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PJ 66



WED., MARCH 31, 1993   9:03 A.M.   YEAR 6, DAY 227




Dharma and E.J. have been trying every known means of man to get a court hearing on ANY of the many diverse court battles ongoing--for over five years. Not only have they not had a JURY as is Constitutional--they have yet to even be recognized in any of the courts from the Federal to the Municipal, or, through some 15 separate Judges in the Superior Court in Kern County. BUT, DHARMA NOW GETS A SUMMONS TO JURY DUTY--THE VERY SAME WEEK AS SHE HAS AT LEAST TWO COURT APPEARANCES ON THE UNI­VERSITY OF SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY CASE IN FEDERAL COURT IN THE EASTERN DISTRICT (note that the Federal system does NOT go by States and Coun­ties--it goes by "districts")???!! And, furthermore, it comes off in Fresno--a long distance from home or county system.


Please look for the clues and humor in EVERY instance--it will keep you sane AND you'll see the organized system against you AT WORK. This means that you must be "gentle as a dove and shrewd as the serpent himself"! When you think you cannot go further--remember this, YOU CAN! Alternative thinking is a MUST if you are to make it, chelas. It most certainly CAN BE DONE if you stay the course. Salu.






And readers, how is your day?




One of our own team members spoke with a deputy in Sacra­mento, working with us on the Constitutional Law Center theft problem, because reports had not yet been typed-up and follow-up had been lacking.


The deputy was just leaving, as the call came in, for machine gun practice. He said they are "anticipating a hung jury on the Rodney King trial possibly by April 1st (tomorrow). "If that happens," he said, "we can expect Los Angeles to 'go up in smoke' and all surrounding cities, probably nationwide, are ex­pected to have their 'hands full' ."


READERS, IT IS NERVOUS TIME--PLEASE SQUARE THINGS AROUND WITH GOD AND ATTEND YOUR SE­CURITY PREPARATIONS. All these things are being coordi­nated to "hopefully" come down in pretty close sequence to overwhelm the nation. It is expected that all major cities will come under announced "martial law" (which of course is already present) but, moreso, Los Angeles' Federal martial law was never removed SINCE THE RIOTS FOLLOWING THE LAST RODNEY KING TRIAL.




I think an experience on the jury panels would be wondrous for our writer, if we had time for same. I'm quite sure "they" would dismiss her as I believe the court would be in for some enlightenment as she would train the jurors on "juror responsi­bility"--we'll see for later.


However, we have so many subjects begging for hearing that we are overwhelmed. Further, I must take time to offer some re­sponse to the many loving letters received with such blessings and inquiries of "Where from here?" By now, you ones will have received the first issue of CONTACT. I believe you will see that it will, in fact, be an even more encompassing infor­mation digest. We will find it appropriate to run some things in the paper which are a bit more controversial, i.e., the notice re­garding "militias", long rifles, etc., in Waco. But, realize that our thrust is to FULLY inform and, now, it becomes even more urgent to meet needs of ones such as Center for Action (Gritz), Native American problems, etc., due to our change in adven­tures.


For instance, Dharma is staring at one of the most startling rev­elations of Bush's misadventures. The title: Is George Bush the World's Leading Child Molester? The document (special report) comes from "Australia"! Its lead-off says:


On December 31 the President of the United States of Amer­ica arrives in Australia for a visit. George Bush is arguably al­ready the most powerful man on Earth. Currently he is striving to introduce what he terms a "New World Order", supposedly for the benefit, prosperity, and peace of all mankind.


To give one man as much power as Mr. Bush craves could be dangerous, even if that man were the most honourable on Earth. But is Mr. Bush honourable? Is he really the type of man to have control over our children's futures? Is he a saint? Or is he a HOMOSEXUAL CHILD ABUSER & part of a powerful child exploitation & pornography ring that controls America & per­haps the Western World? You decide---!


I think to spark a bit of interest and then return to our subject of "mind-control", we'll just share the FOREWORD about this particular Special Report.




In November 1988, a relatively small financial institution called the Franklin Federal Community Credit Union, located in Nebraska, U.S.A., collapsed. Its demise marked the beginning of the end for a man named Larry King, (not Larry King "Live"--but he got tangled up in it all at any rate), a once flam­boyant mover and shaker with Republican Party political circles.


It also marked the opening of the biggest can of worms in American political history; a can of worms that discloses new light on George Bush and his high-placed friends and business associates, and raises the biggest question marks possible re­garding the integrity of America's political and judicial systems, and even the integrity of the highest political position in the country, the Presidency. Such question marks in turn should cause all of us to seriously query the appropriateness of rushing headlong into joining the U.S. in its "New World Order".


With the collapse of the Franklin Federal Community Credit Union came the inevitable "official investigation", the proverbial bureaucratic equivalent of closing the gate well after the horse has bolted. In this case, however, the improprieties and even illegalities associated with the Franklin Credit Union's business soon paled into insignificance under an avalanche of allegations of a massive child sex and pornography ring that involved some of America's most powerful businessmen, community leaders, and politicians.


This Special Report is about those allegations; about the peo­ple who have made them; the people named; and most importantly about the official corruption and cover-up employed to keep the truth from coming out. A dark trail of cover-up in­volving lies, deceit, perversion of the natural course of justice, tampering with witnesses, rigged juries, threats, mysterious accidents, and even murder, leading all the way to the Oval Office of the White House.




This Special Report is dedicated to the memory of the late Gary Caradori, a brave and relentless official investigator for the Franklin Senate Committee, who was murdered in the course of obtaining much of the information enclosed in this Report. Mr. Caradori joins the ranks of the small band of committed "White Knights" to whom all my work is dedicated. [C: I shall keep this author's identity private for this interim period.] Little Fairy Princess, wherever you are, although we may lose such a champion from time to time, our numbers con­tinue to swell every day. The Good Guys DO win in the end!




* * *


So, in answer to the inquiries, we shall continue to "keeping on" until they silence us--IF THEY CAN. We do not intend that that happen. Where are the Ekkers? Dharma is at the keyboard and E.J. is handling six law-suits, myriads of prob­lems both personal and financially associated to the "impossible" situation with Green and US&P. Remember: "The Good Guys DO win...." The tents are down--not because they may not yet be needed but because the adversarial "PLANNING COMMIT­TEE" of the local Community Services District (who also sent a notice of water shut-off on the same day) ordered them DOWN--in violation of some kind of regulation or another. We really didn't understand if it was violation of the "tent stakes" or the holes in the tenting because measuring for "set-backs" was care­fully attended. Then the interesting incident came as the lot on which the tents were sitting has an option on it by Ekkers with the "owner"--but, came a nice sheriff and said that "owner" demanded that the tents be removed. The sheriff was very friendly and allowed a week for "action". Yes the going gets rough, chelas, but you are strong enough to handle it if you but stay the course for as a door closes--another always opens. WE ARE NOT FINISHED BY ANY CONSIDERATION!


As for the "tapes"; please be patient--we simply have not had time for other than Board meetings, etc. We will on occasion have open meetings again as friends wish to share with us here but there has simply been no time nor has it been appropriate in all the morass of confusion and assaults. We have had surveil­lance teams actually caught in the process of "bugging" and lis­tening with sophisticated eavesdropping equipment. Funny thing is that we publish or loudly share everything going on--ALL THE TIME. Well, the boys must have their games I sup­pose.


Now that Cort has "had his baby" we can look forward to his being swamped for a while in sorting all the corporations. Then he will be putting together a whole taped seminar (which will go forth as The Word tapes, along with any meeting tapes we have suitable. We have no right to use your support funds for dumping business meetings on your already burdened ears. There will be a radio program on the 10th with Sam Russell--we'll see if I as "Ceres" can pull off a coup and avoid swamping in the George Green "stuff". There is so very much going on, like at this very instant, a massive blast against our shields as they continue to bombard the Western fault system, that I am sorely tempted to refuse to even speak on the subject. This will be a "tape" for sharing. Thank you ones for noticing that it has been a while that tapes have not gone out. It is not the fault of the ones "in charge" for Diane had her baby one day and both she and "Daddy" were back at work the next. With Gaiandriana their responsibility for packing, there was no allowance for much R&R. I am so honored--my crew is totally dedicated to work as fast and as long as necessary to meet the needs of the day. Bless you ones for inquiring.


I believe this paper just issued as CONTACT No.1 is the best so far--so, perhaps Ceres is better than Hatonn? And, let's hear it for Dharma Wokini and the staff who are breaking their backs to present as much as they can. I have the pride of a Father as I watch my team pick up the "cross and make firewood of it"! With this kind of dedication do any of you actually think GOD will let them down? "Make my day!"




Our new baby "Son" is called Luke Elion. Luke means "Light", El means "of the elders of Light", Elion means "of the lion (God)" also the "great spirit" who comes just prior to the coming of God (Elijah). There is always the ONE who comes just prior to or with.... No, Jenny and Cort did NOT know this when they chose the babe's name, in fact, they expected a baby girl. We are indeed blessed as these children of God come to take their places in proper sequence of service. THIS, chelas, IS THE EVIDENCE OF THE PROMISE OF GOD UNTO YOU, HIS PEOPLE!


Let us now turn to the subject material under way on the yester­day.








[This writing follows directly on from the prior offering where we left off with Bioeffects of Microwave Radiation.]


The Government's past record of abuses in the area of civil rights is well documented. Within the past 30 years alone, we have witnessed the effects of Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO.


Primarily because of MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COIN­TELPRO, Executive Orders and implementing regulations were published which prohibited military and CIA domestic covert

intelligence operations. Experiments on involuntary human subjects and the surveillance of/collection of personal informa­tion on U.S. citizens, except under strictly regulated conditions, were also prohibited.


Congressional committees were created to oversee compli­ance with these (quasi-) prohibitions. We have evidence that this is not being done. Moreover, where there are laws and, in this case, no laws enacted, there are loopholes as well as indi­viduals and institutions who deliberately capitalize upon the ex­istence of loopholes. Iran-Contra is one of the more blatant re­cent examples. Loopholes are also found in government resort­ing to "black" intelligence and weapons programs, in the use of contractors, and in the absence of clear definitions of such terms as "national security" and "national security risk".


Executive Orders and regulations which currently limit offi­cial U.S. Intelligence activities do not extend to non-intelligence government agencies or to their contractors. In fact, Executive Order 12333 specifies that government contractors do not need to know that their services support U.S. Intelligence objectives.


In its report of July 8, 1992, the Senate Subcommittee on Oversight of Government management addresses the problem of tracking funds granted to government-contracted research and development (R&D) centers. The report notes that the problem is compounded by DoD's penchant for creating hard-to-monitor "shell" contractors as disbursement centers for funding pro­grams.


Neither shell contractors nor their subcontractors are directly accountable to Congress. Being beyond Congressional over­sight, they have the license to operate as Government surrogates in intelligence operations about which, "officially", they know nothing.


In this context, a publication disseminated at DA's "The Sol­dier As a System" symposium noted that the Army's Research and Technology Program sponsors 42 laboratories and R&D centers, employing approximately 10,000 scientists and engineers. The annual budget of $1.3 billion is only a small part of overall DoD research spending.


Weapons research, which includes the development and test­ing of "non-lethal" weapons, is not governed by laws restricting the activities of U.S. Intelligence agencies, though it may be presumed that these agencies contribute to and benefit from such research.




  • 1. The technology exists for the types of harassment and ex­perimentation reported to us.
  • 2. About a dozen U.S. citizens have informed us of continuing experiences with effects which directed-energy weapons are designed to produce.
  • 3. U.S. Government-sponsored research into the bioeffects of exposure to microwave radiation is extensive and contin­uing.
  • 4. The U.S. Government has a past record of having engaged in mind-control experimentation and various agencies of the Government have a record of circumventing legal re­strictions upon their activities.
  • 5. Neither Congress nor the courts appear willing to look closely into "black" intelligence and weapons procurement programs.
  • 6. A number of U.S. Government agencies might have interests in testing directed-energy technologies on U.S. citizens under non-clinical/non-controlled circumstances--DoD, to test ranges and degrees of "non-lethality"; DoE, to explore "safety" limits; CIA, to test "mind-control" capabilities, and NSA, for technological refinement.








PJ 66



WED., MARCH 31, 1993   11:17 A.M.   YEAR 6, DAY 227






Electronics Surveillance Project

December 1992


Since publication of the preceding article less than four months ago, the Association of National Security Alumni/Electronic Surveillance Project has heard from an addi­tional 13 individuals who report both overt harassment and a range of symptoms which coincide with the known effects of exposure to microwaves, electromagnetic/radio frequency (RF) radiation and/or infrasound.


The similarity of these symptoms will be addressed in greater detail in future Project reports. Suffice it to say, at this point, that the physical and psychological symptoms being reported to us are consistent with the effects which directed-energy weapons are designed to produce. Indeed, the numerous afflictions (or "inflictions") being reported appear to parallel standard torture "sequelae" (after effects).


[Wokini, you ones will pay particular attention to this sub­ject for it will answer a lot of questions for you personally, chela. Does George Green actually get thought projections or "voices" or something which legitimately makes him think Hatonn is communicating all this junk? Indeed he does! Remember, you ones come under protection as long as you abide by the rules of our Command. When the intent fal­ters--the impact begins--THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THE ADVERSARY CAN GET AT YOU, PRECIOUS--THROUGH ONES SUCH AS GEORGE, ETC. HE IS BE­ING FED INSTRUCTIONS AND MANIPULATIONS FASTER THAN WE CAN COUNTER THEM AT THIS TIME. YOU WILL ALSO HAVE TO WATCH YOUR OWN ATTORNEYS FOR THEY WILL BE RECEIVING PROGRAMMING AS WELL. DEMAND THAT THEY DO THEIR JOB "OUR" WAY--BECAUSE 'THINGS WILL BE CAUSED TO FALL THROUGH CRACKS AND CON­TACTS WILL BE MADE TO THREATEN JUDGES AND LAW FIRMS. IT IS A TIME FOR THESE THINGS AND THE SOPHISTICATION OF THESE TECHNOLOGIES ARE MIND-BOGGLING IN THEIR CAPABILITIES. This is not funny except that it "fits" so well: We must have God-re­specting attorneys--and it is all but IMPOSSIBLE to find such! So be it, we simply have to research and search until we can do so.]




Overt harassment--which obviously is meant to be observed--may be intended to "precondition" individuals for eventual long­term electronic harassment. Persons terrified by unexplained overt harassment are not likely to cope with the sudden onset of electronic harassment in any more reasoned fashion. This phased pattern of harassment is apparent in all of the cases now being investigated. The fact that the overt harassment continues in these cases even after the electronic targeting commences suggests that the objective is to maintain long-term extremes of stress.


Many of the overt harassment tactics discussed below are sur­facing in cases which (so far) have not involved discernible forms of electronic harassment. These are cases involving so-called "whistleblowers" who, because of their inside knowledge of certain potentially newsworthy events, pose particular threats of embarrassment to the Government or to government-affiliated  employers. We have noticed that electronic harassment is be­ginning to surface as a form of retaliation against persons who try to assist electronic "harassees". Retaliation suggests loss of control. Under the circumstances, we are not entirely confident that "whistleblowers" will continue to be exempted from this type of harassment in the long term.


The individuals now in touch with the Project describe their circumstances as involving most, if not all, of the following overt forms of harassment:


*   Sudden, bizarrely-rude treatment, isolation and acts of harassment and vandalism by formerly friendly neighbors.


*   Harassing telephone calls, which continue even after the targeted individual obtains new, unlisted telephone numbers.


*   Mail interception, theft and tampering.


*   Noise campaigns.


While unrelenting harassing telephone calls might be consid­ered in this context, other tactics are employed. Blaring horns, whistles, sirens, garbage disposals (run concurrently in apart­ment settings, for excessively prolonged periods of time), and amplified transmissions of recorded "general racket" have been used on a recurrent basis under circumstances intended to per­suade the individual that he or she is under surveillance.


In all of these cases, the individuals' neighbors apparently pretend to be oblivious and/or indifferent to these sudden, con­tinuous explosions of noise.


Door slamming is also a popular pastime, particularly in apartment buildings. One individual reported that, during a peak period of harassment, the neighbor across the hall began entering and leaving his apartment every 10 minutes, slamming his door loudly on each occasion. This was a daily occurrence, encompassing periods of several hours, over a period of several months.


It apparently served to trigger a door-slamming "chain reac­tion" on the part of neighbors both on that floor and on the floors immediately above and below. When our contact politely asked her immediate neighbor to close his door more quietly, he slammed the door in her face. Prior to commencement of this harassment, that neighbor had apparently been quite friendly and courteous.


In another case, the primary door-slammer is an employee of Radix Systems, Inc., Rockville, MD, a DoD contractor engaged in the "super-secret" research and development of some type of electronic equipment.


Several individuals reported recurrent, loud, strange noises in their ventilation systems during the preliminary stages of their harassment. One individual complained of being recurrently awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of wires being fed into his (independent) ventilation system. On checking fur­ther, he found that a tubular construction had been built into his vent system which appears to lead to the apartment upstairs. His upstairs neighbor is employed by the Department of Justice.


A number of individuals report that occupants of upstairs and downstairs apartments appear to follow them from room to room, tapping on the floor or engaging in other activities which appear intended to advertise an ongoing surveillance.


The Justice Department employee mentioned above went so far as to offer an unsolicited apology to her downstairs neighbor for the all-night "pacing about" in her bedroom (in the event he had happened to notice it). She claimed to be an insomniac. That pacing-about continued during her recent 36-hour absence from the area. When our contact politely alerted her to the fact that her apartment had apparently been entered during her ab­sence, she told him, in effect, to mind his own business and then immediately complained to the building manager that he was stalking her.


She conveniently forgot to inform the building manager that she had assiduously "courted" this individual for several months, without success; and that she had been stealing his newspapers on a regular basis. (On one occasion, she handed him a week's accumulation of those papers, claiming that they had been left outside the door of another apartment. Her reason for collecting and saving newspapers which had not been delivered to her di­rectly is unknown.)


* Recurrent confrontations by unusually hostile strangers; and comments by strangers which appear in­tended to evoke "paranoid" reactions.


In this context, we note that several individuals have reported confrontations with "homeless" people who, on closer examina­tion, were found to be fastidiously clean, though garbed in off­beat fashion (wigs included). The same "eccentric" confronted two of the individuals in contact with us, at separate distant lo­cations. He is reported as having feigned mental illness on both occasions, and as having apparently enjoyed creating a public scene.


* Entries into the individual's residence, during late-night hours while he/she is sleeping, and/or during the day when the individual is elsewhere.


In virtually all such cases, the burglars leave evidence of their visits, such as by relocating objects, or by committing petty and not-so-petty acts of vandalism. In two cases, the burglar's "calling card" was to slaughter caged pets, leaving the mangled carcasses inside their locked cages.


In one case, the burglar stole several pieces of correspon­dence and left a packet of crack cocaine behind as a "calling card". Our contact in this case--an individual who has no crimi­nal record and no history of experimentation with drugs--is also being harassed (stalked) by a police officer in her community. One of his recent acts was to "frame" her with a drug possession charge. After pulling her off the road (a frequent pastime) and subjecting her to an illegal search (done twice, so far), he conveniently managed to find a glassine packet of cocaine eight feet away, in front of his squad car. He retrieved the packet with his fingers and then charged her with Possession. Our contact found this packet of crack cocaine in her apartment shortly after this investigator reminded the attorney handling her case that the police officer had smudged his only piece of evidence with his own fingerprints. It would appear that someone is interested in correcting that police officer's oversight.


In another case, the individual reports that a tremendous amount of money had been stolen from a hiding place in her apartment, within hours after she had withdrawn the money from her bank. There were no obvious signs of entry into her apartment. The police conducted a cursory inquiry which failed to produce evidence of a crime worthy of investigation. (This case is an anomaly. Money is not usually stolen. Documents appear to be the preferred objects of theft, when thefts occur.)


In another case, the burglars replaced installed lightbulbs with "exploding" bulbs, many of which were Made in Hungary. The lightbulbs are now in our possession.


*     Rapidly deteriorating health, generally of a digestive nature.


In two of the cases reported, massive rectal bleeding accom­panied the sudden onset of severe gastrointestinal disturbances. One of these individuals abruptly terminated the deteriorative process simply by changing the locks on her door.


*     Sleep disruption/deprivation.


This is achieved by means of both overt and electronic ha­rassment. Sleep deprivation, as a tactic, invariably surfaces when the targeted individual begins exhibiting a strong emo­tional and irrational response to the other forms of harassment.


*     Vandalism of privately-owned vehicles. 150


Vehicles invite peculiarly ferocious attacks in these harass­ment campaigns--slashed tires, smashed windows, oil drainage, oil contamination, destruction of electronic components and batteries (frequently involving wildly fluctuating, grounded fuel gages, often within range of weapons research facilities and/or other microwave emitters); and suddenly failed brakes and clutches (possibly involving anti-traction polymers, which are also in DoD's "non-lethal" weapons arsenal). Recurrent auto thefts have also been reported.


Two individuals reported finding their oil contaminated im­mediately after having the oil changed by reputable mechanics. In one of these cases, the oil viscosified (thickened) while the individual was driving through a remote rural area. Her car ground to a halt. Getting the "gunk" cleaned out of her engine proved to be an expensive ordeal. (Viscosification agents are also lauded by the U.S. Global Strategy Council as serving "non-lethal" strategic purposes--a topic discussed in Part I of this publication. Had this woman been assaulted while awaiting help in the said isolated area, the "non-lethal" attributes of vis­cosification agents might have required redefinition).


Most of those who have experienced these attacks on a recur­ring basis have abandoned driving altogether--an objective ap­parently sought by their tormentors as a means of increasing the isolation.


*    Staged accidents.


The majority of those in touch with us have reported these types of experiences. One individual, for example, was tail­gated at a high rate of speed by two vehicles, while concurrently being threatened with a gun by one of the vehicles' occupants. Two others narrowly avoided what appeared to be deliberately attempted collisions by drivers who quickly sped away from the scene. One avoided three attempts in four days at being run off the road. One survived being run off the road in two incidents within a one-week period, which resulted in "totaling" of her two vehicles. Another narrowly avoided being crushed into an expressway retaining wall, on four occasions, by an off-duty metro bus, as well as, within the same time frame, being "fried" by two suddenly-malfunctioned household appliances which sub­sequently repaired themselves.


It should be noted that, in some of these cases, "accidental" deaths do occur. One individual in contact with us reported that his mother drove off a cliff to her death, during a period when he was researching evidence that a still-respected, high-level State Department official had passed A-bomb secrets to the So­viet Government during World War H. The accident occurred shortly after her car had undergone routine maintenance. She was returning from a dental appointment when the accident oc­curred. Witnesses state that it appeared that she had suddenly stepped on the accelerator before running off the road. The ac­cident served to terminate this person's research project.


We are also currently looking into the recent death of a woman in Lexington, MO, who was killed when the brakes on her tractor failed. We are informed that she had been collecting affidavits from persons who believe they are the targets of gov­ernment harassment and experimentation when her "accident" occurred. We are also informed that those affidavits have dis­appeared.


Suicides might also qualify as "staged accidents", particularly where "plausibly deniable" government involvement has been surfaced. We are currently looking into the recent suicide of a man in Trappe, PA, who, as early as 1981, had asked the FBI and CIA to intervene in his case. We have copies of that early correspondence. The man, a former U.S. Army radar techni­cian, had a highly technical and--given the date of his corre­spondence--"precocious" grasp of the experimental objectives apparently being sought in his case. It is apparent from his cor­respondence that he had wanted to believe that the Soviets were conducting these experiments. The FBI and CIA, of course, did not intervene. We are informed that members of his family have also been targets of this experimentation.


*     Isolation of the individual from members of his/her immediate family--virtually assured when highly focused forms of electronic harassment commence.


The exception to this is when elderly parents and young chil­dren in the family become targets for apparent purposes of in­timidation. This situation has been reported in eight of our cases, to date.


One individual (driven to extremes of stress by ongoing elec­tronic harassment focusing on her children) killed one child in an effort to protect her from further pain (The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH, June 28, 1991, p. 4-B ["Psychiatrist Testifies at Mom's Hearing"]; November 6, 1991, ("Woman Ruled Com­petent for Trial"); and December 21, 1991, p. 4-C ("Ruling Ex­pected Monday on Sanity of Parma Mother/Woman says she stabbed her 3 children to protect them"). It appears that lasers were being used in this individual's case. The targeting in­tensified after she called the Soviet Embassy to report the ha­rassment, which she believed to be U.S. Government-spon­sored. It became even more deadly when, in a further show of defiance, she then called a representative of the Iraqi Govern­ment to portray the U.S. Government's war in the Middle East as "hypocritical". She is now hospitalized in a midwestern psy­chiatric facility, where, apparently, the experimentation is now continuing.


(That psychiatric facility is in a State where a disproportion­ate number of complaints of electronic harassment are beginning to surface. It is also within range of a U.S. Air Force base which houses a "super secret" research facility. We are cur­rently looking into information that spouses and children of per­sons employed on that USAF base may be the targets of invol­untary experimentation involving directed-energy weapons tech­nologies.)


Another individual, during a telephone conversation, was told by an employee of a local power company that, if she valued the lives of her children, she would drop her public opposition to the company's installation of high power lines. Since receiving that threat, the individual's 11-year-old daughter has been re­duced to extremes of pain, resulting in her recurrent hospitaliza­tion for treatment of illnesses which cannot be diagnosed. It is now also apparent to this individual that her three-year-old son is on the receiving end of externally-induced auditory input. (DoE figures prominently in this case.)


*          Progressive financial impoverishment, brought on by termination of the individual's employment, and com­pounded by expenses associated with the harassment.


The majority of those now in contact with the Project--edu­cated, white-collar professionals--have lost their jobs. Termina­tion of employment in many of these cases involved prefatory harassment by the employer and co-workers, which coincided with the other overt forms of harassment discussed above.


These overt harassment tactics are being described as recur­rent, non-sequential and overlapping. As noted above, the overt harassment continues even after the electronic harassment com­mences.




Those individuals who have tried to resolve their respective situations through resort to "establishment" channels have in­variably encountered the following:


*          Apathy, indifference and/or professed helplessness on the part of members of Congress and state legislatures.


*          Dismissal and/or attempted discrediting by psychia­trists who refuse to include the terms, "government harass­ment", "mind-control experimentation" and "torture" in their vocabulary.


Several individuals, thinking that psychiatrists might help to alleviate the extreme stress associated with their harassment, were accorded "treatment" which clearly pointed to cooperation between their psychiatrists and members of the U.S. Intelligence community. One such psychiatrist, in fact, bragged about being a member of the U.S. Intelligence "inner circle", informing our contact that her harassment was a "Pavlovian Experiment", in­tended to "break" her.


*          Lack of interest, courage and/or competency in legal circles.


Few of those in contact with us have been able to acquire le­gal assistance--not helped by their straitened financial circum­stances. Most have found that few attorneys are willing to risk their careers by pursuing cases involving what is believed to be government-sponsored harassment and experimentation.


A few attorneys reportedly engaged in egregious violation of codes of professional conduct, in what appear to have been de­liberate efforts at sabotaging our contacts' cases. Subsequent attempts by two individuals at obtaining legal redress were met with stonewalling, obstruction, and high-level denials of wrong­doing.


*          Refusal of mass media to address this topic, except in those cases where suspected experimentees have been driven to the point of committing murder or suicide.


Such cases (particularly where an individual has claimed to be the victim of CIA-directed mind-control involving auditory input) are treated by the press as "curiosities". An example of this is the individual who shot a Navy officer outside the Pen­tagon in mid-1991. (The Washington Post, June 1, 1991, p. C-1 ["Voices" Led to Tragedy for 1 Man/Pentagon Suspect's Mother Says "Institutions Should Have Held Son"] and Decem­ber 14, 1991 p. D-3 ["Suspect in Pentagon Killing Is Found Un­fit to Stand Trial "]). He claimed to be a victim of CIA mind control, involving auditory input. According to the press, "he worried 'about being run over by trains'..." (ref. incident de­scribed in following paragraph). He is now permanently resid­ing in a psychiatric facility. He, being institutionalized, and others in the preliminary stages of his predicament are no longer of interest to the media.


Another recent case which received short-lived press atten­tion involved a woman diagnosed as having "suffered from peri­ods of confusion" who climbed over a fence onto a railroad track and walked into an oncoming train. Because the incident occurred in a community in which an unusually large number of these mind-control experiments have been reported, we are looking into the situation. The woman was reportedly "under a physician's care" because of her "periods of confusion". A family member described the physician to this investigator as "a psychiatrist". We find that the alleged "psychiatrist" is a Gen­eral Practitioner, otherwise non-accredited, practicing out of his home. We find also that the suicide may have been witnessed under peculiarly-timed circumstances by an alleged "homeless" person who has since disappeared. Needless to say, our interest has been whetted.


*    Refusal and/or inability of local police to intervene.


The tendency of local police is to dismiss an individual's complaints of government harassment as the ravings of a "fruitcake". In one case, discussed above, it is apparent that one police officer is actively cooperating in the harassment. Some police agencies, while acknowledging the reality of the situation, hesitate to intervene in cases involving what they be­lieve to be U.S. Intelligence. On a few occasions, certain police officials did attempt to intervene, based on what they perceived to be evidence of a systematic harassment/illegal surveillance campaign. Absent a clear mandate to prosecute "stalkers" act­ing under the aegis of U.S. Intelligence, the police obviously have their hands tied.


*    Refusal of the FBI to intervene in any of the cases brought to our attention, thus far.


FBI spokesmen do acknowledge that they have received a large number of requests for assistance from "mentally disturbed persons" who believe that they are being "zapped by radio waves" and/or "are hearing voices"..."from Mars, that is."


In one case, an FBI spokesman reacted in an angry, defen­sive and bizarre fashion when our contact briefly alluded to PROJECT SLAMMER as possibly being related to her surveil­lance. (PROJECT SLAMMER is a CIA-funded study, managed by CIA and FBI behavioral scientists, which explores the "mental make-up" of alleged security risks, along with their family members and close associates. Participants in PROJECT SLAMMER include NSA, DIA, and Army, Navy and Air Force Intelligence.)


Until PROJECT SLAMMER was mentioned, the FBI spokesman's approach in this case was to politely and redun­dantly explain that the law, as currently constructed, prevents the FBI's intervening in this individual's case. When she briefly pointed out that the surveillance activities might fall under the purview of PROJECT SLAMMER, the spokesman's response was to abruptly and angrily declaim, "You don't know who is conducting that surveillance! You don't know if that is a state police surveillance!...or a local police surveillance! It could be a totally unrelated operation! You don't know who is conduct­ing that surveillance! [etc., etc.]!"


It was apparent from this response that the FBI was at least acknowledging the existence of a surveillance, if in somewhat emotional fashion. The individual in question subsequently fur­nished acquired evidence to the local police, who made it clear that they are not participants in the surveillance which, based on the evidence, pointedly suggests that our contact is the target.


*    Refusal or inability of the ACLU and Amnesty Interna­tional to intervene.


Both organizations acknowledge receiving many complaints from persons claiming to be the targets of some type of elec­tronic harassment. An ACLU spokes-woman characterized the complainants as appearing to be rational, except in a few cases. The complaints are not being investigated, she said, because of  "limited resources". We have to wonder, of course, why the ACLU could recently find resources to defend the rights of prostitutes and the Ku Klux Klan, yet remains incapable of in­tervening in cases such as we are now pursuing.


Amnesty International recently informed one of our contacts that they could not intervene in her case because their focus is on the U.S. Government's treatment of prison inmates. While incarceration does appear to be one sought-for objective in these harassment/mind-control experiments, we would like to think that protections by such organizations as Amnesty International can be achieved beforehand.




To be Continued.



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