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Claudia Forsberg, ‘Vaccinations started four months ago. Why am I still waiting?
By Ron Chapman
Jun 10, 2021 - 6:21:19 AM

Ron: My local newspaper is the Canberra Times (CT) claims it's mission is to serve the National City and through it the Nation.

On Saturday June 5, 2021 I wrote a letter to the Editor about  the "magic virus" but as my letters rarely get published and this is a matter of national importance I thought I'd put it here to give it a bit of an airing.

As the issues involved with the COVID-19 scamdemic and attempts by governments and medical authorities to force everyone to accept an experimental injection allegedly because of it, I think these matters need to be thoroughly examined.


'Canberrs Times, Letters Editor

Claudia Forsberg, ‘Vaccinations started four months ago. Why am I still waiting?' CT 5/6/21 p 26, says she's stayed home since March 2020 ‘to protect myself from a virus that had the potential to kill me'.

Question: As ‘the virus' has never been isolated and the creator of the PCR test used for it has said it cannot measure disease, how do the medical authorities know that ‘the virus' exists and kills people? Also, how many people in Australia have been proven to have died from 'the virus' this year?

Also, how many people have died allegedly of ‘the virus' while having comorbidities? And how many people, said to be causing the Victorian lockdown, are actually sick? Are any of them hospitalised?

As Victoria has yet again locked down a city of five million people and a countryside of 227,444 km2, has any cost benefit analysis been done to quantify the damage due to lockdowns as against the deaths allegedly attributable to "the virus"?

If not, why not? Wouldn't it be a good idea for Australians to know how many hospitalisations, suicides and other deaths have occurred due to delays in medical treatment of serious health conditions, and lost businesses and employment due to business closures resulting from lockdowns?

If untampered with, the Pfizer concoction is said to protect recipients from all corona infections but no others. Is COVID-19 just another corona infection?


Ron Chapman

5 June 2021

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