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AH Member Writings : Candace Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Everything You Wanted to Know About Robotoids And Clones
By Candace
Nov 10, 2007 - 1:47:00 PM

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Robotoids And Clones

By Candace

November 10, 2007



Hi everyone, since Patrick has been placing emphasis on “clones” recently, its time to more fully clear up the mysteries. First, let’s utilize two different terms, clones, and Robotoids. A clone, in this discussion will mean the clones you see in government, such as our resident and unelected clone residing in our White House, and all his cohort clones. These clones are made in a matter at most of a few weeks, from cells taken from there bodies, be they real humans or robotoids.


So what then is a robotoid? It is not exactly a clone, as in the above description. Around 2500 BC the owners of the planet became concerned that those that survived the last trip through the Photon Belt, the great flood and other calamities, we coming again into their own, real humans, and they were still wanting this planet for themselves, with a slave race to serve, destroying the intent of this seed planet.


So using a combination of energy and light effects on the planet, they downgraded the DNA massively. This did not produce the robotoid, but it set mankind back. Just as we are now experiencing an increase in the higher vibrations, similar technology was used to lower the vibrations and this affected the entire planet and all of her life. Then, from the underground laboratories, (not to be confused with inner earth), the dark scientists began to take human sperm and eggs from the humans, and further affected the DNA, cutting off the portions that produce a true human, and this created the Robotoid. They implanted these robotoids embryos back into women, and over the centuries, more and more Robotoids were born. The robotoid can only produce another robotoid.


Now, from material at and, you know there is a soul carrier body. Robotoids, (I may from time to time type robotics, same thing), are NOT soul carriers, so entities can’t incarnate into them, and that was another reason this was carried out by the dark, to prevent the inevitable incarnations that always occur on lower planets, as a means to uplift the planet from within. Many of you reading this are star seeds. Or as I have said before, the more advanced souls experiencing here for various reasons, and considered indigenous to the planet. You, no matter whether you are indigenous to earth, or a star seed, need a soul carrier body to be able to incarnate.


Now, as you know we have a pretty well developed “Other Side” where we reside between our incarnations, and there was becoming less and less opportunity for incarnation. Many of you incarnated into the Western Hemisphere, as Indians in North America and in the other races in South America, as those areas had not been “contaminated.” 


But of course, that ended when the white man came. But that’s why the civilizations of the Western Hemisphere were much more spiritually advanced than elsewhere, until the white man came and brought destruction. The White Man had a smidgeon of the violet bloodlines, that Adam and Eve had brought to the planet, both the first Adam and Eve, and then the Adam and Eve story, that came from the stories of replenishing the Earth after the great flood. (Not to worry on this, this is a topic for a further piece, but I set it up here.) In large part the dark side was incarnating into this slightly improved form, and its part of the story behind Hitler wanting to maintain the Aryan bloodline. And thus the white people tended to be more than a bit destructive, wanting to own the planet.


So, anyway, the dark scientists in the underground labs continued to implant the women of this planet with low-grade DNA embryos, all over the planet as the races and nations came in more contact. This program was hugely increased at the beginning of the 20th century, as the dark noticed that more and more brilliant folks were incarnating for the purpose of uplifting the planet.

The robotoids reproduced heavily, not having any sense about the effects of over population, and by the time Christ Michael and Esu returned together aboard the Phoenix in 1954, the population of the entire planet was about 2/3 robotoids. And the churches really got busy with propaganda, drawing the robotoids to them, and these ones, in several of the religions, such as Catholicism, Mormonism, and Islam, believed they should of course provide more children for their versions of God’s chosen people.


Of course the population was far less then, about 2.6 billion. By the time I graduated from high school, in 1965, the population had grown to 3.5 billion, and despite all the disease, war, and poverty on the planet, it’s now 7 billion. This is the surface population; it doesn’t include the population of inner Earth. And what a mess we have on our hands.


So, it is not that the robotoids don’t have souls; it is that they can’t be soul carriers. So where does that leave them, in the bigger story. Will, as I have posted in other pieces, about 10% of them are refined enough, mentally, to receive a thought adjuster. This is not quite the same as receiving a soul, by incarnation. We have a ways to go, in defining yet what is a soul, and that too, is a topic for another discussion and so I will, probably when on my retreat during stasis, write that piece.


The robotoid has a fine enough large brain, and can be programmed in school, and by the media. They don’t tend to learn as well about using their minds in an independent way. They don’t have the experience of a soul that has taken an incarnational journey to gather experience. They are really “green” in this manner. But some do develop the early rudiments of god mind, just as described in the Urantia Book, in the lovely story about the first 2 “humans” that got Thought Adjusters on this planet. These were the humans from the evolutionary process on this seed planet.


That said, this planet has also been colonized by peoples from other planets who came here because their planets were dying (meaning the planet didn’t make its ascension),  and/or overcrowded, so the earth’s peoples carry genetics both from the natural evolutionary process and from colonization. Also a race of people was brought here to evolve after a sun in Sirius was destroyed, thus destroying the planets, and these souls needed another place to continue their evolution, and they were brought to Earth. These souls are considered thus, indigenous to earth.


Add to that, the fallen angels and the dark warriors incarcerated here, and you can now imagine what the history of this planet is so very mixed up and misunderstood!


Because of the downgraded DNA the robotics have, they are busy copying the humans around them. They don’t have necessarily the God given genetics that would make them compassionate etc, and they fall prey to the dark side, in the games played about god in the churches, and as use for disposable bodies in war. These same ones succumb easily to drug use, have degraded genetics causing sexual problems of all kinds, and the like. They simply become programmed by the churches and schools to serve the dark. But as I said about, 10% of them do better than that, do develop God mind, and get a thought adjuster bestowed on them. Then they take the standard journey upon passing through the mansion world education programs, many of which are actually run the Other Side of our planet.


So now what of the 90% that currently don’t receive a Thought Adjuster? Will, most are uncreated within 40 days of the death of their bodies. All bodies, no matter source, of all living matter on this earth generate an astral form. So this astral form survives death and enters the noxious lower astral realms. The robotoids which find themselves, (because of like attracts like) in these dark realms do not reincarnate. But often they want a body, so they more or less possess one.


 Otherwise they hang around bars and the like, where the lower man tends to gather, because of like attracts like. These realms are now, since Christ Michael has come back, being “swept clean” regularly, reducing this type of possession and collection of energy that also leads to lots of nightmares.


But, wait a moment, not all robotoids are of lower energy, there are many, about 30% that have better life experiences, and don’t need uncreation, but don’t get a thought adjuster. What happens then? Will in the past they just stayed in slightly improved areas of the Other Side, and we taught to some degree by ones who came down to teach their astral forms, but this wasn’t really successful, and so there has been a special area on Mansion world #1 for these ones, and they are being taken there as they die, into a special class. They will be given thought adjusters as they progress in their thinking, and can then start the human journey. This is a gift of Christ Michael, is who not exactly a happy camper about the robotoid situation and this is a terrible waste to the Creation. (And neither am I, as I learned about this.)


The purpose of the Creation is always expansion, and this creation of robotoids in this manner, is contraction. And that’s exactly the point of those negative folks that owned the planet. Please do NOT go around looking for the 50% of the population that is robotoids. And OOPS, I just left out a portion of the story, above. The percent of robotoids now makes up 50% of the population, an improvement of sorts, except that in 1954, 2/3 of 2.6 billion people is about 1.3 billion. 50% of 7 billion is about 3.5 billion, so we have now more than twice as many of them! 


 But what has caused the change in the percentages? The DNA upgrade program that has been taking place since then. The dark side has made it seem that the little greys and others are here to steal our DNA. BULLSHIT, it isn’t worth stealing, OK!  However, some of the little greys who were created as a slave race, do want soul carrier bodies, and are trying to mix our better DNA and theirs to create this, and this isn’t seen as exactly cool, because they can only start an incarnational journey with the grace of God. And so that occurred from some of these ones, as we reported in a very early message in this series, I think #25. Not sure. There were some that knew that, and were kind and had become human like, having compassion, and thus they were granted this. Others will be going elsewhere, until they learn that.



The real genetic program going on this planet is about uplifting the DNA, not stealing it! The Adam and Eve mission failed long ago, and that too is another topic for another paper, but those of you who had read the Urantia Book, know that story. I myself brought in some better DNA, my own embryo created out of a combination of my parents genes, and my own. Thus my telepathy, plus the fact that I intended a longer incarnation, so I wasn’t aging as rapidly as the general population, until my body was messed up by the Swine Flu vaccine and the toxins that abound. The Swine Flu vaccine caused my Multiple Sclerosis, as I think I have covered in early papers also. You know see why the games are played against us.


This is one way the light and the dark do battle. The dark lowers the DNA, the light comes in and fixes it. It was needed create more soul carrier bodies, and thus those, bringing the dawn, brought their DNA too, done in a laboratory aboard ship, generally, before their birth. The awful experiments in genetics you are reading being done by the dark occurs in the underground laboratories you have read about. Did you know the Russians did a lot of this, to battle the United States? However, Putin has come to the light, I am still being told, and he’s putting the brakes on this. Plus, star fleet now owns all those nasty underground areas, and is cleaning them up.


So you see, it is not wrong to play with genetics, what is wrong is the goal. Dark side either abducted, or came into the bedrooms of those sleeping to place robotic embryos within them, and the light plays the same game, to uplift the genetics. And now these uplifted genetics you carry, are responding to all the light coming from the Photon belt and the ships, and you are ascending your bodies! So drop the fear, OK?!!!!!!!!!


Any of you who brought in improved genetics, usually, but not always married another true human, and thus your children carry this. And so it continues on.


Now the increased effects of the photon belt, with the removal of the ozone layer, plus Jupiter, are going to remove the old damaged genetics from the planet. And that includes all damaged genetics, both from the creation of the robotoids, the pollution, the chemicals etc. Because of the lower energy of this planet, and the fact that the firmament (the water vapor layers in the upper atmosphere that were taken down, producing the great flood), allowed sun damage, the animals aren’t in very good shape either, and damage forms will be gone also, within them and the plants, and with the help of the great geneticist, Mother Shekhmet, all will be made new, and this will be once again, a grand seed planet, in the vision of Christ Michael. And that is why he is involved in this planet to this extent and took his final bestowal here. To take back his seed planet, from the dark forces and repair it. For its purpose is the development of new souls and for plants and animals to be exported (seeded) to other planets.


So now, as I near the end of this piece, I will revisit the clones. Clones are made from body cells, and not from the union of egg and sperm. So, in that manner, the robotoids are not clones, per say, because they reproduce when the reach adulthood, by sexual reproduction. However, because of their DNA, they make more robotoids. They are NOT clones.


Like all technology, it depends on the goals, for there is good use for cloning also. The so-called “grey form” which is only grey, if the being has little light, is an android form. It is not reproduced by sex. It is reproduced by cloning. The true purpose of this form is for a form the angelics can use to walk a planet. The angels have spirit forms, and cannot be seen by most people, except the very clairvoyant. If they are to been seen briefly they must cast a hologram into your space, or greatly lower their energies to within the vision range of your eyes. However, the form is also used to create slaves.


So the tall greys you hear about are the angels, folks, who are using this form so they can walk the planet in a physical manner without incarnating into a soul carrier body of our species. Incarnation by birth always results in loss of memory and detachment from the higher self, be the higher self an angel, or a human. It is not possible to fully access WHO YOU ARE, when incarnate by birth. Even if you blend your higher self, with your body, which is what you are doing when you build the higher 3d or 4d body, you will not have full access to all your knowledge, but it sure will help you out a lot. And the process links up the “junk DNA” so that your communication with the higher realms improves greatly.


Christ Michael is using the “grey form” at this time, for exactly this reason. When an angelic (descending son) uses this type of form, they don’t fully incarnate into it, they overshadow or surround it, and thus they maintain their full knowledge. So you can thus see why Christ Michael came back physically to this planet in that manner. And he is NOT grey, but brilliant white. This form off course has a large brain.


This android form is also of other colors. Depending on the type of angelic they can use android bodies in other colors. I had some angelics, calling themselves Pleiadian Emissaries, doing some healing on me for a time. I used to lay down a couple times a day for them to work on me. I wanted desperately to see them, rather than just feel them, and when they thought I was ready, I did get to see them.


One night, I awakened close to morning, but it was still dark, to about 8-10 beautiful “little blues,” along one side of my bed. They glowed in the dark, gently partially lighting my room. I assume that is why they came when it was dark. They were about the size I think of 9 year olds, did have somewhat enlarged heads and eyes. I didn’t pay attention to their hands. But I had no fear, the love was intense, and this was quite a treat, I assure you. So this form comes in many colors, and there are books in the new age works, describing these in a variety of colors.


Also, another acceptable reason for cloning, is say an advanced individual wants to serve Earth, in such a way, that he/she might be killed. So a body is cloned from their own DNA, and the soul takes leave, temporarily of its light body, which is put into storage, and enters a full adult body, thus not loosing the memory. When that body is not needed anymore, the being inhabits their real body again, or if the cloned body is killed, so what, in that sense.


It is ok to clone organs for personal use. Not the best for use by others, because the DNA won’t match. Most body organs have enough normal cells, to find one to clone a new organ, which then takes nicely, because the genetics match. Even if say, a new liver is needed, and the old liver is really messed up, other cells can be used, and if treated properly and placed properly, they can become the new organ. This is a cloning process, replicating a person’s own cells.  I have a new pituitary, and new adrenal tissue, from this process, so I know of what I speak.


My sky doc, Archangel Rafael, built me a new pituitary gland because mine was dead. I had lived on supplemental hormones for years, and now I am off of them. The pituitary makes hormones that affect your adrenal glands, causing them to produce cortisols, and causing the thyroid gland to produce thyroid, and the male and female reproductive organs to also manufacture hormones. Mine had totally quit, producing exactly zero hormones. I had been on supplements since 1991, when my pituitary totally failed. You can’t live without this gland. You have to supplement these hormones in its target organs, or you die, period. By the way, Arch Angel Rafael is here, in a tall “grey” but very white body, doing such as what I have experienced, and he and others teaching some new medicine behind the scenes on this planet.


I didn’t need repair to my thyroid gland, once the new pituitary was functioning, it began to work again and I got off the thyroid really easily. However, it wasn’t enough and I still needed to take some hydrocortisone, and so I had similar procedures to my adrenal glands. What is used in these cases is your own stem cells, but this is still a cloning procedure. The stem cells for the pituitary came from the lining of my mouth, and the cells for the adrenal glands came from stem cells in my abdominal fat. Abdominal fat has lots of stem cells in it. So that ends the controversy over using embryonic stem cells, does it not. They aren’t needed, and it’s an affront to God to use them for this purpose.


So I hope this little paper helps to answer some of your questions. Please don’t look for robotoids and scorn them. Show them light, even if you expect someone is one. Always show your light to every living being in all the kingdoms.  And you just might be saving a life, in doing that, causing them to receive a thought adjuster, or at least making it to that new class in the mansion worlds. And in the coming years, it could just be, that with our education, plus the strenuous changes and adaptation required on this planet, that most will find the opportunity for eternal life. Considering ½ the population is robotoid, you have successfully had much contact with them.


One last comment, Pope John Paul 2, was killed and cloned. John Paul overshadowed that clone, and that clone came to get a Thought Adjustor, and so the opportunity of eternal life became a reality for his clone.


Not everyone chooses eternal life, some drop out, and fail to fuse with their adjustor, as many are do doing on earth right now, dropping out. They were the laggards anyway, and apparently didn’t choose the higher way to be. Some, after experience in furthering their education decide it just isn’t for them, and that is respected. You see, Eternal life is NOT about sitting in some blissful place at the foot of the Father, its hard work, because you must never stop becoming a greater version of yourself.


There are many star seeds incarnate now, 200 million of varying age. Life isn’t easy on this planet, but we have come to serve and lift it up, and add to our learning. That’s one of the ways of heaven. And many of the laggards have returned to the light, and will fuse with their adjustors, guaranteeing the eternal journey.   Take care, Candace


PS: Although not an example about cloning etc, I would like to mention, many of you know I have had a bunch of kittens, still have yet another litter of 2. During the last couple litters, I am noticing a strong difference between these and the first litter born 2 ½ years ago. These ones are maturing a bit faster, and much brighter, so I assume I am seeing a positive effect from all the light coming into the planet on these little ones. They learn what they can't do to my curtains, the computer, and the like very quickly. And my young adult cats are changing too.


I may expand this article more later, I forgot a couple things. I will redate it when I do.


Also, for more reading about the way clones are used by the dark in government and other facets of society, see the article by another that I have posted:



Addendum, Sunday November 11, 2007:  Some websites and writers ask that we avoid the robotoids, but how does one do that? You can't, and you shouldn't.  They have been your friends, your teachers, your military fighting these wars, your fire fighters, the folks who keep things coming in the stores, that do the manufacturing, the police. And most of them are NICE.  They do everything that you may do, except they don't have that rich past experience that you have. It's easy also for some to blame them for the state of our world, being less aware, and needing in a sense to copy us to learn about being human. However, I remind you, there are 3.5 billion incarnates on this planet, and we have made a pretty good mess of it ourselves.


There are a large number of star folks in the USA, and we were supposed to lead the way, and now the USA is coming in last in this world. Where were we? We didn't keep it up from the 70's. We just started playing the game, or finding little ways to play it a different way, such as starting organic products and the like, all of which are important. But how to you explain a nation of at least 50% "souled" beings and the fact that we are now 6+ years past 911, we are still in the Middle East, and we still have chemtrails in our skies? Where have we been. We are at least 50% in the USA, and what have we gotten done against the truly dark? Something to ponder, shouldn't we? Take care, Candace



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