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Changing The Face Of Religion : Candace on Religion Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Your Higher Self
By Candace
Dec 11, 2010 - 1:41:02 PM

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Some people really like a post a day ago by Hazel and I replied below.  Then another asked a question which is blue.  I will be posting Hazel's teaching to here in a bit.

Quote Originally Posted by Candace View Post
Hazel's higher self is a Melchizedek, these ones are master teachers who run "melchizedek university" the schools of Salvington, you might wish to review them in the Urantia Book. You can just use the search feature at to bring up the section about them. I don't have mine out tonight, and it's bedtime and I am ….. well TIRED. This has been a long few days for starfleet, we can update later when their work is accomplished. Don't know I am so tired though! maybe just all the anticipation and small letdowns when something is less than smooth. We all know"less than smooth".
Candace, I'm so confused om what is meant with higher self. I thought the higher self was your thought adjuster. Does everyone have a higher self?

The thought adjuster is part of your higher self IF you are Father indwelt. Those of you here that are Father indwelt are likely fused with it already, probably LONG AGO in fact. The folks here serving and learning are all different. Some are descending sons, some are ascending sons. 

Your "higher self" is simply the real you. So yes you all have a higher self if you are not a brand new person. We have a lot of problems with terms on this planet as the knowledge is so bad and then the black ops folks when confusing it all too. 

Nobody is actually "incarnate" in these physical bodies. There is a linkage some call the silver cord to your morontial soul or Monad, depending on where you are in your journey and what type of being you are.  Hazel is a melchezidek incarnate in a female form. she is a descending son.

When we "incarnate" our bodies have a "mind system" that comes with them, and that is really the ego mind that is put out there. Since you are an eternal being of long experience, you have your REAL MIND that belongs to the REAL YOU. You access this all the time without even knowing it much of the time. You essentially have thus two minds. The point is to learn to get out of that programmed mind your body was born with, and get into your real mind. That is the point of meditation. To still the earth society programmed little mind of your body and use your REAL MIND. Hazel's pieces are coming from her "real mind." Does this help? I am in my real mind nearly 24/7 now. I am in it as I am writing this in fact. 

The idea really is to join them both together as much as possible, as you will be taking the little mind with you to your next journey. Your higher self is composed of all those little minds you have had during incarnations plus all your other experiences in the higher realms.

When people began to remember who they are, you don't need details on that, when you begin to reason beyond the earth crap, you are using your real mind. And people notice that sometimes and think you have changed. And they probably won't like it. but fact is, YOU have changed and when you are using what you really know, you will not slide back into other ways. 

I was raised in the episcopal church. I was always in my higher self when I was drug off to that church even, it did not resonate with me, the real me. Many of you have been using your higher minds somewhat to a whole lot during your life. I leave to you ponder WHEN. Some of you from birth, some of you later.

Animals reincarnate too and often have better memories than we do of previous lives they have lived. The mind grows from life to life, experience to experience. I have cats that KNOW they reincarnate and I have one now who remembers ME from long ago in a previous life of hers. I kept her as a kitten, she was born in my house, because she knew who I was even if I could not remember which one of MANY cats she was. One day, when I was meditating on the couch and in that "in-between state" of awake and asleep, she jumped up on me, and I called her Maria. Well, now I knew which one she had been, my higher self remembered her! So you see, reincarnating cats have a "higher self" too, their real mind that is them, no matter which body they have. If was this cats higher self that remembered ME in the first place. 

Everytime you "know" something you were NOT "taught" on this planet, you are getting it from your higher self. It's a knowing from another time.

Now, some of you staying here may be getting a new cloned body. We have discussed this. When you are MOVED into that new body, that is your mind is moved to it, you are going to have a lot more recall of your self. It is being born into a BABY that causes the terrible loss of memory here, as the baby's mind that comes with it's body, gets filled up with the stuff of this life. This hides your real mind. Babies in fact usually do remember stuff when they are born and for a few years and it get's gradually LOST as you grow and fill up the new mind of the body. Now these days, there are more and more children coming into better soul carrier bodies that do have better memory of themselves. 

I see lots of cute stories now and then on GLP about people's kids who remember and even know why they are here. Every time you knowingly reject the religion you got raised with, you are that higher mind, YOU KNOW BETTER.  And so it goes.

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