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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jun 11, 2021 - 7:02:17 AM

"Good Karma is Like Cash Money, and Bad Karma is Like Debt."
By Les Visible
Jun 11, 2021 - 6:57:06 AM

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June 10th 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am continually amazed at those people who either know what God is or have convinced themselves that God is not. Given that God is INCOMPREHENSIBLE, the ONLY true answer is, "I don't know." For some reason, some people find it very difficult to say, "I don't know."

The closest we have been able to come to defining God is to say, "God is Love." God expresses as Love, NO MATTER WHAT FORM IT TAKES. We just don't understand it, and sometimes we don't like it. It doesn't matter. It is much like arguing with The Wind. The Wind just moves on. When The Wind is powerful you can't hear yourself at all, and it is of no importance to The Wind who has heard it all before many times.

There is a network of negative mindsets that exist in the consciousness of those who think they know. Because they (ACTUALLY) know (inside) that they don't know, it can make them angry when you don't agree with them, or point out the flaws in their position and... the flaws are many. In this network, you can find Ignorance and Pride in a hookup. You find Ridicule and Scorn in their reactive nature, and you find Fear and Dreadful Doubt beneath the exterior, should you care to look.

Humanity and individual humanity are more transparent than they think they are. The herd instinct is an observable feature. The hopping like pigeons in their mating rituals, which they imagine are concealed beneath their savoir-faire, is amusing, and obvious, if you are not susceptible to the hallucinations. The arrogance of ego, as it expresses through the personality, is a cumbersome ordeal for those under the spell of it. So many believe that you cannot see anything beyond what they permit you to see, but this is not so at all.

Add this to their dilemma of being naked in plain sight, God sees everything, and it is not only God but most of the invisible worlds, Supernal and Infernal that sees to some degree. You might could hide yourself from those you have hoodwinked with familiarity, which is why familiarity breeds contempt. Very often we do not call people's shortcomings to their attention. It is easier not to do this. Spiritual teachers also call these things to your attention, which is why most people avoid them.

I don't mean to hammer on humanity with any malice attendant. I just think people are far too clever for their own good, and while they are putting initials after their names and parroting whatever group-think organization employs them, they haven't got a clue. The World has a far greater impact on the human mind than they give attention to. Well... I find that last sentence amusing, I must say, speaking of Clever (grin). I'm not interested in being Clever. I have less than fond memories of the many times I fancied myself to be Clever, and it didn't turn out well.

It comes down to Karma in multifarious ways. Some people have more gas in their tank than others and can get away with shit for longer. A lot of good credit gets wasted here in pedestrian pursuits and self-blinding denial. I'll tell you why this is a big deal to me. I went off the rails a number of times. Sometimes I did it intentionally because I did not want people making something of me that I am not (not yet, anyway). Also... the Kundalini releases a lot of force and it can be problematic reining it in, but enough about me.

Good Karma is like cash money, and bad Karma is like debt. Most people have some amount of both. In the material sense, I have little or no debt because I don't permit myself credit extended to bet on the outcome. Yeah... something will turn up later ...when... well, it better. Because Western Culture has deliberately excluded the idea of Karma (you only live once, and so forth) we are going about with one eye blind. Maybe that is why the Fashion Satanists religiously hide one eye in all those publicity shots.

This Grand Awakening, in a Grand Apocalypse is going to be bringing this and many another concept front and center. On the surface, world changes indicate a global unease and accumulating angst. HOW THINGS LOOK IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY ARE! It is true that some portion of the population has good reason to be uneasy and fearful. They have a justified anxiety about blowback, hovering always around them. Others have good reason NOT TO be uneasy and fearful. HOWEVER... both camps are in a position for positive outcomes if one of the camps would simply turn in the direction of the other. There will be time for that, as world conditions press them ever harder to WAKE UP!

There WILL BE a Golden Age. There will also be places where calamity and destruction visit. As The Avatar comes ever closer to a material appearance, the force of his Conscious Light will be penetrating all of life and provoking a variety of reactions, with a great deal of subjective rumblings. You can only hide from yourself for so long, especially in times of REVEALING, and UNCOVERING, and the like.

We are moving into a period of serendipity and reverse serendipity. This is all determined by the perspective you take concerning the wonders that appear. They may not seem like wonders to some. They might well wear a fearful aspect. Though I have few occasions to treat with devils, I remind myself that every demonic aspect has a corona of light around it, and that is the light of the angel, who is concealed behind it, by the coverslip of our fears.

There is what appears to be, and then there is what IS. Seldom do they resemble one another. Industries like The Media, and Advertising, and Entertainment, and Politics, and Religions, and EVERYONE in the business of duping, deceiving, tempting, and frightening humanity rely on appearances, and their morphing of appearances, for their financial gain. They are sleight of hand carnies and they get their inspiration from BELOW. It is a game as old as time; The Art of Deception. According to the creation fable, right off the bat Eve was tempted by The Serpent. I do not use the word fable for negative connotation. Upon reflection, I can see that Allegory would have been a better word. Nothing you have heard from these 'religious' texts is as THEY tell you it is.

All the answers are within you. I don't have to charge you for telling you this. Whenever you see ANYONE offering The Truth for MONEY... THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! Occasionally they are not Intentionally lying. They are telling you what they have convinced themselves of. I fully admit to doing the same. It all comes down to INTENTION. Of course, I do not know what The Truth is in any comprehensive manner, BUT... I am very good at spotting lies and untruths (no, they are not the same). It is one of the abilities that came to me with the Kundalini events. Whether anyone else believes this is of no importance to me. I am a take-it-or-leave-it cottage industry with no VISIBLE means of support. I want NOTHING from you and I don't care about your arguments to the contrary. For all I know, you might be right... for YOU.

Not everyone who comes through here hangs around, nor should they. Not everyone agrees with me, nor should they. I am a niche operative. There are many such niche operatives who communicate from the underwater caves of their being. Some of them are Moray Eels. On land, some of them are Gila Monsters. Some are much more benign. Some are much more informed than others. It is for the curious to satisfy their reasons for coming around in the first place. This also does not concern me. Nothing concerns me but to do what I am supposed to do and The Devil takes the hindmost. That means it is too bad for those at the tail end.

You are familiar with the old tale about the two men who came upon a lion in a jungle clearing. One of them began to take off his shoes and the other said, "What do you think you are doing? You can't outrun a lion. The other replied, "I don't have to outrun the lion. I just have to outrun you."

Look, my friends, bad things happen. I am sure we can all agree on that. Why bad things happen we DO NOT all agree on. No one has yet had an answer for the human condition that EVERYONE agrees with. Look at the wars that religions make on their competition. We are residents in a global scrimmage of appetites. If you are not in that scrimmage, good for you, and I suspect you know this. Stay away from the flaming cauldrons! Stay out of the combat zones. Stay out of your own way, and then walk in all ways contrary to the things of this world. My thoughts on that are that you will do very well if you do this. Are you familiar with this method of catching monkeys (or the mind)? The farmer puts an avocado, or a mango into a vase. The monkey grabs the fruit but refuses to let go and he cannot pull his hand free with the fruit in it. MANY people get caught like this. Don't become a monkey on a stick.

Ah so... time for some links, followed by other pursuits for me.

Isn't this lovely?

And now for the usual bullshit from the usual sources=

The reactions are soon to become a sustaining roar=

Some are sicker than others=

Check out the comments section=

Now this... this is special=

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This is one courageous warrior=

Ah... more vaccine news=

Irony anyone?

And yet more vaccine news=

Well... that is more than plenty and most of it relevant to what got said today.

End Transmission.......



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