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Political Information Last Updated: May 3, 2021 - 6:49:39 AM

A REMNANT BOOK REVIEW: How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization
By Vincent Chiarello with comments by Ron
May 4, 2021 - 3:15:51 AM

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April 12th 2021A REMNANT BOOK REVIEW: How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization, by Tom Woods

Reviewed for The Remnant Newspaper
by Vincent Chiarello

"Western civilization owes far more to the Catholic Church than most people - Catholics included - often realize. The Church, in fact, built Western civilization" -Thomas E. Woods

[Ron: I disagree. Arguably the Catholic Church provided the 'Romanesq' political, judicial and general societal structure to that civilistaion BUT the positive enduring moral and societal core of Western civilisation was provided by the vestiges of the divine revelations and teachings of Esu Immanuel (aka Christ Jesus) that survived in the hearts and minds of the peoples of Western Christendom despite massive suppression of his divine revelations and the spiritual essence  of that message by Pharisees, Roman Emperors, neo-Pharisees and others over the course of the last 2,000 years. Moreover, much of Christ Jesus' message that was retained in the doctrines and dogma of the Catholic Church was distorted by interpolation of pagan ideas and practices. For instance the alleged Communion consumption of the body and blood of Christ Jesus amounts to a satanic cannabilistic ritual blood sacrifice commemoration although the faithful have been mind controlled for almost 2,000 years to fail to perceive it. See eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism

Christ Jesus' message resonated deeply with the human spirit and fundamenatlly changed human attitudes to females, family life, children, procreation and abortion and even ameliorated attitudes to slavery. See eg: Christian Morality -

And: How the Catholic Church Created Our Liberal World -].

There are few in this audience who have not heard or read that the Church of Rome has been responsible for the many of the current evils of this world. Everything from being charged with aiding in the genocide of native people, to fostering the institution of slavery, are accusations that have been leveled against the Catholic Church. Several years ago, the professoriate and student body of Georgetown University, the first Catholic university in America, debated "What, if anything, is owed to the descendants of slaves who were sold to help ensure the college's survival?" As a result of intense student and professorial pressure, in 2016 the university's administrators agreed to remove the names of the Jesuits Rev. Thomas F. Mulledy and Rev. William McSherry, the college presidents involved in the 1832 sale, from two campus buildings. However, that action did not change the aggressive push by the American Left to continue to indict the founders of Western Civilization, the Church among them. Nothing ever does.

More than a decade before the Georgetown incident, Thomas E. Wood, Jr., sought to remind his readers that although the civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome were also participants in the birth of the West, they were not as important as the Church. "The point is that in our present cultural milieu it is easy to forget - or not learn in the first place - just how much our civilization owes the Catholic Church." It is, therefore, his purpose in writing this book to remind those who have forgotten, or never learned, what Woods calls, "the indispensable Church." To begin at the beginning.

Many, if not most, of a certain age - mine - will remember that in our history class, we were taught that "the Dark Ages" was the term that identified the period after the fall of Rome, where "cultural and intellectual retrogression" were dominant in the lives of most people. That condition, however, was not the fault of the Church: "The basic cause of cultural retrogression was not Christianity but barbarism; not religion, but war," wrote the historian Will Durant, an agnostic. From the ruin of nations because of constant warfare came "the light of a new star," where the Church and its priests would begin their task of conversion, coupled with the role of serving as guides "...both to guarantee that the conversion had truly taken hold and to ensure that the faith would begin to transform their government and way of life." It was at this juncture that the Church made a momentous decision: to turn away from the last vestiges of the Roman Emperor in (then) Constantinople and align itself with the "still semi-barbarian Franks," whose conversion would ultimately bring about the reign of Charles the Great, aka as Charlemagne, "who would become the father of Europe."

Woods is convinced, and his work seeks to convince others, that the Church was the essential part of the growth of science, despite the current misguided belief that the opposite was true.

Despite the efforts of the invading and plundering Vikings, and, later, Muslims, "the spirit of learning always remained alive in the monasteries, enough to make its full rebirth possible in more settled times." Even after the decline of the Carolingian Empire, monks were actively involved in the recovery of learning, for despite the lawlessness and uncertainty that existed, the monastery was an institution which possessed extraordinary recuperative power. "Ninety-nine out of a hundred monasteries could be burnt, and the monks killed or driven out, and yet the whole tradition could be reconstituted from the one survivor and the desolate sites could be repeopled by fresh supplies of monks who would take up the broken tradition..."  But one must ask, how did that tradition continue for centuries, for, according to Woods, "The monks played a critical role in the development of Western civilization." And none would have a greater impact on the monastic way of life and its commitment to expand the culture of the nation than St. Benedict of Norcia. "The monk's intention had not been to perform great tasks for European civilization, yet as time went on, they came to appreciate the task for which the times seem to have called them." Then this: It would be difficult to find any group anywhere in the world whose contributions were as varied, as significant, and as indispensable as those of the Catholic monks of the West during a time of general turmoil and despair." And there is more...

The Cistercians, a "reform-minded Benedictine Order," were, in their time, known for their technical sophistication. By the 12th century, they had developed. "... waterpower to run machinery for crushing wheat, sieving flour, fulling cloth and tanning." Added to their mechanical competence was their ability in the almost unknown field of metallurgy. What may come as a surprise - it did to me - was, "...from the mid-13th to the 17th century, Cistercians were the leading iron producers in the Champagne region of France."

In England, too, the Benedictines displayed a competence in technology that was unrivaled. The Abbot of the Benedictine monastery at St. Albans, who is also known as one of the founders of Western trigonometry, designed an astronomical clock which could accurately predict lunar eclipses, and whose accuracy would not be improved for another two centuries. However, to the modern mind the word "monk" is, most often, associated with the copying of the written word. Often done in punishing cold, the work was wearying and the monk unknown. It is noted that one monastic copyist, seeking some sympathy and recognition from the reader, wrote: "Good reader who may use this work, do not, I pray you, forget him who copied it..." Books were produced in numbers unthinkable earlier: by the 12th century, there were 742 (no typo) Cistercian monasteries in Europe!


Did you know that The Remnant Newspaper publishes a book review in every issue? Subscribe to check them out, as they rarely appear on our website!

In addition to copying the Classics, as well as those of the Church Fathers, the monks of Europe performed another major and impressive work: they copied, and thereby preserved, the Bible. Woods cites and notes the monks, "...often embellished the Gospels with beautiful artistic decoration, as in the famous Lindau (German) and Lindisfarne (English) Gospels, works of art as well as faith." There is another point that must be understood in the monastic preservation of the Bible: "Without their devotion to this crucial task and the numerous copies they produced, it is not clear how the Bible would have survived the onslaught of the barbarians." There can be, then, no question that "Western civilization's admiration for the written word and for the classics comes to us from the Catholic Church that preserved both through the barbarian invasions."

Mentioned earlier was that Georgetown University was the oldest Catholic university in the U.S., opening in 1789 as Georgetown College. However, that was long after the establishment of the first Catholic colleges/universities in Europe. Despite the reputation for classical learning in ancient Greece and Rome, nothing like a college or university had existed. "The university was an utterly new phenomenon in European history." Unknown to many is that the papacy was often instrumental in the founding of these new centers of learning: for example, by granting it a charter, Pope Innocent IV was central to the founding of Oxford University in England in 1254.

Included in the grant to begin Oxford was the recognition that the university could not award degrees without the approval of the pope. Papal chartered university degrees were respected throughout Christendom; those of the monarch, only in the kingdom where they were issued.  Oxford was far from unique in that circumstance: by the time of Luther's revolt in 1517, 81 universities had been established, 33 of whom were holders of papal charters, 15 royal charters, and 20 had both. Only 13 had none.

Another unprecedented aspect of papal chartered universities was, in certain cases - such as Oxford, Bologna and Paris - a master's degree entitled the bearer to teach anywhere in the world. (Latin: ius ubique docendi) This privilege conferred by popes played a major role in the dissemination of knowledge and the advance of an international scholarly community. It was during the early stages of the university system that "...the popes were the most consistent protectors and the authority to which students and faculty alike had recourse."

In the West, if there is one indictment of the Church that seems to be consistently repeated over centuries, it is that the Church was the enemy of science. How many times has the story of the Galileo affair been presented as prima facie evidence of the Church's hostility to science?  Interestingly, Cardinal Newman, a convert, found it revealing that the Galileo affair is the only example ever given to attempt to prove the charge. Woods seeks to present evidence gathered from different sources that Galileo was his own worst enemy: Galileo was convinced he had the truth, but objectively he had no scientific proof at that time to win the allegiance of open-minded men. It is a complete injustice to contend, as some historians do, that no one would listen to his arguments. As Cardinal Bellarmine wrote at the time: "I shall not believe that there are such proofs until they are shown to me." Throughout, Galileo had been told by Church authorities he could not teach the Copernican theory as scientifically verified, but "...he remained free to treat it as a hypothesis. Galileo agreed." Years later, Galileo visited Rome where he was received with great enthusiasm, including by Pope Urban VIII, who wrote that Galileo's "...fame shines in the sky and is spread over the whole world." Hardly evidence of a scientific inquisition.

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Still, Galileo would not - could not - accept that the Copernican system was a non-proven theory, and in 1632, published Dialogue of the Great World Systems, where he discarded the warning of the churchmen and declared Copernicus's system an established truth. The following year, he was declared a suspected heretic and ordered to cease and desist publishing. Woods: "It was this unwise censure of Galileo that has tainted the Church's reputation." It is this event that for centuries established the myth that the Church is hostile to science. But was it?

Woods cites the work of Fr. Stanley Jaki, a Hungarian born Benedictine historian of science, and winner of the 1987 Templeton Prize, the annual award granted to a living person, "whose exemplary achievements include harnessing the power of the sciences to explore the deepest questions of the universe and humankind's place and purpose within it." In his writing, the Padre notes that the idea of a rational, orderly, universe had eluded entire civilizations, and it was "not coincidental that the birth of science as a self-perpetuating field of intellectual endeavor should have occurred in a Catholic milieu." Among other great civilizations, the idea of science was "stillborn," for they lacked a belief in a transcendent Creator who endowed His creation with consistent physical laws. In these civilizations, aside from being "stillborn," the idea of constant natural laws were alien to their belief system. Christianity, to the contrary, centered the divine strictly in Christ and the Holy Trinity, which allowed them the see the universe as orderly and predictable.

[Ron: I disagree. This contention is absurd. There have been several advanced ancient civilizations which the Vatican and its controllers  (see eg: Irish Origins of Modern Civilisations (Repost) - Repost.shtml ) knew about but the transmission of that knowledge was vigorously suppressed.

The Pharisaic creators of the Christian religion and the Roman emperors they influenced, and subsequently the neo-Pharisees, hid that knowledge from humanity on this planet for societal control purposes. See eg: Christ Come Back And Save Us -

How Three Prior Pandemics Triggered Massive Societal Shifts -

Woods will go another step with the thought of Fr. Jaki: the fact that earlier civilizations had developed technical innovations, "...the earlier technical innovations of the Greco-Roman times, of Islam, of Imperial China, let alone those achieved in prehistoric times, do not constitute science and are better described as lore, skills...or simply knowledge." But not science. Fr. Jaki put it simply: "Science is not Western, but Christian."

[Ron: This statement is true if it merely means that rational scientific inquiry is consistent with the Creator's intention as revealed in the teachings of Christ Jesus. Every ensouled human being is gifted with a spark of Creator consciousness, unique personality and free will. Those gifts predispose their bearers towards rational exploration of life, the universe and everything and hence they constitute an impulse towards scientific thought and discovery. Christ Jesus' message was a catalyst that sowed the seeds of sovereign growth and inquiry into the consciousness of all who entertain it. Accordingly that message set humans free from the bondage of pagan collectivist thinking and hence paved the way for the growth of scientific thought. BUT it was the Christed divine message NOT the man-made Christian religion that enabled sovereign individual thought and action which fostered the development of science in Western civilisation.].

No appraisal of the role of the Church in science would be complete without an investigation into the role it played in the construction of amazing cathedrals. One notable example is the Cathedral at Chartres which, for centuries and to this day, has seen an endless line of admiring observers. The Cathedral at Chartres is the culmination of the work of its "cathedral school," begun in the late 10th century under the imprimatur of the future Pope Sylvester II. The school's influence was astounding: "Practically every one of the period who made a substantial contribution to the development of science was at one time or another associated with or influence by Chartres." Among the most prominent in his influence in the development of science and the arts was the school's chancellor, Thierry of Chartres.

Thierry sought to explain God's work by teaching that the disciplines of the quadrivium - arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy - along with the trivium - grammar, rhetoric, and logic - were manifestations of God's handiwork. Woods quotes a modern scholar who wrote that these disciplines revealed to man "... his place in the universe and taught him to appreciate the beauty of the created world." In responding to critics who questioned Thierry's interpretation for omitting the supernatural in his explanation, he responded by stating that all things "...have Him as the Creator, because they are all subject to change and can perish."

The importance of the Chartres School cannot be underestimated. Citing a modern historian of science, "...a handful of men were consciously striving to launch the evolution of Western science and undertook every major step that was needed to achieve that end." Then this: "Thierry will probably be recognized as one of the true founders of Western science." Woods continues the theme of Church influence in science by citing the work of St. Thomas Aquinas, sought the harmonization of Church teaching with that of "the Philosopher," better known as Aristotle. It was Aquinas seeking to synthesize the writings of Aristotle, who sought to demonstrate the complementary role of faith and reason, a unity that could not be contradicted.

Woods is convinced, and his work seeks to convince others, that the Church was the essential part of the growth of science, despite the current misguided belief that the opposite was true. But he goes even beyond that claim. Woods: "Catholic theological ideas provided the basis for scientific progress in the first place. Medieval thinkers laid down some of the first principles of modern science...The appearance of modern science in the Catholic environment was no coincidence after all."


But Woods is not finished, and neither am I.


END NOTE 1: suggests that:

The elements of modern civilizations originated in prediluvian times, long before the official dates given for the advent of sophisticated human artifice. After the destruction of Atlantis and other prehistoric civilizations (approximately 13,500 years ago), surviving cultural elements were transported to Britain and Scandinavia.


The preservers and disseminators of prediluvian knowledge were the priesthood known as the Druids. This word means Servant or Keeper of Truth. However, the Druids were a worldwide priesthood and were not confined to Western Europe. In Egypt they were known as Amenists. The cosmologies and pantheons of India, Egypt, Italy, Greece, and other countries, were not autochthonous. They originated in Britain and Scandinavia. (Norway was once joined to Scotland via a great land bridge.)

Ireland, not Egypt, was the post-diluvian cradle of the elements of civilization. It is from Britain and Scandinavia that these elements spread throughout the world. This fact is widely denied because it inevitably gives rise to speculation about Atlantis, the Age of Catastrophe, and the antiquity of advanced humans. Revelations on these subjects devastate fundamental tenets of modern-day science and religion. The facts about the widespread influence of Irish Druidism is largely unknown because of the wholesale destruction of the Druids and the prolonged and deliberate suppression and mutilation of their social traditions and religious leitmotifs.

There were primordial connections between Britain and Egypt. Long before the first official dynasties, over 4,000 years ago, the Western Arya migrated to the Middle and Far East, establishing new civilizations and enriching existing ones. Their remains have been discovered in Upper Egypt and locations farther East. They were the original architects of the Giza Pyramids and the many sacred temples along the Nile. They brought with them the worship of Amen Ra, Osiris, Horus, and Isis (the Nordic Is) . While in the East the Arya referred to their ancestral Western habitats as "lands of the dead," due to the colossal devastation that occurred there.

The many prehistoric and historic migrations to the British Isles (of Iberians, Celts, Gaels, and so on) were for the most part returns. During the so-called "Age of Catastrophe," titanic cataclysms (following on from those that destroyed Atlantis) displaced the original inhabitants of Britain who were forced to flee to the Continent across land-bridges now lost beneath the waves.

The Druids were Aryans. This word has been deliberately misinterpreted to signify members of a race. However, the term truly refers to a spiritual caste. It is also the true name of Ireland, correctly rendered Ariland or "Land of the Arya." The term can be correctly rendered Eri, signifying the Earth goddess of the ancient Druids. Etymologically, Ari and Eri can be found as roots in terms and names such as area, terra, Tara, Mary, Hera, Benares, Armenia, Aramaic, and aristocracy, etc.

The language of the Arya is now referred to as Aramaic and Hebrew. However, these languages have been fraudulently put before us by duplicitous linguists and other so-called "experts." They are not "Semitic" and were not invented by early Jews or Canaanites. On the contrary, the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are based on the ancient Irish alphabet. Specifically, the so-called "Hebrew" alphabet was the sacred alphabet of the adepts. It was the non-hieroglyphic "hieratic" script of Egyptian hierophants, the sacerdotal alphabet of the Ibaru who were not the ancestors of modern religious Jews. They were the Judites, Judges, and Wise Ones; the architects of high civilizations eventually brought low by desecrators who appropriated, corrupted, and misrepresented their sacred leitmotifs. According to researcher Tony Bushby, the shapes of the twenty two "Hebrew" letters were based on the serpentine shadows cast by sunlight passing through the now lost crystalline capstone on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza. These "letters" were assigned to the twenty two cards of the Tarot which originated in Ireland, and to the twenty two "paths" on the Kabalistic "Tree of Life." (The concept of the sacred tree was known to Western adepts - British, Nordic, and European - millennia before the rise of Judaism and Christianity.)

Terms and names such as Israel, Israelite, Jew, Judite, Yahud, Jehovah, Adonai, Aton, Amen, Elohim, Christ, Jesus, Messiah, Joshua, Isaac, David, Solomon, Moses, and so on, were originally Druidic or Aryan appellations. Some of these terms were titles denoting senior members of Druidic colleges. These terms were plagiarized and deliberately mistranslated to obscure the facts about the origins of religion.

Judeo-Christianity is an adulterated form of Druidism and Amenism. The vast majority of tenets, doctrines, terms, and symbols of modern religion are the result of deliberate plagiarism. They are based on ancient Aryan theology and astrotheology. The adulterated form of Druidism and Amenism can also be referred to as Atonism.

Atonism is the basis for the monotheistic elements of Judeo-Christian theology. That modern experts foam at the mouth denying this fact does not make it less true. The truth is that Christianity was not conceived by egalitarian Jews or Essenes, Mandeans, Stoics, Therapeuts, or Alexandrian Gnostics, as many misinformed researchers and authors believe. Most of these Oriental sects were branches of ancient Atonism. The same can be said of Mithraism and Talmudism. The Jewish Jehovah is none other than Adon or Aton, god of light.

The emperors who codified and established Christianity were members of solar cults that were outer cells of a more secretive Atonist lodge. Senior members of the Claudian, Piso, and Flavian dynasties of Rome worked closely with wealthy and powerful Sadducees and Pharisees to establish the Christian religion. This Atonist quorum feared the rise of other religions with egalitarian tenets and "Druidic" elements. To suppress rivals and galvanize imperial dominion, they funded duplicitous scribes and compilers (such as Paul and Marcion) to create Christianity, basing their "Jesus Christ" on many ancient solar heroes and deities. The sidereal motifs found throughout the scriptures prove this beyond all doubt. Nevertheless, the god of the Bible, Jehovah, was not the god of the Jews, as most academic historians falsely allege. He was the god of solar cult priests and pharaohs who were themselves descended from the Hyksos kings cryptically referred to in the scriptures as "Israelites." (This term derives from Isa, the god of the Western Arya and their descendents, and Amen Ra, god of the ancient Egyptian kings.)

The so-called but misnamed "Jewish" co-conspirators who directed the operations of the Roman Caesars and Emperors, were Atonists. Specifically, they were the leaders of the Order of Melchizedek (or Akhenaton). They were Pharisees and Sadducees of high rank, and keepers of the so-called "Oral Tradition" allegedly delivered to their ancestors at Mount Sinai. This quorum of sorcerers were also known as the Gaonim. The capitalized letter "G" found on Masonic iconography refers to this super secret Luciferian cabal.

The Gaonim have nothing in common with modern religious "Jews." Terms and appellations of this kind do not refer to the kind of sects or beliefs we might first imagine. They refer to a caste of sorcerers descended from the corrupt solar cults (or Luciferians) of antiquity. The members of the British royal family are Judites, even though they belong to the Protestant religion. The Pope and his bishops and cardinals are likewise Judites, even though they belong to the Catholic religion. The word Tudor derives from Juda or Judah, as do the terms judge, tutor, and Teuton. These facts are known to members of Masonic Orders and other Judaic-Atonist enclaves. To them religious affiliations mean little and are merely a form of camouflage which serves to dupe the uninformed masses of the world.

The founder of Atonism was Pharaoh Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV). He appears in Jewish history under the pseudonyms Moses, Zadok, and Melchizedek. He was not an enlightener, as ninety eight percent of the world's writers and historians apparently imagine. On the contrary, Akhenaton was a megalomaniac who ravaged Egypt and violently destroyed its many marvels. He was finally ousted from power and expelled from the country. As researcher Ralph Ellis has shown, the rise of Akhenaton's monotheistic beliefs and warped brand of solar theology coincided with an important astrological phenomenon, namely the precessional transition of the sun out of the house of Taurus into Aries.

Akhenaton's Atonists were members of the Hyksos dynasty of kings and princes; the so-called "Shepherd Kings." However, in our estimation, these controversial kings were of Scythian (or Gaelic) ancestry. In other words, they were from the West. During and after the Age of Catastrophe their ancestors (the pure Arya) fled from Britain to Northern and Eastern Europe, and from there further Eastward toward Syria, Palestine, and India. Although the Scythians of later ages were originally affiliated with the Megalithic Arya, some of their number became spiritually and morally corrupt. Today, a few mainstream historians and archeologists hesitatingly accept that Western "Celts" (as they are erroneously called) had settlements in the Middle and Far East. This is because these migrations were relatively late, historically speaking. They date from approximately 600 years BC onward. Modern academics dare not accept or acknowledge earlier Megalithic migrations from the West to the East. As we said, this idea leads to a plethora of vexatious questions that "experts" habitually and contemptuously ignore.

The modern-day revisionists Ralph Ellis, Moustafa Gadalla, and Ahmed Osman (following on from Comyns Beaumont and other maverick geniuses) conclude that the so-called "Israelites" and "Judites" of the Old Testament were none other than the Hyksos-Atonists first expelled from Egypt at the beginning of the eighteenth dynasty and again during the reign of Akhenaton. On this point we are in full agreement. We further assert that the Hyksos/Atonists were originally Scythians from the West. We also assert that Akhenaton's first wife Nefertiti, her daughter Meritaten, and their descendents, were Scythians.

The exiled Scythian-Hyksos-Atonists, or Israelites, did not disappear from the world and did not spend any time in "Captivity." They were a super-wealthy Pharaonic dynasty with connections throughout the world. After the fall of Akhenaton their descendents eventually migrated to their ancestral homes in the West in order to establish a new empire. From Britain they exercised control over their many lieutenants in Athens, Rome, Tanis, Alexandria, Judea, and elsewhere. The British Empire is the Atonist Empire upon which the sun (Aton) never sets. (The Union Jack is really a symbol of the Union of Jacob.) Its founders and maintainers have unleashed untold mayhem for centuries and have caused unfathomable suffering throughout the world. Our work is dedicated to the exposure of these psychopathic plutocrats and the ruin of their antihuman industry.

The coming of the Atonists was recorded by Irish and Scottish annalists. The records refer to the invaders as Milesians, after their leader King Mil. (He is known to the Scots as Gathelos or Gaythelos, which is probably were we derive the term "Gael," meaning "stranger.") Officially, the Milesians are believed to have crossed over to Ireland from Spain around 600 BC. However, we believe these dates have been deliberately falsified. The Atonist invasion probably occurred nearly one thousand years before the official dates given. The falsification occurred because historians have been directed to date the Gaelic invasion of Ireland, suppression of the Druids, and creation of Christianity, to the period following the rise of Rome (700 BC), and not before. As we said, the ancestors of the Milesians (the Scythians) were originally Irish. They had been displaced to Europe and the Middle East after experiencing the havoc of the Age of Catastrophe.

Eradicating the Druids proved to be a difficult task for the Milesian-Atonists. They eventually called on their agents in Rome and elsewhere to lend a hand. In our opinion, the imperialist activities of Alexander the Great, Julius and Augustus Caesar, and other Greek and Roman tyrants, were mercenary actions funded and directed by high-ranking Atonists ensconced in Britain. This same British-based cabal also financed the establishment of the Christian Church in Byzantium (Constantinople) and finally Rome. Christianity was and is hybridized Druidism. It has usurped the place of the unadulterated school once known and respected throughout the world. Furthermore, Irish Culdean (or Atonist) monks (those in charge of cannibalizing Druidic traditions) became tutors of the Templar nobility of Britain and Europe. The Culdeans, together with their Templar and Cistercian scions, were the "preservers" of cannibalized Druidic traditions. This the secondary reason why pagan elements turn up in Christianity. It is also the reason for the rivalry that eventually erupted between hardline Romish Christians and "Gnostic" types such as the Knights Templar.

Members of the French, German, and Swiss Merovingian dynasty were, and still are, Atonists. Powerful secret societies such as the Priory de Sion, Knights Templar, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians, and so on, are funded and operated by elite royals who were and are either biologically or ideologically related to the Hyksos-Atonist-Judites of antiquity. They are "Luciferians" or "Princes of Light." In times past most of the autocratic Merovingian dukes and princes were tutored by Irish Culdean monks who had appropriated, cannibalized, and perverted the traditions, teachings, and iconography of the Druids. The Culdeans, Cistercians, and Templars were descended from the Atonist-Milesians who, after being expelled from Egypt with Akhenaton, journeyed West to eventually conquer Ireland approximately one thousand years BC.

The modern-day architecture of control and so-called "New World Order" is the brainchild of the Atonist imperialists whose existence we expose throughout our work. The politically active members of present-day royal dynasties, who fund the powerful secret societies, are either biologically or ideologically related to the Atonist pharaohs of old. The majority of the symbols permeating the corporate and religious world denotes this Atonist Cult of Luciferians. Their "New World Order" is a architecture of control designed to replace the "Old World Order" lost to them in ages past. This cult of sorcerers - the Gaonim or Exilarchs (the Princes and Brothers of Light, or of Aton) - exercise control over human beings politically and theologically. The religions they have spawned serve to control man's emotions and pacify his rebellious spirit, while their political orgs offer him a semblance of superiority and power. Tantalized with chimeras of positive social change and technical progress, and blinded by the "light of Aton," man remains psychologically arrested. Consequently, he presents no threat whatsoever to the Establishment figures who habitually treat him as a disposable pawn on their geopolitical board game.

[Ron: Until recently when President Trump was elected and Christ Michael Aton's Triodity of Trump, Putin and Xi and their local and global Alliance supporters began the current 'take down' of the cult of sorcerers that has controlled our world using the Talmudic corporate globalist cabal.].

The modern-day architects of control are not scions of some indefinable "mystery religion," as many Christian conspiracy buffs allege. They are initiates of secret fraternities created by the same Black Lodge responsible for the establishment of the Christian Church. Therefore, Christians who seek to expose the workings of secret societies are largely ignorant of vital facts concerning their own allegiances. They are handicapped by not knowing that the very religions to which they belong were established and financed by the same Atonists who fund and direct the secret societies. The Atonists have cunningly divided society in order to pit one faction against another. While the "opposames" witlessly ride their seesaws, the Atonist presence remains indistinct. Nevertheless, the Judaism, Protestantism, Catholicism, Zionism, and Masonry, known today, are all "brands" manufactured by the Atonist "corporation" or Black Lodge. Therefore, only those free from political and religious bias can successfully combat the nefarious intelligence that has preyed over mankind for so many ages....

After Christians had spent years destroying books and libraries, St. John Chrysostom, the pre-eminent Greek Father of the Church, proudly declared, "Every trace of the old philosophy and literature of the ancient world has vanished from the face of the earth" - Helen Ellerbe (The Dark Side of Christian History)

The two invasions of Ireland by King Henry were bloody and ruthless culminating in the complete and utter dismantling of Tara to bare Earth and the final destruction of almost all remaining non-Christian Irish texts -

None of the Celtic source literature is by druids...In Ireland, the amount of poetic/druidic material in substantial...the bulk of the source material is unpublished, and still untranslated - R. J. Stewart (Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids)

The earliest Christian missionaries found the native religion extinct, and themselves took the name of Culdees from inhabiting the Druids' empty cells - Prof Todd (Quoted in Bonwick's Irish Druids And Old Irish Religions) ...

Evidence from the Heavens

Col. Vallencey has proved, as clear as the sun at noon, that the ancient gods of the Greeks and Romans came from the Hyperboreans - Godfrey Higgins

Proof that a supremely educated elder race of adepts lived for extended periods of time in Northern Europe and Asia is made evident from a study of astronomy. Astronomically, certain cycles of luminaries, planets, stars, and constellations may only be observed and noted from specific locations on earth. These various sidereal cycles are of such immense duration that they simply cannot be reckoned by any tribe or nation not geographically stable for an extended period. In short, the exceptional class of men responsible for precise astronomical calculations, and resident at the requisite geographical location, were the Megalithic Irish and Nordic elders displaced to Europe and Asia from shattered Western habitats. They were the Hyperboreans or Atlanteans, and it was they and their descendants who were [Ron: in this current historical era] the world's first master astronomers, astrologers, geomancers, and cyclopean monument designers.

They profess to have great knowledge of the motions of the heavens and the stars - Pomponius Mela (on the Druids)

As scholar Godfrey Higgins explained:

In his treatise on the origin of the sciences in Asia, that most excellent man and great astronomer Baillie has undertaken to prove that a nation possessed of profound wisdom of elevated genius and of an antiquity far superior even to the Egyptians or Indians, immediately after the flood, inhabited the country to the north of India between the latitudes 40 and 50 degrees - (Anacalypsis)

The megalithic yard is much older...and was certainly in use in Britain as early as 3500 BC, at which time the Minoan civilization was still a full thousand years short of its ultimate emergence. Since there is little or no evidence of the existence of the megalithic system within central or southern Europe, the inference must surely be that the Minoan civilization ultimately responded to ideas that had originated further West - Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe (The Knights Templar Revealed)

Several thousand years ago, a highly civilized and cultured people lived happily and abundantly in a paradise near the northern polar regions. All the major religions on earth, of whatever nationality, state emphatically that they were the original five races of mankind. In Judaism and Christianity, we call this paradise Eden. The Hindus call it Uttara Kuru. The Tibetan Buddhists call it Khedar Khand (Country of God Shiva) and Shambala. It was also called Sivariya or Sibirya (Land of God Shiva), now called Siberia. The ancient Greek historians and myths referred to it as Hyperborea. The Chinese Taoists don't call it by a specific name, but they do describe it as a type of paradise where men lived in complete harmony with Nature - Gene D. Matlock (What Strange Mystery Unites the Turkish Nations, India, Catholicism, and Mexico?)

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