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Political Information Last Updated: Apr 22, 2021 - 3:49:06 AM

Coercion is not consent’: Doctors, Attorney Slam Coronavirus Vaccine Blitz
By Dorothy Cummings McLean
Apr 22, 2021 - 2:24:27 AM

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Featured Image

Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America's Frontline Doctors.LifeSiteNews / Rumble


CONTACT YOUR FEDERAL LAWMAKERS: Support the No Vaccine Passports Act! Click to contact your Congressmen now.

TULSA, Oklahoma, April 21, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) - America's Frontline Doctors were front and center at the Health and Freedom Conference last week.

"We're really just fighting for freedom," founder Dr. Simone Gold told LifeSiteNews.

Gold was accompanied at last week's sellout, 4,000-people-strong gathering by America's Frontline Doctors legal director Ali Shultz and Dr. Shelley Cole. The two-day event was sponsored by Rhema Bible College.

Gold said that her organization has been noticing that constitutional freedoms are "evaporating," and so it has gone in a "legal direction." At the same time, they are still conscious of the medical problems Americans are facing, including not getting early treatment for COVID-19 and being denied mask exemptions.

Dr. Cole observed that patients have "real, valid concerns" about masks, and stated that America's Frontline Doctors want to give them resources so they can find answers to their questions.

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"There are a lot of people who have very specific indications that justify mask exemptions, so we're trying to help," she said.

The America's Frontline Doctors' website contains information of interest to anyone concerned about the coronavirus, its treatment, its vaccines, mask mandates, and their medical rights. The organization, which now includes 700,000 people, works with four doctors who provide informative articles and hundreds of doctors "in terms of clinical care," Gold revealed.

Cole told LifeSiteNews that around 70,000 people have used the organization's physician contact service.

"That's 70,000 lives saved because of America's Frontline Doctors," interjected Shultz.

"Can you imagine? 70,000 people were able to get the help they needed."

This help includes medicines that many doctors report have very high success rates of treating the virus, like hydroxychloroquine.

Gold said the organization receives letters from patients every day with messages like: "I was really, really sick. My doctor wouldn't help me. Thank God for America's Frontline Doctors. I got the medicine; within four hours I felt better."

"There's just so many letters like that you can read before you know that they're lying when they say that the medicine doesn't work or is anecdotal," Gold remarked.

"We have thousands of those letters."

Cole believes that people are waking up to the problems inherent in the medical profession, and said her organization exists to give people "as much information as (they) can because there's been so much disinformation in the last few months."

In terms of finding trustworthy sources of information, Cole said that everyone needs to do their research, learn, and decide for themselves. She recommended reading what others don't want you to read.

"If you're being censored, you're probably speaking the truth," she said.

Shultz added that "from a legal perspective" and having tracked cases, "It's always a good idea to follow the money, too."

Gold said that America's Frontline Doctors is supported by donations from the public.

"We don't take any Big Pharma money," she declared.

"We don't take government money. We don't corporate money. I do think that's a very smart place."

She believes people should find sources that they already know and trust, having tested for themselves that they tell the truth.

Regarding the organization's development of its legal arm, Shultz said the organization is "very excited" about the legal resources on their website, including a "network of attorneys" to whom they can direct people who need help.

Asked about the Nuremburg Code, which is a set of ethical principles for conducting research experiments on human beings, Gold said that many people aren't aware that COVID-19 vaccines are experimental.

"The problem is, people are not even registering that this is an experimental medication (or) all the immorality of forcing anyone to take an experimental medication," Gold said.

Shultz, who is an attorney, said that, quite apart from the Nuremburg Code, the Emergency Use Authorization for use of the new vaccines requires that people who receive it should have "informed consent."

"Coercion is not consent," she added.

Rebellion against coercion is growing. Gold told LifeSiteNews that people are now becoming even more interested in opposing oppressive policies than they are in finding doctors who will give them medicine to treat COVID-19 at home.

"The most urgent question I've been asked was, ‘How can I get my hands on the stuff,' right? But that has faded in importance, and the next question that has taken its place is ‘How can I fight back?,'" she related.

Shultz said she fought back because she couldn't bear her kids having to wear masks to school.

"I was able to get the mask mandate lifted from my kids' school," she said.

"And I want to help all of your viewers to do the same thing."

She invited LifeSiteNews readers to look at the America's Frontline Doctors' website and to combine forces with like-minded people.

"Uniting with other people in your communities is the only way to stand up to this tyranny," Shultz added.

"When one person says something, that's fine, but when a large group come together, (people in power) might listen to you."

Gold offered the organization's "Citizen Corps" as a good training ground for people who want to fight back the way Shultz did.

"You'll be able to meet like-minded folks, stand up, and reclaim freedom," she said.

Gold has been on the forefront of challenging the government and media narrative regarding the actual dangers of COVID-19, its effective treatmentmasks, lockdowns, and the current distribution of experimental vaccines. A participant in the January 6 rally on Capitol Hill, the doctor was stunned when a team of  FBI agents broke her door down to arrest her.


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