This Is A Frequency War
By State of The Nation with comments by Ron
May 19, 2021 - 3:32:57 AM

April 26th 2021


Submitted by CK

At the end of the discussion between Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Christine  Northrup, Maureen McDonnell, Dr. Larry Palevsky and Dr. Sherri  Tenpenny on, 4.23.21, Dr. Madej said "this is a frequency  war". Without controlling person frequency exposure, one is subject to  the "default program"; constantly being exposed and reacting to  whatever level of emf, microwaves, etc. that is being directed at you. [Ron: As I understand it, strong gamma radiation impacting this planet is a major and generally unacknowledged effect on human health and well being currently. . If  the problem is adverse frequency exposure, the answer is beneficial  frequency exposure. Although the jury is still out as to how this  sympathetic transmission is occurring, the answer is still accessing and  exposing our bodies to frequencies known to heal....Rife frequencies.

Royal Rife isolated frequency sets for "Female Reproductive disorders",

"Blood Diseases" and "Blood Coagulation",

"Menstruation Disorders" and "Menstruation Disturbances",

"Nosebleed" and "Obesity"

and "Infertility".

These are included as they seem to be the most common afflictions  being experienced by so many.

The optimum way to activate the frequencies (which have already been  converted to Hz) is to purchase the Rife Software from My channel "newtimer5" on Youtube has 170 videos of frequency  "sets"; all that are in the audible range are stacked on each video. You  can then input as many as 8 frequencies simultaneously for the  maximum effect. Frequencies are activated by adequate hydration, so  you should drink as much pure water as possible before using the  frequencies. When properly hydrated, they act immediately. The  frequencies also work visually and by touch, as well as charging water.  Only charge and use one ounce of water at a time. The frequencies are very powerful, and can cause severe dehydration if a whole 6, 8 or ten ounces is consumed at once.

If the software isn't possible to purchase at this time, you can plug the  frequencies into "online frequency generators", found on Google. If  you can pull up more than one window simultaneously, you can stack  the frequencies.

There are three sets of patterns you can download at Just  upload a .pdf and download one. If you search "Rife Patterns" or "Rife  Frequency Patterns" on scribd you will see all three entries. The "Heavy Metals Detox" should be used first, as many pathogens use  heavy metals as "shields", preventing their eradication. Also, on  "newtimer5", I would highly suggest you screenshoot, print and  laminate all of the useful patterns. With ample clean water, you have  an electricity-free mobile hospital! The source of the frequencies are in  a massive .pdf entitled "ETDFL" (Electronic Device Frequency List). If  you Google "ETDFL .pdf" you will find it. This is a goldmine of healing  which should be in hard copy.

Since Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Alien Black Goo,  Programmable Matter, Morgellons and now (I believe) Spike Proteins  are synonymous, it is a matter of keeping one's personal frequency high  enough to not be affected. This energy doesn't reach the Heart Chakra;  therein lies protection and salvation. It seems to be lodged in the "3  chakra" system as opposed to the full "7 chakra" system, according to  Dr. Harald Kautz Vella (rense).

[Ron: I suspect that when this article says several "influences" are synonymous, it is primarily referring to the effects of gamma radiation poisoning. I understand that this planet is currently being bombarded  with unusually high gamma radiation coming from the centre of the galaxy and that radiation is substantially affecting everyone and having adverse effects (gamma radiation poisoning) on those experiencing lower vibratory body frequencies due to defective DNA, illness and/or negative or fearful states of mind. In any event a positive, peaceful spiritual state of mind allied with good nutrition (ingesting essential vitamins and minerals) is probably the most effective means for maintaining the high frequency physical vibrations needed for good health.].

There are also a set of 9 balancing frequencies called the "Solfeggio  Tones" (Google for explanation), which affect the body systems  amazingly fast when listened to for at least 10 minutes each daily. They  are (Hz) 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963. To remember,  just add 111 to each number (skip zero) after 174.

In addition to the frequencies and patterns, the lymph system should  be up and functioning so that is can dispose of all of the newly acquired  dead cells and dross. Mini-trampolines are the best activators; 30  minutes a day will activate your system within 2 days. If unavailable,  the acupressure point (the center of the line that separates either palm  from the wrist), depressed for 20 minutes total each day, will also clean  up and activate the lymph fluid.

Lastly, the "enemy" is most fearful of one thing - the Power of Unified  Thought. There is no greater force, which is why every effort is being  made to prevent communication in any way. As Pollyanish as it may  sound, if everyone reading this decided to use their power of the  spoken word daily, collectively, change can occur overnight. If we each say this most powerful set of words with unifying intent every day, the  energy will expand exponentially. This originated from an Indian Yogi:

"Today, wherever I go, I create a peaceful, loving and joyful world."

If you know you are affecting others, as I am as a Targeted Individual, I  say "Today, wherever we go, we create a peaceful, loving and joyful  world." They never expected that flip of the switch!

Love and Light to all who can use this information.

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