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AbundantHope : Leadership of AbundantHope Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Candace Frieze, President of AbundantHope
By Candace
Jan 5, 2006 - 8:00:00 AM

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Hi, my name is Candace Frieze. I am President of AbundantHope. I created AbundantHope in 2000. At the time, I was pretty conscious that this world seemed to be on the wrong track. September 11, 2001 convinced me of my assessment. I wanted to do something for this planet. Although I had created the name, I was unsure of the journey my organization would take.

Initially, I wanted to financially assist local disabled and elderly people living on inadequate incomes. I was disabled myself, and my social security came nowhere close to playing my minimal bills. I tired of asking for handouts. But as time went on, especially with 9/11, I realized that this vision was merely a band aid on the problems of this world. I saw that many churches and other charitable organizations were able to only provide band aids, and this seemed not enough to solve the huge and long range problems.

I have always been upset by war on this world, and with 9/11 fully realized how religion was used as a tool of war. So initially I set out to provide education and support to encourage those in organized religion to see this problem,  that they were used to promote war, the never ending game on this planet, of getting one people to kill another, in the name of God.

Worthy goal, but just a bigger band aid, should I succeed. The chances of making this a success in a short time seemed limited, and the Earth does not have endless time to solve its problems. I knew that one day, Christ would return, in fact knew he was back, working behind the scenes. It seemed not enough.

One day, I sent a statement to the Christ, Christ Michael of our universe of Nebadon, and made the statement that we needed many messiahs. I offered to be a "granny messiah," as I am a granny. I offered to recruit messiahs, and so AbundantHope's mission expanded. My offer was accepted, and AbundantHope is now the official Second Coming organization, in full partnership with the Planetary Prince Mission.

It is still necessary to deal with the use of religion to control people on this planet, so I will continue to work on education to the various organized religions, primarily the three Abrahamic religions, as God is very poorly understand on planet Earth. We are very separate here from God in many ways, because we see God as outside ourselves, when in fact, we are ourselves, God, or at the very least, God in training.

In addition, I have always had a problem with money on the planet, and its use to control and enslave people, so why not just include working on that problem too! We will be busy here at AbundantHope.

I am currently now 60 years old. I am not originally from Earth, but this is my 6th incarnation here. I am from a planet called Myrua, and there are many Myruans incarnate on Earth, as well as many other people from other places in creation. I have many family members and friends from Myrua here with me at this time.

My sun's name is Merope, and it is one of the "Seven Sisters" of the Pleiades. In fact, Earth's sun belongs to Pleiades also. Pleiades has over 500 suns, and all these suns revolve a very large sun in the center, called Alcyone. Suns at the center of large systems such as Pleiades, are called Great Central Suns. Alcyone is also one of the Seven Sisters, visible to the naked eye from Earth.

We are to have the Second Coming which begins in earnest with the stasis event we have placed material about on this site. In January of 2005, I began to publish telepathic messages from the one who is known as Jesus, and also Christ Michael of Nebadon, and many other Masters working to heal this planet and prevent her destruction.

There are many Ascended Masters from the stars incarnate on Earth to assist her salvation and evolution into  what is known as Ascension into a higher way of being. Many will create the messianic missions necessary to heal our planet. The goals of AbundantHope are posted elsewhere. You are invited to participate in your own way to heal a planet in very great need.

Now, one more important detail about myself. I have attained a very advanced level of mastery in my journeys through time. My level of mastery entitles me to call myself a Sananda, meaning that I have graduated (rather recently)  from the Central Universe, and I belong to a class type of graduates known as Mighty Messengers, and this group has been heavily tested in dealing with rebellion of all sorts. A Sananda is a Mighty Messenger. The once called Jesus, 2000 years ago, the man, Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara, earned his Sananda title with that incarnational experience. I will update this with a somewhat more detailed brief autobiography at a later date. I AM THAT I AM, Sananda Candace Frieze.

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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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