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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jun 17, 2021 - 7:09:34 AM

"Wanting Breeds Attachment. Attachment Breeds Confinement. Confinement is Suffering."
By Les Visible
Jun 17, 2021 - 7:06:16 AM

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June 16th 2021

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've been watching it come and go for some time now. Twenty years and the face of existence has changed dramatically. Everybody's got an answer for everything now, which means that no one knows what they are talking about. Usually, this means it descends into a shouting match, or a shooting match, depending on where you are.

It is a very short article, but VERY difficult or impossible to find online. It came out in a Tom Wolfe book and it is titled, "Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink." (I've mentioned it before). Here is a good article on it. It dealt with a lab experiment on overcrowding and it used rats as its subjects. The one thing I remember most vividly from the article is that when the rat population reaches a certain point, the alpha rats lose interest in the females and rape the young males. The human parallel is 'life in the city'.

Nature does an automatic culling of the human race when certain behavior traits become more pervasive than... (God wants it to be?) It is really about a mechanical adjustment in the way life traffics with itself. When things go out of balance, they are brought back into balance, by whatever force is necessary. We can see the imbalance easily these days, though some would call it progress, and maybe that is why they are called Progressives?

As I said, I've been watching for a while and what HAD BEEN a slow slide into entropy is now nearing the pace of a free-fall. Along the way, I have heard wild and sensationalized tales about one boogeyman after another. Certain writers jump on certain bandwagons because it might gain them a greater notoriety. Most of these wild claims have yet to come into manifestation and now we are being told, by experts, that a huge portion of humanity is going to be dead in less than 3 years. The narrative is coming from doctors and researchers around the world, including Nobel Prize recipients. I don't know what to think. If it proves true it will be the first time I have seen predictions meet their specifications.

The implications of this are startling because, just like the rats in the experiment, one thing led to another until cannibalism becomes the order of the day. We know what happens when conditions descend into anarchy. We know what happens when blind panic hits. Humanities present state of being and its supportive technology are VERY vulnerable, especially now that computers have taken over so many areas of operation. When one thing leads to another, if events are heading in the wrong direction, then the toilet flush will simply circle the drain until it disappears.

I can see the threats of Sturm und Drang and global want... conditions... conditions... one thing leads to another. Well... that is true in the spiritual dimension as well. I've mentioned the Conning Towers of Darkness a few times here. They are REAL centers of transmission for negativity in the human mind. The unaware are constantly influenced by them. There are other conning towers as well. These transmit Light, and Hope, and Reassurance, as well as reinforcing any number of positive traits in the human mind.

The Sun and Moon are conning towers. So are the stars and systems. EVERYTHING is vibration and all differences in form are the results of Adaptation in vibration. Everything has an aura of some kind. Everything vibrates so... everything radiates. We affect life at a distance from ourselves. Something said in Sydney can find its way to Cairo through the vibrationary currents of invisible mail. Thoughts, like those wrapped in imagery, which are radiated out from the conning towers, find their way into minds worldwide. If you are resident in The One Mind, this would not trouble you, but if you are resident in a separated mind it might. Surely you are aware of waves of Optimism and waves of Pessimism that moves about like giant winds?

Ever wonder why The Wilderness and wide barren stretches of Earth are uninhabited? Entities live there that can be hostile to human presence; depending on the humans. Yes... some of these areas are wastelands where not much grows, BUT... the desert itself has been made to flower. There are even some ridiculous examples of this, like Las Vegas. Other places can prove VERY resistant as these are the provinces of Djinns and other beings. Large storms are the work of certain forces drawn together for the performance of them. They do require being inspired, however... if that makes any sense. All action is inspired or instinctive, proactive or reactive, or some kind of Guna-inspired active.

You might be very surprised at what is going on here out of sight. There are subterranean residents here. There are elementals everywhere. One of the greatest teaching films on this matter that I have ever seen is "Time Bandits". I have seen this film 20 or more times. It stands alone as a comedic triumph, but there is more going on than that. The Cosmic allegory weaving its way through the plot dynamics is remarkable. There are personalized elementals in the film. "Oh the poor are going to be thrilled with these. Have you met the poor? They're delightful people but they haven't two pennies to rub together because... well, they're poor." The film is so filled with bon mots and inferences, and obscure references that even seeing it multiple times you still discover new occurrences that you previously missed.

That's kind of how life is and why people keep coming back again, and again, and again. Each time they see things they missed and now they want them. It truly is a vicious cycle. My advice... don't want anything. What is meant for you will not miss you. Wanting breeds attachment. Attachment breeds confinement. Confinement is Suffering. The primary human urge is to Freedom. That is why illumination is often called, Liberation. Liberation from what? Liberation from attachment and confinement.

I don't want to harp too much on what I brought up yesterday, but it needs repeating. I will illustrate it in a different manner. There is a pervasive climate of insanity in The World at this time. It is intensifying. When it gets stronger, the aspects of Fear, Paranoia, and impending panic increase, and people begin to turn upon each other. There are sections of the government and private industry. There are also dedicated and well-funded psychopaths and each of them attends to the theater of public opinion, seeking to shape the drama to their ends. They seek to stamp out truthful voices by getting them to turn on themselves. When you can put people in conflict with themselves you can then appear as a savior. You can also influence them to destroy themselves.

This is no time to be falsely representing yourself if there is nothing of substance behind you. Mr. Apocalypse deals with this, upsetting apple carts and melting the concealments that some have built to protect themselves and to deceive others. I fear one thing only and that is to displease my author. Fear and insecurity compel people to do awful things. One MUST free themselves of Attractions AND Aversions. One cannot, of course, do this on their own and only a fool would think otherwise as they will assuredly find out.

It is so difficult to awaken people to the CERTAINTY that they are monitored AT ALL TIMES. There is a tiny center in you that records EVERYTHING that happens. "Everywhere you go, the chicken sees." This SHOULD give great confidence to anyone who grasps the true meaning in this. You can write the perfect account of yourself by permitting the light in you to express itself. People are doing one of two things continuously. They are allowing the flow of The Light through them, or they are hindering it, and this we do in every thought, word, and deed.

I want to include the first meditation from The Way to the Kingdom, and I will put the relevant portion into Bold Type. He says it better than I do. I have memorized this and used to repeat it every morning, along with The Emerald Tablet and The Pattern on the Trestleboard. This I would do when driving to work in the morning. There is MUCH of sustenance in this meditation.



"Do you truly want to come speedily and eternally into your own-that which you came here into manifestation to express? Then meditate earnestly and persistently day after day on the below-ten minutes or more on the first part, until you realize its Truth:

In the ONE MIND there is the consciousness only of wholeness, completion, and perfection. In it there are no ideas of lack or limitation of supply of any kind. To every center of that Mind-and every human mind is such a center-there flows naturally every needed idea, even as air rushes into a vacuum, or as the blood carries to every cell of the body everything needed for their growth and sustenance.

Remember, that One Mind is in You-Is YOUR MIND-as there is only One Mind. Also remember, by your realization of this great Truth, and making it the dominant fact in your consciousness, are you and your Father truly One. For it unites your consciousness with His Consciousness, He who is your REAL SELF, and Whose Mind is the ONLY Mind (of course it does for you are then in His Consciousness); and therefore You ARE all that He is and ALL THAT HE HAS IS YOURS. Once believe this-once KNOW it, and you will be free from ALL lack and limitation FOREVER. * * * *

Then after trying to realize intensely the Truth of the above by thus meditating and letting it soak into your subconsciousness, let the following flood your consciousness for ten minutes more:

Be still, my child, and know I am your Life, your Health, your Strength, your Understanding, your Supply, your Power, your Love. I am all these things-all these ideals you are seeking to be and to have. Oh, my child, can you not see you can have none of these apart from Me-can get none without getting Me,-can get them nowhere else but from Me, your Real, your ONLY Self, who am all these things Now-and therefore You also are these things Now, AND FOREVER MORE. SEE this, beloved, and know the Truth of your Self.

Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Can you not realize that this life in you, any portion of health or strength or power or love or understanding that you have, is not of yourself, but is of ME , who am all these things IN you. Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious striving to be that which you are now, always were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and perfection? Why not then let go completely and let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein you know are not My thoughts? That is all You need to do-I will do the rest. Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this My Word abide in you, everything your heart seeketh will surely come to pass, in blessed richness and abundance."

End Transmission.......

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