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Changing The Face Of Religion : Candace on Religion Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Our Master Creator Son
By Candace and the Urantia Book
Aug 11, 2009 - 8:05:00 PM

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Hi everyone, this is a teaching I spent a lot of time on yesterday on my Ask Candace thread on GLP. I don't know if it got noticed for not, for the shills there who have taken it over.  I wanted it saved, so here it is. A reader going by "Orange" posted some material for explanation and reading.  I had decided before I went to bed the night before I would work on it and another topic during the day.  I barely skimmed it before bed, but apparently I was doing some planning while I slept, because this is  one of those "it just flows" periods. I preplanned none of this, just allowed it.

I hope some of you will find it useful, now, or new readers in the future. Many of you are already familiar with this stuff. There are 3 posts here from GLP. The first is a response to something obviously from the Urantia Book, but I don't know where.

The 2nd two are my responses to section 5, page 240-241, Paper 21, of the Urantia Book. The paper is titled Paradise Creator Sons, and this material with my teaching is very relevant right now.  The UB material is in indigo. Mine in black. I am leaving this exactly as I took it off the forum.   These above are on page 6, and 7.  for the material taken from it.

Nothing can take precedence over the work of your status sphere--this world or the next. Very important is the work of preparation for the next higher sphere, but nothing equals the importance of the work of the world in which you are actually living.

God blessings.
 Quoting: Orange

Ok up and back to work. OK, I will give time initially this day to the posts by Orange, then move on. This above, by the sound of it, and knowing Orange a little bit, is likely from the Urantia Book. While Orange did not ask a question, he made a post to cause some pondering, and pondering is most holy indeed. You don't move up until your pondering improves.

It says in the bible, and probably most other religious books, AND the UB, that man has responsibility for the planet on which he lives. And that includes also the architectural spheres (custom built planets) of "heaven."

It is important to always being working on your personal growth that will allow you to move upward to the next higher sphere. But it is of even greater importance to NOT DESTROY the current one, regards the evolutionary spheres.

Man has once again, on planet Earth (Urantia, Shan) just about destroyed his world, and it takes COLLECTIVE actions/inactions to do this.

God did not give your souls wonderous places to experience and grow, only to watch these places destroyed. The implanting of live on a planet is a long and difficult job, and when man is destructive, he harms not only himself and his home, but everybody else and every life form on his home.

We currently have acidic oceans in which the life that generated oxygen and food etc, is being destroyed. This interferes also with the upward journey on spirit in the ocean plants and animals, which support life above them.

Each man, before he can move to higher places to live, has to learn to cooperate with each other in awareness to keep his current home safe and secure as the highest person on the food chain, so that others, all others, plants and animals can also have opportunity to progress.

We currently on this planet do not have people interested, and a LOT of them, in keeping this world healthyand in balance for all that occupy it. Therefore the concept of ONENESS is not present in many. And they will not be moving to higher stations in their ascent, until they do begin to understand and partipate in the forward sustencance of this sphere the will not be moving forward, but backward or laterally during the cleanse. Your world comes first, and then you can figure out your personal soul growth in service to your world, which is your current "mother."

Man has to first work locally, while becoming aware globally. We now have global awareness because of communications, but many are not aware of the effects of their actions on the whole of the globe. What you have done to the least you do also to the whole. I see only smatterings of true local involvement, it is growing, but a day late and a dime short.

Man doesn't seem to get that the air he pollutes spreads around the globe harming all life in its way. And this starts even with cigarette smoking and burning the meat on the barbecue. The use of drugs causes problems in societies long distant that are forced to produce drugs to have money. He doesn't even realize what he sends down his drains goes into the water supply the rest of the world relies on. There is little concern still for planet earth and all that inhabit here. So personal soul growth on these lower worlds must include concern for the whole.

And the actions of hatred and love affect the genetic mind of the planet. And that is what is behind the desire of Mother Earth to cleanse. The pollution of hate.



Hi everyone, this is Orange's post from Page 5. in Blue. He posted a small quote and I asked him to provide a bit more. This is from the Urantia Book, and is highly relevant to now, and we have covered some of the concepts between Me and Jess on my site. The UB can be a bit difficult to read, so many new concepts, expressed as best as possible in the English language of the mid 1930's.

Rather than use the quote feature, I placed it in color, so it is easier for me to explain throughout the post. This is from page 240-241, Paper 21, about the Paradise Creator Sons. Christ Michael IS a Paradise Creator Son. He is Father God of our universe, and he did visit very personally 2000 years ago.

This is going to be likely a rather long post and I will be placing it also on my website. This below is not the entire section #5 of that paper. I think here I will do another post with the rest of section 5. I don't know how much can be posted in a post here, there is size limits on most forums. OK, Leaving a bit, be back, may work on section 5 over the next couple hours or so in parts.


And my idea of using two different colors to provide answers within the UB material did NOT work. So I scrubbed it and will do the teaching after the quote.


The power of a Master Michael is unlimited because derived from experienced association with the Paradise Trinity, is unquestioned because derived from actual experience as the very creatures subject to such authority. The nature of the sovereignty of a sevenfold Creator Son is supreme because it:

1. Embraces the sevenfold viewpoint of Paradise Deity.

2. Embodies a sevenfold attitude of time-space creatures.

3. Perfectly synthesizes Paradise attitude and creature viewpoint.

This experiential sovereignty is thus all-inclusive of the divinity of God the Sevenfold culminating in the Supreme Being. And the personal sovereignty of a sevenfold Son is like the future sovereignty of the sometime-to-be-completed Supreme Being, embracing as it does the fullest possible content of the power and authority of the Paradise Trinity manifestable within the time-space limits concerned.

With the achievement of supreme local universe sovereignty, there passes from a Michael Son the power and opportunity to create entirely new types of
creature beings during the present universe age. But a Master Son's loss of power to originate entirely new orders of beings in no way interferes with the work of life elaboration already established and in process of unfoldment; this vast program of universe evolution goes on without interruption or curtailment. The acquirement of supreme sovereignty by a Master Son implies the responsibility of personal devotion to the fostering and the administering of that which has already been designed and created, and of that which will subsequently be produced by those who have been thus designed and created. In time there may develop an almost endless evolution of diverse beings, but no entirely new pattern or type of intelligent creature will henceforth take direct origin from a Master Son. This is the first step, the beginning, of a settled administration in any local universe.

The elevation of a sevenfold bestowal Son to the unquestioned sovereignty of his universe means the beginning of the end of agelong uncertainty and relative confusion. Subsequent to this event, that which cannot be sometime spiritualized will eventually be disorganized; that which cannot be sometime co-ordinated with cosmic reality will eventually be destroyed. When the provisions of endless mercy and nameless patience have been exhausted in an effort to win the loyalty and devotion of the will creatures of the realms, justice and righteousness will prevail. That which mercy cannot rehabilitate justice will eventually annihilate.
Thank you.


Ok, live and learn. Which is exactly what we are supposed to be doing! As do the Creator Sons, they also live and learn, no entity that wishes to be eternal can avoid learning! It is of God. Which brings me now to the above topic, and so lets first define for newbies, what is the Master Son and the relationship to HIS universe.

The Master Son is a Creator Son, who set about creating a new universe and populating it with created entities in his service (angels), and also creating new souls from the evolutionary process which will develop into Sons of the Father themselves in due time (Humans), who as part of his experiential learning, must become AS 7 different entities in his realm. 6 of those experiences are as various angelic entities, and #7 must be as a man.

The Creator Son is from Paradise, created by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. He has his intial learnings and experience there. Then when it is noticed by scientists from high realms, that there are space conditions suitable to become new material creations, high beings initiate these conditions into material nebulas that become a new universe. THe main nebula of our universe, the Andronover Nebula was initiated roughly 875 billion years ago, after the discovery of conditions almost 1 trillion years ago. You can read this story of the history of our universe in Paper 57 of the Urantia Book.

So at some point a Creator Son will select a new creation as his personal project, and our Creator Son chose this creation as his future playground around 400 billion years ago, and construction of the architectural headquarters spheres was begun. Our Michael, (what the Creators Sons are called simplified in English), moved in with his staff about 300 billion years ago. (and it is thought the whole creation is only 20 billion years old by earth scientists!)

The original plans projected 700,000 universes, and there will be MANY more, creation never stops. Our universe is called Nebadon, and is #611,121.

OK, so the Creator Son comes and begins overseeing the construciton of the necessary headquarters and the like and begins with Mother God (we shall cover this later, but she is a daughter of the Infinite Spirit, bringing the 3rd person of the Trinity to a new universe), to create the necessary staff he needs for his creation. WE shall simply call these ones angels for the time being, but there are many different types of entities created to serve.

AFter a long time has passed and the new universe is steaming along, the Creator Son must experience AS various entities of his universe. These are bestowals, and he is required to experience 7 of his choosing, but the final one is always as a MAN. The others are of the angelic beings. So, 2000 years ago, he had his seventh bestowal, here on our planet as Jesus. You can read about the 7 bestowals in Paper 119 of the UB.

Once he has completed the 7th bestowal, he becomes a MASTER SON. Prior to that time, he is supervised. When he is done with his bestowal, in the likeness of a human, he returns to the Central Universe for approval and then become completely sovereign over future developments in his universe. He has all power in heaven and earth, is the statement in the bible for reference. He sits at the right hand of the Father, as a Master Son over his own universe, he has become Father God of Nebadon, in our case.

He will continue to seek advice always from many, but he makes the final decisions always, for his realm after he is master of his realm.

Now, something different happened with this bestowal, than with similar bestowals of the preceeding Creators Sons of the preceeding Universes that came into being before Nebadon. Our Creator Son made a choise NO other has made. He made the choice to RETURN embodied, because there are serious problems in this younger universe of ours and others in our Superuniverse called Orvonton. (Super Universes are collections of 100,000 local universes and there are 7 of them).

Creator Sons usually visit planets doing a little better than ours, and they initiate a period of permanent peace. Not so here. The thugs of Nebadon, and a few other universes, the RETARDS, as used here on GLP, were rounded up and placed here. 10 billion of them, both "fallen angels" and "fallen men."

With the advancing ages, man is getting nastier. He has also blended machine intelligence with human intelligence, creating a hybrid being that has no conscience. And he has learned how to use machine intelligence to destroy. You got a little clue about that in 2001, a Space Odessey, with Hal the computer. There has been a LOT of galactic warring. ANd this has to be addressed, it has become beyong the usual, and a real infection to this local creation and Orvonton. It must be contained.
So a lot of this was contained on our planet and in our solar system. And it's judgment time, the final battle of good OVER evil.

Christ Michael returned in 1954, aboard a Pleidian command ship currently called the Phoenix. It will not work to be born of man this time, he is using a special body created for his mission,

Now dear STAR SEEDS reading here, you are to wake up, because you came to serve this mission. This time is the grandest time you might ever experience, and you are in training by your choice to become the future Gods of planets and widespread systems and eventually some of you will even maybe wish to become a Creator Son in the universes forming in our space. It is time to get your shit together, OK!!!!!

See that "seeking Visionaries" in my signature file? That is YOU. Don't let the thugs here take you down. Don't debate the shills, their purpose is to keep you away from your mission work. The only reason I pointed out Menow, is because that person is an expert in diversion.

It is time to get out of the new age bullcrap put in place by the CIA "COUNCIL of the NOT so Light." This CIA group has created many of the new age false channels and websites that have you all believing you will get rescused by AA Michael, for being a light worker, and take you off to a new golden galaxy and similar unadulterated crap. You did NOT come here to do that. This was built by the Satanic ones (adverseries to God) to dislodge you from your mission work. They do not wish to give this planet back to God.

OK, I need a little break, and then will return to work a bit on the above "sevenfold" stuff.

Ok, the Seven fold stuff. Suffice it to say, the Trinity, is a huge combination of mind, all one but divided into parts, the 3 persons. They are not angels with wings. And the 2nd person of the Trinity did NOT visit earth 2000 years ago. The Eternal son does NOT incarnate on these worlds ever, but is considered the first born Son, and then he is the "mother" of many sons after Him.

Seven Fold is combinations of the members of the trinity. 1. God the Father. 2. God the Son. 3. God the Spirit 4. God the Father & Son 5. God the FAthre and Spirit 6. God the Son and Spirit. 7. All three together, Father son and Spirit.

You will study these concepts as you ascend. Many of you star seeds here have this knowledge buried deep in your soul, because you have progressed far. It's not very important right now on earth, but it is part of the science of the creation all will study who take the upward journey at some point. The Supreme Being, is also a "God", that is in-formation. It is all of us together of the ascending entities. Enough of that. The Master Creator Son has mastered all this stuff, and personifies it in his universe. As to #3, the Creator Son by being both God and Man, ties it all together.

Let's move on the latter portions.

Now to continue starting with this part from above: With the achievement of supreme local universe sovereignty, there passes from a Michael Son the power and opportunity to create entirely new types of When the Creator Son becomes sovereign, he is no longer allowed for a time to create new beings in his universe, meaning new "angels." New Humans continue to form. He has created many beings and now the human are advancing enough to pick up the slack. And now after all this creation of beings to serve the needs, and getting everything else up and running in a universe, the Creator Son now has more "time" to devote more personally to upliftment in his universe. He takes a greater personal interest. I might add here, there are over 3.8 million life endowned planets in Nebadon and there will be a total of about 10 million evolutionary planets when the universe has finished out its process of making suns, planets etc. Creator Sons are great minds and their minds and Mother God's mind pervade the universe and this can be tapped into by all when allowed to them, both using mind and advanced techonologies.

But the Creator Son is also very much a PERSON, and not just a mind force. He can now more personally minister to his realm, and as I said, he's the first one to return embodied in a higher physical form so that he can actually WALK the planet, and he has behind the scenes quite a bit actually, but will one day have a public retreat and abode.

Our universe has always being a evolving active being, spitting out new suns and the like, this continues for quite some time, but the hard initial work is passing and it's time to reap the rewards. And it's time beloveds, for you who came to BE part of this never ever done before thingy, to assume your roles.

With this "final battle of good and evil" in this large sector of Nebadon, it is coming that we can do the necessary growing up of this sector. We have been teaching on AH (AbundantHope) here and there, that part of the getting rid of evil, is related to upgrading the vibration of all of Nebadon. And dear ones, it starts here and NOW.
The whole of Nebadon, the evolutionary worlds to date is being brought up to a minimum of 4th Dimension. Like attracts like. Light attracts Light, and Dark attracts dark. Boy do you know this is you watch a big brawl occur. A tornado of dark energy forms, sucking most into the brawl, except for those that can withhold themselves from it. This minimum vibration greatly locks out the dark, and they will just tornado themselves right into non existance. And we rebuild when it's done.

Let me explain briefly dimension and density. There is HUGE confusion on these. Density has to do with matter, dimension more to do with consciousness. ALL evolutionary orbs, suns, moons, asteroids, comets, planets etc are First Density. But even these can have levels of consciousness associated with vibration, dimensions ar within densities. Jupiter our new sun, is now First Density, 5th dimension. It has moved to a higher vibration of it's matter.

Now, planets with life implanted on them, are 2nd Density. With the ascension of our planet into light and Life, about 25 to 80 years out, which we have as a goal, we enter 2nd Density, 5th dimension, the beginning of true balance and sustainability. That must be built by the people. No magic wand waving, sorry. We are those people.

After WW 2, we were really low in dimensional consciousness. We were under 2, and the planet wanted badly to toss us off. So star fleet came, as part of this huge program and stabilized the planet from going into an 18 degree axis change, so more work could get done. It is the desire of the very Conscious Mother GAIA to take her evolutions, as many as possible with her and not have to clean them all off. We are those leaders, the way showers, for her evolutions. Get that, ponder it, let it sink in.............

We are not of this world. But we must function IN this world to show the way. Ok, another break I do so need, be right back, need to get my coffee.

Ok, now read the bolded part in the above from the UB, which was the original post requesting explanation by Orange.

Once the Creator Son is Sovereign, and his creation less at commotion, He does delve into raise up that which can be raised up, and the let that we can't, become disorganized enough to collapse. It is the goal to get the entire Universe into Light and Life. Here is really begins after the final bestowal. That is what I touched on above, in that we need to get this sector up to at least 4th dimension consciousness, not just this sector, but all that exists in Nebadon to date in the evolutionary worlds.

So after this event, that which cannot be spiritualized, must go. There has been endless mercy. There most truly has in Nebadon. That is the specialty of Orvonton, the 7th Superuniverse, the best and most patient of MERCY. But at some point, folks, we have to throw in the rag. That is behind the stories in the bible of this final battle of good and evil, and of separating the wheat from the chaff. It is not only about little earth, but this is also the seed planet of Nebadon, and also it's prison world, boy does that seem like a dicotomy! It is, but those dark ones that DID, and many DID return to the light, with that they improve the developing DNA patterns which is why the seed planet was used as the prison world. Plus the seed planet was taken in warefare, which is another really good reason to end the warring and take it back.

All entities with free will must choose good or evil. All young souls make errors, thus the need for incarnational experience to obtain wisdom. Evil is allowed to a degree, because it forces growth of mind and heart. but there is a point........ when it is too much,and so there is going to be a cleanse. There are many that have failed all efforts of rehabilitation. It must be done, otherwise these later younger universes will have such an infestation of evil as to seem insurmountable. That would never fully happen, but it has gotten too big and must be cut back. You are all specialists from higher places. You each have brought your special skills to minister WITH Christ Michael in cleaning up a big mess. He is here personally WITH US aboard the Pheonix not sitting back in an easy chair watching it all on galactic TV.

AbundantHope is the Second Coming Organization. It is an organization of partnership between Christ MIchael and Esu, and us various motely folks came this way from higher realms to serve together, Two or More in My (God's) Name, in a most magnificient adventure. It is time, beloveds, it is time...............

Seeking Visionaries,who can and will create the many messianic missions needed to heal Earth and her peoples, and bring balance. Seeking those who can constantly expand their truth, and will strive earnestly to stand in that truth 100% of the time, making every moment of every day, a Holy Event. TWO OR MORE IN MY NAME. ~



Also I suggested I would finish section 5 from that UB chapter in post #2 to Orange's material, and it is self explanatory just fine, so I will not spend the time on it, but here is it for those interested. From Paper 21, balance of section 5, page 242

The Master Michaels are supreme in their own local universes when once they have been installed as sovereign rulers. The few limitations upon their rule are those inherent in the cosmic pre-existence of certain forces and personalities. Otherwise these Master Sons are supreme in authority, responsibility, and administrative power in their respective universes; they are as Creators and Gods, supreme in virtually all things. There is no penetration beyond their wisdom regarding the functioning of a given universe.

After his elevation to settled sovereignty in a local universe a Paradise Michael is in full control of all other Sons of God functioning in his domain, and he may freely rule in accordance with his concept of the needs of his realms. A Master Son may at will vary the order of the spiritual adjudication and evolutionary adjustment of the inhabited planets. And such Sons do make and carry out the plans of their own choosing in all matters of special planetary needs, in particular regarding the worlds of their creature sojourn and still more concerning the realm of terminal bestowal, the planet of incarnation in the likeness of mortal flesh.

The Master Sons seem to be in perfect communication with their bestowal worlds, not only the worlds of their personal sojourn but all worlds whereon a Magisterial Son has bestowed himself. This contact is maintained by their own spiritual presence, the Spirit of Truth, which they are able to "pour out upon all flesh." These Master Sons also maintain an unbroken connection with the Eternal Mother Son at the center of all things. They possess a sympathetic reach which extends from the Universal Father on high to the lowly races of planetary life in the realms of time.

Also same paper, page 236 is a short interesting statement that may help some have a tad of understanding of the Trinity.

1. Energy-matter is dominated by the Infinite Spirit. Before any new forms of things, great or small, may be created, before any new transformations of energy-matter may be attempted, a Creator Son must secure the consent and working co-operation of the Infinite Spirit.

2. Creature designs and types are controlled by the Eternal Son. Before a Creator Son may engage in the creation of any new type of being, any new design of creature, he must secure the consent of the Eternal and Original Mother Son.

3. Personality is designed and bestowed by the Universal Father.

Seeking Visionaries,who can and will create the many messianic missions needed to heal Earth and her peoples, and bring balance. Seeking those who can constantly expand their truth, and will strive earnestly to stand in that truth 100% of the time, making every moment of every day, a Holy Event. TWO OR MORE IN MY NAME. ~

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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