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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jun 8, 2021 - 6:22:30 AM

"The Hardest Thing is to Just Sit Still and Await with Certitude and Conviction.
By Les Visible
Jun 8, 2021 - 6:19:36 AM

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June 7th 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I look at the situation on the ground. I study it. Depending on the particular ground, conditions can be very different. In one place you have not a care in the world. In another place, you had better keep your eyes in your head and pay attention. If you didn't know any better, you could think that most of it is just bad parenting and incompetent governing. However, SOMEONE is pouring a great deal of money into causing homelessness.

SOMEONE is exerting a lot of influence on the celebrity mind to get them to march in lockstep as they do. SOMEONE is financing the migrant invasions. They even give them t-shirts and food vans follow them across borders. SOMEONE is controlling The Media to spin the story their way. SOMEONE is paying a lot of money to politicians and exerting force where needed, to get them to turn a blind eye to what is going on. SOMEONE has a whole lot of money.

SOMEONE finances Antifa and BLM. SOMEONE orchestrated the riots. SOMEONE fed the public fear about a nothing pandemic. SOMEONE is paying to set color against color, gender against gender, and SOMEONE is paying to manipulate the education system. It seems, to look at it, that this SOMEONE is at work at every level of human activity.

How is it that the mesmerized all come bleating like sheep when they hear their master's voice? It looks like Nipper has had a lot of litters. They have been warned, come forward or forget about the jobs, the pay, and the celebrity. Now... when you happen to already be a whore, what difference does it make? The Pimp sets the arbitrary rules, depending on his whims. Word has gone out and made the rounds. This is how it looks on the ground.

Every area of the arts has been co-opted to produce and promote ONLY degeneracy. There were always good songwriters around. There are none now. Yes... they are there but not on the airwaves. The same is the case with writers, and visual artists, and actors, and dancers, and all the rest. This did not happen by accident. There is someone with deep pockets and a heavy hand. He has visible and invisible means of persuasion. He can't do anything to you if he can't intimidate you, but he can make himself look imposing. It is enough to reduce most people to submissives, or outliers.

The source of it all is the Infernal Kingdom and the master there has many minions of many rankings. He has his agents here on this plane and their works are a convincing testimony to their motives and intentions. You can get the impression, from studying the ground, that he has no real competing interests going. Maybe the good guys were around at one point, but... where are they now? This is not how it really is, but it is how it looks if you take into consideration only the sensory reports.

Perhaps you have heard about Shambhala? This kingdom, which is hidden from the sensory apparati, allegedly houses an army that will be released in times of great need. Whether this is true in the fashion we have been told is not the important facet. The important facet is that such kingdoms do exist, and they are more powerful ALWAYS than their opposition. There is, of course, The Kingdom of Heaven, which I understand, in the words of Jesus Christ, to be a house of many mansions. No doubt, Shambhala is one of these, just like The Western Pure Land, and all the other realms where The True Light is triumphant.

Why do they not come now? Surely we are in great need, and surely... from a consideration of conditions 'on the ground' it will only get worse. This is best understood in terms of Unbearable Compassion. This is from the Buddhist Tradition. It is a condition where you desire so strongly to intervene, to do something, and yet you are restrained because THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO that will IMPROVE the situation. When one meddles in the affairs of others, it is VERY IMPORTANT that one can see the end result from the beginning.

There are folk tales, legends, and stories from all quarters that elucidate on what happens when well-meaning good intentions go awry. Things are as they are because of the appetites and desires of those caught in the thrall of them. Pandemics? There are many more deadly pandemics at large in the world than the wuss virus of COVID. There is a pandemic of ignorance. There is a contagious fever of unbridled desire that sweeps like a Sirocco across the Mediterranean and round The World, like The Trades and The Gulf Stream. There are ALL SORTS of contagions loose, and they can be fatal in all kinds of ways. There is a cell phone addiction that is everywhere to be seen, and actual health concerns being generated by it. Ignorance is the worst of them and ONLY trauma (seemingly) can alleviate it. Apparently, people have to go through it to understand it.

Just because you cannot see the armies of God does NOT mean they are not present. If your senses were not so intoxicated with their particular concerns, the invisible world might not be so invisible. Anyone who is inclined to take a handful of mushrooms will gain proof of what is not usually seen and heard most of the time by most of the people. Of course, it would be of critical importance to be in the right frame of mind and in suitable conditions. I am NOT recommending this course of action to anyone. I have, as the saying goes, "been there and done that" well over a thousand times over the course of decades. I stormed the gates of Heaven over and over, but I could not stay. As Han Shan said in Cold Mountain Poems, he walked the red dust of cities, tried drugs but couldn't make Immortal. So he went back to Cold Mountain where he planned to sleep by the creek and purify his ears. That is my posture these days.

It all comes in time. If you make yourself presentable to Heaven, and you can convince them of the sincerity of your ideal, they will take you on and you don't have to be concerned with anything other than not hindering their efforts. Still... it takes time, and that can be onerous when your desire is great. I am familiar with this (grin). The hardest thing is to just sit still and await with Certitude and Conviction. Your job is to find, and serve, and celebrate God. God's job is to take care of The Details. They say 'The Devil is in the Details', so it is probably best that God handles that. My informed opinion is that, YES... this is the best course... for me. I don't know how it is with another. Every case is different. The good news is that God understands EVERY aspect of every difference.

If you are determined to learn what's what at the hands of The World, I say... "good luck to you!" Well... you never know. I CERTAINLY don't. I would RATHER learn what's what from The Originator of the whole affair. All of what you see is people working it out on their terms, and the result of that is endless Disappointment, disappointment at not getting what you want, and disappointment at getting what you want. Let's not leave out Regret for the methods you employed to get and not get what you were after. Sooner or later, you are obliged to throw your hands up in the air and admit that you haven't got a clue.

I am reminded of something John Symonds said in his biography of Alistair Crowley. I can't remember the exact words but... it went something like this. There was a picture of Crowley sitting at a desk and Symonds said something like, "there he sat, his magic wand gathering dust on the shelf and his head in his hands, saying... "I am perplexed."" I never found anything of interest in Crowley's perspective. I'm not knocking him, but we are headed in different directions. I've studied the lives of many noted characters, seldom had I any desire to be like them, except for the spiritual teachers, mystics, and initiates who are on The True Path inward. Many times I did not live up to my own standards, and certainly not to Heavens, but... I EVENTUALLY got the hang of it.

Things are NOT what they seem, and one is a fool to think that they are. The power of Heaven is unopposable... PERIOD. Align yourself with Heaven and you WILL BE informed as you need to be. It is a considerable haul after all. Conditions change, terrain changes, circumstances change. ALL but one thing changes, and there is a system to it as well. Spurious enterprises like fortune-telling, channeling of the dead and departed, all the new chicaneries of a new age, are perversions of something much finer, and which can be known, once one is free of self-interest.

Job One is to put the Personality into harness to the Individuality. All your problems come out of half-measures in regard to this. This is why the armies of light do not come flashing from the sky, or wherever they happen to be at the moment. This does not mean they are not there. They most certainly are, and the time will come, and great change will circle The World, though most will never see the means by which it occurs, they will reap the benefits if they are still here.

End Transmission.......



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