Candace on Religion
A Course in Miracles
By Candace
Jan 28, 2011 - 6:19:26 AM

Hi Everyone, since somebody on the forum (I think it was mine, could have been another or maybe more than one),  about the Course in Miracles, I keep "hearing" maybe I should check it out.  I have in the somewhat distant past, tried to download a version of it that I know was corrupted actually.

Well today, as I am in the midst of a period of emotional turmoil and stewing, I took the advice seriously to have a look.  So I have a suggested homework assignment for all those uncomfortable with this waiting process.

The website is   Christ Michael is the "jesus" behind these.  I once considered buying the book, but forgot.  I can't remember if I have seen it in the bookstore or not.

There are 365 lessons, one for each day.  I would suggesting taking a couple hours today or soon and working thru the first 18.  They are free on the site. The go down the left menu, to the bolded portion, ONLINE Lessons.

Just start with #1 and work thru and as you get into the material, on the "past" you will see where it's all going.  I starting working on my own waiting issue, as a focus as I moved thru.  Very enlightening experience.  We keep getting told our issues are our creation, and not God's. Perhaps this will help with the inner vision on these ideas.  This short time I spent today, brought more understanding to the concept of living in the NOW.


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