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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

What is a Semite and who are the Jews?
By Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
Dec 22, 2009 - 7:24:00 AM

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What is a Semite and who are the Jews?

Ron: Octavia says ‘This is "teaching" tape rather than a "meeting" tape, only dharma and Hatonn were present. This is not the full content of the tape. The tape stops at count 7:20 on side 1b and restarts at 7:21 with Hatonn reading from Journal #38 The Dark Charade, p.102 heading "Hook The Facts On Your Own Star" paragraph 5.  Subject matter—The Protocols of Zion.'
Thanks for finding this Octavia.
This referenced  website appears to have been “suspended”.
Good Afternoon, this is April 13th your year 1992. I am Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, I come in service in Radiance unto the Holy God. I'm going to put this information to tape so that it can later be transcribed without our having to reproduce it through the computer.

It's a subject that continues to dominate the thought processes as ones make contact with us. I know that you readers and listeners are extremely weary of the subject, but continually comes the question--what exactly is a Semite? We don't quite understand what you mean by Khazarian. We don't understand what it is that we are being told, by the masses of politicians, as regards to Semites; because obviously if you are accused of being an anti-Semite, that's an extremely derogatory term—apparently. It's a subject that cannot, I assume, have enough conversation regarding it. Its one which is extremely important: because it will point out the misleading information that you have been given over a period of time. And especially in this particular day and age when the elite cartels, the elite conspirators are utilizing all weapons against you in their intent to accomplish and have operative their plan. It's called Global Plan 2000 by year 2000. And part of the assault is through what is called this day, "Jewry". and " Zionism". Both terms were unknown, as the early days of biblical writings were laid forth but you will find that many of the early biblical writings were put forth in order to deceive you even then; because  there would always be the plan for this change  of millennia, for the takeover of the evil empire if you will.

It doesn't matter to me to be called Semite or anti-Semite or whatever you want to call me. I know who I am, I would hope that you ones are beginning to know who you are. These particular types of accusations are painful because they hurt the very ones who believe themselves to be among, the group of accusers and they are not.  You who claim these labels and titles from your heritage must come into the understanding that you have been misled and ones have come forth to take your heritage.

I want to give appreciation to one who has become a scholarly friend of mine, has read what we have written extremely carefully detail by detail and researched the work long before he ever heard of a Hatonn,. He was researching and trying to speak out and bring truth and ofcourse no-one would listen and if he came onto a radio station where there would be an interview all you would get was total disrespect; because that is the way the game is played. Gain control of your media and your press and only that which they want you to hear can come into your ears. This person oh—pens his name and does a lot of writing to various and sundry periodicals so I feel free to recognise him; I will not do more than that  I will simply recognize him by his last name, his surname; because I like to give honour unto the heritage. His name is Bokos and he spends great amounts of time in making communication with me, via the pen. And he writes the following to me, from March 30th," if you really want to get serious without playing games, you have my permission to print this. "When I read your statement in the Liberator of March 17th 1992, where you said [quote] "Miss Goodman, the most ungracious and insulting person who wrote saying she was tattling to the World Zionist Organization regarding our filth and lies" [end quoting] "this made me sore as hell and I decided the time has come to do something, namely write about who is a Semite and enquire of you, who is a Semite" He also goes on to say, in the same article, you're quoted as "I was a Judean and I was a Semite from the tribe of Shem". Commander Hatonn some don't know that all the twelve tribes of Israel, were from Shem, even King Herod's people the Edomites were descended from Shem. Namely Esau- Edom"

Todays supported Jews and all the descended from Shem had one thing in common; they made up the bulk of the white race. The descendants of Ham were black and Noah's son Japheth's people were golden or bronze, their complexions were like the later Greeks, Persians, Armenians and Khazars. We'll have to back up a little bit because so many of the Greeks, originally, before they became mixed with the nations about them such as Turkey, were very fair people, blondes, blue eyed, statuesque people and therefore as we read historically we will have to allow you ones to recognize the changes as history has unfolded; because what you perceive from today's observations, may not be what were present at the time of the writing of the history.

We are going to speak in terms of black and white and golden and bronze, but it matters not for all human, all men, were created equal. You only have diversity in the colour of the complexion. The reflection of God, in image, is that reflection of Light, of soul energy, so don't become confused by colours, but you will find in those early biblical writings they were very, very much concerned with black and white and maybe as you can see the unfolding of the bigotries that existed at that given time, that you will find that therein lies the bigotry itself. So please listen to me with an open mind as we go along here, so that I might explain this a little bit.

The Reformation as it was called, made many changes in the old Bible—the King James version. Now why would they want to make changes and for whom? Why do you suppose that King James would want to make changes in the Bible: even King James labelled this Bible seditious: which means resistance to unlawful authority and would not read it. Friends that should tell it all to you! In the Bibles before the King's version Shem was always called Sem, Noah's first born and the father of the white race. His people were Semites and consequently they were white. Interestingly enough Ham's people were black, they were the Hamites and they all spoke Hebrew. This was the tongue spoken in the world before the flood, of Noah; the tongue Enoch spoke, as a matter of fact. You see as you move along and you watch the unfolding of the Khazarian tribes mixing and mingling then with the Judeans, the Hebrews, there was created a language recognized later as Yiddish….don't confuse Yiddish with Hebrew….. the tongue was called Hebrew in Enoch's time…..after the flood,…. as Nimrod came into power and started building the  Tower of Babel, the tongues were changed to many various tongues… a matter of fact to stop or delay the building of Babel. But Sem had a nephew who didn't consent to the building of Babel, his name was Heber and Heber's tribe spoke the tongue they spoke on the Ark and their tongue became known as Hebrew; named after Heber, and the people of his tribe became known as Hebrews.

 Its interesting to note and this was pointed out to me and I'll share…… the number of different Semites or whites in Europe today who still speak Hebrew and they don't even know it and here it is almost the year 2000 when all this stuff is supposed to come to be. It shows what a wonderful job your churches have done, in keeping you asleep, doesn't it? A few years before Richard Burton died as a matter of fact and this again is pointed out to me and quoted ]and I quote] "I heard him on D.Cavett's program and he said to D. Cavett" [quote] "you know Welsh is almost pure Hebrew" [end quote]. Well if you do a bit of studying you are going to find that this is absolutely true. What Mr Burton didn't know or at least he didn't say, was that Welsh was today called Gallic and the people or countries that speak Gallic, I suppose some of you call it Gaelic are Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Isle of Man and Cornwall.

In Isaiah back in your Bible… it says "my people shall be called by a new name". which is the way it is, but they still speak Hebrew in Europe. I supposed today's, or so called, Jews will be mad at this revelation; because they want to keep that for themselves… somehow only is allowed to be reflected, those descendants or one or two of the tribes…. well when are you going to reclaim your heritage; because, if in fact, history is in any measure correct, you all come from one or another of those tribes, don't you?

We always have to go back to this idea of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel and they went forth and they had children. How could they do that if there was only Adam and Eve? That would require that these sons having sexual relationships with their mother….. I think not, I believe you will have to come to agree with me to some extent, there is error present, whether intentional, through the act of years of translations, there are errors present.

 Along the Coat or Arms of Scotland is the Lion of Judah. Now why would they have a Coat of Arms which holds a lion called The Lion of Judah? And in the Coat of Arms would be this rather tropical animal and yet in the Highlands, they have ice and snow in winter… this is not feasible it isn't even reasonable ……the Coat of Arms of Ireland, is King David's Harp, Zerah and Perez, and you can look back into Genesis and Matthew and find the proof right there. Now this should put an end to who is a Semite and who is an anti-Semite!

In the world today there are 2,200,000 Sephardic Jews these are descendants of Esau-Edom; they are Semites, being as they are from Isaac, by Jacob, by birth. About 300,000 to 400,000 live within the United States of America but a startling revelation is now come forth. Entwined with Edomites, today's Sephardim or Sephardem are a people who come from Turkey and guess what, these ones are called the Khazars. These people moved North and took over a land called Magog, Ever heard of that; the land of Gog and Magog? I hope that you will remember it!

 They subjugated it in 740 A.D. These Turkish Khazars, descendants from Noah's son Japeth, who was not a Semite, converted to Judaism. Now we have written greatly about this, friends, please go back and read the historical information I have given you on this subject of Khazarianism. This is how these Turkish Khazars became converted; Turks, God's chosen they called themselves. They created Zionism which is simply a political party like Democrats and Republicans. These Turkish Khazar's are the biggest criers of anti-Semitism and they aren't even Semites as I've told you before! So in a sense they are the anti-Semites in their thrusting out at you; because if you are not of them, you are by all historical data, Semite yourself! I don't care what colour you are if you are not of them, you are Semite by terminology. In Israel today the Khazars treat the Sephardic Jews whose last King was Herod, as second class citizens. I've written greatly about that also. These precious ones—are prisoners in their own house, their own nation…. they are basically outcasts and its time that you ones began to accept that there are possibilities of different historical facts that have been presented to you and as necessary your holy Bible has been tampered with and adjusted, to fill the needs today, of these elite deceivers.

 We realise that it isn't generally known but you are faced with having to understand that 80-90% of today's world Jewry are these Turkish converted Khazars who some of your top religious leaders are calling God's chosen and joining in and saying,  "I am a Zionist and proud of it". Even your President, in this very prior week, got up before a group and addressed them "fellow Zionists".  I remind you this is the group who intends to take your world from you. It seems you have to believe everything you hear in church because somehow by flashing this "book"….. they give themselves credibility. You must open your eyes and ears…. you are accepting as the word of God, men's pronouncements, set forth to deceive you.

I've told you in great length about those in Europe who speak Hebrew I don't want to bore you with those details again… but in Bibles before the King James version, for instance in Zachariah 14:14., it says "and Judah even shall fight against Jerusalem", this confirms that even Judah shall fight the impostors who today occupy these lands that are now stolen from Palestine and called Israel. In that King James version, in Zachariah 14:14 it says "and Judah shall also fight at Jerusalem"….. notice it doesn't say against Jerusalem, precious ones.

The Reformation is doing its cover-up work and it's doing it very well, your falling for it….so you Journal readers and listeners, please understand that the genuine one labelled Jew is in full agreement with this information. This friend was on the radio and a rabbi called him called in on the station and he said "I agree with everything you say, how can we get the word forth to the people so that they understand, that they are losing their heritage"? You see no longer is it the Torah or the religion of the ancient tribes practiced. Jewry has fallen into a new religion, well its old to you but its new enough and they go by a book written by man not even intended to be inferred from God called the Talmud and from this group of elders called the Elders of Zion came the Protocols……… quite frankly for the taking of the world and the Communist Manifest and all great Plan 2000 programmers are working from that plan and it is working incredibly superbly.

I would like to believe that the following wouldn't be a fact but I'm afraid it is…. my friend’s first name is John and he has written the following " in speaking with reporters in Canada, were George and Desiree Green…. and it became clearly recognised by them that no-one knew what they were talking about when they spoke of Semitism; therefore I'm assuming they were telling the crowd who today's Semites really are, and who are those who call themselves Jews, and are not; from Revelation 2:9 and Revelations 3:9 .And you Hatonn were quoted as saying "all I can do is remind you that we are the Semites and Jews, and those Zionist Khazarians are not".  Also, you state "I am embarrassed for mankind and the foolishness projected in ignorance, you are right and I can understand your position, but your readership and flock don't know what you are talking about; because they have been so badly brainwashed by our clergy, who some call Gods chosen and Jesus called them" [quote] "your father is the devil" [end quote] John 8:44. It's like telling the people the world is round after being told for years its flat, the following would remove the scales from the eyes of your readers and put them in tune to what you are saying.

In today's world Jewry, there are actually two factions; the Khazars who today constitute 85-90% of the world Jewry who are really Turkish people  by origin, some of our first line Christian ministers call these converted Turks God's chosen. Isn't that something? This also shows who is teaching you….these Turkish Khazars ruled over the area described in Ezekiel 38 and 39 so their old name years ago was Gog and Ezekiel 38 and 39 says that they would be in Palestine, today's Israel in the last days and its just where they are now. Wonderful! And a new species of buzzard which lays three or four eggs has been multiplying for over the last ten years there getting ready for the coming feast".

 Now this hits pretty hard, and this goes along with prophecies which you ones should be paying attention to. As a matter of fact you will find that the vultures, the scavengers have been recreating very, very rapidly and its pretty unnerving right around this particular area to find whole swarms, I'm talking two or three hundred birds in a given swarm circling and circling and circling and passing on overhead toward the coast line, they sense, they know the time of cleansing is upon the world and If you watch the progression of these scavenger birds you will find that they recognize the changing of the cycles and are responding in kind. I'm not going to go into great depth on the subject of Gog and Magog we covered it beautifully and I give great credit and honour to this man for sharing with us. If you'll get a copy of the Phoenix Liberator of 12/24/91 you'll find exactly who these people are, and where there were one or two errors in deciphering the information, I have deciphered it, so you can consider it quite accurate.

It's the other faction now, next to the Khazars in power in Israel today, that are called Sephardic Jews and on April 13th 1986, for the first time, the Pope, the Pope of Rome friends, the catholic Pope visited a synagogue and this was the first time since early biblical times that that happened. Then what happened—Pope John said "I thank divine providence because it was given to me the task of visiting our elder brother in the faith of Abraham, in their Rome synagogue. So who do you think is fooling who? What kind of games do you think must be going on…. after all these eons of time… now we are going to hold hands and play tiddly-winks together. I think they have a great deal more in mind for you than that…. and this statement seems to speak volumes.

 The reason today's so called Jews, but are not, are the Sephardic Jews….you can look to Genesis 25.verses 24 and 25 and also chapter 26. Esau was first, then after him came his brother with his hand holding the heel of Esau, so then they called his name Jacob and there it is…..Jacob holdng the heel of Esau the elder brother, as they were born. As time went on Esau's name changes and becomes Edom; Amalek; Hellonist; Idumeans; which are today's Sephardic Jews. And then comes more—the Gagittes, before known as Edomites and at this time the Khazars were still taking care of their thing in Magog, taking tributes from the subjected subjects; that's what they were the very best at remember and quite rightly friends, they have never changed.  That's still what they are best at, the commercial community, the totally physical asset oriented society.

In about 164 BC., when the Maccabees took control of Jerusalem it was in ruins and you can look that up very easily. Then in about 125 BC John Hyracanus the Maccabean, after a number of raids by Antipater the Edomite, who was King Herod's grandfather, who in turn raided Judea, came to a halt when Hyracanus slaughtered the Edomites on the battlefield. So after the Edomites were defeated by the Maccabees, that ask what they could do to stay in the land of their forefathers, it was decreed that they would have to be circumcised and adopt Judaism.

So here you have got it again, they would have to adopt Judaism which means the Old Testament religions and at this point they called their religion Judaism--even though it's the Talmud—your traditions of the Elders: Now these people had no wish to be a part of that and yet this was required of them and here you get the break (the phone rings)—but I see that we get very little break, you will please forgive the phone calls I'm going to have to start weeding them out because they come frequently and it taking regular time to remove the phone calls from this tape, please bear with us. So next we see it happening ….where in the world did this term Jew come from…well when the Edomite converted to the Maccabees, they automatically became known as Jews. Anyone, Persian, American, Greek, Arab, who accepted the Old Testament became known as a Jew, like today when black, white, yellow or brown convert to Catholicism  they become Catholic regardless of their nationality. So when the Edomites were converted by Hyracanus—the Maccabees, they became known as Jews. I hope this is getting through to you being as how none of the Herods had Jewish blood—Judeans. [Ron: Here I think Hatonn is saying that none of the Herods had Judean blood.]

As time went on and the Maccabees power started to disintegrate an Edomite by the name of Herod was making plans for taking over Judea and he bribed Mark Anthony the Roman, who convinced Caesar Augustus, and Herod was made King—in  Rome, of Judea in 40BC. But the Maccabees resisted Herod and his takeover of Judea and for years this resistance went on. Then with General Sossius of Rome and Herod's forces, he crushed the Maccabees with a total slaughter and massacre of men, women and children—and now comes the secret to the riddle of those who called themselves Jews, and are not. Revelations 2:9 and Revelations 3:9. When Herod the Edomite took over Judea he instituted his own priesthood the Pharisees and now we are going to get to where even your religious leaders speak of the Pharisees, so I don't understand, what it is they don't understand about Semitism. These books or bibles, were the tradition of the Elders and are today called the Talmud—Pharisees we are talking about, remember—the Pharisees and the Sadducees from biblical times—well these are the Pharisees……. so please, when they were converted by John Hyracanus in 125 BC to be circumcised, and accepted the Old Testament, they were called Jews,[Ron: Judeans?] like today if a person is black, white, yellow or brown and converts to Catholicism, he gets called Catholic, remember, I just said that. But he is still French, German, Norwegian whatever, but he's still called a Catholic. When the Edomite went back to their own religion, they still kept the name Jew [Ron: Judean?] as if their Bible was still the Old Testament, which they should have renounced.  So now we've got a confusion factor going here of about a fog factor 25 or 50, 230 or 2001.

 So lets have it just one more time because it is the secret to the riddle of Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9 those who called themselves Jews and are not—again, so it sinks in, are Elders Talmudist, they kept the name Jews as if their bible was still the Old Testament. So instead of calling themselves Talmudists, which was suitable and which they are, they called themselves Jews [Ron: originally "Judeans']so they can hide in the heritage of Israel and King David to convince you, that they are the people of the book. It's been the secret of the ages and I might add very, very well kept; in its confusion. So friends, who might it be today that worships at the Wailing Wall, Jews of Edomites, think about it—could it be that the Herodians, Edomites kept the name Jew to escape the plagues the Bible had in store for them, Romans 9:13 speaks of it—"Edom, the people against whom the Lord has indignation forever" and Isaiah 34:5, "for my sword is bathed in heaven, behold it shall come down on Edomea" Greek name for Edom and "upon the people my curse to judgement" and on and on and on—always the same people. In the second book of Maccabees which was dropped from the Scriptures by Protestant reformers, and why do you suppose they would do that and how can your bible be complete and you believe every word if the Reformers removed part of it ? Could this have happened more than once? I would guess, I would certainly guess so!

Tape 1b

……..or a homecoming as they put it, but there had to be just a few little changes in the history so that no-one would notice that the wrong people were coming home, to the wrong place. The reason the Edoms today call themselves Sephardic Jews is to get out of the plan of the Lord…. which has been laid for Edom or is perceived to be laid for Edom. In Genesis 26:34……… it says "that the Lord will make war with Amalek" which is called Edom, "from generation to generation" and John points out that in Exodus it is repeated. John 8:33 it says "Edom never was in bondage"! There were only 12 tribes of Israel and they were never in captivity in Egypt and in Numbers 20:20, Amalek or Edom came out against captive Israel as it left Egypt. Israel's first war!  In Deuteronomy 2:29," the children of Esau dwell in Edom" or Samuel 30:17  "David from morning to night, slaughtered the Amalekites or the Edomites….. and on and on it goes…. and as it mentioned in "Who is Gog" all the descendants (the phone rings)   of Sem……..well I again apologize, I can get from one part of universe into another in a split second, but I cannot control your contraptions……so let us see where we were……oh yes……this was all spelled out quite frankly, in "Who is Gog" and where do the ones called Gog come from? …All the descendants of Sem one of the sons of Noah, who are white or Sem-ites., Semites. The Reformation made that change by calling Sem, Shem, which was appropriate enough, but it does throw you ones, for one of the proverbial loops

Now the so called Sephardic Jews, really Esau-Edom are white and Semites, then as the Pope said in the synagogue visiting our [quote]  "Elder Brothers" [end quote ] then Jacob, Esau's brother, must be white and he must also be Semite, wouldn't that make sense? So who are the Caucasians?........ Interesting question—right? Maybe we'll just leave that there…. and remind you that, you, me, I, are the Semites and the Jews, they, them, however you wish to designate this and the Khazarians who call themselves Zionists, are not…… Now I don't believe that you will ever have heard this, coming from church and its really sad; because the doctrines require that you come into a church society and raise your hand to the "book" and say "I believe every word in the book" and you in your zeal swear that you do, so that you can socially participate with this particular group and you don't know what you are swearing to.

Now we will add a little PS, to this which is interesting and thought provoking… if Herod the Edomite built the Temple for his people, who today worships at the Wailing Wall, Jews or Edomite? All the Jews, Judeans, hated Herod because a non Jew, Herod ruled them…. and they have been waiting ever since to get even. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and I'll take the world too while I'm at it…… and therefore you end up in serious trouble; because you don't know your history….. and I agree with ones who write and say what business is it of mine—well it is my business, I come as one of the hosts to bring the Master Teacher who has now earned his stripes, and is one with God…. and this nonsense has gone on long enough on your place, you have brought great damage unto this beautiful, beautiful creation gifted unto you. You were to be stewards and you have been deceived and you have become people of the lie… and its very sad very sad indeed that it has come to this…. but until you can come into balance with that which is, you cannot change that which might be. Tape count 7:20

Salutations from end of tape.

SALU AND ADONAI, MITAKUYE  OYASIN. for all my relations, for all your relations, for we are but one in God.

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