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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jun 12, 2021 - 5:47:37 AM

"When Hell Breaks Loose, it Happens Where Hell is Present. The Kingdom of Heaven is Here Too."
By Les Visible
Jun 12, 2021 - 5:45:24 AM

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June 11th 2021

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Things are getting worse in Portland. Yes... they are getting much worse. Remember Antifa and BLM? They aren't the problem anymore. Yes... they are probably still around, but they now also have more to contend with than just the collateral damage they were causing. Now they could well be in competition for The Streets with organized gangs.

If you don't keep your house clean, you attract vermin. If you don't deal with the vermin, their numbers increase. The KINDS of vermin increase as well. They are all in competition with one another for the same decomposing foods left on the plates in the sink and the litter on the floor. When you LITERALLY feed the vermin and allow it to live in your house, it is possible some form of symbiosis may occur, perhaps even inter-species breeding, given the present laxity in moral restraint.

Gee... did I just label them as vermin? Are termites vermin? Will they, LITERALLY, eat your house if you don't do anything about it, or can't afford cedar or redwood when you build or buy?

For thousands of years, residents in every country in The World, have had to be aware of threats to their stability and peace of mind. Laws were passed. Police and other enforcement authorities were hired or contracted with. Armies were raised for when Bankers wanted a war in order to maximize their profits. Intelligent city planners arranged for Vice to be in neighborhoods away from the Bürgermeisters and their offspring and associates. In Dodge City, they arranged for communities that extended back in opposite directions from the railroad tracks. On one side was Vice and on the other a supposed Virtue. The curious and the driven who ventured over to what was probably called The Wrong Side of the Tracks after a while, found that law enforcement did not pay much attention to what happened there. The profiteers and predators who ran the show in the Vice section were expected to police themselves and their establishments, which they did in ruthless fashion.

There are those now who will say that my commentary here is racist. They now have many more labels they affix to those they seek to marginalize or punish. Some of them are hilarious, though not funny at all. I suggest that people of every color, the larger amount of them, agree with me and would prefer that those who act without concern for the welfare of others be kept at a distance... somehow.

This 'somehow' has taken a variety of shapes over the years. At this time, it is not the free-ranging street predators that are the problem. The problem is those who are financing and orchestrating it all. The problem is the growing population who have soup in their heads instead of brains and who think that everyone should have an equal share of everything. This... of course, NEVER happens, but it does provide avenues through which the top predators can gain control of the whole enchilada.

Absolutely, without a doubt, a cabal of well-heeled psychopaths intends to bring a Marxist system of government to the 'relatively' free countries, and America stands as the icon of this... freedom. What we are seeing is a classic decline and fall of a culture, with the vermin chewing at the infrastructure. Meanwhile, those in control (who think they are in control) have opened the floodgates for the barbarians to have free access to the sacking of Rome. Within all the hungry hordes yearning to be free, are criminals of every stripe, and those who also intend to CONTROL the other immigrants once they get located somewhere. Of this, you can be CERTAIN!

I learn from watching Trends and Patterns. I watch what repeats, and how often. I watch what they turn into. I watch to see if this is a predictable outcome. I watch to see who is influenced and by... what. I watch human behavior, and its REACTIONS to the Trends and Patterns. I especially watch the morphing of human sexuality, because that is a ubiquitous performance of endless couplings of every kind, occurring non-stop, here, there, and everywhere. I watch to see what is permitted and what is resisted. I watch to see how this dynamic changes... if it does, and... I watch most carefully the impact of it all on the FAMILY STRUCTURE. The Family Unit IS the building block of society. What happens with that determines the levels of peace and harmony that exist in the culture.

Life in Africa is often a dismal process. Colonialism had MANY drawbacks. One needs only to study what King Leopold did in The Congo. Many things have changed in Africa in recent decades. One thing that has not changed is the welfare of the people who live there. This is because Black Despots took over from White Despots, with no net improvement whatsoever. You can say that with the colonists at least the trains ran on time, in most places, at most times, if they happened to even have trains. That, of course, is not a righteous justification. It didn't work out for Mussolini either. Despots are usually toppled with the same tactics they used themselves. One merely waits until they are obese and corrupted, and then the competition garners the loyalty of the people with promises they won't fulfill either.

I am not an apologist for colonists, nor for those who replace them. Politics, in a world supplied with the promise of Gain, is USUALLY used for the profit of those engaged in it. It would APPEAR that we are in serious trouble here... at this time. That is what it LOOKS LIKE. That is not how it is, except where it applies.

I lived my whole life without priviledge of any kind. I seldom had any money and I was often harassed and even imprisoned for speaking out of turn. That's what it came down to and it's easily confirmed. Therefore I have NO GUILT in these matters concerning events and conditions I wasn't even present for. No one is going to talk me into feeling bad about crimes I never committed. My life has changed in the last couple of decades and now it is like moonlight traveling across a still lake. That needs no further elaboration.

I recommend that you do not let appearances intimidate you. I recommend that you do the best that you can and stay away from troublesome enterprises. I recommend that you seek The Divine in every moment you can manage to think about it. That is all I can say, bereft of any details about your life, your Karma, and your perspectives and moods. All is not grim and threatening. The Light that is resident in you is superior to ANYTHING The World can throw at you.

Things have definitely gotten out of wack. Here is a TELLING example and worth it for the comments alone. This is the kind of delusion one has to contend with... if... one contends. The mad will surely extinguish themselves. This sort of crazy is everywhere that people are pressed together in tight confines. At the same time, the vaccine fallout is getting worse. This is NOT being reported on in The Crass Media.

When all Hell breaks loose, it breaks out where Hell is present. The Kingdom of Heaven is here too. If you carry yourself as a citizen of Heaven you will be in Heaven. This is how it is. There are two sides to this coin and you are defined by the side you are present in. Are you right side up or are you upside down? Are you heads, or tails? To which are you drawn, to the head or the tail? For MANY the question does not arise because the appetites and desires create such a dead-leaf smoke screen that one cannot see and does not inquire. Karma accounts for that. All that is coming is about waking you up. If you awaken ahead of time it is not necessary for you to be shaken out of sleep AGAIN. I am NOT talking about Woke, which involves a suppression of all your finer and nobler instincts.

The Avatar IS a REALITY. He has come before. We have records of his appearance at different times and in different lands. According to his previous schedule, he is due around now. I do not know the hour of his coming. No one does except Himself, and don't kid yourself, he is not constrained by any schedule that he created in the first place. He could be here instantly at ANY TIME. He comes when it pleases him to do so. He ALSO arrives ahead of Himself in the hearts of those who have prepared a place for him. He appears in the lives of those who bear him Love.

You are going to hear all sorts of convoluted arguments from negative minds, who paint a dreary picture of The World and what awaits. Dismiss them out of hand. All the deniers, and naysayers, all the arguers, and complainers, all those selling one form of snake oil or another, all those who pretend that they know what they do not know, are also going to encounter The Avatar, in a fashion appropriate to them, in order to wake them up. Have Faith, and don't engage the footsoldiers from The Legions of Doubt. There is a campaign taking place whose intention is to befuddle and intimidate you. Leave them to their meager pottage. The Avatar is coming.

End Transmission.......

I know that I have mentioned, in times past, that there are paid insurgents who infiltrate blogs that address world conditions. They insert themselves and then, over time they become part of the community of those who visit. They wait, like sleeper cells, like Manchurian candidates in some locations, primed to be set off when their employers deem conditions are right. Then they get up to all kinds of disturbances if permitted to. Sometimes it is only a matter of someone drinking too much and whose bitterness can no longer be contained, BUT... trust me on this, they are around. They are around here. I will be attentive to the matter. We don't sleep much in that regard.



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