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Human/Animal Rights Last Updated: Jun 19, 2021 - 12:40:14 AM

Victoria government in 'secret' negotiations to obtain 'permanent emergency powers'
By Victorian Liberal Democrats MP David Limbrick with comments by Ron
Jun 20, 2021 - 10:38:01 PM

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This   video was published by Sky News Australia on Jun 13, 2021:


Publisher's Comments:

Victorian Liberal Democrats MP David Limbrick says if the Victorian government tries to introduce permanent state of emergency powers it should be done with wide consultation and not "behind closed doors" with parliamentary crossbenchers.

Mr Limbrick alluded to an article in one of the Nine papers which reported the Victorian government was in secret negotiations with the three crossbenchers who supported their extensions of state of emergency powers, to introduce laws, permanent 'pandemic laws', to replace the state of emergency.

"If we're going to have these permanent emergency powers like surely there should be wide consultation with people who care about human rights and the freedoms of Victorians," Mr Limbrick said.

"It sounds like they're just doing secret deals behind closed doors to come up with god knows what.

"What I want to see is a deadline. I'd love to see the Victorian government cooperate with the federal government and set a date, that's what everyone needs here I think.

"December 4th it's the first weekend of summer ... up until that point make sure that everyone who wants to get vaccines can get them ... everyone who chooses to have one can have one, they get ready with their medical systems.

"Then on December 4th all of the restrictions, all of the emergency powers get wiped, they just get turned off."


Ron: COVID-19 doesn't exist as a seperate entity. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and most national health authorities around the world appear to have conspired to foist a magic virus and a faux pandemic on our world.  It's purpose appears to be to socially engineer rapid social change and to force everyone to take a potentially lethal experimental injection falsely called a vaccine, ostensibly to defeat the "magic virus" (which is really just the usual batch of corona colds and flus). To date the unsuspecting, gullible, mind controlled global population has accepted the fraud. See eg: The five key events in the fake pandemic

SARS-CoV-2 Has Not Been Proven to Exist; I Can Do This Forever

Corrupt Science and Elite Power: Your Techno-Slavery is Now Imminent

Johns Hopkins study explodes COVID death hoax; it's re-labeling on a grand scale

COVID: It's Not One Thing, it's Not One Disease

Coronavirus covert operation

The reason for this vicious charade appears to be to socially engineer global popular acceptance of what the current ruling elite are calling the Great Reset. Karl Schwab of the World Economic Forum and others have said the Great Reset will result in "a new normal" in which 'everyone will own nothing and be happy'. Which begs the question: 'WHO will own everything'?

The alleged COVID-19 virus has never been scientifically isolated, ie it has never been demonstarted to exist. See eg: "They Didn't Isolate the Virus"

The non-existent Virus: it Undercuts All Other Stories

Yet another case of the missing virus; they lied and locked down the world

COVID: If there is no virus, why are people dying?

How Many People Have ‘Psychological COVID ?

The Smoking Gun: Where is the coronavirus? The CDC says it isn't available.

David Rasnick: New Strain of the Coronavirus, Or A Giant Con ? How Deep Do The Lies Go ?

COVID Vaccine Secret, a Stunner

The inventor of the CPR test, ostensibly used to prove people have the 'magic virus', has said that it cannot be used to prove the existance of any disease. See eg: The Great Scamdemic Just Fell Apart

"No need to isolate the new virus, we have its genetic sequence": Really?

Memo to Dr. Scott Atlas, new White House coronavirus advisor

Florida Forcing Labs to Report Number of PCR Test Cycles-Game Changer

The nasal probe technique used to take swabs for the CPR test is inappropriate and dangerous. See eg: Why Would Anyone Do This, This Is Pure Stupidity

The computation, recording and media publication of alleged positive CPR test data is deceptive, ie the process is fraudulent. Not only is the CPR test unfit for purpose but it has been used at high degrees of magnification that guarantee many false positive results. Moreover, because it's results are deliberately misleading, virtually all publicity about it is fear porn. The CPR test is incapable of demonstrating the existance of disease and although the health authorities admit that fact, they still use it to record and publicise alleged "cases" of disease. Governments then use the fraudulent case numbers to pretend that they evidence the existance of a lethal virus. They don't. The"cases" don't evidence anything.  Never-the-less governments pretend that the case numbers evidence a pandemic and use those numbers instead of actual data about a verifiable, specific, scientifically established corona disease, and hospitalisations and deaths actually attributable to that identifiable corona illness, to enforce draconian lock down, mask wearing, social distancing and punitive directives denying family and social interactions etc. Moreover those government directives are enforced by fines, arrests and violent police actions.  See eg: Don't believe the COVID case numbers; it's a scam

"The criminal WHO blows its own cover: fake PCR test"

How they'll fake the success of the COVID vaccine

The COVID Delusion is Finished, Blown Apart

My Investigation Of the so-called COVID Deaths

That prohibition of social interaction has causes significantly adverse health consequences including considerable increases in deaths due to suicides and denial of proper and timely medical and psychiatric care for vulnerable people. See eg:Covid: The Numbers Game, The Fraud, and The Final Answer

Soylent Green is people; COVID-19 is old people II

Huge numbers of healthy people "tested" using the CPR test have been recorded as asymptomatic "false positives", ie they are said to have COVID-19 but are not sick. Never-the-less anyone ruled to be "positive" under the CPR test is deemed to be able to spread the 'magic virus' and hence they are forced to undergo quarantine and isolated from family and society.

Lockdown Civilization: Phase One and Phase Two -

Ignorance is NOT BLISS. WHY would any healthy person allow the government to inject them with secret experimental substances for which they are not indemnified against death or injury?The fact that most people don't critically examine what government so-called medical and science experts tell them, let alone exercise mental muscle to research the issues to discover the truth for themselves before allowing experimental injections of foreign substances into their bodies, evidences either cognitive dissonance or very limited intellectual and emotional IQ or both.

We are living at the end of an epoch Pilgrims. Those who fail or refuse to learn from these experiences are bound to repeat them elsewhere rather than transiting into the new epoch. It's worth the effort to wake up! IMHO these experiences are not worth repeating.

As for Kim Jong-Dan, rest assured that he and his senior medical, science and police cohorts will be adjudicated in due course.


Corrupt Science and Elite Power: Your Techno-Slavery is Now Imminent

The five key events in the fake pandemic

SARS-CoV-2 Has Not Been Proven to Exist; I Can Do This Forever

"They Didn't Isolate the Virus"

The COVID Delusion is Finished, Blown Apart

"Where is the virus? Fear is the only virus." II

The Great Scamdemic Just Fell Apart

WHICH Scientific Consensus?

Memo to Governors: Free states vs. Slave States

Memo to Medical Bloggers Living in Mommy's Basement

Rejecting Rockefeller Germ Theory Once and for All (Repost) -

Ebola: the new fake outbreak - The virus is the cover story

The Smoking Gun: Where is the coronavirus? The CDC says it isn't available.

Exposed: Fauci and CDC Clash; Can't Keep Their Story Straight

"No need to isolate the new virus, we have its genetic sequence": Really?

Lockdown Civilization: Phase One and Phase Two -

Lockdown Extremism: An Obsession for the Insane and the Fascists

"The criminal WHO blows its own cover: fake PCR test"

How they'll fake the success of the COVID vaccine

Florida Forcing Labs to Report Number of PCR Test Cycles-Game Changer COVID

Delusion is Finished, Blown Apart

Vaccines - The Oldest Scam - Excerpts from Murder by Injection (1988)

The Virus-Story: Breaking The Chains Of Medical Civilization

Meet The Medical CIA

Wuhan Lab Caught Deleting Files Proving Fauci Funding

Big Pharma Scientists Boast ‘New Vaccines Permanently Alter DNA' -

Covid Vaccine Adverse Effects, Huge Numbers

The Injection Fraud - It's Not a Vaccine 2 -

My HIV/AIDS Investigation, And The Parallels To The COVID Hoax

The COVID Anal Swab: Another Instrument of State Terror

The COVID Narrative as an Occult Work of Art

Poisonous Experimental ‘Covid' Injection Trials on Infants Have Begun: They Should All Be Imprisoned!

Immunity certificates and health-passes are a hoax

"Ticketmaster fascism, Biden lockdown and population reduction, patriots, the war for freedom"

COVID Vaccine Revelation Sinks Like a Stone; Disappears

Missing and unproven viruses: this is nothing new

My Investigation Of the so-called COVID Deaths

Huge COVID case-counting Deception at the CDC

The Elite Technocrats Are Lying About Your Future

COVID: Behind the global nursing home disaster, and the case-number scam

One Million Adverse Vaccine Events go Unreported Annually

Covid: The Numbers Game, The Fraud, and The Final Answer

The Covid Vaccine: Simple Facts Staring Us in the Face

Covid : The Projection Of Mass Illusion

COVID: It's Not One Thing, it's Not One Disease

Coronavirus: The Definition of "cases" is Producing a New Level of Illusion

Epidemic: Shocked that tests for the virus are worthless? You shouldn't be.

Coronavirus covert operation

Is the New 'Deadly China virus' a Covert Operation?

How Many People Have ‘Psychological COVID ?


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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