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Political Information Last Updated: May 14, 2021 - 7:50:36 PM

The CDC Does A U-turn On Masks
By Andrea Widburg
May 14, 2021 - 7:48:31 PM

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May 14th 2021


I've decided that, when it comes to the CDC, there is no rational, science-based, considered decision-making going on there. Instead, they're doing the Magic 8 Ball version of science, shaking the darn thing and seeing what to announce. After fervently insisting on continuing in masks even when vaccinated, the CDC made a U-turn so sharp you could see the skid marks shimmering in the air. Henceforth, vaccinated people can abandon their masks. They are, once again, free.

As AP explains:

In a major step toward returning to pre-pandemic life, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eased mask-wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people on Thursday, allowing them to stop wearing masks outdoors in crowds and in most indoor settings.

"Today is a great day for America," President Joe Biden said during a Rose Garden address heralding the new guidance, an event where he and his staff went without masks. Hours earlier in the Oval Office, where Biden was meeting with vaccinated Republican lawmakers, he led the group in removing their masks when the guidance was announced.

"If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask," he said, summarizing the new guidance and encouraging more Americans to roll up their sleeves.

All is not perfect in this allegedly mask-free paradise. Even if you're vaccinated, you're still going to have to muzzle yourself "in crowded indoor settings like buses, planes, hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters...." However, among other things, there's no longer an excuse for teachers to avoid returning to school.

I should be celebrating because I've long thought that the Biden administration's mask fetish was sick, especially with more people naturally immune through having had COVID or immune through vaccinations. However, I once again have the feeling I've been conned - and that the administration may pull the rug out from under all of us.

Why conned? Because either the vaccination works or it doesn't. And if it does work, there's absolutely no reason that everyone in the Biden administration - all people who have been vaccinated for months - have been going around swathed in masks. Heck, Kamala Harris and her hubby kissed in the open air while masked. (Although I'd prefer not to see them kiss in public at all maybe that's just me.)

Why didn't the vaccination work for the last four months, only to begin working overnight now? The real question is, have they been lying for the past four months about the vaccine's efficacy, or are they lying now about the vaccine's efficacy?

There's another troubling issue. I left out a little bit from the AP report about Biden's statement. Here's the whole thing (emphasis mine):

"If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask," he said, summarizing the new guidance and encouraging more Americans to roll up their sleeves. "Get vaccinated - or wear a mask until you do."

A couple of things. First, the White House (p)resident* doesn't get to tell Americans whether or not to inject substances into their bodies. Indeed, he doesn't even get to force people into masks. (The left-leaning and/or paranoid private sector has been doing a fine job forcing people into masks.)

Second, how do you feel about the White House (p)resident* threatening you? Because that was a threat. If you don't get the vaccination, you're going to be muzzled forever. Moreover, the nature of the threat makes me think that the new mask mandate is untethered to data and is just a bullying carrot-and-stick political move.

Not once since coming into office has the Biden administration been honest with the American people. Mask theater, vaccine threat, the refusal to encourage treatment protocols...all of it makes people paranoid. We no longer have a firm grasp of the truth and suspect we're being manipulated into abandoning our liberties in pursuit of some chimerical safety. This is antithetical to every American value.

So yeah, even though I've been told "masks off," I'm still suspicious and unhappy. I've already decided to end my mask-wearing, but I don't trust where my government is trying to herd me.

IMAGE: Rawpixel (modified).

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