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Health and Nutrition Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

The new eugenics: Life in our vast chemical vats
By Marti Oakley
Apr 3, 2011 - 6:20:50 AM

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The new eugenics: Life in our vast chemical vats

Utilizing scientific technique in biology, only millionaires would be served real meat; everyone else would eat synthetic beefsteaks.  In the main, food would be manufactured in “vast chemical factories”.  [pp.167-169]  Bertrand Russell The Scientific Outlook (1931 ”


As far back as the late 1800’s, maybe even earlier, has been a concerted effort by collections of individuals who somehow view themselves as superior  to the general population to institute eugenics; a system of  controlled breeding of those they viewed as inferior.  The American Eugenics Society formed the blueprint for what was later used in Nazi Germany to systematically purge Europe of those they found undesirable based on race, intellectual capacity, infirmities, social rejections, physical traits and even age.  We’ve come a long way, baby.

Eugenics has been transformed, re-created, re-packaged and has a shiny new image signified by the systematic poisoning of the world’s populations through the use of chemicals, vaccines, lethal medications, chemtrails and efforts to genetically alter food to achieve a soft kill.  In order to make this selective genetic machine operate efficiently, global efforts are being implemented to collect the DNA of every human being on earth.  It is our DNA that must be altered, rendered inefficient and damaged, allowing the manipulation and exploitation coveted by the scientific industrialists.

“Utilizing scientific technique in biology, only millionaires would be served real meat; everyone else would eat synthetic beefsteaks.  In the main, food would be manufactured in “vast chemical factories”.  [pp.167-169]  Bertrand Russell The Scientific Outlook (1931

Is this not where we are now?  The food in our stores is irradiated, contaminated with gmo’s, loaded with chemicals, preservatives, dyes, residual pesticides, herbicides, residual vaccines, hormones, antibiotics and foods created from combining the genes of unrelated species and from cloning.  Our food supply, so infected with toxins of all kinds produced for no other reason than to manipulate ownership of the food supply for profit by bio-pirates, now presents a threat to the health of human beings and poses immediate danger to the environment.   

We don’t know what we are eating and most likely if we saw the contents and processes used to create these frankenfoods, we would be horrified.  Processed foods, and I use the term “food” lightly, lining the shelves of our grocery stores have little actual food in them.  A reading of a simple label on a box will leave you dazed and confused. Chemicals, dyes, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavorings, preservatives and that little add-on….”other spices”.  Other spices is one, or a combination of, chemical(s), all intended to make the chemically and genetically altered mush that will eventually be reshaped by machine to resemble some food you might recognize, taste like it might really be “food”.

In 1952, Bertrand Russell penned his book The Impact of Science on Society where he speculated about the very probable goal of eugenics as performed by government when science was elevated to a level where it could engineer society.

“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them they are so.” [pp 66]

One need only look at the growing list of mandated vaccines foisted on infants and toddlers, and the growing efforts to con the adult population into taking vaccines of one kind or another, many of which have never been proven safe or even effective to know that whatever is in these toxic concoctions is not necessarily good for you.  The efforts by pharmaceutical companies along with the CDC to marginalize or minimally report adverse reactions is in direct correlation to the rising number of individuals suffering from adverse reactions, sometimes even death from the vaccines.

Autism now strikes 1 in every 110 children.  Neurological disorders, learning disabilities, physical impairments and death can result from the use of forced vaccinations of infants and toddlers whose immune systems are not able to counter the massive injection of toxins contained in the chemical stews loaded into needles.  The general concept delivered to the public is, if a “few” children have to die or live permanently injured as a result of a vaccine, this is simply collateral damage; for the greater good, national security or some other jingoistic nonsense.  A very cavalier response as long as it isn’t their child who was injured or who died.  And who determines what number a “few” might be? In comparison to what?

Outbreaks of measles and other childhood diseases are treated as if the black plague had resurfaced.  Announcements of 50, or 100 children in an wide area with cases of measles seems to put the CDC and World Health (Homicide) Organization into a tailspin.  It is catastrophic! Terrible!  Frightening!  Yet both these organizations work in tandem to hide, or marginalize the hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries from vaccines, and never issue world-wide alerts about how dangerous a vaccine may be.

Neither organization speaks one word about the fact that any infant, toddler or school-age child who has received a vaccine based on an attenuated (weakened) virus, will be shedding the virus for the next 21 days and spreading the virus everywhere they go.

Education or ignorance?

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) an education program titled to imply that all children would receive an education, is instead a systematic dumbing down of school children who are now being actively educated in globalism (the hive mentality) and who leave high school, if they make it that far, with what amounts to a fourth or fifth grade education comprised mostly of government approved information, most of which is quite useless.  As the movement to home schooling grows, so does the concern that these children, not exposed to the methodical nonsense in public schools, might pose a problem.  Generally far more advanced educationally than those in public schools, an effort had to be made to reframe the argument against home schooling.  Now we are hearing these children referred to as “strange, weird and creepy”.  It is apparent that these children, capable of critical and analytical thinking, who possess an education far beyond their public school counterparts, are to be viewed as ‘different”.  Not like us.  We need to be suspicious of them.

Eugenics has taken many major steps forward.  No longer do the eugenicists have to expose their distaste for those they view as inferior nor do they need to engage in denigrating and eradicating races other than their own.  Gone are the days of forced sterilization and the ending of entire family lines based on some criteria that includes possibly any one who isn’t them.  They just have to vaccinate us.  They just have to wait for us to sit down and eat.  And with each generation of overly vaccinated, chemically toxic children, as a result of their diets and the vaccines who are then intentionally uneducated, we watch the slow decline of the population.

Russell was almost prophetic in his assessment of the future of mankind at the hands of industrialized science.  For some reason the movie “Soylent Green” no longer seems quite so fictional or impossible.


CDC Reports Autism Prevalence Rate of 1 In 110 American Children, 1 In 70 Boys              

Deaths and Vaccinations            

Bertrand Russell/Scientific Outlook….Free download

Bertrand Russell/Impact of Science on Society …free e-book

American Eugenics Society                

Are we killing our children?

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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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