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In Mostly Vaccinated America, May 2021 Covid Cases are 47.4% HIGHER than May 2020
By J D Rucker
May 16, 2021 - 4:06:05 AM

NOQ Report May 14, 2021


May, 2020, was a devastating month for America. We were over a month past the "15 days to slow the spread" and Covid-19 cases were spiking across the country. Nursing home deaths were mounting and Big Pharma companies were racing to get to their big payday, also known as the launch of their Covid-19 vaccines.

A year later, we have the vaccines. Over 100 million Americans have been vaccinated, which means that things are much better than they were a year ago, right? Actually, no. According to the Worldometers database which is the authority on Covid-19 cases worldwide, the United States has more cases in the first 13 days of May, 2021, than we did in May, 2020. It's not even close.

The first 13 days of May last year saw 340,463 new cases of Covid-19 reported. That number has jumped up a whopping 47.4% year-over-year for the first 13 days of May, 2021 with 521, 027 new cases reported.

If that doesn't seem to make sense, you're thinking for yourself. If you're scrambling to make excuses about better testing now or reduced restrictions and lockdown mandates, you're still thinking like the government, mainstream media, and Big Pharma want you to think. Their mentality is this, "Take the vaccine because we said to. Researching it for yourself or looking at the facts must not happen. And above all else, do not ask questions. Those are forbidden.

As you read this, there's probably a "fact-checker" verifying the math (it's correct), after which point they will highlight the fallacies of narrative behind the math. But a plain look at the data reveals what the pro-vaxxers don't want anyone to know. These "vaccines" are not acting like any FDA-approved vaccine has in the history of the United States. Is that why they were rushed into circulation without getting FDA approval, bypassing most clinical trials, all animal trials, and all long-term studies?

It's becoming harder and harder to find those who have not been vaccinated. Even otherwise lucid and independent people we know have succumbed to the massive pressure and constant propaganda bombarding us. We are called "anti-vaxxers" as a pejorative even if we've always taken FDA-approved vaccines that didn't result in 47.4% increases in infections or cases. We are told that we're killing people and we're told that we should be the ones to die instead.

At what point will anyone with a voice look at the data and ask the hard questions? We know they're seeing it. But even so-called "conservatives" are out there talking about anything else other than the "vaccines." They lament about Joe Biden and rail against long gas lines, but why aren't they discussing the draconian agenda surrounding the vaccine push?

If you're too indoctrinated into embracing the vaccine agenda to look at the facts, there numbers won't make sense to you. But if you're paying attention, there's nothing surprising about the failures of the Covid-19 "vaccines."


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