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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: May 16, 2021 - 6:40:17 AM

"It Amounts to No More than Idiot Winds Blowing Off of the Shores of the Sea of Uncertainty."
By Les Visible
May 16, 2021 - 6:37:08 AM

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May 15th 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today is Nakba Day. Nakba means... disaster. It commemorates the displacement of Palestine in 1948 by a band of intruders with NO GENETIC CONNECTION to the land. The theft of Palestine was carried out at a distance and reinforced by a massive fabrication. The World just went along because the world, mostly does what it is told, just like it is doing with this COVID hysteria and the OUTRIGHT LIES that attend it. The World is now more fixated on the doings of dime-store celebrities, who are only famous for having made themselves notorious for being famous for no reason. A MUCH SMALLER portion of the population reads the great works of scripture. A much smaller portion of those understands what they are reading and PERMITS Ageless Wisdom to weave through their lives.

Here is an article about what is happening in and around Israel at this time. I am making no statement that all you read here is true, but even if only part of it is true, you should be able to connect the dots, insofar as the implications go.

Here is another article about a trend that has been going on for a long time behind the scenes. This trend is DIRECTLY connected to what is happening in the Middle East presently, and what has BEEN HAPPENING for a long time is now up against the grinding wheels of destiny. There is a lot of powder and the air is dry as tinder. MEANWHILE... we have concerns of our own here; speaking of tinder-dry, and Summer is coming to The West Coast. I would call it The Left Coast, but both coasts now answer to that description.

I am long past chronicling the crimes of those who we are not permitted to criticize; not that that ever stopped me before, but... judgment is coming far and wide soon. I'll not argue about whether there is a Court of Judgment, or whither comes anything of that nature. Let me say that things are going to go VERY BAD for some, and finer for others... in a global sense. We've seen all this coming for A LONG TIME. If you haven't, then you haven't been paying attention. I'm guessing many simply shrugged and said, " it's got nothing to do with me." or... "no way will that ever happen here." Au Contraire...

This REALLY is a Grand Apocalypse and The Avatar REALLY is coming. Yes, Virginia, these are REALLY happening. The usual vain egotists, with little reason to be vain, and who resent the success of others, which they don't have the ability to match, nor the dedication to bring about, will scoff. The proof is in the putting. We shall see, indeed, what is so and what is not, or it may well be we shall see nothing at all, given that our attention is otherwise engaged. It doesn't matter, and it NEVER HAS mattered what dyspeptic and self-involved whiners have to say. They have failed in their course and so they must throw dirt on those who have not failed. If you listen to them you will be distracted by what amounts to no more than idiot winds blowing off of the Sea of Uncertainty.

What the history of our kind shows, century after century is that those few who have dared and believed in something greater than themselves, have positively shaped this world to a better end. MEANWHILE... in times of material darkness, those working with the power of shadow, and supported by the dreaming masses have brought the world to crisis after crisis, such as we are seeing now, BUT... there is a difference this time. This is a Grand Apocalypse and The Avatar is coming and his power and light precede him.

Israel is literally on the horns of a dilemma, which is dreadfully ironic, given who it is that she serves and was constructed to serve, through the machinations of the Rothschild Cabal. Does no one find it curious that they, ROUTINELY, engineer attacks on their neighbors on or around their religious holidays? That alone should speak volumes if you are listening. I could point out MANY a curious consistency of intent and purpose. Of all the visual aids that speak to the origins of the matter at hand, none speak so loudly and clearly as does this image.

In the process of driving the Palestinians from their ancestral homeland, they poisoned their wells and outright murdered them and their families, and did, and have done, EVER SO MUCH MORE. They commit indecent and inhuman acts upon the Palestinians DAILY. Their crimes are so heinous and psychopathic that one cannot accurately measure the depth of the offenses. One might say they are, 'off the charts'. There are no charts, but we do have that map.

As I said, I'm done itemizing the crimes of these people... "and so are we all honorable men". I will say that many of our social problems are orchestrated by the same people at the top of the food chain of material wealth. They just don't see the rest of us like they see themselves. They have had a LONG... LONG run and now their run is coming to an end. The Avatar will see to that. Even if he were to be some time yet in manifestly arriving, his light and power and wisdom are shining already on the ignorance of humanity and bringing long-forgotten truths and wonders to the heart and mind... where possible.

Those who will persist in evil WILL BE further driven to the destined end of their cruel and monstrous follies. Those who persist in good, will also find their due, and then... there are those who pass between the watchtowers of both good and evil, to an unknown land of splendorous, and EVER RADIANT light. In the Upanishads, it is said that there are nine openings from the human body by which the soul and whatever attends it, passes to its next port of call, AND... whatever opening one leaves by is determined by the greater focus of their heart and mind through that life. One can, literally... pass to the next world through their ass, or... like the realized and informed yogi, pass through the crown of the head and NOT COME BACK AGAIN. By any opening, other than the crown of the head, one is set on one of the paths of return.

Whatever you have had your thoughts most focused on through your life, whatever has garnered the larger share of your attention, is what will come to mind in the final hours of your life, and WILL determine your next residence. I didn't set it up this way, I am only calling attention to it, and it would be wise to consider where your thoughts are directed from hence. Can I get an "Amen?"

There are rules. The problem is that people do not want to hear about the rules. The rules are inconvenient to temporary passions and pursuits. We don't want Actual God to interfere with our playing God. Ironically, following the rules leads to ever greater and greater freedom, and not following the rules leads to ever greater and greater confinements. I was no friend of rules for some time. It took the events that brought the beauty of cosmic law to my attention to make me now honor and love The Rules.

People who bitch and moan about the way things are, who spread misery and doubt, who seek to drag their fellows down into a pit of despair are, sure enough, headed there, but more than likely will arrive alone. I forget who it was that said it, but someone said, "if you persist in your selfish ways you will eventually find yourself in an ugly and broken wasteland with no one but Saturn for company." I can see, even by ordinary physics, that this is so. According to metaphysics, it is an imperative.

Israel was a bad idea, based on lies and mendacity. It has run its course, as have SO MANY FORMER THINGS that are now soon to pass. I feel bad for all of the players that they brought themselves to the end they constructed for themselves. They have conspired to create a fate of dire and EXTENDED severity for themselves and not in just this visitation.

A new world is coming. Don't let anyone tell you differently. There are more than a few snakes going about spreading doom and gloom, or ridiculous mind-traps like what I call Flat-Brain Syndrome. They crushed their intelligence, and upon the residue they have constructed poppycock, weird fantasies, and fecal sculptures at the sea's edge, hoping to entice the unwary into their untenable schemes. There are NO FLAT PLANETS. The universe doesn't work that way. We do not have Frisbee planets or stars. I will agree that when you climb the dimensions you can see strange things. I certainly have.

What I wanted to say much earlier in the post, but was unable to, given that they tend to write themselves, is that you should NOT be fearful. Fear is for those without Faith or Love... or one might say, not enough Faith, and not enough Love. Whatever is happening in The World may have nothing to do with you at all. Are you involved in it? Is this something you arranged for yourself at another time?

God looks out for his people and especially his friends, and HE KNOWS who they are, and THEY KNOW that he knows. The World can become VERY unstable, IF... you are unstable. One should be watchful, of course, HOWEVER... here I must say that I SUSPECT, perhaps even more than suspect, that events are NOT going to turn out the way they have in the past, nor for the benefit of those thinking that they are arranging the events for their own benefit. A very complex game is happening, and 'round and round she goes, and where she stops... nobody knows.'

End Transmission.......

Yesterday, when I went to check for comments, a red page came up telling me it was a dangerous site. This was behind the scenes that no one but me, and the webmaster, can see and made no sense. I checked into it and it showed 4 cookies that had NOTHING to do with anything dangerous. I'm giving you a head's up in case they decide to get freakish. You know how to find me if it matters enough for you to do so.



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