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Changing The Face Of Religion : Candace on Religion Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Densities and Dimensions
By Candace
Sep 10, 2010 - 10:37:10 AM

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Ok, I give up, here's the basics. There are Densities first, and then the dimensions are vibratory frequencies within the densities.

First Density, is suns, moons, planets, matter in other words. It can and does vibrate at different harmonic frequencies, called again, Dimensions, although there is not "life" in the matter. Because we are in the changing times, in the photon belt et all, all the moons, suns, planets, asteroid belt etc of this solar system is rising in the actually vibratory rate. Our sun is now vibrating at 6th dimension. So we call it First Density, 6th dimension. Or to simplify, 1.6

Earth has life on it, matter with consciousness. ALL life bearing planets, moons etc, are 2nd Density. Again with frequency variation within, called dimensions. There are better words yet to be made, we can only work with the two words available.

Earth has barely entered 4th dimension, and it's hard to keep us there, we keep slipping up, bouncing around. 4th dimension consciousness is supposed to get off the fence and decide to be light or dark, and there is supposed be great diversity of thinking and the light coming in, causes frequency change. Not working so hot, this was set up back 2000 years ago when Jesus came and said I did not come to declare peace, I came to set one against another. the purpose is to set up THINKING DEBATE, and stop the old following!!!!!

It failed at that time and earth consciousness fluttered back and forth over 2000 years here and there between 2nd and 3rd dimension. After WW2, being a world conflict, it sunk to 2.16 (meaning 2nd Density, first dimension of 1.6) and the mother planet begin to shake the people off, and this was prevented by beings from the higher realms coming to stabilize the planet to buy some more time.

And with the war settling down globally and some mental growth in goodness started up, although not fully global we went up to 3d. (D=Density, d=dimensions) So we were 2.3

We are barely 2.4 and it needs to go up. People in the US of A have recently failed a test around the Gulf of Mexico. They did NOT rise up and demand change over to better methods of energy and they flat didn't give a crap about the oil, except some were upset over the wildlife, but NOT the planet. We have failed every test here to become proper custodians of our world. Really bad failure.

Now the planet herself, GAIA who IS a person herself, is making her ascension. People are invited to attend and go along but they aren't, so there is going to be the great cleansing. People cannot survive 5d very long. GAIA will move to 2.5, in other words, which is a STATE OF BALANCE. Man is not in balance, this you all know, just look around.

This planet will always be 2nd Density. But vibration wise, the people and all life can go to 2.9999999999999999 and so forth and so on.

So, this implies there must be 3rd Density, and yes, there are 13 Densities in fact. Density relates to matter. The lower level worlds of HEAVEN, are 3rd Density. Again with many dimensions within. These worlds are custom built, not evolutionary like regular planets and they have MORE Elements than the "natural worlds."

There is an ascending rank of these custom built worlds, moving up to 13th Density, which is Paradise, the Center of the Creation. The headquarters administrative worlds of each Universe are 6th Density Worlds. Then you have Worlds leading up to the Headquarters worlds of each of the 7 superuniverses, which are thus thru 11 Density, each Density having more and more elements (and spirit by the way).

Then 12th Density worlds are Havona, 1 billion gorgeous worlds moving around Paradise. These worlds of the 12th Density have 1000 elements. Then Paradise, 13th Density. Your goals, if you are ascending souls is to eventually earn the right to call Paradise your home. It's a long journey to get there.

When you graduate the 6th Density universe headquarters worlds, you are a spirit being, being pure spirit, having NO physical matter for your body.

Now, heaven is not "space" like some seem to think. ALL spirit beings live on these special planets, and they also live on planets like this one, to which they are assigned and since they are spirit beings you can't see them with your current physical eyes.

Now evolutionary planets also have layers of dimensions in which spirit beings live, a local heaven if you wish. These layers are many from pure crap almost, to very high vibrations. The middle astral planes (as these are labeled on earth) were moved out to the moon quite a number of years ago when man was experimenting with atomic and nuclear power, because the energies from these explosions can and do harm soul matrix of folks living in the middle layers, which is where most earthlings live between incarnations. The astral realms are still attached to matter spheres of some sort, so that is why they were moved to the moon.

The higher astral realms are NOT affected by the atomic and nuclear explosions, because they are totally spirit realms. So they are still here around earth.

During the pole reversal that is coming up, everything in the lower astral will be leaving the planet and destroyed. It is not worthy of God. In fact all beings when they die, if they are lower astral they are pretty much removed within 40 days of death and meet the "2nd Death." Middle folks go to the astral layers around the moon, if they are staying for more incarnations on earth, and if not their souls are taken to where ever they are going to have their next experience. To continue on earth, there must be at least 51% of karma worked off.

Since the advent of Christ 2000 years ago, all souls who are at least 3rd circle spiritual development go directly to the appropriate "mansion" worlds, 3rd Density on up, for their continued learning after passing this plane. So you can surmise generally that the ones going to the astral around the moon, are not yet 3rd circle souls. Entering the higher constructed spheres does not cancel incarnation, but it is never forced. It is highly encouraged as part of ones learning and also those more advanced come to incarnate and teach. And many from these higher worlds also visit locally to just WATCH and study.

This is enough for now. I hope this answers some questions and some of you will see the gift.


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