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‘This is what government refuses to tell you’: Alan Jones
By Alan Jones with comments by Ron
May 9, 2021 - 7:41:07 PM

This 12' 43" video was published by Skuy News Australia on May 3, 2021:

Ron: Alan Jones rightly says COVID-19 is not a pandemic and that on Thursday (29 April 2021) we were breathlessly told that 3640 people had died (presumably of Corona virus) in India. BUT he also mentions that  27,000 people die in India EVERY DAY.

Talking about COVID-19 deaths in Oz, Alan Jones says that "In Australia ONE person has died this year..." !!!

Alan Jones questions why Australians of Indian descent are being threatened with jail if they return to Australia from India. SO DO I


Sky News host Alan Jones has put together coronavirus, India, and our national government in "20 simple points".

"We seem to have redefined the word pandemic," Mr Jones said.

"It seems to be now about the number of cases that keep being recited to us in alarming language everyday.

"Many members of our Indian family are in India, because they had exemptions to attend a family funeral, a wedding or a birth.

"These Indian Australians who have renounced their Indian citizenship are part of our Australian family."

Mr Jones spoke with Burnet Institute epidemiologist Professor Mike Toole about the Australian government's ban on arrivals from India which - if breached - could result in a $66,000 fine or five years in jail.

"In terms of public health, this doesn't make sense," Professor Toole said.

"It's selective and it's inconsistent."


‘caught in India's hellish Covid firestorm'. -

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