indian Imperial Police, in Burma), and then I underwent poverty and the sense of failure. This increased my natural hatred of authority and made me for the first time fully aware of the existence of the working classes, and the job in Burma had given me some understanding of the nature of imperialism: but these experiences were not enough to give me an accurate political orientation. Then came Hitler, the Spanish Civil War, etc. By the end of 1935 I had still failed to reach a firm decision.”

    He goes on to say;

    “The Spanish war and other events in 1936-37 turned the scale and thereafter I knew where I stood. Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism, as I understand it.”

    He states more:

    His ideas coincided with yours and mine. 🙂

    1. i just mentioned Homage To Catalonia, where he volunteered as a Commie sympathizer if not full blown and had an epiphany of sorts that woke him up to the reality.

      1. Lobro –

        Blair pointed out it was “…. my natural hatred of authority…”…
        …..but he could have been mistaken about himself…. or lying..!!

        As usually happens, he had the “epiphany”….
        ….. when he had no money. 🙂

        “This increased my natural hatred of authority and made me for the first time fully aware of the existence of the working classes, and the job in Burma had given me some understanding of the nature of imperialism:”

    2. Pat,

      Thanks for that. It’s very interesting. I have read this as I’ve read quite a bit of Orwell, but as I’ve just replied to Arch above, in the fact that Orwell was a Fabian, Arch has also stated that he was ‘brought into the fold’ somewhere down the line by, our chum, Rothschild. I believe him far more of a harbinger, than one who actually tried to create change and stop what he professed in 1984.

  20. Salman Hossain is a menace to society. The only person here who stood up to him in the manner he deserved was Harbinger. Politeness towards such a person is not sufficient to bring him around (towards sanity). Following are excerpts from TWHOFTF that explain:

    1:12 Loving your enemy does not mean allowing them to do evil, or to get away with doing evil; or allowing them to persuade you to do evil things; or to stop you from doing what God wants you to do.

    3:147 Fanaticism, or a closed-mind, always leads to trouble, because it allows the devil to really get hold of the soul, and deceive it, into doing evil, whilst believing that it is doing it for God: hence these insane murderers, and religious-wars (John 16: 1-4).


    1. NS –

      Salmon’s own words of spam do more harm to the musselmen movement in 5 minutes than Harb ever could in 10 years.

      Salmon needs praise for the help… 🙂

      1. I think Pat’s right here. Salman is doing more to discredit Islam in five minutes than the Zionist troll ‘Avatar’ did in all his time here.

        If it weren’t for Lobro who assures us Salman is a genuine Muslim he has met in person, I would have never have believed Salman was a REAL Muslim. He sounds more like a Jew pretending to be a Muslim and doing his best to give Islam a bad name.

        We’ve had other Muslims on this site. For example, Rehmat and Mahmoud El-Yousseph. They were nothing like Salman. They would disown Salman completely. I’m beginning to suspect that Salman could be an imposter, a Jew who has jumped into the real Salman’s shoes and somehow pulled the wool over Lobro’s eyes.

        What think you, Lobro? Could this guy be an imposter? Are you 100 per cent sure this is the same guy you knew in Toronto all those years ago?

      2. of course I’m real…

        your loving or hating Islam don’t matter to me…

        since Muslims are already the hated “other” in the west…

        hating on Islam is proof that the western world’s population needs to be liquidated – ALL OF YOU…

        including the most “enlightened” ones…

        I want to see nuclear war destroy all Western nations… other Muslims may disown me for that…

        but who cares about them? i’m not living in the West any more…

        it’s funny how in Latin America, where there are strong Catholics that have had religious wars with

        Muslims, they don’t seem to ever jump on the anti-Islam hate bandwagon…but in the West…

        people need something to hate and the Jews need to feed that to you fuckers…

        it’s only in the Western world where they attack Islam or push for an Islam approved by State backing

        – i.e. no jihad against occupation troops in Muslim lands, no removal of usury, no end to open sale of cigarettes/liqour

        – just because i’m liberal or open about sex (partly due to my cultural “baggage” if you can call it that or my personality or partly due to my reading of the religious text/scriptures in a new light) doesn’t mean I am against everything else that is traditionally deemed anti-Islamic – I have no love for Jews, usury, faggots, terrorism/wars (the type that is going on right now), third wave feminism, retrogade philosophies, anarchy,instability, backward “Islamists” (mullahs that the jews love to put in power), the LGBTI lifestyle, excessive and unrestrained materialism, turning everything into life a chase for jew currencies…none of that…I hate everything else the kikes are doing…

        the only thing temporarily beneficial the jews did was make western society (and by extension the rest of the world) LESS prude…

        but Arabs/Muslims were NEVER prude (well except for South Asians – but that’s a cultural thing – Hindus are even more prude)

        every1 in here is complaining about the problems that have been brought about thanks to the Jews…

        okay, I agree…

        so why not see that Islam is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to the problems the jews bring about…

        and if you think its Christianity…well u’re half way there then – it’s half of Islam…so I don’t see a problem either ways…

        Hinduism/Daoism/Confuscian/Buddhism are really nothing more than philosophies…

        you can be a believing and even practicing Muslim while following certain elements of Hindu and/or Buddhist philosophy…it actually doesn’t nullify your Islam – for example you can go vegetarian…u can meditate – and the Qur’an encourages meditation…you can become a pacifist UNTIL you realize that combat/fighting is necessary as the Qur’an states…it’s proscribed for you and you may hate something that is good for you…

        many eastern Muslims are heavily influenced by Hindu and Buddhist philosophy…

        for example – in Bangladesh, when people accused me of behaving like the Jews for talking about sex so openly (I guess they instinctively know about the Jews and porn) and this is due to my upbringing in the West, I got back at them by saying they are a bunch of Muslims that behave like Hindus…because the culture is HEAVILY influenced by Buddhist/Hindu philosophy…they are Muslims by religion but Hindu by action/deeds

        no matter what religion a people decide to follow – their pre-religious cultural baggage gets carried over … it happens to Western Muslims and it happens to Eastern Muslims as well…

        I can interpret the religion the same way as another Muslim in say Somalia or Nigeria but we will apply/implement it differently…due to our different circumstances and this has happened from the time of the Prophet Muhammad himself…

        however you see it, Islam is a very dynamic system…much better than anything Western faggot “democracy” has to offer right now… and that is why so many people were initially looking to giving Daesh/ISIS a chance until we figured out who the real controllers/handlers are.

        and Harbinger and Franklin Ryckaert are PERFECT examples of why we need an Ottoman or Moorish or Rashidun type Islam to take over the West…

        after all – they have themselves made a caricature out of Western culture and society and values by trimming it down to the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and pork which will soon more or less disappear or vanish…which proves once again that I am correct in my analysis that the West needs to go

      3. Salman,

        The dislike for Muslims in the west is epitomized through your beliefs. You have absolutely no respect for those who do not wish Islam in their lives. You are simply adamant that everyone needs Islam and damn free will and the choice to live without theocratic bigotry, which you and your fellow Muhammadans propose.

        You, regardless how many times you are told, fail to see this whatsoever. In your view of the world, what you believe we need is what we should have. You are no different to any authoritarian, whether it be a Rothschild, a Stalin, or an Al Zarqawi. Your view of life would be “almost all vegetables are bad for you so all we will eat are peas”. Your view of life would be “almost all meats are bad for you so all we shall eat is lamb”.

        You are, without any shadow of a doubt a vile, obnoxious, perverted, authoritarian arsehole, of the highest calibre. You have absolutely no respect for liberty, or any kind of freedom, outwith that within Islam. I truly am shocked that Lobro has anything to do with you as your draconian control over reality is exactly the opposite of that which I’ve learned Lobro to be a proud proponent of. He speaks of freedoms and breaking chains of control, you, on the contrary, happily slap them on.

    2. how am I a menace to society?

      calling for the genocide of Western society…

      and inciting/instigating others in governments and militaries to arrange it PARTICULARLY targeting the rich jews behind this evil and madness is NOT a bad thing…

      its a NECESSITY…


      # 9 . Racist terms like “nigger”, “wog”, “kike”, “yid”, and “raghead” should be avoided. Such vulgar talk lowers the tone on our website and gives it a bad name. Posters who resort to 4-letter-word obscenities, ribald sex talk, and foul abuse will be given a warning and then invited to leave. So will agents provocateurs guilty of incitement to violence, genocide and the mass extermination of various ethnic groups. Freedom of speech is fine, but we don’t want our website to be shut down.

    3. Unfortunately, I must agree with all of you.
      Salman’s crudity bothers me to no end, even though I know that he is by no means a bad person.
      I guess that hanging out with low IQ street thugs does this: who lies with dogs gets up with lice and he is infected with this mental mange.
      Salman, get a grip, I ask you again, you bring nothing but ignominy and disrepute to your faith rather than defending it in a dignified way as it befits a warrior.
      Mohamed was Allah’s messenger and I doubt he spread the message by clutching his balls in public and displaying it from the mountaintop.
      Islam that I know is religion of restraint where excesses are despised, truth, honesty, brotherhood, MODESTY and restraint are held in high regard and are hallmark of a warrior.
      Loudmouth bragging, sexual abuse, molestation, violation of women is the way of a despicable, lowly coward – you know that, so why do you act that way?

      I cannot go on defending that which I don’t believe in personally, so after asking you once more to grab a cold shower and sober up, act like a man instead of corner junkie in need of a fix, I will remove myself from this ugly spectacle.

      Even if some here enjoy needling you for the sake of provoking scandalous behavior in order to make their point about Islam,
      do not give them support, because by acting that way, you also promote Jew’s big project

      And that’s it, I’m out of further discussion of this sort, I don’t want people like Sardonicus thinking that I unquestioningly share your opinions.
      If you force the administration to go Circassian on you, there is nothing I can do about it.

      1. @ Lobro

        [TO SALMAN] “I don’t want people like Sardonicus thinking that I unquestioningly share your opinions.”

        Have no fear, fellow warrior in the trenches! I am quite aware of your views and know you would never dream of espousing these repellent ideas put by Salman. You and Pat are the voices of sanity on this website — many others here too whose names I won’t mention.

        Three things trouble me about Salman:

        1. If Salman continues to preach mass extermination of the Jews openly, it’s only a matter of time before this website is shut down.

        2. He is bringing Islam into serious disrepute. In this respect, he is doing a far better job than the Zionist troll Avatar.

        3. His sex talk is introducing an atmosphere of Jewish sleaze onto this website which will only damage Lasha Darkmoon’s reputation as a promoter of traditional moral values.

      2. TOBY —

        What the hell are you doing letting this maniac run riot on your website?

        Get a grip, man!

      3. thanks lobro…

        there are pro Zionist elements on this site – we can easily point them out

        Franklin Ryckaert is one of them…

        Harbinger may also be inclined towards their propaganda even though he wouldn’t wanna admit that…

        Lasha sometimes post articles on here that make me even question whether she has started bits of the kool aid as well or not…

        see ya in a Juden frei world someday

      4. “Harbinger may also be inclined towards their propaganda even though he wouldn’t wanna admit that…”

        You speak of myself and Franklin falling to Jewish, Zionist propaganda, when all you’ve done, since you’ve been on this website, is denigrate westerners, speak of raping western women and tell us how many times you masturbate as well as desires to rape women?

        You have come onto this website and attacked everyone. You have made enemies of everyone on here, which is, without a doubt, the first time anyone has. Even Circassian and Avatar made friends. Your only chum has disowned you and admin are now censoring your post.

        I disagree in censorship, but although you’ll complain, in your ideal world, any wrong doing against your prophet would result in someone’s head being chopped off. You are utterly the opposite of me Salman and our liaising with one another has not been pleasant.

      5. Yes Pat,

        Read that with horror today. Shocked doesn’t express the situation.

        While the west is wrong to have done what it’s done, going as far back as the Balfour declaration, it’s clear to see that the growth of Islam, within the west will just result in continuing chaos, as is planned. Then again, I do have to say, another innocent murdered, while the politicians and elites, responsible for all the troubles, are left alone, clearly points towards another very possible MK Ultra situation, or Jewish under cover agents, who will disappear in the near future to life in Israel under different identities.

        This is just the tip of the iceberg Pat. You, I and everyone else on here knows that.

      6. Pat,

        NEW NORM….
        Two loving musselmen slit the throat of an 84 year old Catholic priest in France today

        Thanks for telling us that they were musselmen.
        Did they by chance leave passports opened at face page for easy ID, sort of like Atta did?
        This is how you tell that they were musselmen because musselmen the world over do that when they commit some heinous, jew-serving atrocity, 9/11, Boston Marathon, London Tube, Nice, Charlie Hebdo, you name it … they never fail to leave behind a passport and Rita Katz’s filming crew.

        But never fear, pam geller will be on their tail to exact a revenge for the old priest.

        just one question: name me one such single crime of cowardly, senseless cruelty by musselmen against christian priests in the entire 1500 history of cohabitation between the 2 religions before israel came into being.
        To repeat: name one … and now, one-a-day.
        Oh s**t, I forgot, there was this one in damascus, 1840.
        Those damn musselmen, eh?

      7. Lobro –

        “Thanks for telling us that they were musselmen.”

        Glad to help. 🙂

        Your buddy, Salmon Insane, claimed he wanted this done to all whites in the west.

        He claimed… “hating on Islam is proof that the western world’s population needs to be liquidated – ALL OF YOU…”

        He is getting his wishes. And it appears, by this snide remark, he has your support….. still.

  21. “maybe they (tattoos) could be saved for cool lampshades, a form of immortality that will go from one fleamarket stand to the next and entertain the lucky buyers with bizarre shadows projected on walls while Holocaust reruns are on TV.”

    I like this mental picture, it’s like walking into an episode of the Twilight Zone. Very nicely done, call your agent.

    1. run with it Arch, if so inclined, I don’t believe in copyright laws, just another juicy scam for the legal scribes and sages of Talmud.
      what could be more parasitical than the idea of or intellectual PROPERTY?
      I guess Einstein/Fraudstein would beg to disagree …

      ***Truth needs no protection because it is indestructible***

      Even that statement treads perilously close to violating the Noahide because of the “unspoken hate speech”.

    2. Comment reposted from ‘Renegade Tribune’ site

      Some 4 years ago my grand-daughter died.

      She had a baby, wanted by many heterosexual people.

      The government puts it with 2 married poofters.

      And the marriage is NOT recognized by law.

      I must exercise self-control.

  22. I’m surprised no one blogging, vlogging and writing about the homosexual agenda ever mentions Anthony Burgess’ sci-fi novel The Wanting Seed. I got into a spot of trouble with a high school English teacher in 1964 when I asked to borrow and read two books I saw sitting on his desk – The Doors of Perception and The Wanting Seed. I was told these were beyond my ken so of course I immediately went and found copies elsewhere to read. The Wanting Seed, about a world where heterosexuality is outlawed, seems to be pretty much forgotten.

  23. When it comes to sick, twisted, authors, Anthony Burgess takes a winning Jewish prize. Wait!, you exclaim, Burgess wasn’t Jewish, he was Catholic! Perhaps, but he displayed the Jewish mindset and was therefore promoted by Jewish publishers and his stories were made into movies by Jewish directors like Stanley Kubrick.

    This is standard practice. Jews use those goyim displaying their same form of dark, dystopic, psychopathy and project their work onto the Jews’ agendas. Quentin Tarantino is another glaring example of the “useful idiot” artisan class.

    Burgess’s stories without a doubt put forth some of the most perverse social constructs imaginable, but then he thought like a Jew. I have long been sickened by the heavily favored Jew construct of the dystopian future that has now been carried to the extreme in video games like the Fallout and Grand Theft Auto series.

    I suppose the theory is, if they hammer on such ideas long enough, it will serve to advance the dark, twisted, future for which they lust and it does indeed seem to work in that very manner.

    From their earliest biblical days, the Jews’ standard theme has been one of death, disease, destruction, horror and bloodshed. The Jewish race is a composite of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Not long after the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, Western civilization passed from the hope for a better, brighter future to the dark, twisted realities of a Palestinian future for all western civilization.

    Jewish authors and their goyim counterparts, like Burgess, have been promoting a bloody, horrifying, dystopian future for many years, until it fully supplanted the once forward looking 1950’s idea that the future would herald a better, more productive and healthier environment. Instead, the future has become a far more horrifying, violent, darker place of murder, mayhem and bloodshed that supports the constant state of war in the very manner Jewish futurists predicted.

    Yet should this come as any surprise considering Jews pull all the media, political and economic strings that have led to the very dystopian future they predicted? Apparently these are not so much predictions on the part of Jews, but reflections of a planned future.

    The real question is not how it came to be this way, but how much darker will it get? Will Jews actually have women producing babies as food for humans in the manner they have projected onto the Chinese?

    One thing is certain, when the sick, twisted, psychopathic, Jewish race leads a society, determining and enforcing its norms, it will soon reflect nothing more than a mirror image of the Jews’ psychopathy.

    Jewish cultural perversions are imbued throughout western culture. These pervade western culture’s books, movies, magazines, newspapers, art, music, TV and educational programs. Western culture, or what remains of it, is steeped in Jewish psychopathy and this serves them well in the commission and disguising of their horrendous crimes against, not only the Palestinians, but all humanity.

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