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Prestigious Heroism: Transforming Wealth into Health
By Gary Z McGee with comments by Ron
Jun 10, 2021 - 12:06:17 AM

June 4, 2021


"The generosity of the magnanimous man should include gracefulness...I believe you capable of any evil, therefore I desire of you the good. May your goodness be your ultimate self-over-powering." ~Nietzsche


In a world where the richest 100 people own more wealth than the poorest four billion, you know something has got to give in order to bring the world back into a healthier balance.

In our world, money equals power. Too much power tends to corrupt. We all know this, and yet we're also okay with only a few people having the monopoly on power (too much money). This does not bode well for a species that has evolved by practicing cooperation first and competition second. Especially when history also shows that our species has the tendency to become corrupt from too much power.

Lest we de-evolve into a species incapable of compassion, honor, tolerance, open mindedness, and love, something must change in the way we acquire, use, and expiate our wealth. The problem is that those 100 people with more wealth than four billion people are the ones with the power to make healthy change. The sad thing is that they probably won't do anything healthy with their power.

Things are this way because of a story that we were all hoodwinked into believing...

"The Story"

"When you inflict suffering on yourself in the name of a story, it gives you a choice: "Either the story is true or I'm a gullible fool. When you inflict suffering on others, you are also given a choice: Either the story is true, or I am a cruel villain. And just as we don't want to admit we are fools, we also don't want to admit that we are villains. We prefer to believe that the story is true." ~Yuval Noah Harari

At some point in our history, it became "cool" to hoard and to stockpile money. If you hoarded anything else, you would probably be laughed at-but not money. It became "cool" to have more than you needed. The story everybody began telling themselves (and believing) was: "Get rich or die trying." A lot of people did die trying, and very few ever became rich. But those few who did became cultural icons. They seemed so "cool" with their money that people forgot the fact that they, themselves, had none.

How did this happen? We tend to forget that our psychology as a species is still very much a product of living tribal as hunter gatherers on the African Savannah. Hoarding wealth, whether its lion skins or money, buffalo meat or wampum, is a natural reaction to the "survive or die" threat of the open Savannah (or corporate world). If you saved meat, you were more likely to survive the cold winter than if you didn't. Similarly, we subconsciously save money for a "rainy day".

But the very thing that kept the tribe balanced and the wealth dispersed appropriately, is the very thing that we lack in our modern societies: cultural leveling mechanisms. Most notably, the mechanism of shame.

Smaller tribes are better at keeping power in check because there are mechanisms in place to check it. For example: If a skilled hunter came back from a great hunt with all the kills, and the other hunters had no kills, he would be shamed by the tribe and considered greedy and selfish if he hoarded all the meat and didn't share.

The story of the tribe is a healthy story: sharing wealth is honorable, cooperation over competition, people before profit, health of the tribe over personal wealth.

[Ron: Arguably cooperation and sharing was essential to the survival of everyone in small tribal societies. Hoarding at the expense of others would have been obvious and its consequences could be serious. Refusing to share would have been a denial of cooperation and would destroy an individual's right to membership of the group. In subsistance situations, prestige and leadership would devolve to those who contributed the most to the group, not those who exploited it. Refusing to share would have been an obvious denial of cooperation and would destroy an individual's right to membership of the group. Refusal to share could potentially put the  tribe at risk and amount to rejection of membership in it. The result of persistent hoarding could be bannishment.].

Now, contrast the healthy tribal story with the unhealthy story the billionaire tells himself: hoarding money is cool, competition over cooperation, profit before people, personal wealth over the health of the tribe.

[Ron: This is simplistic thinking. The money meme is a societal control mechanism designed by demonic individuals millennia ago and used to mind control human societies into accepting slavery. If used at all, money (and currencies) should only be used as useful mechanisms for facilitating the exchange of goods and services and not as a store of value, ie wealth.

Historically humans on this planet have been brain washed for millennia by priesthoods, banksters and their demonic Talmudic global controllers. The controllers use puppet governments, educational bureaucracies and the MSM, to inculcate the belief that counterfeit money, that is worthless fiat debt tokens called currency, have value and are essential for human existance. They aren't. BUT while ever the global  population clings to the mind controlled belief that they are, as endlessly iterated by the global controllers' puppet governments, judiciaries, bureaucracies and MSM, it will continue to embrace free range serfdom and wage slavery. The result will be continuance of global poverty, scarcity and want and the usurious banking, wage slavery and taxation systems that create it.

Almost everyone seems to think that wage slavery is normal, natural and necessary. IT ISN'T! That belief is the result of thousand of years of social engineering by covert demonic forces. Using the money meme to mind control us to believe in competition rather than cooperation, sharing and caring; and in materialism  rather than spiritual life.

Once they convinced people to believe they have to sell themselves and their life and work energies for money (currency) its creators and issuers achieved control of almost all aspects of society from banking and commerce to governments, judiciaries, and religions.].


Something's got to give. But what exactly is that something? And how do we give it?


  • The Prestigious Hero
  • "We don't need another Forbes Five Hundred list of the wealthiest people in the world; we need a Forbes Five Hundred list of those who give away the most money." ~Ted Turner

  • [Ron: This is typical oligarchic propaganda speak. John D Rockefeller made an art form out of creating charitable foundations that enabled him and other plutocrats to pretend to give away their money while controlling, expanding and benefitting from it. That practice is now followed by virtually all elitist plutocrats. For instance today Bill Gates heads a so-called charitable foundation that controls the global vaccine industry.].


It should come as no surprise that if you tell yourself an unhealthy story, and then you act out that unhealthy story, that you are going to get an unhealthy result. So, in order to change things for the better, in order to bring a healthy balance back to the "tribe" of Spaceship Earth, we are going to have to begin telling ourselves a healthier story and start checking each other for believing in, and acting out, unhealthy stories.

Imagine if we changed the story from "It's cool to hoard money" to "It's cool to expiate money." Imagine if it were cool to not be greedy. Imagine if it were cool to help the less fortunate members of the global tribe. Imagine if the wealthiest 100 got together and pitched in to create a universal basic income for the poorest four billion. Wouldn't that be a cool story? But wait. We're getting too far ahead of ourselves.

[Ron: The plutocrats have their universal basic income (UBI) initiative well under way. However, a UBI would complete the enslavement of the global population. A UBI would become welfare for capitalists as people could drive for Uber and work for Task Rabbit and Amazon et al for even lower wages than currently because UBI would subsidise the meager pay cheques of everyone especially those in the sharing economy. The Tech companies and mega corporations generally could keep increasing their profits while facing even less pressure to pay living wages to what will increasingly become 'non employee' employees. Be aware that the corporatists can determine the nature scope and eliginility for a UBI because they have control most governments and have literally owned governments like the US Corporation (see eg: The USA Isn't a Country, It's a Corporation! - ). Similarly private individuals own the Commonwealth of Australia corporation and the governments of New Zealand, Canada and amany other nations. Accordingly they are able to have governments reduce corporate taxation and to turn a blind eye to tax avoidance, use of transfer pricing and overseas tax havens etc. To add insult to injury corporations also demand government subsidies for industries they operate within nations even if they pay little or no taxes. That is done on the somewhat specious grounds that they provide employment opportunities to citizens when in truth they are continuously replacing human workers with Artificial Intelligence (AI), robots and mechanisation. Citizens must regain control of their governments and require them  to stop subsidising corporations and require all corporations to pay proper taxes. Failure to do that will result in mass unrest, starvation and chaos.

A UBI would NOT address any of these issues. Rather, it would exacerbate the situation by giving everyone the same dole, ostensibly to destigmitise government assistance. That would mean that wealthy people including banksters and corporatists who hide their incomes behind charitable foundations, off-shore corporations and 'not for profit' organisations, might get the same stipend as everyone else. The result would be that the wealth gap and inequality would continue to increase at the same time as the burgeoning unemployed and increasingly underpaid slave class expands. Moreover, criticism of the true exploiters, the banksters and their favoured corporatists, would decline as the UBI dependant masses would be increasingly encouraged to blame governments and not their covert bankster controllers for growing mass poverty and misery.

A UBI could be calibrated so that it is just enough for people to survive. That will institutionalise poverty and dependence. As machines take over more and more jobs the life prospects for the ever growing unemployed and underemployed masses* will disappear and they will become people without a purpose living from government pay cheque to pay cheque. Easy dehumanised cannon fodder and for the New World Order and its pedophalic and cannabalistic controllers.

* See eg: The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy -].


Let's go back to that hero hunter in the healthy tribe story. After the great hunt, he is deemed a hero, but he doesn't become a "prestigious" hero until he shares his wealth (meat) with the rest of the tribe, in order to keep the tribe healthy and balanced. But that should not take away from his heroism. It should bolster it. It should reinforce it. He goes from being a typical hero, who gains great wealth from his skill in hunting, to becoming a prestigious hero, who expiates his wealth for the health of the tribe. That is honorable. That is compassion. That is prestigious.

It's important to understand that although the hero hunter should be shamed if he hoards his meat and decides not to share, he should not be forced to share-neither through violence nor through taxation. It must be the hero's choice to share, lest tyranny prevail. And it should be his choice how he shares it.


[Ron: I disagree with this analogy. The hero hunter can be assumed to have acquired his meat through honest skill and effort, THAT is not the case with the 100 plutocrats he refers to here where he says 100 individuals have as much wealth as four billion people. No one can acquire such wealth honestly and certainly not from personal labour and industry. See eg: How Interlinked Corporations Rule The World

The Hidden-in-Plain-Sight Mechanism of the Super-Wealthy: Money-Laundering 2.0. See:

Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates Are On the Run- Vanguard -

The corporate stran#mce_temp_url#glehold on food and agriculture. -

How Billionaires Become Billionaires --

Which Companies Have The Most Tax Havens? -

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Leaked IRS Data Show America's Super-Rich Pay "True Tax" Of 3.4% -

Accordingly the community has a duty to the rest of its members and to this planet, to properly police the activities of these oligarchic plutocrats and to properly tax their corporate and other activities; and to confiscate ill gotten gains for the benefit of the general community.].

For example: there is nothing wrong with taking the choicest meat from each kill and then sharing the rest. He should be rewarded for his skill. After all, he is the hero, and it is his power to expiate, it's nobody else's power.

[Ron: WHY does this author keep equating 100 oligarchs who have as much wealth as four billion people with a hero hunter who should be rewarded for his skill and honest effort? There is no justifiable comparison between the activities of a successful hunter and the actions of multi billionaires. This  author even admits they should EXPIATE, ie make amends or reparations for guilt or wrongdoing. ].

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Now, back to the wealthiest 100. They have probably read or heard the famous quote by Stan Lee, "With great power comes great responsibility." But they have probably been focused more on the outdated story of "get rich or die trying," and "hoarding wealth is cool." But if they can manage to update those unhealthy stories with healthier stories, they might be able to become prestigious in their heroism.

Just as the hero hunter keeps the choicest meats and spreads the rest, the hero plutocrat could keep the choicest "meats" and spread the rest (universal basic income; a percentage for rent, for food, for health, and for education).

[Ron: I disagree with the implication that the 100 plutocrats are heros. Arguably they are criminals. I also disagree with the suggestion that the said plutocrats might magnamously give four billion exploited individuals UBI payments to cover their rent.  In my view every sovereign ensouled human being is entitled to unencumbered possession of housing unless the community for some valid reason is unable to produce it; provided that s/he properly maintains it, if able.].

Easier said than done, sure. But, really, for the richest 100, it's actually easier done than said. They are the only ones with the wealth, the power, the time, and the wherewithal to do it. And it would add prestige, honor, and compassion to their legacy. They wouldn't just be remembered as wealthy plutocrats (today's typical hero). They would be remembered as prestigious heroes with the honor and the courage to create a healthier story, and thus a healthier "tribe".

"If a man is proud of his wealth, he should not be praised until it is known how he employs it." ~Socrates

If the heroes of our day, specifically those with the most wealth and power, do not find a way to right the lopsided ship of spaceship earth, then we are heading for some very dark and troubling times.

[Ron: I disagree. Arguably it is the plutocrats that are heading for dark and troubling times. Godly humanity will experience  a couple of months of seeming chaos and then a new life of freedom and prosperity will begin to manifest.].

What happens when technology reaches the point where the super-rich are the only ones who can afford to extend their lives or "upgrade" physically and cognitively? What happens when a small elite, running on outdated and unhealthy stories, monopolizes godlike powers through advanced technologies? On a long enough timeline this could result in a biological split into a new species. What then?

We must update the stories we tell ourselves. "Get rich or die trying" is outdated and unhealthy. So is the story: "It's cool to hoard wealth." These are failed stories. It is our responsibility, all of us, to update these stories and not fall for them anymore. We must be the checks and balances for each other's power.

Let's update the story. Like maybe the following... Get healthy or die trying. It's cool to expiate power. Prestige is the new wealth. Sharing is honorable. Or, keep the tribe healthy.

Yes. In order to update our current sick society, we must practice cooperation over competition, people before profit, health of the tribe over personal wealth. If we don't, then we are doomed as a species. It really is that critical.

We can only hope that the richest among us choose to become prestigious heroes rather than greedy heroes, but we should never underestimate human stupidity. Belief is a powerful thing. If the richest among us believe in the failed stories of our culture, then almost nothing will change their minds. Sometimes there are simply not enough cultural leveling mechanisms in place to keep them in check. And cognitive dissonance is one a hell of a drug.

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The USA Isn't a Country, It's a Corporation! -

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The Hidden-in-Plain-Sight Mechanism of the Super-Wealthy: Money-Laundering 2.0. See:

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