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The Irish Origins of Civilization: The Servants of Truth (Druidic Traditions and Influence Explored)
By Michael Tsarion
May 14, 2011 - 1:18:49 AM

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The Irish Origins of Civilization

(Volume One)

The Servants of Truth

(Druidic Traditions and Influence Explored)

◊◊◊  ◊◊◊  ◊◊◊


Man's Irrefutable Errors

The Irish are one of the most ancient nations that I know of at this end of the world, and are from as mighty a race as the world ever brought forth - Edward Spenser (writer, and British Government official in Ireland, AD 1596)

In this volume we seek to present, in as erudite a manner as possible, the case for the Irish origins of civilization. We have been driven to publicly present the fruits of our lifelong inquiry into this subject partly because we wish to correctly frame our efforts at historical revisionism. Our revisionism exists so that men might discover what has been hidden from them regarding history and religion. Only with correct knowledge of the past can men build a sane world fit to live in. The man living his life in confusion, impotency, and fear, is the man expertly trained to forget where he has come from. From his precarious pedestal his vision of the world is skewed and limited and his fall into the void prevented only by externally provided stabilizers. Such a man remains existentially weak, like a fragile sapling in danger of breaking in a light breeze let alone in a mighty storm. Alternatively, the strong man has a sense of where he has come from. He stands upon his own feet and from a stable pedestal views both past and future with clear fearless eyes. He does not prevaricate when it comes to questions of justice. He hastens to challenge those who would strangle him in webs of ignorance and works relentlessly to expose the criminality of those who have in ages past massacred his ancestors, and presently threaten his hard won physical and mental freedom. The strong man knows his job is to build well upon the solid foundations laid by his ancestors. He wages perpetual war against those who attempt to burn down those foundations. Serving the will of his ancestors is the strong man's passion. The weak man, on the other hand, meekly heeds the commands of deceivers bent upon using ancient occult knowledge to physically and spiritually undermine his brothers and sisters in the world. The strong undefeatable man knows his enemies and how to correctly deal with them. He has studied their nature and the knowledge they perversely use as a weapon against him and all humanity.

The simple minded will believe anything: but the wise looketh well into everything he does - (Proverbs 14:15)

Our revisionist work is certainly controversial, and we acknowledge the resistance our inquiries will face. Fortunately, the disbelief and consternation of those unsettled by our revelations mean nothing to us. We are not motivated by the lure of awards, flowers, and speeches. We are in dread earnest in our opposition to despots who, on a daily basis, clearly demonstrate their contempt for truth, freedom, and justice. We stand against the tyrannous architects of the “New World Order” rising from the ashes of an old order humanity is not meant to know existed. We oppose this new inhuman Atonist order without fear or fright, and pity its makers for their psychosis and spiritual vacuity. Their days of infamy and oppression are coming to an end and it only remains for us to dig deep the graves into which they will inevitably crash, along with their treachery and megalomania. To such work we are temperamentally well suited. Certainly, we are not in opposition to religion as it is practiced by the sincere independent devotee. We do not seek to intrude into that space reserved for private worship. But we do stand opposed to the institutions that have inserted themselves and their mythology between the individual and his creator. We do not intend to offer any disclaimer and dedicate ourselves passionately to our free thought and analysis of the phantasmagorias placed before us by the institutions of the world. Our attitude is best expressed by the German historian Max Muller who, in 1878, wrote:

A comparison of all the religions of the world, in which none can claim a privileged position, will no doubt seem to many dangerous and reprehensible...But this I will say, that, as far as my humble judgment goes, it does not entail the loss of anything that is essential to true religion, and that, if we strike the balance honestly, the gain is immeasurably greater than the loss...All truth is safe, and nothing else is safe; and he who keeps back the truth, or withholds it from either a coward or a criminal, or both - (The Science of Religion)

What are civilizations made of? How do they come about? Are the foundations of our civilization strong or weak? Are these questions meaningful to modern men and women? Perhaps they are, and perhaps not.

In any case, when we examine the deep foundations of civilization, we discover something fascinating. We discover that our ancestors had based their lives upon instruction taken from the heavens above their heads. The night sky was the veritable altar of ancestral man. All that occurred in it was reverently observed, recorded, and contemplated. Was this superstition or something else? And what could have prompted such devotion? Who first developed the idea to look up to the starry sky for instruction?

Who first decided to map the rotating paths of the sun and moon and to demarcate the zodiac's twelve signs? And was this exercise a misguided waste of time and energy, or did it matter? Have human civilizations been founded and guided aright by those whose heads were well and truly "in the clouds?"

Research into these questions and into "heavenly" matters reveals the zodiac to be a very mysterious and important phenomenon. It was referred to as the celestial mystery school for good reason since, strange as it may seem at first, the zodiac mirrors consciousness. The men who looked up into the night sky were really looking into themselves. The gnosis of the heavens is the gnosis of the soul. Civilizations erected upon zodiacal principles are erected upon the infinite ancestral reservoir of knowledge within man's own being. There are no stronger foundations. As the Hermetic motto states: As Above, So Below.

Our present understanding of the zodiac is far from that of the ancient magi. The keepers of the mysteries of the heavens knew the zodiac to be a projection of the human unconscious and not merely an external phenomenon. There was nothing contained in the heavens and zodiac that did not dwell within the mind of man. There was nothing in nature that was not part of man. Nature was not seen as a having a separate or distinct life. Its life was man's life. Man's life was nature's life. Man and nature are one, and there is no separating the two. This is the sum of the lost knowledge of the ancients. The first people in recorded history to study the operations of the heavens and zodiac, and to understand the strange but intimate connections between physical and psychic energy, were the Druids from the "Fortunate" or "Blessed Isles." From these Elders the arcane archive of knowledge was surreptitiously appropriated by their enemies, the servants of darkness, whose biological and ideological descendants now rule the world. Despite coming under their vile blood-soaked hands it has not perished. It took birth in an age before our own in places lost to history and time, but not to memory. This Gnosis is luminous and invincible. It is capable of enlightening those who approach with reverence and destroying those who refuse to do so. Civilizations that lose their foundations fall as surely as men without souls. Such is the law of life. Man can learn this law, and adapt to it, or he can ignore it. His choice determines his future. As the American philosopher Ayn Rand said: “Man is free to choose not to be conscious, but not free to escape the penalty of unconsciousness: destruction.”

Most historians accept that Egypt was a cradle of civilization, and that many cultural idioms and traditions come from there. What has yet to be understood, however, is the manner in which Egypt inherited its cultural elements from the lands of the North-West. This fact is not known today because of the threat it poses to Rome and London, the Vatican and Crown, and to all those who have profited from the suppression of knowledge. After all, what is the subject of history? It is the study of the past, certainly. But it is also the study of man. It is the attempt by men to find out who they are by analyzing and reviewing what they have been. Even though scientific methodologies have a role within the subject of history, history is not science. Most importantly, students of history can easily be misled. A lot of problems and errors can come about when men attempt to study men. Moreover, the subject itself may be deliberately manipulated and skewed so that little is truly known. Paradoxically, it takes time to erase the fallacies that men entertain about the past. The proof for what we say is evident to those who have taken the time to think about history and what has been taught to them about the world of the ancestors. The subject of history is less than 200 years old. In that time men have convinced themselves of the following suppositions, some of which have been regarded as irrefutable truths.

There were no advanced pre-diluvian civilizations

Early man was primitive, rude, and malevolent

The Mesolithic and Megalithic sites throughout the world were constructed by unrelated races

The ambassadors of civilization were Greeks, Romans, and Jews

The various elements of civilization were brought by the "Chosen People" from East to West

The Jews were uniquely distinguished. They possessed a naturally religious and moral disposition and were truly a god-inspired “chosen people”

The Jews were slaves in Egypt and hard-pressed to preserve their unique identity and beliefs

Egyptian religion and culture had no effect on Jewish beliefs and lifestyle

The Hebrew language has no connection to the Egyptian

Monotheism was essentially a Jewish phenomenon

The Israelites were not given to idolatry

The bible provides accurate accounts of historical occurrences

The Jews were Semites

Christianity is of Roman invention

Race mattered to the ancients

The word Aryan denoted race

Happily, these preposterous fallacies are finally being revised. Constantine the Great, who was proclaimed emperor in Britain, in the year 306 AD, and his bishops would have been very aware of the pagan myths and legends of the British Isles. Since the city of Rome is perfectly geomantically aligned with the sun-door of Newgrange tumulus in Ireland, we can confidently conclude that they would have known about the antiquity of Ireland and about Druidic traditions and teachings. Therefore, we must begin to realize just how supremely important it was for those Atonist sorcerers from Alexandria, Constantinople, Rome, Burgundy, and London, to plot the destruction of the original Druidic colleges in Ireland and throughout the ancient world.

The druidic system is thought to have had its origin in Britain, from whence it was introduced into Gaul (Western Europe); and it is still customary for those who wish to study more thoroughly, to pass over into Britain for that purpose - Julius Caesar (Gallic Wars)

...the Irish system is the oldest surviving complete codified legal system in Europe with its roots in ancient Indo-European custom and not in Roman law, and is therefore the oldest surviving Celtic system of jurisprudence - Peter Berresford Ellis (The Druids)

The Stone of Bethel - the famous stone mentioned in the Old Testament actually sits in front of the doorway of Newgrange tumulus in County Meath Ireland. The three spirals upon it (and also inside the cairn) are unique. Many stones of this type have been deliberately turned face-in as an attempt to disguise the sophistication of this Megalithic site that predates the pyramids. This is the stone upon which "Jacob" rested his head when he dreamed of the ladder reaching from heaven to earth. Jacob is the sun which "rests" its light and "sleeps" upon this stone during the solstice. Jacob, or Jack, is the sun. The nursery rhyme that reads "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick" refers to the sun passing over the celestial pole. The rhyme of "Jack and Jill" going "up the hill" is likewise a Astro-Theological device cryptically referring to the passage of the sun (Jack) and moon (Jill) through the northern zodiacal arch and their subsequent "Fall" into autumn and winter. England's "Union Jack" is really of "Jacob," cryptically referring to a Solar (or Atonist) Union. Click image to see more...

The traditions of the Irish people are the oldest of any race in Europe north and west of the Alps, and they themselves are the longest settled on their own soil - Edmund Curtis (A History of Ireland: From Earliest Times to 1922)

The vile Judeo-Christian institution and its inhuman ideology would not have been able to endure if the pristine marvel of Irish Druidism remained strong and bright in the world of men. To this very day sacred prehistoric "Druidic" sites in Ireland and throughout Europe have been desecrated, tampered with, and even removed. Motorways continue to be constructed over ancient cairns and cromlechs, stone circles continue to be leveled, and geomantically positioned monuments aligned to the constellations are replaced by shopping malls, housing estates, and corporate towers. The testimony of Megalithic Europe and of the Western origin of civilization continues to be deliberately obliterated so that men are condemned to believe what they are told from official sources about their history and origins.

...the early craftsmanship and constructions from the Old Kingdom are the finest, and the quality of and dimensions of each monument reduces then on throughout the following millennia...there were a number of magnificent monuments that were made during mankind's early megalithic era. These include monuments as diverse as Stonehenge and Avebury in England, Teotihuacan in Mexico, Chou-Chou in Manchuria, Hagar Qim in Malta, Baalbek in Lebanon, Ephyra in Greece, Cuzco in Peru, Giza in Egypt, and the Osireion at Abydos. Despite the geographic diversity of these monuments, they all share some common features - they were built in the prehistoric era; they were all associated with religious centers; they were all made from megalithic architecture; they were mostly exquisitely carved and manufactured (often bafflingly so); and last but certainly not least, all of these monuments were utterly devoid of inscription...The granite megaliths carved into a giant jigsaw puzzle at Cuzco, and the 1,000 tonne bricks that were being used at Baalbek, would stretch any modern stone mason's imagination and skills to their limits....these temples were not dedicated to any one particular monarch, nor to any one particular god. They were, instead, dedicated to the observation and the study of the Universe - Ralph Ellis (Eden in Egypt)

The earliest people inhabiting Celtic territory in the West of Europe of whom we have any distinct knowledge are a race without name or known history, but by their sepulchral monuments, of which so many still exist, we can learn a great deal about them. They were the so-called Megalithic People, from Greek megas, great and lithos, a stone...Dolmens are found from Scandinavia southwards, all down the western lands of Europe to the Straits of Gibraltar, and round by the Mediterranean coast of Spain. They occur in some of the western islands of the Mediterranean, and are found in Greece, where, in Mycenae, an ancient dolmen yet stands beside the magnificent burial-chamber of the Atreidae. Roughly, if we draw a line from the mouth of the Rhone northward to Varanger Fiord, one may say that, except for a few Mediterranean examples, all the dolmens in Europe lie to the west of that line. To the east none are found till we come into Asia. But they cross the Straits of Gibraltar, and are found all along the North African littoral, and thence eastwards through Arabia, India, and as far as Japan - Thomas Rolleston (Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race, 1911)

The city of Rome is precisely geomantically and geographically aligned with the sun doors of Newgrange and Knowth tumuli, in County Meath, Ireland. Those responsible for this precise alignment obviously new the important role of ancient Ireland in world history. here

Judeo-Christianity, as we know it, is a creation of the Solar Cults of the ancient world. As an institution it is a construct of the Atonists, the renegade outcasts of Egypt’s eighteenth dynasty. After the termination of their dominion, the commanders of this powerful cult, seeking new empires, guided their people back to the place of beginning and subsequently set about erasing the archaic and sophisticated culture they found there. They overlaid their own corrupted traditions upon the more antique one that was soon forgotten. The story of this travesty exists within Irish and "Celtic" mythology. It has been concealed behind captivating drama-filled legends, some of which are still well known to Irish people and historians unaware of the hidden story that waits to be revealed.

As we show in Volume Two, the descendants of the Cult of Aton, those chief desecrators of the Druidic tradition, have long since re-established themselves in lands outside Egypt. They formed new bastions of power in Tanis, Alexandria, Athens, Rome, Burgundy, Paris, and London. These new centers of operation replaced the older ones at Heliopolis, Memphis, Avaris, Giza, and Amarna. Although the locations of power have changed through the ages, the agenda of the despots has not significantly altered. Empire remains the name of the game. In place of an old dynasty, an old "Dragon Court," there stands a new one. A new imperialism rises from the ashes of one that fell. The Atonists also conquered Ireland which, with its many monasteries and erudite monks, remained strongly Christian during the so-called "Dark Ages." The Solar Cult emperors of Christianity, together with the various bishops appointed by them, have always worked overtime to make sure the Druidic roots of their religious beliefs are obscured. In concert they have energetically set about obscuring the Druidic origins of their tenets and teachings. Editors and revisers were commissioned to do the heinous work. Most of them were hopelessly incompetent at the job and so their final compilation, the bibelot considered so sacred, reads as it does today. The later efforts at editing and revising undertaken by Francis Bacon and his team did little to improve the travesty. Most of the hired scribes and editors knew precious little about the world beyond their scriptoriums. Unlike their masters, their knowledge of Palestinian, Egyptian, and Irish history and customs, was paltry. They knew next to nothing about archaeology, geography, or ethnology. But that did not matter. The job of historical fabrication had to proceed and succeed despite the scandalously ravaged outcome.

Our revisionist work is made somewhat more challenging because most Christians know very little about the true origins of their religion and do not realize that most of what they read and hear about from priests and potentates is pure fiction with little to no basis in fact. They are not aware of how the Roman Church has fostered and unleashed upon their unsuspecting minds a battery of lies and fables in order to disguise the actual origins of religion. Nevertheless, we seek to show in the course of this work that Christianity, and its so-called parent Judaism, have their roots in Egypt and Ireland. And this holds true for the language and cultural idioms. This fact was commonly known the world over before the rise of the present imposter Roman hegemony. It was known in ancient times that Christianity, in its purest and most antique form, was nothing more nor less than Druidism from Ireland.

The antique unadulterated form of "Christianity" (Druidism) that existed in Ireland from the earliest times was a remnant of pre-diluvian theology. It was based on the observance and veneration of the stars, of the sun, the moon, and the zodiac. It was, from its inception a stellar religion. The bible, therefore, is not only based on Druidic philosophy, it is a sidereal testament disguised as a biography and history of physical personages who, for the most part, had no historical existence.

How this antique Druidic philosophy was flagrantly appropriated and abused is a fascinating story that must be told.

We are personally interested in the reasons why it was thought best to denude the ancient theology of its connection to the stars and why it was then foisted upon the world in its present contorted and preposterous form. To this day, the ancient mystery school subjects of Astrology and Kabala, etc, are still taught to the elites within the Christian and Judaic colleges, to those of the highest caliber and lineage. This secret is not known by the lower rank and file and great steps have been taken to downplay the Astro-Theological aspect of the major religions. Although innumerable books are now in circulation, attempting to shine light into Christianity's darker corners, the sidereal and sabean connections have rarely been exposed. This kind of revelation is, perhaps, too controversial even to most revisionists, especially to those of the "soft" variety. Obviously, should this gnosis reach the ears of the masses not much will be left of the vile edifice of Vatican-style religion.

It would appear probable that the Celtic State worship was what is called "solar". All its chief festivals related to points in the sun's progress, the equinoxes having been considered more important than the solstices - Charles Squire (Celtic Myth and Legend)

Here - For Sources Page & Reading List

eading List and Sources
(Selected List)

◊ ◊ ◊

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Church of God, or Temple of Satan – R. A. Anderson
Cults of the Roman Empire – Oxford
Is It God’s Word – Joseph Wheless
Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Barbara Thiering
Jesus Christ and Mythology – Rudolf Bultmann
Jesus in History and Myth – R. Joseph Hoffman
Not in His Image – John Lamb Lash
On Mankind: Their Origin and Destiny – Arthur Dyott Thompson
The Astrological Foundation for the Christ Myth – Malik Jabbar
The Bible Fraud – Tony Bushby
The Chosen People – John Allegro
The Christ – John E. Remsberg
The Christ Myth – Arthur Dewes
The Curse of Cain: The Violent Legacy of Monotheism - R. W. Schwartz
The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception – Baigent and Leigh
The Early History of God - Mark S. Smith
The Ghebers of Hebron
- Samuel F. Dunlop
The Gospel Truth: The Heresy of History – Alexander S. Holub
The Gospels and the Gospel – G. R. S. Mead
The Jesus Myth Andrew M. Greely
The Jesus Puzzle – Earl Doherty
The Life of Jesus Critically Examined – David Frederich Strauss
The Messiah Before Jesus – Israel Knohl and David Maisel
The Messiah Myth – Thomas L. Thompson
The Origin of Biblical Monotheism - Mark S. Smith
The Original Jesus – Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy
The Origins of Paul’s Religion – J. Gresham Machen
The Quest for the Historical Jesus – Dr. Albert Schweitzer
The Restored New Testament – James Morgan Pryse
The Secret in the Bible – Tony Bushby
The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross – John Allegro
The Truth Behind the Christ Myth – Mark Pinkham
Theology of the New Testament – Rudolf Bultmann
Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls – Hershel Shanks
Who Wrote the New Testament – Burton L. Mack


Acts of God, Moses, Tutankhamun, and the Myth of Atlantis – Graham Philips
Akhenaton and the Religion of Light – Eric Hornung
Akhenaton: Egypt’s False Prophet – Nicholas Reeves
Ancient Egypt: Light of the World (2 Volumes) – Gerald Massey
Ancient Egypt – F. L. Kenett and C. D. Noblecour
Ancient History of the Near East – H. R. Hall
Book of the Beginnings – Gerald Massey
Christianity: An Ancient Egyptian Religion – Ahmed Osman
Cleopatra to Christ – Ralph Ellis
Eden in Egypt – Ralph Ellis
Egypt: Child of Atlantis – John Gordon
Egyptian Civilization: Its Sumerian Origin/Real Chronology – L. A. Waddell
Egypt in the Neolithic and Archaic Periods – E. A. W. Budge
Egyptian Myth And Legend – Donald Mackenzie
Gerald Massey’s Lectures – Gerald Massey
Great Pyramid Decoded – Peter Lemesurier
Historical Deception – Moustafa Gadalla
Hyksos and Israelite Cities – William Matthews Flinders Petrie
Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs – Ralph Ellis
Jesus the Egyptian – R. A. Gabriel
Moses and Akhenaten – Ahmed Osman
Moses and Monotheism – Sigmund Freud
Moses in Ancient Egypt – Richard Darlow
Moses the Egyptian – Jan Assmann
Natural Genesis – Gerald Massey
New Revelation in the Great Pyramid – Adam Rutherford
Oedipus and Akhenaton: Myth and History – Immanuel Velikovsky
Pyramid Handbook – Moustafa Gadalla
Scota: Queen of the Scots – Ralph Ellis
Secret of the Exodus – Messod and Roger Sabbah
Secrets of the Great Pyramid – Peter Tompkins
Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts – Jeremy Naydler
Solomon: Falcon of Sheba – Ralph Ellis
Temple of the Cosmos – Jeremy Naydler
Tempest and Exodus – Ralph Ellis
Ten Years Digging in Egypt – William Matthews Flinders Petrie
The Book of the Dead – E. A. W. Budge
The Book of the Dead – Faulkner
The Hebrew Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt – Ahmed Osman
The Jews of Egypt – R. Cornman and J. M. Modrzejewski
The Kingdom of the Ark – Lorraine Evans
The Peoples of Asia – L. H. Dudley Buxton
The Serpent Myths of Ancient Egypt – W. R. Cooper
The Tutankhamun Deception – Gerald O’Farrell
True Intellectual System of the Universe – Ralph Cudworth
Tutankhamen: Amenism and Atenism... – E. A. Wallis Budge
Who’s Who in Ancient Egypt – Michael Rice

History (official)

Gods, Heroes, and Tyrants - Emmett Sweeney
History of the People of Israel Till the Time of King David – Ernest Renan
Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion  – A. H. Sayce
Nineveh and its Remains – Austen Henry Layard
Occidental Mythology – Joseph Campbell
The Aryan Invasion – Swami B. V. Giri
The Anti Christ – Ernest Renan
The Gentile Nations – George Smith
The Growth of Civilization – Professor William James Perry


Bondage of the Mind – R. D. Gold
Dissertation on the Urim and Thummim – John Spencer
History of the Jews – Eustace Mullins
Inventing the Jewish People – Dr. Schlomo Zand
Jews, God and History – Max Dimont
Judaism Discovered - Michael A. Hoffman II
Judaism’s Strange Gods – Michael A. Hoffman II
Moses and Monotheism – Sigmund Freud
Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity – Hyam Maccoby
Origines Judaicae – John Toland
The Controversy of Zion – Douglas Reed
The Curse of Canaan – Eustace Mullins
The Thirteenth Tribe – Arthur Koestler
Zionism in an Age of Dictators – Lenni Brennar

Masonry, Templars, Illuminati, Secret Societies

Ancient Freemasonry – Frank Higgins
Book of the Words – Albert Pike
Fire in the Minds of Men (Vol 1) James Billington
Holy Blood and Holy Grail – Baigent, Leigh, Lincoln
Inside the Brotherhood -
Martin Short
Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution
– Stephen Knight
Morals and Dogma – Albert Pike
Occult Theocracy – Lady Queensborough
The Messianic Legacy – Baigent, Leigh, Lincoln
Templar Revelation – Picket and Prince
The Arcana of Freemasonry – Albert Churchward
The Brotherhood –
Stephen Knight
The Knights Templar Revealed – Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe
The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capitol – David Ovason
The Secret Founding of America - Nicholas Haggar
The Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries – C. W. Heckthorn
The Secret Symbols on the Dollar Bill – David Ovason
The Serpent Grail – Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn
The Syndicate - Nicholas Haggar
The Warriors and Bankers – Alan Butler

Rome, Vatican, Jesuits

Bad Popes – E. R. Chamberlin
Engineer Corps of Hell – Edwin Sherman (translator)
Fifty Years in the Church of Rome – Father Chiniquy
Footprints of the Jesuits – R. W. Thompson
Freemasonry and the Vatican – Vicomte Leon de Poncins
History of Romanism – Rev. John Dowling
History of the Jesuits – G. B. Nicolini
Judaism and the Vatican – Vicomte Leon de Poncins
Popery, Puseyism, Jesuitism – Luigi Desanctis
Previews of the New Papacy – Atila Sinke Guimaraes
Romanism as a World Power – Luther Kaufmann
State Secrets – Vicomte Leon de Poncins
Secret Instructions of the Jesuits – W. C. Brownlee
Secret Powers Behind World Revolution – Vicomte Leon de Poncins
The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk – Anon
The Black Pope – M. F. Cusack
The Crisis :Enemies of America Unmasked – J. Wayne Laurens
The Enemy Unmasked – Bill Hughes
The Jesuits: A Complete History of their Open & Secret Proceedings – T. Griesinger
The Jesuit Conspiracy – The Abbate Leone
The Other Side of Rome – J. B. Wilder
The Secret History of the Jesuits – Edmond Paris
The Secret Terrorists – Bill Hughes
The Thrilling Mysteries of a Convent Revealed – Anon
The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance – Avro Manhattan
Vatican Assassins – Eric Jon Phelps
Vatican Billions – Avro Manhattan

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Ivanhoe, with Robert Taylor (from the novel by Sir Walter Scott)
Ben Hur, with Charlton Heston
Solomon and Sheba, with Yul Brenner
The Ten Commandments, with Charlton Heston

India: Empire of the Spirit
Sanskrit & the Indo-European Mother Tongue

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