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Political Information Last Updated: May 4, 2021 - 4:19:04 AM

Trump, Twitter Fact Checkers & Marshall Report
By Dianne Marshall
May 4, 2021 - 4:09:00 AM

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To think of the fact checkers dismay when they spent all this time yelling WATER MARKS ARE A CONSPIRACY THEORY, and now in the ARIZONA AUDIT THEY ARE CHECKING FOR WATER MARKS AND OILS FROM FINGERS AND OTHER INTERESTING THINGS UNDER SPECIAL LIGHTS!!! But, the fact checkers are still denying it.

Oh what a time they have had yelling that all who report the truth are liars that need censored, booted off social media and whatever else they want to do to all of them! Well, the ones who have been reporting the truth based off common sense using a bit of Sherlock Holmes, old fashioned series of deductions and looking for the clues....have had these cattle herders scratching their heads. All they can do is yell liar to the ones who found them out, while simultaneously kicking them off all social media. We have been like ants being swept off the sidewalks, toppling into the grass then marching back toward the sidewalk.

Fake News Classifier (using LSTMs) | by Sachin Abeywardana | Towards Data  Science

One of my favorite "anti-Marshall Report" articles sent out by fact checking fake news at Media Matters is not aging well. In an article ranting and raving...they opened up with this:

How a QAnon conspiracy theory about a "Kraken" government program reached Trump


PUBLISHED 11/30/20 1:59 PM EST

"A conspiracy theory amplified by President Donald Trump holds that a former lawyer on his campaign team has evidence of voter fraud that involves a government spying or hacking operation. The false claim spread among QAnon supporters and on far-right message boards before making its way to the president.

"Since Election Day and following his loss to President-elect Joe Biden, Trump and his legal team have pushed multiple baseless voter fraud claims. Sidney Powell, who worked with the Trump campaign legal team, told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on November 13 that she had evidence voter fraud had been "organized and conducted with the help of Silicon Valley people, the big tech companies, the social media companies and even the media companies." She also promised she would "release the Kraken" to prove it - a phrase from the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans and its 2010 remake. (Powell has multiple ties to the QAnon conspiracy theory, having appeared on multiple QAnon shows and repeatedly amplified major QAnon accounts on Twitter.)"




The writer then went on to describe Q and Q anon supporters, military persons and all types of shame against the conspiracy theorists who blogged, made videos, and shared such outrageous claims on social media and ended up with what Pelosi calls the wrap up smear.....dragging good honest news caster Lou Dobbs into the fire while accusing Attorney, Sidney Powell of having multiple ties to "Q" anon conspiracy theory and its' affiliation.

Well as they kept on going and going....of course they pulled in Jeffrey Prather, a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier and radio host who also supported QAnon, and how he uploaded a video on YouTube where he claimed that Powell's remark referred to "cyber algorithmic software that recorded the algorithm percentage switching of the votes [in] real time" and that the "Kraken" is "an auto-run remote monitoring system. And of course the article condemned all of this as rhetoric and complete nonsense made up to create more conspiracy fodder for QAnons.


Jeffrey Prather Kraken YouTube2

Then they revved their fake news engines shifting into fifth gear as they railed against the Marshall Report! I can just hear their keyboard clicking along as they typed this......

"On November 22, "The Marshall Report," another fringe QAnon-supporting blog that has pushed misinformationpublished an article headlined "Sidney Powell's ‘Kraken' is DOD Cyber Warfare Program! We are at war!" which claimed that the "Kraken" was a "Department of Defense-run cyber warfare program that tracks and hacks various other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions by the deep state." The article cited both the TapNewsWire repost of the Natural News article and one of the YouTube videos featuring Prather, along with linking to an article mentioning the Army program nicknamed "Kraken."

Marshall Report Kraken
They even posted my header! I guess out of a warning to the masses not to go there at all! But alas....they just didn't get the message out fast enough for it had already reached the coveted critical mass of millions by the time they got their article out to the chumps. And (as I like to say) after Trump flicked it with his finger in a tweet it was the green light all the patriot channels needed to run with it. And over the next days and weeks run they all did, so the fake news tried to turn it into a smear on President Trump and a little fringe blogger, even though the facts were there and it was the truth. For as the title said... "WE ARE AT WAR!" DIGITAL CYBER WARFARE!

But, they didn't stop there...they showed the tweet that President Trump retweeted TO PROVE IT! How dumb of them. That just made more people want to know about it.

Trump retweet Lin Wood

They ended their article with this statement:

"The spread and reach of the conspiracy theory all the way up to the president of the United States comes as QAnon supporters and QAnon-connected figures have also played a major role spreading the false Dominion conspiracy theory, another voter fraud claim embraced by Trump. Meanwhile, Powell appears to have cited another QAnon voter fraud conspiracy theory - this one about watermarked ballots -- in a federal lawsuit."

Full article here: How a QAnon conspiracy theory about a "Kraken" government program reached Trump | Media Matters for America

Well today in Arizona they are auditing the ballots and they are finding much voter fraud!



I can just see Media Matters and Fake News scratching their heads at watching one little blogger on Word Press...reach millions of views from out of no where. I'm sure they did the math, the kind where if each one shared with ten, and if each of them shared with ten more... millions to billions over night!~ And that is how God works it. So they counter with calling it all false reporting from...a fringe disinformation blog. They also threw in QAnon disinfo. They lie so much.



There is a story to this that I feel must be told. I will try to keep it short. I had been kicked off Facebook in Sept. of 2018 for no reason. The only reason I could imagine had to be because I was put as administrator of a Group page called, Trump's Commander In Chief 2020, by the person who started it which had close to 600,000 subscribers. One day I went to check my page and I could not get on. My FB personal account, my Group pages The Marshall Report, The Days of Noah, My Authors Page, and Watch The Water group. All gone. To get back on they asked for a birth certificate and drivers, you can answer was no way. They stole all of my intellectual property and gave me NO REASON. NONE. I was blocked from everything. One of the very first to go.

So, I used Twitter and built that up a bit. Then In January of 2020, I was hacked. Twitter emailed telling me my password was changed by a Moscow email address and asked, did you authorize this. I responded no. But, Twitter could not undue it - all attempts went no where. So I gave up after a month of attempts and made a new page...that page could not get much traction past 650 people. I'm not into the numbers except to make the point here. So I am quiet, I never was loud, so when I did this story, I put it out and a person private messaged me named, 13th Generation Patriot. "Bingo!" He said, "I'm surprised, you're so quiet on Twitter". I told him how each time someone followed me I would lose about 20 friends. He said, "That's happening to a lot. I'll put it out there for you, people need to know this." So he did.

He kept popping up telling me how many hits it was getting...and he watched it go from zero to one million in a couple of hours, close to 3 million in four hours, and he said... "This is nuts...I've never seen anything like this!!" He sent me screen shots showing that Lin Woods sent it to Sidney Powell*that's what launched it. He sent lots of screen shots as it went to key people. Then he sent me a screen shot showing President Trump just retweeted it. I had no clue as I got these messages later for I was busy trying to approve comments. After Trump retweeted it, BOOM - millions more followed fast and bloggers and youtubers were picking it up. With all the youtubers and digital army reporting together, the numbers of people it reached as it rolled out, I can't even imagine. Now...I told him...the Lord used you to help get this message out. You just witnessed how God can take one person....and when ready, send them someone to help complete the task.... and he takes it from there. You were the one he sent. He was blown away by that, he didn't see any of this coming, nor expect to hear what I just said to him.



Now, I tell this story because this is how GOD WORKS. It is a TESTIMONY AND A WITNESS AND 13TH GENERATION PATRIOT was the witness who happened to say...I WILL HELP GET THIS OUT. He has since been taken off Twitter with the mass culling that hit patriots and Trump supporters and I'm not sure where he is now...but I'm sure he's with the patriots somewhere. The message in this story is....YOU TOO CAN BE THAT ONE LITTLE VOICE THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!

With God it isn't how important others think you are, nor how big a name you have, nor is it how many followers you is are you willing to listen and follow me. That is all you have to do. Amen.

Are you listening? Are you following? Never underestimate what one person can do, he will send you the person you need as a witness. For it glorifies him when there is a witness. Two shall testify together this is so. God always uses a witness when he knows one is needed. When it is a "BEHOLD THE SALVATION OF THE LORD" MOMENT. That was a miracle. And so.... Keep on going forward. Never turn back!






P.S. What an honour to be raked over the coals with President Trump, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, former U.S. Army Special Forces, Jeffrey Prather, and Lou Dobbs! I'll wear that badge proudly!

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