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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: May 3, 2021 - 6:57:28 AM

"Every Tweedledee has a Tweedledum; in The Size, Shape and Temperament of The Kind."
By Les Visible
May 3, 2021 - 6:53:41 AM

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May 2nd 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Before I engage the subject at hand, perhaps a brief primer on the author will help to set the mood. I was beaten nearly every day of my life, often brutally, until I was sixteen or thereabouts. The only time I did not catch the whip, or the club, or the fist was when the one providing these niceties happened not to be present. At the dinner table, if I did not have a piece of bread in hand as I ate, I would be backhanded. If I did not put salt and pepper on my food... if I did not have milk in my glass; same result.

If the mood was on for the man, it could be anything that provoked the rage. One of the results, for me, was an adult ulcer at the age of twelve. You could probably imagine some of the other torments. I could go on at length, providing all manner of color commentary, but it is neither here nor there for me anymore. The psychological end was easily as bad. I want you to keep this in mind as I continue with the task at hand.

I should be no fan of corporal punishment, BUT... it has its place. Because of the way life works, if your parents don't discipline and train you... life WILL. One of the MAJOR problems in America is the pervasive hands-off policy in the cultural morphing of the times as concerns parenting. People are encouraged to express themselves however they wish, to find and live their own truth. No such truth exists but it serves as an excuse for the kid gloves treatment of burgeoning sociopaths.

People who dress their little boys in princess outfits, and sue Disneyland for not letting them be Princess Frozen (or whatever the cartoon is called). These are the source causes of Desmond is Amazing. Here is a direct quote from the article;

"Desmond's parents claim they are just letting him do what he wants - that A THERAPIST told them this is healthy."

This is the position of The State and The Media. They encourage and back this sort of depravity because it exemplifies the idea that you can be, LITERALLY, anyone or anything you wish, and it makes it easier for them to control you. It also fuels the Guilt Industry, because of what happens deep inside where it cannot hide; much as it may wish to.

Lizzo tells us that obese and grotesque is The New Thin and Beautiful. If it is twisted and profane this makes it ever so much more desirable. If it is Normal or Sacred it is not desirable at all and you will be a pariah if you object. The UK is far worse than the U.S. -when it comes to PC-Fascism, but we do have a tranny Assistant Secretary of Health. Belgium has one-upped us in this regard.

Here is a gift that Kalifornia intends to give to itself and the rest of the nation. Children are being taught that they can do ANYTHING they please, as well as eat whatever they please, and BE anything they please. A literal army of social workers and psychologists are on hand to JUSTIFY anything the child gets up to, and communicate to the child that nothing they do is their fault.

Perhaps I should go into some of the less commonly known nuances of Karma. When you come before the council of Lord's of Karma, which is comprised of twenty-four immortal entities, there is no SPECIFIC course you must take. You are given options, depending on how swiftly you wish to clear up your debts. You could be told that one hundred, or five hundred, or thousands and thousands of lives are required to resolve your case at the general speed of evolution, depending on the choice you make.

Of course... it should not take such an extreme number of lives and IT DOESN'T, but... along with debts outstanding, there are also unrequited desires, ambitions, attractions, fantasies and the like that HAVE TO BE PROVIDED because you want what you want and NO ONE is going to talk you out of it. This is a side of Karma that doesn't often get explored. There is so much that you want, or think you want and you CAN have them. One must factor in the costs, but that is not usually something they want to hear about.

In my case, I opted for The Extreme Route. On this course, one can live many lives in a single visit. I also took on certain liabilities. I could say that it doesn't always turn out the way you thought it would, once it started happening. For most of the journey, I can say that I often cursed my self-prescribed fate, which I didn't know about at the time. Now I can say it has been well worth it and generously handled by those I made the agreement with. The Man on the Beach said at one point, "I despise deals." I said that he didn't have to make deals and he said, "Deals have been made." I still don't completely understand what he meant, but I get some of it... NOW. Much is being made clear to me in this segment of the film.

You've heard the term, 'helicopter parents'. These are the hovering and endlessly indulgent parents that pamper and mollycoddle their offspring, making sure that every Tweedledee has a Tweedledum; in the size, shape, and temperament of the kind. They want their children to have all the advantages and opportunities that they did not have, despite their probably living better than royalty did a few generations ago.

We... as a people have become slack, fat and stupid, AND above all, selfish. The atmosphere of Materialism breeds these characteristics into the residents. Certainly, the body comes in all shapes and sizes. I have seen heavy-set people who moved like dancers with fulsome grace. I am NOT talking about them. I am talking about the people who eat while walking down the street, with zero sense of grace or gratitude; who look with desperate hunger upon what and who they cannot have; never realizing that actually getting any of these objects of desire is another Hell unto itself. I am talking about those who buy into The Big Lie that so much of what they see is real and worth having. I am talking about the demanding, calculating and deluded characters who want what they want and they want it NOW.

Materialism, the offspring of Mammon, is all about the Celebration of Appetite. It provides the stage and materials for the expression of its intrinsic nature. Because it is a supermarket of pedestrian attractions, it further separates the Heart and Mind, and Soul from each other. It feeds the lower nature and starves the higher nature and leads, eventually to INSANITY and ignominious death. There is NO GOOD SIDE to Materialism. It's like Cancer, you have it or you don't. The way it resolves itself is by eating you alive. Cancer is some aspect of one's system attacking the system. Materialism is the origin of many forms of Cancer. When the body is moved to a specific point beyond Harmony, it manifests as disharmony, and disharmony results in disease.

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between Woke and Awakened. Woke is like being asleep and dreaming you are awake, and then struggling to wake up until it turns to Nightmare. Awakened is exactly what it says it is, and there are stages in the process, just as there are stages of enlightenment.

Noble and realized souls like Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna, Paramhansa Yogananda, Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov, Meister Eckhart, Jacob Boehme and others are representative of states of awareness; signposts and examples of what you may become if you persist in a similar direction. Everyone who has lived is an example for someone. Everyone is the result of a particular Purpose of Demonstration. Ted Bundy, George Custer, Nelson Rockefeller, Ramana Maharshi, Bozo the Clown and Babaji are ALL examples of what you, yourself can be, and in fact, already are in a potential sense.

You become what you think yourself to be and what garners the majority of your attention. Some have no attention at all except for Dreams of Appetite and Desire. How long does it take to become any one of these examples? "Success is Speedy for the Energetic." Certainly, you know that some roles have a larger waiting list than others? If you want to be a streetcar conductor, that would be easier than to be a big movie star, a musical genius, or a world leader. It is more difficult yet to be a Sage, or a Master, and even more difficult to be a Prophet; keeping in mind that there IS A COST that attends each of them. You GOT TO pay the ferryman. The Devil, such as we understand him, and his minions are IN THE DETAILS.

The film, Bedazzled points out what you get when you trust The Prince(ss) of Darkness to fulfill promises.

I can say with both assurance and gratitude that I do not regret what I went through at all. On the other hand, those who are spoon-fed and have their whims catered to, develop no spine and spend their life... with a petulant and dissatisfied mien once they leave home; if they ever do.

Some parents, intentionally, mentally, and emotionally cripple their children, so they will not leave home, and assuredly... viral outbreaks of certain sexual behaviors are shaped into the sexual nature of a child in the early years by the mother, who has been bent out of shape in the same way that Nature is when cities have their extended impact on the citizens. Particular environments are hotbeds for sexual perversity. Babylon was not a rural farming community, nor were Sodom, Gomorrah, Tripura, and others... numerous as grains of sand on a beach and long... long forgotten.

You have a choice. You can spin your wheels, going round and round or nowhere at all, or you can travel on a spiral to more refined locations. You become what you emulate and imitate. If you had bad parents you can embrace new parents, as I have done. Yes... in a sense, you CAN be anyone or anything you wish, BUT... all of this you can repent of at your leisure when you discover that this is not what you wanted at all. Life will SURELY teach you this.

End Transmission.......

In Dreams of Appetite

fast asleep

coiled at the base of life

the love of self and its reflection-

the dreams of appetite...

twined one about the other

one and the same

endless longing for expression


to be reabsorbed and born again

like Nicodemus

the mind asks stupid questions


the unknown

is just that


and the reality of things always

more simple than we can understand


amidst the clamoring of-

the dreams of appetite

oh...for what a length of time...

with nothing to measure itself against

except itself

and emptiness


the grand empyrean arched

and bottomless

from which falls

the fiery rain

there in the cauldron of confused

and ever changing shape

came forth whatever was wrought

by fear and delight

fantastic beasts

and languorous Venusian witch

to dance

amidst the purity and squalor of-

the dreams of appetite

where is the solid ground?

swallowing sands swell the invisible winds

and serpentine funnels race

through the carnival ruins of

the wreckage left

from the battle for survival in-

dreams of appetite

how we mourn the passing of the patterns

in the kaleidoscope's twist

what special meaning has any one-

among all the rest?

when the colors go

only the backing screen remains the sum of it....

...across the face of which

parade the wizards and fools who

pursue the mist.

In a temporary focus

and uneasy sleep


In dreams of appetite

nowhere to stop

to stop is to forget

beyond galaxies and

beyond that...

homeward past bright angels

whose work is to refine

all circumstance and substance...

guardians of the soul

at that fearsome banquet-

the featureless night

the black table upon which are served-

the dreams of appetite

Bardot upon bardo

from Paris to Tibet

elusive spirals

the upward swing into illuminated rooms

where imagination serves us best

but cannot prepare us for

the splendorous rites

performed by those abstaining from-

The dreams of appetite...

far in the unremembered past

there is a music like coursing blood

a shine without shadow

a milk of self forgetting

a rising, rushing wind of living song

it is the provocation of all longing

the unknown source of every want

to be achieved in silence

under lustrous love-hewn stars


silence has

prevailed upon the world

with all its might

whatever world there may have been-

in dreams of appetite...


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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