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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jun 20, 2021 - 6:30:44 AM

"The Fort Sumter, Archduke Ferdinand, Lusitania Moment is Waiting in the Wings."
By Les Visible
Jun 20, 2021 - 6:27:59 AM

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June 19th 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Oh my goodness! I try not to have any badness. How am I doing, Mom? It is becoming clear now that the 1/6 Capital Riot was orchestrated by the FBI and fellow-footpad travelers. All of these participants, once arrested, were let go. The others who were caught up in it, AND had no intentions of violence (that is the job of BLM and Antifa) are STILL sitting in Solitary Confinement under a charge of Trespassing. You may not want to spend around 20 minutes watching this, BUT... if you do, there is no better person than Tucker Carlson to lay it out for you.

Next, I would like to present to you, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. This is the smartest and most well-informed person on vaccines that I have EVER encountered. Government shills ask her snarky and convoluted questions seeking to trip her up. She is A MASTER at what she does and her commentary is riveting. I suggest you watch this, or save it for later but... watch it. To see a virtuoso soar as she does makes my heart leap in my chest. This is a real Mr. Apocalypse experience. The ingenuity demonstrated, and the grasp she has of her subject is remarkable. Maybe there is hope for us after all.

I can see that there are going to be sweeping energy blackouts on the way. That always helps to settle people down. What this western drought is going to do for Left Coast forest fires... hmm. They are saying if the waters of The Hoover Dam fall another 135 feet they will no longer be able to generate any energy there. Las Vegas... doesn't Las Vegas get some energy from Hoover Dam? It seems logical, tending toward the dreadfully ironic. Well... no matter, plenty of locations do get energy from there.

Kalifornia has been turning away from fossil fuel generation toward Green Energy Sources. The PROBLEM is that they are NOWHERE NEAR ready for that. Green Energy solutions NEED fossil fuel to work. Where does the energy for vehicle charging stations come from? Are they getting all that Green Energy from Green sources? It seems unlikely.

As you can see, THEY are fomenting race wars, religious wars, and soon to add in energy and food crises as well; not to mention their bullshit no account virus and the DEADLY vaccines. People have gotten so used to convenience, and electricity, and water always on tap that they can be driven into Panic Mode with little difficulty. If it is true that they are doing this, then... what have they got percolating in The Event Horizon? I'm guessing Something Stupid this Way Comes; to paraphrase Ray Bradbury, or Robert Heinlein, or whoever wrote that book with a similar title.

The Apocalypse is like dawn breaking. Previously it was dark and hard to see what was going on. As the light increases it becomes harder, and HARDER for those who work in darkness to conceal what they are up to. People are waking up as well. Add in that something seems to be going wrong with their plans on a regular basis. Someone is messing with their groove.

Yes... it SEEMS as if they continue to have the upper hand. It SEEMS that those of us who are in opposition to their plans are few and not well organized. This is not the case. We have the forces of Heaven at our back and the Tides of Fortune in our favor. It does not SEEM that way, BUT... we shall see. The Fort Sumter, Archduke Ferdinand, Lusitania moment is waiting in the wings. It does not have to take a global warpaint face. It can come about by cutting off the basic necessities. It can also be brought about independent of THEIR efforts by Lady Nature, the ACTIVE personification of the Power of God. I am no prognosticator nor psychic. I've been wrong enough times to know it's time to quit when I'm out of my depth.

You don't have to be a seer or a soothsayer to get an IDEA of what is in the works. You have only to watch Trends and Patterns and... if you can read them aright, much that seems opaque becomes transparent.

All the chaos in The World is the work of a handful. Of course, they have invisible minions, just like The Good Guys do, and they have the magic of The Infernal Kingdom, just as the Initiates and angels have the Magic of Light and the power of The Supernal Kingdom.

Let us explore another phenomenon that looks like something other than it is. It is clear if you study the matter that Cancel Culture is a collection of lunatic unknowns who are cherry-picked for their strident antagonism against whoever the particular target is. In other words, Cancel Culture is created and manifested by Social Media and Crass Media. It is usually a mere handful of Jacobins calling for people's heads and they are CHOSEN by The Chosen to be a 15-second figurehead from the high moral ground of the terminally batshit. Once they have cackled or screeched they go back into the Internet Dumpster.

There really is no organized social movement of committed lunatics storming the castle. It is mostly all a creation of the media, which searches for those fascinated by the media and makes them Queen for a Day, with a small group of like minded lunatics who all gang together after whoever The Media has exposed to their scorn.

It's like people are dreaming, sleepwalking and you speak into the dream and they hear you in the dream and have no idea that there are worlds upon worlds beyond the dreamscape they are in. If... for whatever the reason, you are outside the Dreamscape and looking in, the state, nature, and intention of their dreaming reveals itself to you because your vision is not obscured by The Attraction-Aversion Dynamic. Once one has stilled The Reactive Mind, cut down on senseless craving, and mastered the propensity to like one thing and dislike another, a new world opens up before you. You will need new eyes to see it with, but that comes with the territory. You get the 5-D glasses when you enter the theater. That world, that theater, is not crowded, and the affairs of the masses do not enter in there.

IT (whatever IT is) only affects you if you have a relationship with it. If the glue of attachment is not allowed to set, you can move right through the confusion to a place of peace, which you carry within you at all times. If you went down to The Combat Zone on a Friday night, and you got drunk and got into a fight, and then got arrested, well... what were you thinking? Did you not transport yourself there? Cold Mountain is for the people who have had it with this world. This world is for the people in whom The Thrill has not yet gone. It is a supermarket for the five senses. You can pretty much stay there as long as you like, as long as you can stand the Suffering and Disappointment.

We have extensive records of people who say that God has spoken to them. In every case, you will know their validity by their works. Great prophets and mystics, sages and seers, masters and initiates do... routinely converse with agents of Heaven. They are the well-informed and everyone else is, to some degree, deluded. It is not your job to tell them so, however... your job is to set such an example that many will follow in your footsteps, as you, yourself, are led by Heaven on your way.

It is critically important to have the ear of Heaven and to have your ear attuned to Heaven. Heaven is the Grand Mr. Fix-it. Heaven is the one who gets you out of Dodge before the outlaws arrive. Heaven is who it is that turns the tides. There is no question of whether there will be a positive outcome. Heaven CANNOT be opposed and NEITHER CAN YOU... IF you are not divided from Heaven in your heart and mind. This is what The Evil One does. He divides you against yourself, and then... you cannot stand. If you are in accord with Heaven, The Valley of the Shadow of Death is a picnic site, a laconic parkway through interesting scenery. Moving right along.

Now... some there are who get these things and know somewhat the whereof of the whatever. Others come around to contend and argue. Metaphysics is Beer Pong and Cornholio for them. It becomes a competitive one-upmanship contest. It reminds me of the voices in The Wind that I hear when I am in a certain state of mind. The Wind carries these conversations like the dirty ice tail of a comet round and round The World... chatter... chatter... chatter. If you are going to chatter, let it be about the ONLY thing worth talking about, even though a silent, inscrutable smile says it best.

End Transmission.......


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