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Health and Nutrition Last Updated: Apr 22, 2021 - 3:19:59 AM

Health& Freedom Conference Full Speeches
By Dianne Marshall
Apr 22, 2021 - 3:11:59 AM

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By all those censored by the fact checking smear squads!


Their ratings are through the roof! And the fake news with their newsguards wish...they had just one ounce of the golden influence these folks have. It's called standing up with GOD using all the armor, and annointed blessings from the Lord! I'm rooting for God's Team all the way!!! They are all here to tell each of you that you too have the option to call on the power of God and stand. Amen! GOD'S PEOPLE have the power!

Pin by danny bryant on Christian quotes | Author, Faith inspiration, Believe

This is where we really witness that all of God's people make up the entire body of Christ, just like Jesus had said. Each has their own special function in the Kingdom and their own specialty, their own gifts to bring to the table. Wow....we have every single part coming together and we are part of this moving power of energy, this mega faith building as we climb the mountains before us and shout from the top! If faith could be heard as it is growing, you would hear a sounding shofar and a lions bellowing roar!

We've been grabbing all we could find in bits and pieces of the great speakers at the Health and Freedom Conference. Here are some great videos of the entire "full" speeches of keynote speakers at the Health and Freedom Conference.

Some people have asked what they said about COVID at the Health and Freedom Conference last weekend. They had a lot to say. Dr. Simone gave a great talk on COVID, she exposed the lies, along with medical facts and shared her own personal persecutions for standing up for the truth about the entire COVID lockstep scandal.

Dr. Simone stated, "I am so frustrated of hearing the expression ‘follow the science' because the science is actually unequivocal-that early treatment works, lockdowns don't work, masks don't work. So clearly, the expression ‘follow the science' doesn't mean that at all. It just means follow the scientists of my choosing."

At the end of the video Dr. Simone has a great video piece they put together...showing how to not be "Bat Shit Crazy" any more. You will love it! It's a comical commercial on what not to do with COVID mandates.

Mike Adams - The Health Ranger, talks about the mind, consciousness, faith, bypassing censorship, critical thinking, and health in a mind-blowing presentation entitled The Contagious Mind. He talks about how we are being persecuted for pointing out the obvious about what we see, and it is morally wrong to do what they are doing to our children. He gives a thought provoking speech about God working through all the people to do something very powerful. Visit his website at: ( Mike Adams was also banned and started his own platform.

The social media censorship platforms have forgotten why people go to You Tube or Facebook or Twitter. They go there to hear the people that tell the truth and now those have censored. So tick tock....the people are now waiting for all the other platforms to get up and running and in the mean time...they are hunting for bits and pieces of things they can share, as some things are not easily shared.

So, the propaganda pushers are in a quandry and have moved to plan B which is to rate all these sites as "not reliable" and smear them at every interval. Smear raters such as Newsguard are nothing more than paid gestapo propaganda gurards and the problem with this is .... we are not in the age of WWI and WWII. This is the age of high technology, and people who know the real history who are leading the way to expose the ones that are still using the old roadmaps to tyranny. They did not plan for people to be awake and they did not plan for people to start taking their lives back in their own hands over the past 20 to 30 years. There are more awake than they have counted. The Health Ranger is a fountain of information, a pioneering front runner who has prepared for such a time as this!

General Flynn spoke out on many issues, and he addressed the children and how COVID is affecting them and how we have to get involved to stop the insane things they are doing to our children. He calls out the RINO's and the failed republican party and shouts out what we need to do to get the right people to serve.

Mike Lindell starts out talking about addictions and tells his own personal story and how he got to where he is and why he is fighting hard for America! His Platform "Frank Speech" is now up and running. Mike was also censored and he has an "F" grade from the fact checkers and the Ratings Scammers. Meanwhile, God has blessed this man through his perserverance, faith and he is moving a very big mountain right now with a very positive attitude and a heap of faith! When you are busy doing God's don't have time to fear...only to maneuver quickly!

Patrick Byrne speaks on his personal story with cancer in his twenties and moves into the Bible history, Abraham to Daniel and moves through world history and into America, our destiny and future.

Phil Waldron - Speaks on the election fraud and the path forward. Giving a reading list of things we need to be aware of like Marxism, he suggests reading all about it, along with the book "Rules for Radicals". He explains in order to know what is happening...we have to know what they (the cabal) are doing to us to get what they are after.

Lin Woods full speech. The man is an inspiration to the common man and sets the flames of fear a fire in the elite! It is so amazing to watch as God's Army of Faithful Servants come together and hold his name in unison for all glory and praise!
Sidney Powell is busy dealing with the legal hounds...but she is an Esther fighting for "WE THE PEOPLE" of this great nation! Send prayers her way. She is doing some heavy lifting... and she has it raising up!

ON THE DAY OF PENTACOST BY GLORYS GATE! Very fitting for the hour we are in!



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