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Political Information Last Updated: Apr 22, 2021 - 5:11:37 AM

How Russian Intel Foiled CIA Military Coup and Assassination of the President of Belarus
By GreatGameIndia
Apr 21, 2021 - 10:35:19 PM

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Mon, 19 Apr 2021

Lukashenko© Bigstock
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

The Russian and Belarusian intelligence have officially revealed how they foiled CIA backed color revolution and an attempted military coup to topple the Belarusian government as well as the assassination of the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. It was Lukashenko who last year exposed how the World Bank forced sovereign governments to impose strict lockdowns for coronavirus aid.

Soon after coming to power, Alexander Lukashenko started a crackdown on George Soros Foundation slapping a $3 million fine for currency violation. The same year George Soros left Belarus. Since then, Belarus has been a target of constant Color Revolutions aimed at overthrowing Lukashenko.

In February this year, GreatGameIndia reported how Lukashenko announced his victory over the coup organized by globalists like George Soros to overthrow him. However, details of the operation were not made public and are only now being shared with media. Russian FSB and the Belarusian security services have revealed that the assassination of the Belarusian President was sanctioned by the CIA.

Earlier this week, several Belarusian opposition figures were arrested in their home country and in neighboring Russia. Several people, including two in Russia, have been arrested. The two nations made it clear that those arrested are all suspected of plotting an armed insurrection against Lukashenko, whose long grip on power was challenged last year by foreign backed mass protests.

The existence of a plot to kill Lukashenko, other top Belarusian officials, and even their family members was revealed on Saturday. In Minsk, the national broadcaster ONT ran a story naming suspected conspirators and exposing their plans. The report offered as evidence several clips of what appears to be Zoom meetings between them.

Russian FSB says it was tipped off by their counterparts in the Belarussian KGB

The plan discussed at the meeting, as described by the FSB, involved killing "almost the entire leadership" of Belarus, a military coup, and a power blackout of the entire country.

"It was suggested that the active phase would be launched by some armed groups ('partisans'), who are currently stationed at 'secret bases'," the FSB reported. The action was reportedly scheduled for May 9, when Belarus holds a military parade dedicated to the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945. Hidden camera footage of what appeared to be the meeting in Moscow was aired by the ONT in its expose.

Lukashenko himself spoke to the media to explain how his various opponents were plotting against him and his two sons. The group that includes Zenkovich and Feduta was "definitely the work of foreign intelligence," he claimed, "most likely the CIA or the FBI." Lukashenko claimed that Zenkovich was an "American agent." The lawyer has dual US-Belarusian citizenship and has been living in America for well over a decade. Zenkovich was a prominent member of the same party and held elected office on a local council before emigrating to the US.

The president confirmed that the arrest earlier this week of Grigory Kortusyov, the leader of the opposition political Party BNF, was part of the move against the same alleged conspiracy.

Earlier, Russian counter-intelligence operation busted similar attempt in Russia where Alexei Navalny was busted collaborating with a British Mi6 agent in order to topple Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian and Belarusian intelligence gave out details of the entire plot in a lengthy press release.

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, together with the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus, as a result of a special operation, suppressed the illegal activities of Yuri Leonidovich Zyankovich, who has dual citizenship of the United States and the Republic of Belarus, and Alexander Iosifovich Feduta, a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, who were planning to carry out a military coup in Belarus according to a worked-out scenario of "color revolutions" with the involvement of local and Ukrainian nationalists, as well as the physical elimination of President A. Lukashenko.

As reported by GreatGameIndia, last year, in an interview Lukashenko explained the geopolitical importance of Belarus. He stressed that the West needs Russia, not Belarus, which is seen only as a springboard.

"The Russian authorities understand very well that Belarus cannot be given to the United States, as it was done with Ukraine. Why cannot this be done? Because it is a sanitary cordon of some 1,000km."

He added that when he became the first President of Belarus, he prevented the plans to create such a sanitary cordon of the Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine, which would separate Russia.

"This is why the Americans hate me, since those first years. I did not let Soros here. And you were friends with him. I am not even talking about Ukraine. You were friends with him - those who were close to Boris Nikolaevich [Yeltsin].

"I will not mention the names, you know them. They are still there. Ask Putin how many CIA members were in the government and the Kremlin."

It was in this context that Lukashenko exposed how World Bank forced sovereign governments to impose strict lockdowns for coronavirus aid.

A similar attempt was made on Tanzania. The European Union gave 27 million euros to Tanzania to impose COVID-19 measures prescribed by the WHO like strict lockdowns, masks and mass-scale vaccination.

However, Tanzania took the money, then declared the country coronavirus free. This led to the Europeans venting their anger in the parliament.

Like Lukashenko, even the Tanzanian President exposed the WHO's fraudulent COVID-19 protocols. He sent the WHO samples of a goat, a papaya and a quail for testing and all of them came COVID-19 positive.

His sudden death has raised many questions including whether Tanzania's President was assassinated for exposing the COVID-19 plandemic by taking controversial action against Big Pharma and the WHO and their global push for vaccines.

Comment: The CIA is hiding in plain sight these days.

See also:
Lockdown skeptic President Magufuli of Tanzania suddenly drops dead from heart attack aged 61, 'rumored to have had Covid-19'

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