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    There remains confusion... I will do my best here for those already on this forum and those who might come. This is a closed thread... so you cannot post in it and muck it up

    1. The evacuation is run by Ashtar Command who are highly experienced.. They are likely to be assisted by normal people from other worlds... who agree to help out while visiting here and watching what is going. Ashtar Command is NOT made up of other evolutionary worlds.. THEY ARE FROM THE MISUNDERSTOOD HEAVEN.... and this is what they do.. evacuate planets in major doo doo. We are in major doo-doo.

    2. This is going to be a controlled evacuation.. it is not being carried out during a highly toxic axis shift.. At least it should not come to that. The rotation reversal of the planet can be controlled to give time for a proper evacuation. Everybody is going to have at least 4 hours to decide to board... There will be thus several "boarding times" around the world based on whether its day or night. In general a good time for evacuating an area is late afternoon into dinner time towards bed time.. but the times chosen are in the hands of Ashtar Command.

    3. There are HUGE ships to provide living for the people evacuated off the planet. Some are 3 times the size of earth and round. Others are elongated tubes which can be up to 8000 miles long and perhaps 800 to 1000 miles high.. I DID SAY MILES. These massive craft cannot come down in the atmosphere and you as breathing people must be picked up IN the atmosphere...So you are picked up most of the time by beam craft... which are these you have seen for years on the internet as smilies. There will be MILLIONS OF them.. the potential evacuation is of 7 billion people. You will be shuttled to the large craft from the beam craft.

    Do NOT concern yourself with those in hospitals and prisons and the like.. that is there business and not yours. if you are there at the time your business is to reassure people that its all good. there will be also some dematerializing to ship. dematerialization is NOT beam craft. beam craft do not take your body apart into atoms.... the "beam me up scotty" from star Trek is dematerialization...

    4. the beam of beam craft feels something like riding an elevator and that IS WHAT THIS BEAM DOES.. it just transports you into the craft. that is all. Now i will return to this later.... and add more information in part based on what i am reading here in the evacuation thread and on the net.
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    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    I have have had questions on wheelchairs and walkers and the like. Beaming is a common method of also moving things around. My whole car went up there once.. and came back repaired...so I assume so can the wheelchair! Not to worry beloveds.. not to worry.
    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    Someone here posted a question based on information myself and my destiny guardian Andrea has mentioned which caused some confusion. The beam craft do NOT dematerialize....these beams are just transport beams that pick stuff up and haul it up into the craft.

    Andrea and I have taught that she can resurrect meat suits that do not so do well when being dematerialized. Most people on earth do not dematerialize well due the density of their matter bodies, the atomic bonding is intense. Has nothing to do with the soul however . Just the body. If there was nuclear holocaust the sons of god would be taken off by dematerialization.. but a lot of those bodies would not survive it.. but the SOUL goes.... There is no risk there... People are prepared over the years for potential dematerialization type lift off if that were to be required and bodies should go along... Its not an issue to worry about at this time...

    Just about any matter goes up in a beam... the issue with beam is the emotional condition. Your suitcase would not have an emotional condition for example.. but you could and that can affect the use of the beam which is WHY there will be those there that can quiet down people who want to go but are in an emotional mess. So not to worry on that one much either...More than one person can be in the beam together.. a parent can go up holding their child for example....
    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    Thanks to Iamai..
    for those readers living in countries where "Km" is the unit measure instead of "Mile", here is the conversion of 'crafts size' stated by Candace on above link....just to have an idea...:

    8000 miles = 12874 Kms
    1000 miles = 1609 Kms
    The 8000 mile/12874 km ships in length is about equal to the diameter of this planet.. for another comparison.
    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    The beam craft.. since there is not going to be any volcanism flying around can come well down into the atmosphere.. most are going to be a few hundred feet up or perhaps much closer depending on the sizes. As needed some of the folks on them can ride up and down and show it works... maybe some on the ground will volunteer. I would do that for example in my area as I am planning unless others decide otherwise at the time to help with the pick up where I live as I am known. They don't know what I do.. but many know who I am or recognize me from seeing me out on walks. I have lived here 31 years.

    Some will have legs to land in areas where maybe that works better... Many of the craft are from the so called heaven.. the architectural spheres as defined in the Urantia Book and many are also volunteered craft from evolutionary worlds who have space travel. Its all organized under JESUS so to speak... this was referenced a long time ago when he left saying I got to prepare a place for you.. and hugely not understood.

    The plans have ranged anywhere from getting the souls of God off this world in event of a nuclear holocaust to evacuation when the huge axis shift might start. Included even asteroid hits in that and local areas have been evacuated during times of massive quakes. there was some evacuation or lifting at any rate during the japan tsunami and there were pics of small craft skimming over the incoming water... they were picking up people. Some of those could not return and others could be returned. Happened with the China quake too and the Haiti quake to name a few.

    In this case of natural disasters.. any rescued are chipped to the New Jerusalem computers... as being ensouled.. as generally those not ensouled are left to nature. And not all ensouled are picked up,, it is situational completely.

    However in this general global evacuation.. there is the potential of 7 billion being picked up..it is offered to all. Ensouled or not. Doesn't matter.

    Its going to be quite a grand experience for all.... encourage people for the FUN potential.... The planet is overpopulated and going thru HER ascension and not everyone can stay here... but the plans are massive with a lot of choice in them...where choice is possible as to outcome. Many have made "bad choices" in life because they flat don't know much and live in a world of he who is strongest survives sort of thing. They will get a whole new veiwpoint.

    For many who cannot return.. they will have some choice offered after they have some education. Many planets are going to take some of these folks in where they can fit in anyway.... and many can live their remaining lives out on craft.

    A whole bunch of folks will be retuning to the mansion worlds... their lessons here finished... and there is no fear in that when understood and they will understand... there must be a body change to enter back into the mansion worlds... some have their mansion world forms in storage even to return too. If one is moving up to a higher mansion world... than the previous one.. new bodies are required and there must just be trust in the process.

    A lot of more evolved earth residents have light bodies in storage... they will just be reoccupied ..... the plans are huge and present to every single person that which is good for them where they are. Even these dark thugs can board and have a new outlook that might change everything for them. The opportunity for GRACE will abound.
    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    Ok there are others to come here and this is the short thread of course I started... I want to put the pdf file in here for Leo's messages with soltec.. Christ Michael.. Esu...monjoronson...Nada and Mantustia Please read these new people.. there is a lot of explanation in them of the magnetic reversal and other topics.

    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    On 8* today we had a question on how can the planet be evacuated in an hour. Now a lot of you are having troubles with this.. and its for lack of going within I think anyway and also looking at what is there to read besides here. The Evacuation in case of AXIS SHIFTING that is huge has to be done in perhaps an hour. We are not thinking this will happen.. but I won't rule it out either.. just in terms of preparation. In this PJ.. #5 starting on Chapter 5.. is covered quickie evacuation in such a situation as axis shifting and I would think also being hit by large asteroid.. but large asteroid is not on the plans as fleet can either deflect any or destroy them or both.

    http://phoenix.abundanthope.org/inde...s/PJ%20-05.pdf Save this on your computers and read at least Chapter 5 but any other information that appeals to you. This pdf file.. all of them far as I know we have at the button on top of the front page of our forum.. have the chapters and sections LINKED.. so you don't have to scroll thru... You can thank Christ Lippens and his team for that .....

    Now whether the evacuation is slow or quick... you all have to use your imaginations during quiet time ... and go deeply into this. Some of you may have past life experience in it even... either evacuating or being evacuated. Its fairly common during the early ages of planets and very common on the very dark planets.

    So please read that section and then realize if we have 4 hours in each region of earth.. now much different that will be in that people have TIME to consider and watch demo's of going up and down the beam and the like. That new movie.. Jupiter Ascending if you have seen it.. I have not.. but my best friend did... the evacuation scenario in it she found very very good....

    Place yourselves in where you often are and FEEL IT THRU your imagination while in a quiet place. Imagine it at your work and at home and at someplace say on the highway to and from... Feel it... know it... in advance.

    This goes for any emergency planning and we have asked ones to do that and you have to look within in your circumstances and work it thru while in inner thinking...I did this on my own planning and I hope anyway I had solved my basic needs which included having no utilities or water... for at least 2 months. I had to consider also defending my stuff and I am not good with guns.. and anything that might involve and so didn't take that journey... I am hoping on community cooperation and the like. I have planned on having no heat in the winter even... It will be a bit harsh yes.. but I planned and don't have a lot of money. I did not plan on a generator for example because I don't drive and I have no idea if there would be fuel.. so its not in the plans for me.

    Evacuation will be different in congested high rise cities like Seoul where I just spent a week and small towns and out on farms etc. Think about it WHERE YOU WORK and don't ask any more on people in nursing homes.. If you work in one.. that is where you place your going within and how you might assist the process.

    The human being CAN visualize. Do it much the same as you would plan for re decorating a room from top to bottom... PLAN as if you are in each situation and what you can do.... SEE IT.. See the craft coming down. Some might land depending on the situation but most will hover.

    In a city like Seoul in the dense area there will be MANY in the sky. In less populated areas.. fewer but all will have trained personell.... who have they themselves done advance planning.

    Some of you may be beamed out if your forms can handle dematerialization... and in fact if there was a nuclear holocaust.. that is the only way... Each ensouled person has a chip embedded connecting them to the Ashtar command computers.. you won't be lost... I assure you and again you cannot necessarily wait for the kids to come home from school and such. By reading the above selection you will have lots of questions answered in either situation. Take the advice of those on board who will come down the beam and suggest things. If the kids are supposed to be home from school in a hour.. they might suggest then waiting on that.... and boarding together.. You follow the advice and otherwise use common sense.

    Between now and then all sorts of things could happen.. via the dark plans and you yourselves must envision each one that might happen where you live and strengthen the inner connection.... You cannot write it down like a shopping list.. (which I never stick too anyway but I do write them)..... You must PRACTICE IN YOUR MINDS.. People learning dancing and other physical skills often practice mentally. You must do that now with these possible scenarios to come.

    It is possible there will be earthquakes and some war and some wind and tornados and flooding. Plan by imagination which will help you thru should it happen.. but also there must be flexibility because the situation may not go exactly as thought and you MUST LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION.... somebody here or on 8* I don't remember was in a large quake and his girlfriend followed the standard advice and he listened to the intuition and he was fine and she got hurt. so you must included listening within even if its just a hunch.. because that hunch might save a life.. yours or anothers. I have been in situations where hunch was used... I have been attacked at least twice in buildings and it was the intuition that go me thru them.. in one.. the phone rang and I knew that was the opportunity to flee. Doesn't matter why it rang... but it was the opportunity and I took it.

    So LIVE the evacuation in your mind until it sits right there in every situation you might find yourself in.. so that you can serve rather than need to be served. This will help you stay calm.. This is why we practice giving speeches and singing songs and all that in advance... and much of the time it works well but things interfere and then you are left with the inner guidance.. and sometimes that is better than what you planned.

    Even Rosie in Korea felt the need to leave out some of her introduction material as one.. her movie had been corrupted and she couldn't use it and also the translation time took longer than she though and so she had to go with the inner sense on what should be left out and what should be covered... You have to live in the NOW always.

    BELOVEDS ONLY YOU CAN PREPARE YOURSELVES. NOBODY CAN DO IT FOR YOU.. Do the advance meditative going within work! Or be prepared at any rate to follow the intuition... but there are questions being asked that do not need to be asked.... some have been answered and some of you have taken weeks off and missed it all... and to catch up you are the only ones who can READ IT ALL and then do the learning. IT IS NOT OK to be lazy and ask questions that were covered earlier in threads that were answered already and thus take our time to answer them again. ITS NOT FAIR to us and other other readers who have read the entire threads and kept up.

    do not ask a single question in some of these threads without first reading the whole thread....And unless you are on vacation check in at least a couple times a week and KEEP UP. This would be true in the seraphin/rosie thread as another example.
    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    It matters NOT at all how many can go up the beam at a time . Nor does it matter the beam strength so to speak.. as it can be set according to those boarding. A trained person will be on each craft speaking the local language to assist in all issues and questions. The craft vary a good deal and larger craft that can handle more are likely to be over the cities of density. Leave it to those of Ashtar command for advice and help .

    Also many ON THE GROUND here have come ONLY for the evacuation in the finer sense and will remember when those craft appear what to do. While incarnate they just lead regular decent lives for the most part other than some in higher positions. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT those in hospitals and prisons and out alone in the country or working under ground or inside air craft and the like. Its all planned for. You need take nothing but can take your animals and perhaps a bit of something special. If this were an emergency evacuation you would just need to grab the kids.. the animals and board.. no questions asked.

    For those yet to come here who have been mucked up by the internet blather.. Ashtar Command is from HEAVEN.. the HEAVEN you do not understand and are not fallen angels and all that sort of garbage you have been taught.. sometimes right in your own churches.

    You are physical beings and Jesus doesn't come on his white horse or a cloud and take you naked to heaven... Please give up that stuff for it has no reality at all. You will go where you are supposed to go and those returning here are NOT THE LEFT BEHIND either. We are the more mature ones in fact who can do what is needed to further the growth of this world.

    Some people are going "home' and "home" is anywhere from some very advanced planets to the Heaven Spheres of which in this 7th superuniverse number in the billions ..... many of you who have grown a notch more will be going to a heaven sphere more advanced than the one you left to study here by method of incarnation.
    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    This is the entire Tuella Book on evacuation from many years ago now.... The difference mainly at this time is that there will a great deal more time.... giving opportunity for everyone pretty much to leave....and have a bit of time to think about it. I would suggest telling Christian rapturing believing friends this is the "rapture"....... and that it was never just for Christians anyway.. but for the global Children of God.... religions have nothing to do with it. That is the issue with Christianity.. the belief in Jesus dogma that has often been altered and not there.. gets them to heaven. It does not.. it is the god style living in Love that does... and that is open to anybody.. Christ came for the whole world and never started this awful church that doesn't hardly teach about God at all. It just rehashes portions of the bible.

    Thanks to the one on 8* who posted this over my night.... This is a collection of telepathic messages from several receivers. There is some variences in it probably based on perceptions of the receivers... For example Soltec is not the commander of the Phoenix.. and there is a suggestion of something similar to Nibiru.... Nibiru will not be here.... ever again... its not time to start with.. it was last here 2000 years ago and the orbit is 3600 years plus the ascended planet and solar system will not be on their radar... not detectable. Also our solar system is being moved and won't be in the same place.

    Linky to this is http://www.thenewearth.org/ASHTAR1Pr...vacuation.html.

    THE ASHTAR COMMAND Through Tuella
    Although these Messages of the coming Earth Changes and Ascension of Planet Earth given by the Ashtar Command in the 1980's through Tuella (Thelma Terrell) have since been long delayed in their outcome, mainly through the strong efforts of the Forces of Darkness to eliminate or postpone the event, the instruction and program contained therein remains largely unchanged and applicable to the now fast approaching times of final cleansing.


    CONTENTSPART I: The Seven Secret Councils Chapter 1: The New Strategy / 2: The Summons to the Secret Councils /
    3: The Hosts of Heaven Sponsor a Feast of New Experiences / 4: Returning to the Battle
    PART II: The Three Evacuations Chapter 1: Mission of Mercy / 2:The Gathering Storm / 3: The Cleansing Action / 4: The Great Exodus I, II, and III

    Just as many are called and few are chosen, likewise, many who read this book will neither understand nor receive the information. But those special souls for whom it is intended will rejoice in its guidance and accept its timely and imperative revelation.
    This information is not entertainment! It is comparable to 'sealed orders' given to dedicated volunteers on a strategic mission. It is dispersed to them, compiled for them and will be cherished by them. It is neither defended nor justified. It is data recorded as given and passed on to those for whom it is intended.
    We are pleased to welcome to these· pages in a sharing experience, the words of other beloved messengers who serve the Intergalactic Fleets. The many informative and clarifying contributions of 'Lucien' (Lucy Colson), Johnnie Prochaska, 'Lyara', and Winfield Brownell, are deeply appreciated in filling out the theme.
    If your inner truth identifies you as a volunteer from another realm or world on an assignment to Earth, these words are for you! If you are persuaded you are one of the 'Star People,' you will read this volume with awareness and clarity. If you are a disciple or initiate of the Higher Revelation, you will discern and perceive the purpose of this message from other dimensions of being. If you are a growing, glowing Christian, just beginning to look up and outward beyond the walls of manmade divisions of Earthly ecclesiastical hierarchies, your heart will witness to these things. If you are not consciously any of these, read not to scoff, but to hold these revelations in your heart while you "wait and see. "
    As Elisha prayed that other eyes might be opened to see - and eyes were opened, 'To behold the mountains filled with horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha - so do I fervently call that your vision, as well, be lifted up and expanded, as if by a miracle, to perceive that our planet is 'encompassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses.'

    From JESUS-SANANDA, THE CHRIST: “There must be peace on Earth. There must be an end to wars and hatred between brothers. The millions that come from other worlds, from far-off galaxies to assist in bringing Peace upon Earth, have My staunch support and backing for all of their endeavors. They have come in My Name and they serve under My Banner, as Lord of this Planet. They come not as intruders nor usurpers of My Authority, but in loving subjection to the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Solar System, and the Divine Plan for mankind, the deliverance from bondage that has long held Humanity in subjection to darkness and sorrow.
    “This shall be no more, for these come as My Angels, to reap that which has been sown, to divide and set asunder the tares from the wheat, to gather the wheat into My Barn. For I AM the householder who cometh at the end of the day for an account from His Servants, and to give to all men justly in the manner given by them to Me. So judgment must come; divisions and sorrows must come, but the Earth shall survive all of its totterings. The Just shall inherit the New Earth and the Meek shall know the joy therein.
    “I am SANANDA, known to you as JESUS THE CHRIST. I speak in the Authority of My Name and My Office, and I say to you that in the multitudes of the people of the Earth there shall be found that Remnant who can steadfastly be faithful to those right principles of my teaching. Those who come In My Name go from heart to heart, sealing them against that day and marking them for deliverance and safety from all that would destroy. But you shall NOT be taken out of your physical forms, but you shall be spared to live on in those days that follow. So, I shall call unto those who follow Me, to listen to the voices of these who come from other worlds, and harden not your hearts against their words nor practices. Rather, lift up LOVE unto them and desire for their coming, for They are the Angels of the Harvest!
    I am SANANDA, and this is My Message to the World.

    INTRODUCTION by the Ashtar Command

    In time of war upon the Earth, a shrill siren is used to alert the populace that danger is approaching and that they should retire themselves to a place of shelter immediately. We of the Interplanetary Alliance and Space Commands of this hemisphere, known collectively as the Ashtar Command, do now, with the sending forth of this book, sound the siren of warning to mankind.

    Danger is upon you. Drop everything and prepare yourselves. It is time to run toward the shelter of Divine Love and Guidance and to take with you only that which you can carry within the inner citadel of being. The early times of this decade will see the fulfillment of all the prophecies that have been released to the world.

    Down through many cultures, and century after century, we have permitted our Highest and Brightest of souls to come to you and walk amongst you, to teach, to lift and become your friends. You have been taught many things, shown many things, awakened step by step to a higher way of life, an elevated approach to life, and a better way of existence. Precept upon precept, we have lifted you from one level to another.

    Many have benefited and have arisen from their darkness and followed that Light. These have intuitively known that the summons was a call to know themselves and thereby, to undertake that refining of themselves that would reveal the inner divinity. Others have turned their interest elsewhere, ignored the outstretched hand of God, and lifetime after lifetime of opportunity has been squandered by detrimental choices.

    Now it is time to separate these groups in keeping with their choices, and let those who refuse the advancement of their being remain together according to their own desires. The few who have burned within their hearts to find the Ultimate Reality will be permitted to follow these aspirations in the setting of a New World, cleansed and made bright by Universal action.

    Increasingly, we have noticed the tendency of the planet and its people to pull toward an influence designed to destroy the function of free thinking and freedom of man in making his own choices, governing himself, and managing his national affairs. This diabolical influence has penetrated wholly within every phase of Human life and every avenue of world diplomacy and world statesmanship. Predictably, day by day, the freedom of Humanity has been infiltrated with that kind of propaganda which ultimately leads mankind away from their pure heritage as sonS of God.

    The resulting effects are seen not only in the lives of men, but within the asteroid belt and the planet itself. When Humanity stands free, in the full Light of God's Universal Law, all government will be 'of the people and for the people and by the people.' But when the heritage of freedom is destroyed, mankind becomes as puppets on Strings, stripped of honor, life, strength, forthrightness and glory!

    The Heavenly Father has placed within the burning center of Man that likeness of Himself which enables Man to govern himself in righteousness and peace. The destruction of this center has been the goal of the Destroyer. Now the forces of Light and Righteousness must rise in the defense of Humanity before it is too late. This is the primary action taking place behind the visible scene surrounding all of life.

    Now, all levels of life will be highly raised in frequency, and all manifestations of lower life will wither and dissolve and be removed from the visible scene, to reconstruct the Father's Plan for this beautiful planet. A new fresh start for Man is in the making! The Astral Belts will be purged, the Heavens will be cleared, the Nature Kingdom will find its true destiny and Humanity will be glorified in keeping with the Father's design. This is corning to pass in your generation. There is no time left to dally and consider. The hour of decision for a planet is not only come, it is almost gone.

    So it is, the 'siren sounds' for Mankind, and there is silence in Heaven for that moment that now is, when this great separation shall take place. You who read are versed in the spiritual verities involved. This book will clarify Human consciousness concerning the future on your octave. Read ... and understand.

    The Ashtar Command.

    PART 1

    The Seven Secret Councils

    Chapter 1: The New Strategy

    It was very late. The day had ended. Silently the darkness crept in and overshadowed us with its coolness and peace. I gazed, spellbound, at the brilliance of the heaven world, loathe to remove myself from the inner fullness of the moment. I was overcome with a deep love for my friends of outer space.

    Suddenly my head was magnetically turned to the right. I sensed someone standing there. Then my head was again magnetically pulled upward to measure the great height of the Being at my side. He requested that I give him my hand, and I did. My hand tingled as if asleep or touching something electrically charged. I began to sense the presence of Many other Beings surrounding me. Their heads were bowed in prayer. I realized they were standing very close together, actually forming a circle. I then became aware that they were holding both of my hands and that I was a part of the closely-knit circle. Together we all became a glorious beam of white-golden Light. When the prayer ended, someone appeared in the circle standing directly in front of me with hands extended in blessing. The Being before me was in a jump-suit type of garment, in shiny metallic-like material with a type of hood that fits close to the head. His eyes were clear blue, and it seemed he was smiling at me.

    "I will speak with you now, Tuella. I am Ashtar. I will remove my hood so that you may perceive my appearance. (His shoulder length light blonde hair fell straight back from the forehead and down.) Yes, I am smiling at you, Tuella, in my love for your spiritual being. You are glowing tonight because of the love you have been feeling. Because of this shedding forth and giving out of the love within, you have created a shining vortex surrounding you, and I am standing within it in a projection of my Being. This is done mentally, just as my words are beamed to you mentally. Hold the projection of my appearance before you as I continue with my message for this evening."

    Thus began the various discourses which make up this text.

    Ashtar is a Beloved Christian Commander and a very beautiful Being. He is highly evolved in the upper worlds, very influential, and has a great benefactoring influence upon those he leads. The momentum of the vibrations from these Great Space Beings, or Commanders, as they call themselves, is equal to and often beyond the forcefield even of Ascended Masters, for many have come who are Lords on their own planet, or persons of highest repute in their own galaxies and dimensions. We must realize that the fact that a Being as a participating Commander within the Confederation of Planets does not lessen in any way his or her spiritual evolvement and ascension within his or her own lifestream. Ashtar and those who serve with him are as real as you or I. In the Alliance of the Space Confederation, Commander Ashtar is the highest in authority for our hemisphere. He is also the Commander of the Star Ship upon which our Beloved Lord and Great Commander, Jesus-Sananda, spends so much of His time. He has the authority to clear any channel and interrupt and take over any communication from any source at any time, upon our planet; yet he is gentle, loving, devout, and totally inspiring as a great Leader.

    I was told that this book will trigger into action Many who are yet outside of this awareness and that the Intergalactic Fleets would take up the work from that momentum in establishing these key souls on their pathway and personal mission. Further, that 'all emissaries now in embodiment will be assisted immediately to fulfill the divine plan for their lives.' Many who will read the book are 'Ambassadors' from the far-flung vistas of outer space, having volunteered to endure the limitations of fleshly existence that they might in some way aid the coming of Light upon this planet. It was explained to me that within the vast army of volunteers, there is an inner circle of souls on very special missions of great responsibility to the others, like a circle within a circle. In cosmic circles, these are referred to as the 'Intergalactic Legion of Special Volunteers.'

    It seems that Mankind must make a new adjustment of attitude toward these intermediaries between Earth and Heaven. The Commands plead for Mankind to accept them, their existence, their presence, their dedication and loyalty to the Confederation and devotion to Earth, that the Kingdom of God shall come and that Earth shall become a beautiful Sun and part of the united Heavens. They are telling us now that, 'our special representatives must be lifted, taught, and prepared to fulfill their part in the plan for rescuing the planet and its people.'

    The opening message goes as follows:

    "I am Ashtar, the Commander of ten million men of my Command surrounding this hemisphere in the protective force within the Alliance for Peace in the Intergalactic Council. We have called upon this Messenger to compile this book for this point in Earth time that Mankind might consider and understand the details of those things that could come to pass, for Our Father doeth nothing except first He warneth His prophets.

    There is method and great organization in a detailed plan already near completion for the purpose of removing souls from this planet, in the event of catastrophic events making a rescue necessary. We watch diligently, the threat of a polar shift for the planet in your generation. Such a development would create a planetary situation through which none could survive. This would necessitate an evacuation such as I have referred to.

    Another Manifestation necessitating global rescue would be the collision of an asteroid within your own magnetic field, or the bypass of another large Heavenly body. This would so disrupt and disturb your own grid system and energy field that all of the inhabitants of the planet would face extinction. The negativity of Man could magnetize these things to himself. Detailed scientific data accumulated over long periods of monitoring the actions of the bodies within the solar system indicates these events are within the realm of possibility.

    This book is not intended to frighten anyone, but on the contrary, to hold out the hope and confidence of our presence with you for any time of trouble. The dangers to the planet are very real. The resulting tragedy to Humanity would be unavoidable. However, our presence surrounding you of the total thirty-five million members of the Intergalactic Federation will assist you, lift you up and rescue you, and hold you in safety.

    The magnetized solar flares now present around the Sun in its present position, in conjunction with the planetary alignment that is presently coming into its final position, combines to create a strong tendency to pull the Earth into untoward motion. The possible polar shift has been greatly lessened and gentled by the action of our scientific volunteers from many worlds. These are greatly learned men who understand these things, and whose services have gladly been given for the purpose of saving this beautiful planet. There are also tracking units with the Ashtar Command which continually trace the pathways of all asteroid action within this solar system and beyond. Any threatening approach of another Heavenly body can be strongly averted from its direction. This type of surveillance is constant.

    Inner disturbances taking place within the planet itself are direct reflections of the aspirations and the attitudes and vibrations of those who dwell upon it. We have repeatedly attempted to turn the thoughts of Humanity toward the reality of Divine Truth and Principles. We have dared to lower our craft into your frequencies in a visible way. We have dared to expose ourselves in vulnerable situations in order to convince souls of Earth of our presence.

    Now we take further steps, because of the shortness of time and the dangers that beset you and the pressure of coming events. We come to you once again with our call and our warning, but this time WE DARE to expose our most secret strategy to sound the alarm that this will soon indeed be the midnight hour. Now is the time to inventory the inner values. Therefore, we dare to expose within the pages of this book, our plans to come out into the open [the Galactic Federation program of 'First Contact'] and send proof of our presence and existence back to the Earth to silence forever arguments and denials of our overshadowing protection. This is the new strategy unveiled to you at this time in exposing our proposed gatherings of those who have come to walk among you as our representatives. They have to work in service to you, and we dare to reveal them and their identities, for no harm can come to them. We would simply remove them from your midst if you were to attempt to harm them in any way.

    They are citizens of your planet, who have lived with you, suffered with you, walked with you and truly been one of you. Now we call them forth to admit their identity, to be gathered together to spend a brief time with us that they might return to you and share with you the facts and the proofs of our existence and the truth of our words.

    The Ashtar Command now sends forth this book, that you, oh men of Earth, might be forewarned that these things shall take place. As these are gathered with us and returned once again into your midst, you will know that the events described in these councils are also true. You will know that global evacuation will take place. You will be helped and you will be rescued and by the proofs that are given our representatives who return to you, you will know that our promises are true.

    We leave this book upon the planet for the few who will accept it. These words are not for the many, but for those to whom they are sent; more importantly, that later, those who remain behind will know why they have not been taken. Let all read and be quickened in the inner levels of being!" Ashtar.

    * * * * * * * * *

    Closely following the message from Ashtar, my own Teacher, The Ascended Master Kuthumi, also discussed these things:

    "Those who have come to your world and taken upon themselves the garment of flesh to serve the Planet in Our Name, are approaching a time of crisis. These have chosen to be present upon Terra to serve in the great harvest of souls that now comes. To these, many instructions must be given, and many discussions sent to them to be assimilated within their guidance systems. Now is the hour when these special emissaries are to be temporarily removed from Terra for a brief moment of time, to receive specialized training instructions and personal directives, that they may be clothed in preparedness for the times that are at hand! The latter portion of the year could bring many upheavals and disturbances to the physical level of your planet.

    Planetary changes have already taken place on inner levels within the auric field and the Astral Belt and surrounding regions. Soon, these emanations will penetrate the physical octave and those who dwell thereon. We have prepared the hearts and souls of incarnate Humanity in our own manner, for the coming events. It is imperative that our special emissaries under Hierarchal authority to participate in planetary evacuation, now receive our attention, by focusing our efforts toward their thorough preparation for the mission ahead.

    Several million universal volunteers now walk the Earth! They are filled with Light, complete in their dedication and consecration to serve the Celestial Government, the Solar Hierarchy and the Intergalactic Confederation, in the salvation of a planet. The Highest Celestial Councils have decreed that those chosen ones shall be personally removed from Earth, to be temporarily placed in a higher frequency, within our domain, and there be prepared spiritually for the mission to be completed.

    The planet Earth is tottering upon a crisis of many changes. The input of direct energies from many sources, now whirling in clockwise fashion around the globe, has been set into motion to offset a multitude of Inner Earth actions now racing toward chaos on the outer crust of the sphere. Because of these inner convulsions of energy within the orb of Terra that now press toward their destiny upon the crust, we must immediately organize our special training efforts for those assigned to these emergencies.

    Therefore, I send forth this alert and summons to our Elect, to be ready for a sudden removal for a brief time to be spent in the presence of those who guard the planet. They will receive special instruction and directives to hide within their being. Many have been called, but few have been chosen, and to those a very special training now awaits. It is true that much teaching and much training and preparation has taken place before entering the Human manifestation. It is also true that these have proven their loyalty and love to the Father many times over. Every chosen disciple and initiate participating in this great rescue program must now consciously imbibe details, directions, and specifics through the Human consciousness. The summons may come through personal guidance, through the word of another, through this book, or through a lecture perhaps, but be assured your call will be given and heard. Then you must organize the details of your lives to be ready for withdrawal from your personal situations for a period of approximately 14 to 21 days for purposes I have outlined.

    The interim of waiting for your summons should be a time of personal discipline, assimilating information, and bypassing worldly activities which rob one's spiritual strength and power. Saturate your inner being with the spiritual vibrations that interact with your own energy field. Meditate upon the needs of Humanity and the power of the Light of God to meet those needs. Let this interim be a time of great expectations, of deep soul searching and counting the cost.

    You remain free to withdraw your original commitment to this mission, under the concept of free will. Beloved sons and daughters of the Light, the choice is still your own. You will receive reward and gratitude for work accomplished thus far. If that mind be in you to carry on and continue the battle against darkness through your dedication to the Legions of Light, your blessings shall be unlimited. You shall be highly protected and specially annointed with gifts such as are necessary for your personal service to Mankind.

    I am Kuthumi, World Teacher, and my own emanations and vibrations surround every world volunteer at this hour. I cover you with my Golden Cloak, and I charge your being on inner levels to hold fast to your crown and to steadfastly remain faithful to your pledge. Realize that a great cloud of powerful Beings surrounds you and exalts your calling and giveth you grace equal to the task. Others who speak after me will introduce the details of our plan. I shed forth my love and blessing to all who have determined to serve as 'Ground Forces' in this tremendous undertaking. My beloved brothers and sisters, initiates of the Golden Light, not one of you shall fall; not one of you shall be lost; not one of you will be touched by the Destroyer! None shall fail in your choice to complete the Mission, and not one of you shall be plucked from the Father's Hand! Beloved ones, you are the Light of the World in its darkest hour for this cycle of time. Stand in our places. Stand firm in your consecration until the hour is come. Blessings be upon you in the Name of Our Radiant One. So be it."

    * * * * * * * * *

    As I considered these messages, I realized that the intimacy of the silence and its unspeakable fellowship helps us more and more to comprehend the Master's statement, 'It is given unto you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it is not given' Only because our 'Hall of Learning' is the inner citadel, the secret place of the Most High! I say, go inward, Man, in your quest of that which you cannot find in the churches of the world. If you are blind, let not the blind lead thee. He 'made us to have dominion over the works of His Hands, and hast put all things under our feet.' Believe it! Hold fast to your spiritual heritage as the begotten of God. In the days of Noah, eight close souls were saved because they had prepared an Ark of safety and listened within the inner citadel to the Voice of God. They believed His words and followed His instructions.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Further insight into the new strategy of the Space Confederation came in a message from Andromeda Rex, one who will one day become a very familiar Ambassador of Light on television and radio, broadcasting warnings to the people. He states:

    "The gathering of our Ground Commanders for these secret council meetings will begin a new way of doing things by the Confederation. Hitherto, we have had to be coy and careful and subdued in our activities. But now we are prepared to be more outward in Manifestation and bolder in our efforts to win the hearts of Mankind to our cause and purpose, which is really their own. This is why those who are taken up to these seven secret gatherings will be permitted to bring back with them so much evidential material. We will allow our participants to be interviewed and quizzed by the curious, because only in this way can we be heard and vindicated. This is a brave thing we ask of all of you. We are aware of the temptations involved to vaunt the self for such widespread attention. Yet we have chosen you well, and we believe none shall be spoiled by any of these developments but shall hold steady in the consecration previously made. All of you have been thoroughly scrutinized and monitored, down to the most minute detail of your inner being and personality traits. This was done before our final choices were made, to carry on and complete this program which began over one hundred years ago.

    Soon, now, with much joy in our hearts, we will once again send back down into Earth those whom we have, by their own election, chosen to prepare the planet for its initiation into a new field of expression with the rest of the Solar System. In the annointing that is to be given at the inaugural ceremony, signs and wonders will be bestowed for convincing the world, each receiving in accordance with the mission, whatever is needed to complete it. We have designated certain areas of the ships where your cameras will operate successfully. Your tape recorders will also operate normally with batteries only. Primarily there will be many items of interest which can be brought back with you as evidences. These Councils, or gatherings, as you have begun to call them, are primarily for this purpose of sending back to Earth the concrete evidence which Earth has so long clamoured for. You will also have photographs to return with you which will show the views of Earth taken from our ships, taken upon our highly evolved technical equipment - photos which cannot be denied.

    All of those who are summoned to these briefings will in some manner all be linked together to assist each other in the overall project of evidential presentation. Thus, there will be those from media, from commerce, from messenger work, and from church groups. Each will be a coordinated group, who will be made known to each other for coordinating your efforts toward convincing unbelievers of our existence and our good intentions. This program is designed for the purpose of convincing Mankind, as well as the training of those who attend. Thus, with the books that will be written and the efforts of higher echelons to protect those books and those writers, this will be an all-out onslaught against ignorance and bigotry as it pertains to us, our presence, and our mission.

    The ranks of the officers will be revealed, specific missions will be assigned as this last phase of the transition period will be underway and soon to be completed. This legion of special volunteers will be the most active on inner levels to initiate the preparedness for our coming into Earth's atmosphere. Commander Ashtar and Many others will address the groups and explain the mission of each one present so that all can hear and know the direction that each individual will take. This program is a crucial step in our gearing down. All details for each personal life and its related problems or complications will be clearly discussed and dealt with in private council. Some of our guests will need much calming, for many will be lifted up rather suddenly from the midst of their affairs, creating some internal anxiety. It will be the work of all of you and us to calm such as these.

    We are naturally tremendously thrilled over this coming fellowship, as well as our new policy and program. Our last effort of fifty years ago and later, did not succeed as we had hoped. It was to have culminated with our full and open appearance in your skies. This should have occurred in the sixties had our past programs proceeded as planned, but the hindrances and hostility of the governments of Earth totally thwarted our original plans.

    We do not desire to force our presence upon you, and thereby feed the negative nature of those who would oppose us. This would gain us nothing toward Interplanetary Fellowship. We CANNOT, we WILL NOT make our appearance (in normal times) unless it is accepted by the Military and higher branches of your Governments. Therefore, this new policy of inner penetration into Human hearts will hopefully achieve that necessary change in the policies of Mankind which will build us a platform of goodwill upon which we may make our approach to uplift your way of life.

    It must be done peacefully and lovingly, while it CAN be done in that manner. If circumstances develop danger to the Elect and danger to the Solar System before these negotiations are completed, then we will be forced circumstantially to intrude ourselves into Earth's forcefield for evacuation and intervention in the name of the Intergalactic Council governing the Universal Peace agreement.

    I am Andromeda Rex, and I speak this message on behalf of the entire Space Confederation and the Council of Universal Masters who serve the Divine Government."

    * * * * * * * * * *

    As we think together of a vast army of volunteers to Earth for this crucial time, our understanding is penetrated by these words of Cosmic Being, Lytton, which came to spiritual messenger "Lyara":

    "Each of you who is attuned to this material has a Mission of Service to Mankind. Each of you, as Sparks of God, is a Divine and unique ray of the Father. Cosmic family members have already achieved mastery and forms of advancement in other dimensions, realms and/or realities and are reawakening this dormant knowledge. You each agreed, in coming here, to be veiled, that you could adjust and understand the people of this planet to better serve them. Some of you have been here several times - very few more than that. All of you have awakened, or will, to the realization that the home you are most clearly attuned to is not resemblant of Earth. Planets where you have spent the most time and call home are higher vibrating and have all-pervading auras of Christ Love. All of you belong to the Intergalactic Fleet. At debriefing time before embarking on this mission, you realized only to some degree the hazards that you would experience on this planet. The most serious was not preparing yourself to wake up, by getting involved and caught up with Earth's activities and pleasures and forgetting your identity. Many brothers and sisters have not yet awakened sufficiently to fulfill their missions in the remaining time allotted. It has made for many adjustments in plans, and many others of you will be asked to assume greater responsibilities than originally contracted for. We realize it will cause some hardships and extra burdens, but by staying attuned to your guidance, these new assignments which are being asked of you in the Father's name can still be expressions of joy. Allow your spirits to soar while your feet are on the ground for planetary functioning."

    * * * * * * * * *

    It is my understanding that these veils are to be lifted at the 'gatherings'. Mary Hardy, well known for her family's research on pyramidology, made this interesting statement recently in an article appearing in the New Atlantean Journal: 'When an individual is taken up into a ship, the electromagnetic field (aura) around the body is accelerated. In this field there is no time. An individual can learn of the future or the past. Space craft are designed to accelerate the particles that make up the atom. These particles can travel up to 27 times faster than the known speed of light.

    This change of frequency is why ships become invisible. The individual inside the ship can travel time and can look into the future or the past. At the end of the trip these individuals are DE-accelerated, or decelerated. They are placed in a chair or on a light-emitting table and brought back to a stable frequency attuned to the Earth.'

    Chapter 2: The Summons to the Secret Councils

    During January of 1982 I received a message from Andromeda Rex which clearly shows the groundwork being initiated in preparation for these meetings, stressing the need and importance of 'networking' between the factions of Light on Earth:

    "The Commands are sending forth an extra power to those whose vibrations can handle the higher frequencies. We will now be stepping up all of those who are capable, to their highest capacity. The trembling of body you are presently experiencing is an incidental aspect of this accelerated frequency. We are all alerted and geared up for a massive sweep of power to accentuate all Light frequencies upon the planet. A tremendous input of Light through beam radiation is now being undertaken for purposes of quickening the Light bodies of all who can receive it. This action tends to be one of preparation for that which is to come later.

    There is also underway a great spiritual urgency toward the integration of Light souls toward each other. We are attempting through these higher frequencies to draw Light Workers closer together in feeling and purpose. The networking objective is going on successfully. We are attempting to create a conscious Network of Light Beings in embodiment, that will be consciously entered into and consciously cooperated with for purposes that will come later. This conscious linking of souls is most important to our objective in preparing for mass intervention if events warrant this action.

    The Network, consciously accepted, becomes a great force for the ongoing of our program toward the rescue of, and assistance to, the planet. Even in New Age circles there must be a falling away of technical differences and an emphasis upon things on which there is agreement. Regardless of the particular slant or emphasis of truth, there must be a conscious desire to become a link in the great chain of ground forces rather than to stand alone. It is this conscious desire to be a conscious operating portion of the whole, that will create the proper atmosphere for the uplifting of frequencies I have described.

    Therefore, let all of those who serve with us strive toward this holy attitude of oneness with each other, that we might all function together as one great beam of Light upon the Earth. This effort toward united purpose is the present focus of our interaction with our brothers and sisters of Light now in Human embodiment. In this Great Cosmic Light, I salute you all. I am Andromeda Rex."

    In times past, in our progressive enlightenment and spiritual perception, we have seen only a part, 'as through a glass darkly;' but now, as the networking expands and the veils are being lifted, we 'know, even as we are known.' The joyful quickening as one soul recognizes another, warmed by the Christ Presence within the other –that quickening is now manifesting even 'face to face' as well as between this and the highest dimensions of reality. There is an unconscious network between us all on the inner level Universe, but Andromeda would have us pull this reality through our Human consciousness, having used the word eight different times to make his point. He describes these things further: "These gatherings represent a highly momentous occasion. There has never yet been anything like this in the history of Mankind's sojourn upon the planet. Similar incidents have fragmentarily taken place in isolated cases far between, in the past and last generation, but nothing on so large a scale, so thoroughly organized as this venture. Neither were the former results that far-reaching, yet there has been a tremendous secret penetration in the past forty years. But following these secret council meetings and the return of the Elect to their octave, there will be an immediate saturation of all the news media and worldwide recognition of those who have thus been honored by this encounter. This will be one of the greatest news stories ever written.

    The program will be a very detailed briefing of coming events which will set up and coordinate our ground forces in a very specific manner while outlining levels of authority and responsibilities. Our key Commanders, now incarnate, will be introduced to each other and the fellowship will be a precious experience. The marshalling of all of our forces for this undertaking which is so important to the Hierarchal Program, has been a tremendous challenge and one in which thousands have beautifully cooperated."

    * * *

    I was visiting in Utah for a week in June. On the day of the June 21st eclipse, it was announced to me that this book was to begin immediately. A typewriter was borrowed and for the four remaining days there, the dictations came at a pace of four a day. Commander Ashtar spoke forcefully on the day of the eclipse:

    "We desire to speak to our people. We desire to speak to the Elect of God who have chosen and been chosen to come as volunteers from out of our midst to walk the Earth, to endure the darkness and the challenges and the problems, yea, the temptations; yet to stand and be ready when our call comes to them. As Commander, it is my desire to speak to all of these throughout this hemisphere, as messengers, as teachers, as guidance counselors, as channels of Light and beams of the Love of God to the planet. We have need now to lift you into our presence for a brief moment of time for purposes of special training and many other matters which cannot be handled in any other way. These gatherings shall not be simultaneous throughout the globe, but shall take place in seven various sectors, one at a time. We cannot dispense our forces efficiently by having all of you at once. Therefore, we shall undertake this program in units, by areas, as we have organized other programs in the past.

    We are attempting to streamline our program so that the time can be shortened. We have prepared our facilities with great care and outlined our agenda very carefully so that the utmost efficiency in all of these things may be applied.

    One of the most important elements within all of this activity is that you would become personally acquainted with each other in a network of sharing the knowledge of the mission of each member. One might call you a 'Secret Army,' so to speak, for you are an army in spiritual warfare, and in most cases, your activity will be in secret. Nevertheless, a vast portion of the program will not be in secret, but rather, deliberately publicized as a part of our strategy, and details concerning that strategy have already been delivered to this messenger to be incorporated into the text of this material.

    I am assured by the officers under my Command who represent the various units and areas of this hemisphere for which I am responsible; I am assured by these that almost all of the Earth representatives are now ready in their awareness to be taken into our presence without undue adjustments or misalignments or misunderstanding, and that we may now carryon with our plans to fulfill this enormous project. I am Ashtar, of the star ship upon which our Beloved Commander, Sananda, travels and calls His home away from home, although of course, this great Avatar is capable of being anywhere and everywhere simultaneously.

    Within the network of our Commands and the Galactic Confederation, we have an interlocking communications system through which every individual craft may at any given moment receive a certain transmission simultaneously. In many cases when one of you is in an act of service or some victory for the Light is occurring, reports of these are instantaneously sent throughout the hemisphere and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy. It is impossible for you to conceive the speed with which our communications go forth throughout the entire Universe.

    I can absolutely assure you that your reception of our message when the alert has come, will be received. We are capable of entering the thought patterns of any individual upon the planet and implanting there our impressions in keeping with Universal Law, clearly and decisively. Each and everyone of you who is on Earth assignment to be a part of this program will receive clear signals and a message that cannot be mistaken nor misunderstood.

    Whatever your past experiences in telepathic communication have been, or your progress in conscious awareness of these revelations, you will receive our message loud and clear. You will be personally approached either by one of us, or be told by one who represents us. Do not make any moves or changes or hesitate when this is received. By the same token, do not take any action along these lines if these or one of these is not received. Do not be concerned nor unduly upset if you do not participate in this first temporary lift-up of souls who serve with us. This merely means that your action in the plan is elsewhere, and you will be taken for your instructions or will receive them in some other manner. Do not take any personal affront if you are not alerted or are not a participant in this first phase of our plan. Your time will come later, and these instructions are not necessary for you at this time.

    We are bringing together those of high leadership status whose responsibilities are far-reaching, and of such a nature that special instructions and training must be given if they are to fulfill their portion of the mission. These have long been in accord with us on inner levels and have spent much time in coordinating necessary discussions relating to their missions while out of body in their night visits with our councils. All of these have sat in on our council meetings while their bodies have slept. Each of you who are to be lifted up in this special gathering have all participated in intergalactic and interplanetary council meetings and listened to preparedness programs. This meeting, in our presence, will take place upon a conscious level. You will retain your full consciousness at every moment and at all times. On this visit you will take with you when you return to Earth situations, a full recall of all that has transpired, along with many evidences of where you have been. Each one of you will be able to prove your sojourn with us, for each will receive undeniable proof to combine with the testimony of many others throughout the globe, presenting accounts consistent with your own. You will be given two objects - one to wear, and one to hold - that will anchor you to that moment for the rest of this embodiment.

    You will return to your earthly situations with a quiet spiritual authority that will never be taken from you and will never forsake you. You will be annointed with spiritual credentials and spiritual abilities representing your badge of initiation and mission. At first, your words will be scoffed at and your reports will bring laughter to the multitudes. But allover the world you will stand together, united in your story, consistent in your report, agreeing in your details, and you will cause them to remove the smiles from their countenances when your credentials are activated. You are the representatives of the Highest Celestial Government and the Highest Council of this Solar System, as well as the Highest Tribunal of the Interplanetary Councils.

    All of us will reinforce each and everyone of you, and you will be convinced of this before you leave our midst to return.

    There are so many of you presently to be lifted, trained and prepared. It is a project of such magnitude that words can scarcely describe not only the effort thus far invested into it over many centuries, but also, the great labor and the millions of volunteers that make it possible.

    Therefore, my closing words to my beloved brothers and sisters of Light in this message is a salute to you in the sign of the Solar Cross. I hold forth my right hand of blessing upon each of you. You know who you are. You know where you stand in your places and your inner guidance. Unfortunately, our words and messages will confuse many, but those who must hear will hear; and those who must see will see. To him that hath ears to hear, let him hear; to him that hath eyes to see, let him see. So be ready, my brethren. Be alert. Be listening, for your call shall come. I am Ashtar, one who commands millions of men in this hemisphere for our Beloved Commander in Chief, Jesus the Christ and the World Saviour."

    * * * * * * * * *

    On my return to New Mexico, the pressure continued to mount to get into the book, even to a grand upheaval in my personal affairs within a matter of days. When I 'came up for breath' from a greatly accelerated and disturbing chain of events, I grumbled to one of my venerable Brothers, "You guys play kind of rough!" Ignoring my vernacular, his counter comment is memorable:

    "You have given us permission to act and to create for and with you in the events of your life. It is correct that we do not involve ourselves in the smaller details in the life of an Earthly volunteer, knowing full well that they have the discernment and the ability to arrange their lives and their affairs for the best. But it is also true that all of the details of Earth-based Commanders' lives touch their mission, as they touch their lives. So consider these things within the framework of permission previously given for intervention. You see, Tuella, many aeons ago, you gave us that permission to direct the circumstances of your life in that manner which would best facilitate the mission for which you have come."

    * * * * * * * * *

    Immediately following the conclusion of the July semi-annual Conclave of the Fleets of the southwestern sector of America, Captain Avalon reported to me, advising that the Floridian Command Communications Center had been host for their meeting there, as well as beneath Cook Mountain. All states and areas of the Southwest were represented by their Officers and persons of great responsibilities. The subject receiving the most attention and longest detailed discussion had to do with lift-up and evacuation details of our section. (Attention, reader: these quarterly conclaves take place at all sectors of the globe.) There is to be one more large final meeting to tie all the loose ends of the plan, but it will involve the entire higher echelon of the Commands. It seems they were concerned to make one important distinction. So much material had now piled up, I was having a bit of confusion from it all regarding the various lift-offs and phases, etc.:

    "We wish to clarify these matters. Your confusion has ensued in classifying the briefing withdrawal as a phase of the Global Evacuation. During this training withdrawal, there are not likely to be any global disturbances present. These gatherings are designed as training programs for our Earth-based Commanders. One large element of their responsibilities will be the education of Light workers and their followers. Special Programs for reaching and educating the masses have now ceased. Concentration is directed toward specialized training for the changes ahead.

    Please make this distinction. The very first action will be the lifting of these ground Leaders - the Elect, who bear tremendous responsibilities in their assignments. This is a temporary withdrawal for a short period of time, and is not a lift-off phase of the Global Evacuation. It is not necessarily a lift-off, since all councils will remain in your atmosphere and locations. This withdrawal does not constitute the 'twinkling of an eye' lift-up of Light Workers which is, in essence, Phase I of the planetary evacuation.

    Therefore, the time sequence calls first for the Commander gatherings to take place as a preparation for the Global Evacuation steps which will occur quickly or later in the future. The Commander councils may involve some landings in secluded areas."

    * * * * * * * *

    With this clarification of the sequence of events, a very informative body of information from Andromeda Rex was received by spiritual messenger Lucy Colson and submitted for this focus. Parts of it are scattered in various sections of the text. Andromeda states:

    "The Gatherings will take place under the deepest secrecy imaginable. The 'Gathering of Eagles' will come first. This meeting will consist of the advanced echelon of Commanders, a group of highly trained Beings, skilled in planetary affairs. They will contact world governments, groups of Light students, preparing them for an eventual lift-off while the planet is made new. The people must be advised that this is imminent. Those who will remain behind to pass through the fire and water must know the reasons why they will not be lifted off. For out of this trial will come new leaders and new hope for Humanity. They must know that they are never really alone.

    The Earthean Eagles will bring back with them from the meeting, concrete, indisputable proof! The Eagles are the ones who will be needed immediately in the days ahead; and who will be beamed up last during evacuation. The Earthean Eagles will be contacted and expected to be at their destined positions in as little time as twelve hours from the time of the Call to Gather. The Eagles will also remain for the regular Gathering, to be briefed with everyone else, and will then brief the Light Commanders under them."

    * * * * * * * * *

    As I speak with many people, I find evidence that the 'Collective Consciousness' of the Human Race knows a purging is being initiated, with a significance deeper than that which can be ascribed by them to conventional wisdom. Cosmic Being Lytton, transmitting through spiritual messenger Lyara, speaks of an early fruition of the Divine Plan:

    "Great power and forces will be unleashed this year. Major initiations for some. Cleansing of the bodies, veils being lifted, and survival disks being received for those returning for Evacuation Assignments. Some brothers and sisters will not be receiving these messages. It is not for them to know. Their work is different than yours, and they need to remain on their path. Accelerated energies will be intense. What a few years ago would take years to accomplish will be completed in a day. You will experience continual initiations .... "

    * * * * * * * * *

    During the period when work was underway compiling this manuscript, I received an urgent summons from Captain Avalon, of the Floridian Mountains Communications Center for the Southwest, which is near my home. He informed me that on the Sunday before full moon, a very crucial Council would be in session there. He requested that I present myself at 7:00 a.m. that Sunday morning to record the words of the major speakers.

    On the evening before the designated Sunday, I could not refrain from inspecting the atmosphere surrounding the Floridas. With the predictable certainty, there was the usual heavy dark cloud bank totally hiding the upper portion of the mountains and spanning out all over the area. This phenomenon invariably appears when any kind of council is going on there. The dark mist and clouds hovered as expected, until the great Council was concluded.

    Promptly at 7:00 on August 1, I had eluded my devotions, and I called him. We had done this type of work together before on two occasions. His response was crisp and prompt:

    "Good morning! This is Avalon, responding for my previous appointment. I will tell you what is happening here. A great Conclave is taking place this weekend in the Great Conference Hall of our installation beneath the Floridian Mountains. All of the important leaders from every sector of this Nation are here, and a few representatives of the Jupiter Command from the other hemisphere, as well. The purpose of this tribunal is to coordinate all of our preparations and to delegate specific assignments that will be delegated within the Commands to each Sector, for completing the secret gatherings. Everyone you ever heard of is here, as far as the Alliance goes. Ashtar will appear later today. By the way, these Conclaves are always held at or near the full moon period. We feel that it is important to include in your manuscript the text of these messages today, so that your readers may actually hear a planning session in which the Gatherings were discussed. You will be in session for about an hour for the first one, and there will be three or four other sessions today. I have just been told nothing will be happening of significance for an hour, so I will release you until that time. Avalon speaking, and closing the contact."

    * * * * * * * * *

    An hour later, this striking overview began. Because many details were given to me, I will also share them with you.

    "Thank you, Tuella. We are gathered in the Great Hall, centrally located within and beneath our Communications Center. What an impressive crowd! As you know, we are here to coordinate and finalize plans and specifics for the coming Gatherings. Everyone is in his place, waiting for the Chairman to appear.

    Let me describe the scene to you. Our room is about 150 feet in diameter, round in shape and furnished like an amphitheatre or one of your sports stadiums. The entire circling wall is filled with comfortable seating graduated down in rows, enabling clear vision of the rostrum. The audience chairs are upholstered in red, and the walls give forth radiance everywhere in an overall glow, so that one cannot tell from where it originates. The doors and other openings are not discernible, for they blend into the wall contour, making them invisible until opened. We control these mechanisms with thought, which to you would be the application of crystalline energy: We have a domed ceiling on which beautiful artwork is painted. To you, it would be reminiscent of the ceilings of the Versailles Palace near Paris. However, the subject of our art- work here embraces Universal settings and planetary motions. It is a very beautiful room, and is reserved for only occasions of this level of importance or tribunals of distinction. Soft music of the spheres provides a pleasant background and everyone is watching the area where the speakers will enter.

    The center arena has the usual rostrum in the center, surrounded by a circular table with seating for twelve. These chairs are upholstered in a brilliant blue and beyond them are four sets of three chairs, arranged in triangle placement, to the East, the West, the North, and the South. These chairs are yellow. All chairs in the room are placed within a white circle that is part of the floor design, which is otherwise a solid color. The white circle has a magnetic energy emanating from it to energize the one who sits in the chair. An electronic signal light is built within the arm of each chair for letting the leader know a comment is desired by that participant.

    The opening from the East corridor approach has been opened and the twenty-four dignitaries have entered and taken their places. Commander Ashtar is the Chairman, and he is addressing the audience. You can hear him ... please record his words:"

    Ashtar: "We are deeply grateful to all of you who have laid aside your busy schedules to answer this call to join this deliberation. We have called up a generous cross section of the leadership from all sectors to blend your thinking with our own on the many problems to be solved. Our Most Beloved Great Commander, Sananda, will be joining us later in the day. The speaker for this morning session is one of the most respected members of our Commands, having served the Confederation in many capacities and many examples of his great concern for the people of Earth. He stands as their protector at this hour, and represents them in our major councils. His words and decisions are of great importance to all of us, and I join with you in earnest attention to his words. I bring forward our friend and brother ... Monka!"

    Monka Addresses the Great Council:

    (Monka is seated to the right side of Ashtar's chair. As he rises, the Hall bursts with a standing ovation of salutations to Beloved Monka, our great leader).

    "Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen of the great Commands that circle the Earth. Our fellowship together at this full moon period has a touch of sadness to it, when we consider the purpose for our meeting. None of us can look upon the events in store for planet Earth without that twinge of regret within our being that it might have been different had Man responded to the Great Light that was given.

    Nevertheless, we do rejoice together for the many who have made it, and who will carry on the program of the Kingdom of God on Earth when the Earth is made ready.

    I am bringing you this morning, a portion of our findings as we have monitored the Earth population in its ascension toward spiritual unfoldment. There are at least forty million souls now embodied who are our own representatives, or followers of those representatives, who follow our directives and give attention to our words. This group will form the nucleus of the first two phases of evacuation. Within that nucleus, of course, are the Special Volunteers whose missions are detailed in the records for your Sectors.

    We have gathered here for the purpose of reconciling all of our efforts toward the unveiling and the training of the Earth leaders, and to bring all of our separate plans in harmony with the whole. I am aware that all of you have labored long, and in the presence of great opposition, to fulfill your scheduling for this event. It is clear that all councils will not occur at one given moment, but within each Sector it is hoped that all candidates will participate at one time. We have now agreed that there will be seven Worldwide Sectors or divisions by area, in which these gatherings will take place.

    In our meetings that follow, these seven Sector Commanders will share with you their detailed plans and will receive your comments and counter suggestions concerning them. We ask of you only that in your attention upon these seven leaders, you will take back with you into your varied areas of responsibilities, the vibration of concern and urgency that you feel in our midst today.

    These Gatherings are the apex of the wedge in the salvation of a planet. These Elect ones will be our hands and feet and our voices for the time that remains between now and the coming removal of the Lighted Ones from the planet. We have attempted to discern the times in Earth calculations of time, when events will bring on these contingencies. However, it is impossible at this moment to give you or anyone else any distinct date or time reference. The date of each individual council will be determined here today, but the span of time before the first evacuation cannot be determined. Therefore, we must maintain and continue in our total readiness at all times, for the call may reach us at any moment.

    Our friends of the Jupiter Command are keeping us posted within seconds of Earth time, on every smallest detail of events before they happen! They are doing an excellent work in monitoring the Secret Government councils of the world nations. They not only register all of the proposed plans, but evaluate each Leader within his emotional and rational being to determine his probable response to any given set of circumstances. So far, they have been one-hundred percent correct in this type of analysis, making it an indispensable source of reference for the entire program. It allows us to be just a little ahead of Mankind in their own access to reports of world events.

    Therefore, I share with you the excitement of this moment in getting 'on with it,' so to speak, and bringing all of our preparations and plans into focus and action. As spokesman for the Saturnian Council of this Solar System, I welcome you to these policy decisions and will be enjoying meeting with as many of you as possible at this Conclave. My gratitude is extended to our gracious hosts, Commander Anton, of Cook Mountain; and Captain Avalon, of this great communications center; and to our Chairman, Commander Ashtar. Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you."

    * * * * * * * * *

    (Avalon once again: "Thank you, Tuella. Following Monka' s sweep of applause, a lesser speaker is directing the participants to the smaller meeting locations .We will return at 10:00 to check on events at that time. Avalon closing the contact.")

    At 10:00, Avalon reported that there had been a scurry of activity as assignments for different committee meetings were given. There was a lounging break for fellowship and refreshments which, he assured me, did not include coffee and doughnuts! This was to be the last session until we returned at 2:00 that afternoon, when Beloved Jesus-Sananda would be speaking.

    Korton Speaks at the Great Council

    A Commander from the Veldor Sector introduced Korton, and he gave this message:

    "Highly respected and honorable Lords and Ladies of many worlds, many galaxies and faraway places, it is my privilege to be with you and to bring you some thoughts of our group concerning the purposes for which we have gathered.

    During these summer months on Earth, we have all been very active organizing ourselves for these coming special Gatherings. Our work will soon be concluded and these seven Councils with our Earth Leaders can begin. Our many preparations have taken much time, and details have been going on at a feverish pace.

    Basically, the communication devices we have proposed are to be fairly identical in all seven divisions. They need not be the same in appearance, but in function they must be the same. As the needs were presented to each group quite some time ago, it has been ingenious the diversity of designs that have been brought forth, yet all do indeed coordinate with all others in the functions performed and the vital needs fulfilled. There will be an identifying crystal of certain color for each, which immediately indicates the group to which that person is assigned, as well as the Sector Commander. This central stone will also be the crystal that is in attunement with the body vibrations of the one who wears it and who is in direct contact with his Commander craft. The device will also have a factor incorporated into its design which will serve as a levitating or a traveling device for any emergency, as well as another built-in deposit of crystalline energy functioning as the means of producing invisibility as needed in times of danger. Of all the equipment with which we will arm our Earthean Eagles, the greatest will be the unveiling of their memories and the revelation of their identities and missions to the planet Earth.

    We are also greatly pleased to at last be able to bring about a complete network of acquainting them all with one another so that they may know as we are known and can meet face to face with their co-workers in this plan. There will be a great love between them as they labor together and help one another.

    All of us who make up the Commands patrolling the Earth have longed to see this unity and coordinating action take place on physical levels. These great Gatherings will bring this to pass and Heaven and Earth will enjoy a unity of purpose unknown for millions of cycles. In daring to let our Representatives be exposed to the Earth world, we have taken great care in planning how this would be done. By stationing those who are a part of our Mission within the ranks of world media, we will be able to do this in a simultaneous break of the news releases, that will eliminate all opposition, and will at least give us an honest reporting of events. A few large interests will withhold the story, but will later get on the bandwagon as so many consistently begin to come forth. The lives of our Representatives will be intensely protected while their testimony is being given and carrying on. Other Representatives everywhere will join in their defense. It is this daring exposure of those who serve with us that will turn the hearts of the multitudes to consider the words of these few. Total recall will be permitted in their ranks and all will return with a fully operating spiritual opening of their abilities to handle every spiritual need which confronts them. All will become spokesmen for the Commands and teachers of truth. At best, their testimony will be brief, lasting only until the evacuations begin, but vital in their intensity and impact.

    This is the program, Ladies and Gentlemen, with which the world will be turned. This is also the method with which evacuation will be carried on from the Earth level. All of these self-sacrificing Leaders will remain until the last moment for directing others, teaching others, and assisting in the creation of an atmosphere free of fear around those clusters of Humanity preparing for their rescue. It is this Special Legion who will be answering questions, teaching the people, and preparing their hearts for that which is to come. Without them, our mission could not proceed in its purpose, for the aura of fear and hostility toward us still prevails on a general scale.

    We will be working closely together in our committee meetings to coordinate these many details and prepare ourselves for action as soon as possible. There is not a moment of Earth time to be wasted in this preparation. The sound of war comes ever closer, and the planet within prepares its response! We must make haste in our final proposals and go forth from this Great Conclave with all final decisions agreed upon. We must have unity in our midst and the willingness to surrender our desired suggestions for the benefit of the whole and completion of our work here.

    Again, I thank you for this opportunity to speak with all of you and to be a part of this great council for so important a mission. Thank you, my brothers and sisters, on whom the Light of our Radiant One ever shines! I thank you."

    * * * * * * * * *

    As requested, I returned to the typewriter a little before 2:00 p.m., and was then given the privilege of hearing the Great Beloved Commander in Chief, Jesus the Christ, and recording His message for this volume.

    Beloved JESUS-SANANDA addresses The Great Council

    "Courageous, loyal and devoted Lords and Ladies of this and many great galaxies, you have given me a very pleasant chore this afternoon, in speaking and meeting with all of our dedicated Leaders and Directors of our great Intergalactic program for Peace. I am the honored one in beholding your beautiful countenances and responding to the love that flows through each one of your beings and outward toward me.

    I have come to join with all of you in this final preparation for that great event which we have planned together for so long. It is a great moment for my own heart, as it is for yours. We have not only labored in the planning for the event, we have likewise labored in the effort to prevent its necessity. Now we must secure our decisions and go forward with our Plan.

    In the beginning of our active programming we will have the assistance of the entire Angel Kingdom, under the supervision of Michael and His Legions. EI Morya will exercise his administration of the Blue Flame of protection and build a wall of Blue Fire around each chela who is destined to be taken into your midst and to be returned again for the final stages of their service to Humanity. Each one, I am assured, will be surrounded in the circle of Blue Flame from the first divine ray of manifestation, and Michael's Angels will be bodyguards to them all. All of this attention, plus your own beams upon them directly from your craft, should well protect them and their mission from all harm and interference.

    We have brought all of you together in this conference for a feeling of encouragement as well as for practical reasons. Let us join in Love to one another as we realize that the long battle soon will end, that our efforts for the planet Earth shall soon see fruition and the joyful reunion of all of us with our brothers and sisters in service there.

    We have great things and great surprises in store for them, and words cannot describe the joy with which we anticipate this great reunion. We must realize and understand that both the leadership meetings and the evacuation stages may be a great shock to some of them. Their Human reactions may be unprepared for these events. It is for this reason that a book is now being prepared through the coordinated efforts of Kuthumi and the Ashtar Command, in which most of these details wi11 be revealed to all the souls of Light. I have requested that this very Conclave be included in its contents. We have had to proceed with great caution in revealing our strategy and plans for this new touch with Mankind. We have had to consider his binding theological prejudices, his apathy, his indifference, his general close-mindedness in most of these things, but most of all, his outright hostility to those whom the Father has sent to reason with him. Because of this militancy, our progress for the World Plan has been delayed for twenty-five years. Many have wearied that it would ever come to pass, not only of your group, but our Earth contactees as well.

    We are trusting that the witness of these Special Leaders and their campaign outlining the Divine Program of rescue by those whom the Father will send to them, will in that dark hour of Earth's evacuation, proceed with a minimum of interference from man.

    I send a special dispensation of annointing for this task upon all of these whom you will take into your midst. They shall carry within their inner being great power and perseverance in this ongoing battle for the minds of men. They shall not be left unequipped without the proper spiritual weapons with which to carry forward this encounter. All shall be filled with spiritual power and annointed to meet every need from the overflow of their inward blessings.

    They will have constant attunement with those of you who guard them and guide their ministries. The mystical objects you have prepared for them represent a great contribution for their behalf, and this will secure for them all of the remaining protection that is necessary. When the days of evacuation are upon us, these will be the ones to whom you will turn for the help that is needed upon Terra. Those few moments of feverish action will bring about the gathering of the wheat into my barn for the Eternal Harvest.

    I convey to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, the total gratitude of the Celestial Government of this Solar System for your long participation in the Divine Plan for planet Earth. Yours is the supreme example of that kind of life that has been held out to Mankind through many aeons of time. As you fellowship with them, they will see and absorb the Love that abounds within you and will be drawn to your governing philosophies of freedom and respect for the Divine image within all of the Father's creation. My blessings radiate to each one of you and overshadow you with the emanations of my own Light as you have so beautifully earned the 'well done' of Our Father. Friends of the highest purity and worthiness, I thank you."

    Thus spoke Our Lord Jesus, or, as He is known to them, Beloved Great Commander Sananda - the Radiant One - to all of these great Ones in attendance at this vital Tribunal.

    Chapter 3: The Hosts of Heaven Sponsor a Feast of New Experiences!

    Undoubtedly most of you, just as I, have wondered about many of the 'onboard' details of these Conferences.

    Raymond Fowler tells us, "From the experience I have had on space ships, I can tell you briefly that their crews utilize the higher cosmic frequencies to run their power plants and generate the forcefield which they put about them in a 360 degree sphere in which they can hover or travel at fantastic speeds in any direction in all types of atmospheres. Also, there is an energy field within the ships. These ships can lower their frequencies or accelerate them, according to the direction they wish to go to fulfill their missions."

    Ashtar has plainly said, "You will be hosted by us, fed, and housed comfortably in a great mother ship." On another occasion, Andromeda Rex answered my question about the cuisine: "It will be as nearly normal to your accustomed foods as we can arrange it. It will include some drinks and foods that are new to you, but we are attempting a cuisine that will be favorable to all, with personal choices where needed. You will find the food very pleasing." Earlier, Captain Avalon had surprised me with his comment: "You will be impressed with our culinary skills."

    To get into more important matters, the remainder of the beautiful message from Andromeda Rex, through messenger Lucy Colson, given especially for this book, continues:

    “At the Gathering, there will be a welcoming reception, with the mingling of Beings from all worlds. A truly exciting time, for we introduce the Eartheans to their Galaxy and Universe! The first time in thousands of years that Earth has participated on the scale which she will now. We are grateful that at long last she comes back into the fold. The purpose of the Gathering will be fully explained at that time, with a full discussion of the potential crisis to the planet and its inhabitants; the decisions reached by the Planetary Hierarchy; and the role that you Earth Beings will now play in restoring life to the planet. Assignments of Commanders will be made, and then each Commander will meet with the group under him/her to firm up decisions and make plans.

    Since you Earthly Light Commanders will have a closer and even a bodily contact with us over the next few years, or whenever evacuation must be executed (it is absolutely dependent upon Mankind's free will), at this very moment we are preparing for each one of you a pendant. This is no ordinary pendant, but one similar to those worn in Atlantis by those working in the strong electromagnetic fields around the crystals. In the center of the pendant is a small body crystal which we are attuning to the vibrational frequencies of each Commander. Preparation of the crystals is going on at a feverish pace aboard the host Command ship.

    As each person is welcomed aboard, he or she will have a pendant slipped around the neck, never to be removed again in bodily form. Upon the body's death, should that happen, the pendant will immediately dissolve. The body crystal attuned to each one's vibrational pattern will help each to tolerate changes in frequencies on the Earth plane as well as when aboard the Command ships. Ships, yes. Each will receive a special assignment and report to that specific Mother Ship involved with a particular area of Command. We need use of caution here, that not all be revealed at this stage.

    Communication will also be greatly enhanced through mental telepathy, as by wearing the body crystal, one's vibrations will be stepped up and a more synchronous match can be established between the realms. A matter of vibration is all that defines dimensions. We cannot give anymore information at this time without divulging classified information to the public. Not everyone who will read your forthcoming book, Tuella, will be of the Light. Therefore, we are not permitted to go any further, just as you will not be permitted to give out time, dates and what-not.

    To reiterate. First, there will be the Gathering of the Eagles. This Gathering will consist of many of the Lord's Hosts, two or more contingencies from a far galaxy who will arrive in the Earth's atmosphere in time for their participation. Expertly trained for planetary evacuation in time of dire need, these brave Souls of Light have volunteered to assist us as we now reach the crisis point in Earth's destination.

    After the meeting and blending of those who come from the Planet Earth itself, a triune Council will be formed - The Ascended Master/Angelic Realm, the Universal, and the Earth - all blended together as one with one common bond, the survival of Man, that he may evolve into MAN. HuMan (Heavenly, Universal, Man).

    After that Conclave, then the real Gathering of the Light Commanders takes place. After that event, the real work commences as all Heaven and Light upon the Earth strive to bring the planet Earth into its proper alignment with the Christ potential. I thank you. I am Andromeda Rex."

    * * * * * * * * *

    As we present the messages coming to several others within this revelation on the various topics covered, it is hoped that the children of Light will realize this is not something coming to just one source, but that the same trend of information is coming to us now through many different space channels, like the rush of a mighty river. I have spoken with too many to quote all of them here, but as I present the same questions for reasons of confirmation, the answers all correlate in a remarkable way.

    After the announcement to begin the book in Utah, and the nature of the earlier dictations, while there I joined with messenger Eve Carney to undertake some in-depth research on the subject. This was several weeks before Andromeda's discourse with Lucy was received, and included in our research was my first inkling of the color-coded concept in the evacuation. We learned that different colored ships will pick up individuals with the different colored auras, or energy fields. Blue-coded ships will pick up blue aura persons, etc. For example, one ship is responsible for lifting all medical personnel, volunteers, with the ship corresponding to the nature of the classification of the workers. For example, a yellow ship under the auspices of the ray of wisdom and knowledge will pick up educators, writers and intelligence persona; pink ships will pick up persons whose calling is to love emanations and mother vibrations and the young children, for whom there has been total preparation on board. The purpose for giving the crystal in color matching the designated ships is to enable that ship to maintain contact with those it has had on board for briefing time.

    Almost a year before, I had been informed that at the Commander briefings we would return with "something to wear and something to carry." In researching that statement, we learned the things persons will bring back with them had different colored stones. Some had necklaces; some, brooches; rings; but all set with crystal stones; even something to wear in their hair, just as long as these crystals were upon their form. Apparently the craft would use these devices to zero in on them, as energy devices.

    Concerning 'something to carry,' Eve saw some persons given a 'little box comparable In size to the little cereal boxes' which contained what appeared to her to be little scrolls. Some of the key personnel are given these. Some are even given handkerchiefs that are monogrammed in the corner with the scroll. What they are given was evidently determined by the particular Mother Ship that housed them for the council. Eve said, "The people will be categorized, so to speak, and leaders in each category will be chosen, and they are the ones who will be given these small gold parchment scrolls which are contained in the small boxes."

    A few weeks following, when I was privileged to report the addresses given at the final planning Council for the Gatherings, and I heard Korton alluding to the "diversity of designs" of these devices that had been submitted from the several sectors, yet "coordinate with all others in functions performed," I understood why there has been some discrepancy in description of these devices from various sources. If a spiritual messenger is from one Sector, they may see the design that one will use, while a messenger from another Sector may see an object different in appearance. Korton did also confirm that "there will be an identifying crystal of certain color for each which immediately indicates the group to which that person is assigned, as well as the Sector Commander. " All are agreed on this fact of this body crystal and its function.

    We also tuned in to some very interesting information regarding the missions of a few very elderly women, who have donated their lifetime simply toward building up the Light within them. These will be picked up for the Gatherings and be given the handkerchiefs within the different groups, which are monogrammed in the corner accordingly. The special assignment of these elderly ladies has been just to stay alive (some are in nursing establishments and will only be taken out of body so as not to be missed) and hold the Light and prayer for the volunteers of their specific group. Thus each group will have its Leader, its Love person, its teacher, writer, reporter, healers, scientists, and so forth. These elderly channels of Light will wear their handkerchiefs to be visible to the people of their group on the spacecraft. They will be given so much energy that wherever the others of her group are, in their night sleep they will be able to 'plug into' this Love Person for their energy needs. This will be their sole contribution to their overall program.

    * * * * * * * * *

    At one time in the past, I had asked Ashtar to discuss the Human forcefield, and he replied:

    "The magnetics of the Human aura are a forcefield. The heart is the central atom around which neutrons, cells and electrons gravitate. Blood goes out from the heart, makes its circle and returns again, enabling the physical form to give off energy in framework as force. Force continues in an ovoid shape which you call the auric field, but it is more than that. This force represents a magnetism to other magnetic force of like frequency. So like attracts like, it is said. Now, when the field is of high frequency, color disappears into white Light. When the Human orbit or magnetic field is white Light, we then say that one has transmuted the physical form of density to a Lightbody. This Light body or forcefield is that which makes contact and exposure to our magnetic field possible. You would suffer no discomfort in our presence. The forcefield of Light pulls and is pulled ever higher. Your constant exposure to our frequencies greatly infuses your, own with higher frequencies."

    While preparing this text, he said that, "while within our great Mother Ship of my own Command fleet and hosted by our staff, you will be subjected to many different kinds of experiences designed to correlate your physical with your spiritual attainment. The physical form will take on great beauty and an essence of Light will radiate to those with eyes to see. The entire being will become changed into that which you once were, yet when you return those who know you not will simply continue to see that outward appearance. But spiritually aware persons will see the difference in the eyes, the magnetism and the glow of the person, and the radiance of the countenance."

    I asked if this change would take place within all who attended?

    "Yes, but with some who have not started this process at all, the workings will only have begun, so the immediate change will not be so noticeable as with those in whom the process began some time ago. Those who are just beginning will sense youthful energy so that they feel exhilarated; with others, it will be completed. Minds also will be quickened by the Rays in which you will sit, and the emotional body will be brought under total control and instructions and directives given. Youthfulness of action and appearance accompanies the presence of the Light body. Generally speaking, those who know not your inner qualities will see your appearance the same, yet there will be that different quality about you somehow. They will say you're 'looking good,' and that sort of thing. But to those spiritually aware of your Light, you will appear much younger, youthful of energy and movement. The presence of Light itself within the physical form tends to rejuvenate and reactivate all the cells of the body; thus, no illness can enter this teeming life action, and the energy that enters find no impediments to its flow. Therefore, the change into the Light Body brings these outward changes as a result of the inner workings of the Light. It is a natural as well as scientific action, actually. In the completion of this action one has desire for a lesser quantity of food and tends toward drinking of more liquids."

    I wondered how the transposition to the Light Body would affect concentration, telepathy and clairvoyance? Andromeda Rex was answering questions at this time: "This will differ with some according to their needs and to their mission. All do not need all of these abilities; however, most do. Where necessary. some will have a full opening of the chakras take place, under our surveillance while you are with us. This action can be speeded up as long as you are under careful examination. It would be harmful to some in the present to open them so suddenly. Others will be quickened in the area of their need, for that which they are commissioned to accomplish. But all will have telepathic abilities induced, for this is most necessary that you be able to communicate with one another efficiently and with us at all times."

    * * * * * * * * *

    Another problem that needed clarification in my own thinking was the concept of compressed time. In the research with Eve Carney, we learned much about the difference in time in the different dimensions. Once beyond the atmosphere of the Earth, there is no 'time' as we understand it. Weeks there can be as moments here, depending on the longitude and latitude of area from which departure is made.

    For these secret Gatherings, some will be merely taken out of body, and seem to be away only a 'twinkling of an eye,' when the time gone will be almost unnoticeable, and only be absent three to five minutes. Different ones will be gone different periods of time. Some will be taken in the physical form and will actually be physically absent for two to three weeks Earth time. It seems that a day of Earth time can be as two weeks with them. While some will indeed be absent up to nearly 21 days, others will only be away three to four days. Eve explained: "They are saying 'twinkling of an eye,' and I'm feeling three to five minutes. A husband could walk outside to pull a few weeds and come back in and his wife will have been gone for two to three weeks, and to him, she may have seemed to have gone elsewhere in the home for three to five minutes or so. Some of those who go will be away much longer than others. The highest ranking Leaders of the project will be gone longer than the others, much longer."

    These answers greatly assisted in reconciling some of the seemingly inconsistent details that had been received. Nevertheless, many really stupid questions chased one another through my inquisitive mind. For example, many Humans prefer to sleep in the nude, and if they are taken off into other worlds at that time, what are they wearing? (I said they were stupid!) One afternoon when Kuthumi was on the 'Cosmic Telephone', I asked him (he tolerates me quite well). He offered these details:

    "The spiritual essence of one who sleeps is automatically woven a covering by those who serve as Escorts, for one never travels or journeys into other worlds alone! By thought, Escorts create a garment of white to be worn at all times out of body wherever one goes. There are times when the occasion calls for a greater finery, and it is provided - including your crown!"

    Many months previous to this particular research, I had been told that the participants of these Secret Councils would be permitted to bring cameras and tape recorders for purposes of returning with more exclusive evidence. I had problems trying to understand how a person out of body could carry with him camera and recording supplies as instructed, and return with them as well. Dear Kuthumi obliged again:

    "Another interesting question! The items that will be brought back are to be dematerialized and then materialized again in your dimension when that one awakens. This is an easy thing for us (!) and our brothers. As for the things to have been taken, the same process would be reversed, but the participant would be in an etheric body."

    Many years ago at my home deep in the woods of southern Pennsylvania, my two daughters and I had been in a meditative moment together, when three Space Brothers appeared in the front yard. They preferred to remain outside when invited in, because of their height and my normal sized doors and ceilings. We were asked if we would enjoy visiting their ship, and we responded with a joyous affirmative. The appointment was made for the following evening at 8:00, and we were instructed to relax in a reclining position on the floor for meditation and an escort would come for us. We thanked our visitors and rushed outside. My daughters were able to see the ship up above, for they both have the gift of psychic sight .

    The following evening we relaxed as instructed, and set out upon our three separate meditation experiences. I left my body and rested my hands upon the forearms of my two escorts, and experienced the tremendous motion as we ascended at incredible speed upward to the waiting ship. I was immediately standing in the great Map and Control room looking at Athena, with tears streaming down my face. She also wept, and we embraced. Athena (a lady Commander) began showing me the various maps. I sensed that one daughter had gone down a long corridor, though I hadn't seen her, but knew she was elsewhere on the ship. We did walk by a great glass wall through which I could see my other daughter reclining on a medical examination type table, and someone with her. This was the extent of my recall - very very brief and fragmentary.

    In just a few minutes - not more than fifteen - all three of us were 'back' to this consciousness and we began comparing our recalls. The one daughter had been down a long corridor which was lined with garment lockers. She had opened one, and they were filled with golden jumpsuits. She pulled one out, and it had her name embossed on it across the left chest area. She was grounded in shock, and put it back.

    She also had seen her sister on a medical table. The other daughter recalled only that she was "getting some kind of a treatment." She knew it was good, and the attendant was her Spiritual Lady Doctor, a member of her guidance group. That was all that any of us could recall. At least the invitation had been kept, and we were satisfied enough with the excursion.

    Nine years later, when the research into this compressed time concept was unfolding at Utah this summer, I pounced in excitedly with my question: "Well, then, would you please tell me how long my daughters and I were really on that Mother Ship during our fifteen minutes of meditation"? The answer came fast and startling: Eight hours!” Some explanation was forthcoming. First of all, we were being acclimatized, acclimated on inner levels for future on-board experiences. We had been permitted just enough fragments of recall to be consistent with each other's accounts and memories of having seen each other in instances that were correct. Further, the 'treatment' being administered to the daughter on the medical table was a process administered for the opening of a chakra. I had only been able to recall being in the Control Room looking at maps with Athena. Actually I had been shown the large scanning screens with flashes of scenes from lesser ships over other countries and seas. I had observed the groups in the mountains and their works. It had been a bit like a general briefing on communications.

    I asked, and was informed, that no implants had been placed in any of us. It was further explained, interestingly enough, that implants are never used by the extraterrestrials who serve the Light except within those who are not of our evolution. For those on special service direct from the ships, not born of Earth woman, but materialized on Earth as special envoys on special missions, out of necessity, do have implants within them for purposes of survival in our atmosphere and close contact with their Command. But the Legions of Light never place implants within Humanity without their knowledge or consent, for this would violate Universal Law.

    Kuthumi explained: "The dark souls often become wired during their vulnerable periods because of wrong living - for example, while intoxicated or on drugs. This means they are totally out of control of their vehicles and mind, and have become, unknowingly, practically Human robots. Children of the Light cannot be placed in this situation because they have placed their will in Higher Hands for safekeeping, by placing God's will first in all the details of their lives . "

    The other daughter, who had seen the golden jumpsuit uniform bearing her name, was being activated at that time, we were told. They had stimulated her psychic centers. We were told that my daughters have since then been upon the ships frequently. One of them had been with them once for a very long time while her body slept. I was told that my own excursions while out of body have mainly involved participation within the mountain-base installations. I have recounted this entire incident specifically that those who read this account will realize that when you return to wakefulness or from meditation, with some small fragment of recall of a ship's surroundings or an Extraterrestrial's conversation, or some other Heavenly scene, it is highly likely that you have actually not only been there, but have been there for an extended period of time.

    That which we do not or are not permitted to recall is nevertheless, programmed into our inner being to be triggered at a later date when needed. Total recall will flash its intrusion into your Human consciousness when events warrant this action.

    To conclude our thoughts on compressed time, I quote another portion of the message received by Lucy Colson from Andromeda Rex for inclusion in this text:

    "Depending on the openings into your dimension at the time of your Gathering, you will either be beamed aboard physically, or it will of necessity be an out-of-body experience. In either event, time can be compressed for those who must not leave their areas for more than one night in the physical body, so what would normally be a two-week meeting would be an eight-hour expanse of Earth time for that person. Each will return consciously aware of their orders and all aspects of the meetings."

    Andromeda Rex continues, "To return to the above statement about the openings into the Third Dimension, with all of the acute electromagnetic activity from the planetary events in your heavens, dimensional warping is taking place. Certain doors which are normally open-paths between realms are closing temporarily during certain planetary configurations - most important to note is the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions. When Mars is heavily aspected, we also find the narrowing of the dimensional passageways. This is not a reference to the Ley Lines, but a passageway between them."

    This new concept of dimensional warping certainly gears the mind toward further investigation, but I did not have the time at this writing to pursue the matter.

    * * * * * * * * *

    An interesting discourse concerning further 'on-board' matters was passed along by Captain Avalon, of the Floridian Mountains Communication Center, during one of our relaxed conversations:

    "The trees on our ship (imagine ... trees!) are artificially cared for, but they are real trees. We also have many grassed areas. The walkways are bordered by grassed areas. You will have a small apartment with a built-in bed about 4 feet wide with storage compartments around it. There is a small shower and sink and facilities. In the remaining space there are two chairs for lounging, and a small table, screens and speakers for communication and entertainment. There are a few shelves and a mirror. The bed is a medium-firm texture with a thin coverlet. The floor covering is sanitary, feels and looks like cloth, but it isn't. We have indirect lighting with intensifying switches for the degree of brightness as desired. You will be called softly at awakening time or from daytime rest periods, which are incorporated into the schedule as well as social relaxation periods. You may bring your toilet articles and care for yourself just as you would at home."

    More than a year ago Athena had confided that on her Mother Ship there was a small living area with my name on the door! I had mostly rejected the information at the time, being unable to compute it into my understanding of the moment. But since these new things have come along, I pulled her statement forth from my memory bank for reconsideration. In fact, I have dared to toy with the idea of "why not just leave my possessions in the drawers, etc., since I'll be back at the end of the Evacuation!"

    What a home-away-from-home! Rather, perhaps the reverse is true. Captain Avalon interrupted my mental meandering to confirm: "These are the same quarters you will be taken to in the later evacuation action."

    In true womanlike reaction, I was also curious about what to wear, what to include in the little suitcase. I was told that the atmosphere on board would be near a comfortable 65° to 70°F, and that there would be no perspiration. Suits and light jackets would be apropos.

    "You may dress in your typical casual wear, planning perhaps for one formal attire for dinner. You will all receive a robe-type garment to be worn for certain occasions. You will have social periods, and rest periods. The days will be programmed similar to any of your Earth conventions, with scheduled times for the various activities. You are encouraged to include your tape recorder and notebook and pen and your camera. All of these will be permitted at different times, though not all of the time. The weekends will include banquets which will surprise you. Our culinary skills are quite good!”

    * * * * * * * * *

    There remained only one further matter concerning life on board their craft on which I sought information. I asked if there would be medical treatments or physical examinations given while on board. Andromeda Rex was in contact at the time:

    "Yes. All who enter must undergo a physical examination to determine the exact status of the physical form. This will be for the purpose of personal adjustment when entering into the cubicle in which the Light Body is rejuvenated. Just as many of your own medical profession would require an examination before diagnosis and procedures. Any medical treatment that is necessary will be immediately disposed of by our electronic equipment and technology. Then we will proceed to the body change into Light Force. None will return with less than a perfect body. It is ordained as one of the necessities of Service of this nature. There will be built-in energy responses which will guarantee energy drive at all times, with alertness and above-average abilities in quick mental response and telepathic qualities. Vision will be strengthened and made keen beyond the usual nature of Human vision. This is a most-needed tool. We intend to equip our Representatives with all of the best in every way possible. We also intend to flow to all of you all that is needed in the way of capital for carrying out what must be done. None shall know want or deprivation, but all shall live in what is termed a comfortable manner according to their choice. As they desire, they shall have, in keeping with a dedicated motivation for service."

    Without my having asked, the following details were volunteered:

    "Newer followers of our Light will be allowed many question and answer periods, and many so-called 'rap-sessions' will be part of the program. Many who come will have earned the right to be with us by virtue of commitment and having passed the qualifying tests, yet they may not be completely learned in the program and purpose of the Confederation. ALL must be thoroughly grounded in this before departure."

    I was prompted to ask, "Will we know the identity and whereabouts of only those in our own Council, or perhaps, the entire Command Ground Force?"

    Answer: "Certain of you will have access to the knowledge of the entire Ground Force of this new offensive (not those of former ones) while others will be made aware of the full information pertaining to those with whom they will be associated because of the nature of their mission. The amount of information to be retained will be dispensed on a 'need to know' basis. Higher ranking individuals will have access to more detailed information than others."

    I was further advised that certain participants especially well documented as extrovert in manner and social exchange, would be called upon to serve as co-hosts in producing a relaxed atmosphere for all of these strangers to get to know one another. Some of these chosen co-hosts may be lifted a day or two in advance of the others, to assist the Brothers in greeting the guests. These would be toured through quarters and areas for familiarizing them with the facilities. This simple aforehand maneuver will greatly assist the Brothers in settling the great number of guests. It will, it is said, greatly cushion the expectancy of some, to be met by an Earth person along with the Brothers, and contribute to ease of mind. They have said:

    "We must be very certain that those we have gathered together are equal in thought, word and deed and of one mind. Therefore, we will require a certain period of orientation at the beginning which is designed to expose all of you to one another and which will break down any rigidness or standoffishness within our gatherings. We must have openness and free interchange of personal feelings and adaptation. Even though certain souls are exceedingly enthusiastic for our cause, and beautifully dedicated to it, they may not necessarily be without personality flaws and social awkwardness. Our co-hosts will be of great assistance to us in opening these withdrawn types of participants.

    After this initial visit, which, as you know, is primarily for evidential purposes, you will have many other visits with us, but none will be so important as this one."

    Concerning the personnel of these Gatherings, they had this to say:

    "There will be legal counselors, medical personnel, technical scientists, public relations persons, persons in the media, persons of great religious convictions, experienced educational majors, political scientists, and law enforcement persons. The arts will be greatly represented and the creative media as well. There will be those who excel in the theatrical fields and entertainment world also, who will win many by their story. There will be represented every kind of ability and leadership, along with a spiritual willingness to cooperate and work as a team toward one goal. This will be stressed greatly, as it is most necessary.

    Any who attempt to use these contacts for personal gain or selfish purposes will immediately be dropped from the Forces. There will be other writers and two other publishers also active in the program."

    Kuthumi has remarked, "The bringing in of these Earth volunteers to a state of fellowship under these extraordinary circumstances will vitalize all of you to such an intense state of energy and enthusiasm that you will never forget it, never get over it, never lose the vision for it until all things are come to pass! This will be the firing of your personal momentum in a most spectacular way and will bring into all of you, the inner level awakening you need. No one will leave these briefings without all chakras attended to, all physical problems removed, and all obstacles removed from the pathway of your mission. You will be equipped with every kind of gadgetry assistance, as well as spiritual weapons for all challenges to your ministry.”

    Chapter 4: Returning to the Battle

    "This is Ashtar. I come as an emissary of our Beloved and Radiant One. I am a Light Being who speaks to you in His Name, and I represent the Commands of this hemisphere." With all of this preliminary protocol dispensed with, Ashtar continued:

    "We are in intense preparations for these Councils. Our desire is to meet with all of you personally on a face-to-face basis. This will anchor within you an experience that will carry you through anything that will follow. These dedicated ones will enter this experience not only for their own blessing and personal needs for their work, but primarily for a witness to the world. This is the testimony we would have them give to the world, the account of their face-to-face encounter with the Commanders of the Extraterrestrial Forces of the Space Confederation.

    You shall be taken into that place where our Etheric Mother-ship Cities are in waiting. Now is the time when the world must know, and believe, and accept these things. This book you are preparing now could very well forestall all atomic war and all geological destruction if the hearts of men would receive our words.

    You see, the old revelations no longer grasp the attention of the people. There must be an injection of new material to awaken the urgency within Mankind to think seriously at this crucial time of Earth's evolution. We are constantly in need of new testimonies, new recorded experiences, as souls tend to ignore the old and the past. We must have new voices to keep the vision before the present generation.

    We declare to you, our messenger, that physical evidences will be given our Representatives, which will not only sustain them, but which they will bring back to the world for the expansion of Light and Understanding to men of Earth."

    * * * * * * * * *

    "I am Andromeda Rex, of the Intergalactic Council of the Space Confederation, and your speaker for this hour. All of you will strengthen the testimony of each other. They cannot call it conspiracy if the evidential material is in all of your hands. For were they to remove it from you, it will appear elsewhere. And so, in this manner we protect our work and our witnesses. Many books will come forth from the Gatherings and a fresh input of information and enthusiasm. We realize, along with you, that the input of other generations has cooled and grown too accustomed by most. It no longer electrifies in the manner that is needed. Therefore, we propose to jolt new fire and interest into our program by these representatives who will sojourn with us for this brief exposure to witness to the reality of our existence and purpose. This new program will be all that is needed to carry the momentum into and throughout the cleansing period and the inauguration of the New Age on Earth. All of you who come will be the Initiators of that New Age program.

    We send our love and deepest gratitude for all of the assistance rendered to us, without which, we could not accomplish the mission of Hope and Light to planet Earth."

    Tuella: “Sir, you have stated that upon returning, we are to become open witnesses to the fact of our representation of your Commands above. Is there not some sort of illegality to be reckoned with in being the Representative of an alien government?”

    Answer: “That is a good question, Tuella. Let's discuss the matter. It is true in a certain sense that as an alien from another Earth government this would apply. And of course, considering the hostility of your Earth governments, this would probably also apply in the present. However, I wish to point out to all of you involved that you do not represent an alien helpless government. You will be backed by all of our enabling intervention in any problem that might arise. So often your own CIA personnel are required to enter into missions in which they can do no calling upon those who have sent them. They cannot in any way reveal their identity or their source of authority. In the case of our Representatives, such is not the case. On the contrary, you will have full and open access to all of our abilities to protect you, to work with you in confusing those who would harm you, and convincing them of the truth of your ambassadorship. For remember, this is our only purpose, to get them to listen attentively to the messages being sent to them.

    If this same activity is happening in many countries all over the globe simultaneously, there will be much serious thought given to the matter. Further, there will be a protesting uprising against those in office who might seek in any way to do harm to those whom God has sent. This is not the day of the Sanhedrin and Pilate's Court; this is your world, in which people can make themselves heard if they choose to do so.

    Your people have read of these things and received and believed the words and the witness of our Commanders and their visit in our midst. They will hasten to stand up and be heard, and that from many high places. Basically that which you will all say and do stems from your personal religious experience and convictions, and under your Constitution, you do have that right to act upon your personal religious principles.

    However, if the powers that be indeed wanted to become belligerent and unduly ugly, then they could stress obscure technicalities as grounds for incarceration. But a few visits and occurrences from us would soon end all such. And if necessary, we would simply remove or transport our faithful who were so treated.

    Have no fear of any of these Earthly reverberations, for we will have all things in hand. This will be easier to believe and understand once you have seen our equipment in operation with your own eyes. Then fear will be impossible within you."

    * * * * * * * * *

    I have been given to understand that the returning will be to exactly the spot from which lift-off occurred.

    Further, whether or not full consciousness is retained during this removal and return with full recall, will be an individual matter and depend upon the person and the assignment. Full recall is not permitted to all because in that manner the Commands would lose control of their own program. By limiting it to only those who can handle it, they remain in control of their own program. Some will have recall triggered through the system at a certain time, because egos and personalities are involved. To prevent these from interfering with the plan, their recall will have to be triggered later. That is partly where the body crystals play a part.

    * * * * * * * * *

    We have these words from Commander Jycondria, Assistant to Ashtar, received by spiritual messenger Lyara, of Golden Rays Center, Phoenix:

    "The Eagles, 'Missionaries from Space,' who are to receive these messages, will be surprised at both the variety and importance of their final assignments. The leaders of this final work will emerge from those of you who have quietly prepared in this lifetime for the fulfillment of visions and destinies they have known they are working for. Each wave of vibrational tuning up that has been accomplished on this planet has brought forth spiritual leaders who effected and supported these spiritual advancements through writings, teachings, music, arts, drama, inventions, science, etc. Like a surfer emerging on the crest, their voice and influence has been spiritually uplifting to Humanity.

    Some must deflect the energies of the darkened ones who throw their darts of destruction, attempting to interfere with this work. Guard well against psychic, etheric and psychological attacks, for subtly working their destructive bends through these vehicles can be more deadly than releasing the atom bomb. Work confidently and wisely in the Light, knowing full well the power of God. Fear not any power as being apart from God, for what you fear, you will be subject to.”

    * * * * * * * * *

    As we approach the conclusion of the message directed to the Intergalactic Legion of Special Volunteers from the Ashtar Command, it seems a proper place to present Kuthumi's summary of it all:

    "In my Office of World Teacher, which I share with the Beloved Jesus-Sananda, we have often spoken together concerning the great darkness that fills the minds of men. Our work is sometimes discouraging, as we seek to penetrate the thought world of souls on Earth with shafts of Divine Light. The intuitive spiritual portion of the mind is so often overpowered and overshadowed by the preponderance of the intellect and the thinking processes. Yet there is a flame within Man that brings knowing as an instinctive function and spiritual in nature.

    As events unfold in the discussions within this manuscript, it is our hope that spiritual intuition within the souls of men will respond, rather than intellectual reaction and debate. There are, as one has said, 'reasons which reason cannot understand.' The progress of civilization has brought Humanity to a place of crisis and dangers to come. Now must come that day of separation so often spoken of by those Teachers who have attempted to shed Light on Terra. Now the wheat is to be separated from the chaff and be gathered by the Father, and the chaff tied in bundles to be burned. Who can speak of these things without the presence of sadness within his heart? Certainly not I. Yet I must speak, for the very words carry with them the emanations of love and hope that is shed upon those who read wisely.

    Because of the release of atomic power, because of the heaviness of planetary vibrations, because of the release of the energies of the seven eclipses and the alignments of the planets, these are not ordinary times. These are times that will speak the end of the old order and the beginning of the new. This is the day of the new beginning. This is the day of the new Earth, and it must be made ready for its mission.

    I speak on behalf of the entire Spiritual Hierarchy when I plead with you to realize that 'time is short,' and whatever thou wouldst do toward spiritual expansion had best be done quickly. The coming onslaught will bring with it the end of materialistic dreams and objectionable goals.

    The inner planetary expulsions will soon be felt and be seen in an outward manifestation upon the surface of the land. As these things come to pass, many voices will be raised, and many great works will be seen, such as have never been seen. These will be the works of these who have been lifted into our midst, from whom the veils have been removed, and whose chakras have been fully opened. Souls who see them and hear them will know that these annointed ones have truly been with us and returned with a witness and the evidence that cannot be denied. For a 'brief moment of time' their ministries will be blessed and protected, and they shall no longer be secluded away without freedom of service. They shall stand boldly in many places, witnessing to the experiences that came to them in higher realms, where they were given a full insight to the events that are just before the world.

    When they have been raised in your midst, listen to these voices! These are the chosen and Elect Leaders, placed upon the planet by orders of the Spiritual Hierarchy and through collaboration of our beloved brothers from other dimensions and other worlds. These witnesses will return to you with the strength of authority upon their words and their deeds, that will convince and prepare many for the evacuation that is to follow.

    Their words shall remove fear and heal unbelief and expose the reality of that great invisible army of the Legions of Light that surround you. Every moment of the day, they monitor thoughts, words and deeds, and planetary responses, conditions and affairs. But a time will come when they are no longer able to contain the planetary action destined to come to pass. When those hours are upon you, many of you shall be prepared in your hearts, by these who return to you to give you our message. They have come as Volunteers to serve the Earth in her hour of trial. They shall be the spokesmen on the physical octave for those who remain in the higher dimensions. You shall know them by their fruits and by the evidence which they bring with them.

    We give warning to the world that ye seek not to destroy them, for that is not possible, and such an intention will precipitate grave results in your own lives. This inner circle of incarnated ones will walk amongst you when we have returned them to you. You will be electrified by their words and the story they have to tell the world. Since the creation of time, there has never been a time such as this, when the chosen and Elect Volunteers to Earth shall be gathered together to receive their credentials and their authority and sent back to bring these things before Humanity. Hear my words, O beloved ones; take heed that you touch not a hair of their heads, for they also are Emissaries of the Golden Light from other worlds. I am Kuthumi, and I bring you my blessing, my Love to all of you. My Light shines upon each and everyone of you who read these words."


    The Three Evacuations

    Part II - Chapter 1: Mission of Mercy

    We find much assurance and comfort from these words of beloved Kuthumi:

    “The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar System has concluded that Man has reached that point in his spiritual awakening when a fuller revelation of the closing portion of the Divine Plan for Earth may be revealed to him.

    This light is not a new thing. Glimmers have appeared here and there through many at different points in time. Yet broadly speaking, it has not been a known thing either. Or perhaps it has appeared in distorted form. It has not been stressed or particularly emphasized by us until this generation. There are many present, even within the folds of New Age concepts, who will cry that these things must not be spoken of. Yet where will they be when the word is needed to comfort the hearts of millions, when the sky is darkened with spacecraft, come to lift them to safety?

    So we must have our nucleus of messengers with the stamina and the courage to dare to get the message to the people of Earth, that this hour will come, and that when it does, there will be help ready in the skies to care for them! We do not involve ourselves with the dogmas of Earth or crystallizations of the doctrines of Men. If our alerting messages or warnings or any portion thereof seems to be at odds with accepted traditional interpretations of things, then let tradition update its information by returning to direct contact with the Celestial Government of this Solar System!

    Souls of Divine Illumination will not be overcome with fear because of a foreknowledge of coming events, but will, rather, be filled with a joyous confidence in the Heavenly Father and take refuge in His shadow until these calamities be passed. This, then, is your refuge from the storm, your shadow from the heat. With these revelations we share with you some of the details involved in the Father's Protective Presence and the means with which it will be manifested in the crisis hour for the children of God. It is well to trust in the general principle that, 'come what may, God will take care of me.' It is even more comforting to be apprised of His method and His Plan for doing so. Many have long walked by faith, believing but not seeing. This faith now finds its fruit within this body of practical revelation as it applies to the physical octave.

    In the darkest hour that can come for this planet, when its very existence would be destroyed were it not for the intervention of the Father's Hand, the millions who have dared to trust in Him when they had no other evidence other than their own faith, will be rewarded openly by being lifted into His Ark of Safety. As a hen gathereth her chicks under her wings, this Ark provided will be the great armadas of floating cities that orbit the Earth on their MISSION OF MERCY!

    All of the units of Heaven have laboured together on this great Plan, counseled together and served earnestly to bring to consummation the greatest rescue of souls, of all time. The beloved sons and daughters of God will be hidden under our wings until the planet Earth is once more habitable. Then that which has been 'plucked up' shall be 'planted again,' and the Earth shall bring forth beautiful fruit in the Father's Name, within the cleansed and purified vibrations of a new Heaven and a New Earth. Do not despair that others are not telling the story. The world has not been ready to hear. Many, at least, are close to the facts, though they know it not. But once again, through this means, we who guard your World now tell unto Man that which is before him. Let him choose wisely his response to the Plan.

    I am Kuthumi, World Teacher of this Solar System under the auspices of the Great Central Sun Government.”

    * * * * * * * * *

    With these beautiful words to strengthen the 'hope that is within us,' we will be considering in this second part of our book, the planetary situation and the solution.

    There is much concern throughout the Ashtar Command concerning the fear of Mankind toward the peace-loving and goodwill Ambassadors from Outer Space. Commander Ashtar speaks:

    “I speak for the Most High Command of the Guardian Forces. Preparations are now underway for a great Conclave of the Guardian Action. The masses must somehow be reached with an understanding of our true mission and the purpose of our presence in your skies. All fear must be removed from their hearts through teachings that will help them to understand that we surround your planet only in an attitude of love and helpfulness and a desire to serve Mankind. Fear of us makes it impossible for the completion of our Mission when the time is come.

    There are too many who fear us, too many who would withdraw and hold back should an invitation be given to come with us for rescue. We recognize the problem. We are dealing with it in every possible way through hundreds of precious willing souls that are Earth-based. We cannot be of help to those who fear us, who do not trust us, and who cannot accept us. The attitude of Humanity must be changed for the great majority, before the hour of crisis. We cannot fulfill the Plan of the Hierarchy or assist Mankind unless the world is enlightened to our purpose and mission.”

    * * * * * * * * *

    Beloved St. Germain has also contributed a message for sharing here:

    “The massive buildup of negative effluvia surrounding the planet is being penetrated by our special cosmic rays to loosen and dissolve it. This will take considerable time, but the process is in action. These great rays have been sent forth from the Great Central Sun and will be in effect for the next three to five years. The Solar System is now being slowly turned toward its new orbit and the Aquarian field of expression. When this is accomplished, the frequencies of Earth will be compatible with the rest of its Solar System.

    We of the Solar Tribunal, who guard and watch over these events, have undertaken to release many from their heavy loads of remaining karma in order to assist them in turning towards the Light in these crucial times. The karmic patterns have been broken up for many through the decrees of the Sons of Light, as well as the power of many Avatars now in embodiment who do have that authority to remove or lessen the karma of a soul.

    In the months following our 'First Contact' appearance, we will begin to see a tremendous turning towards the Light and a marked increase of Light activities. These will be blessed and helped in a manner unprecedented. For all that is of the Light is now manifesting abundance of freedom and power, while simultaneously, those activities which are opposed to that Light are being drained of their energies and weakened in influence. Therefore, between the time that these specially trained envoys return to their places and that time when souls must be lifted, there will be a phenomenal growth in understanding and awareness all over the globe.

    This will be pressured into being partly by the ministry of these Earth-based Leaders, as it is combined with the incoming rays. The testimonies will be more acceptable than heretofore. Through the great rays the Spiritual Hierarchy will be active in the program. We all work in unison and with one mind and one goal for the uplifting of Humanity. Both incarnate and discarnate Beings of Light will labor side by side in this great ingathering, while 'there is yet day' before 'the night cometh when none can work.'

    I leave my electronic presence with all who read these words, and my benediction rests upon them. I am St. Germain, of the Violet Ray. “

    * * * * * * * * *

    From a book compiled by Winfield Brownell, called “UFOs – Keys to Earth's Destiny”,we include, with his permission, a message received by him from Monka, whose words we are always eager to hear:

    “We have many many ships that are going through your atmosphere at all times; and now and then, here and there, we are helping more people to experience sightings of the ships, and some are being taken for trips. There is more of this type of activity, but it is just incidental. We are looking forward to the time when we can land in great numbers. We cannot land as long as too many Earth beings have fear. The condition of your feeling world is our test to tell whether or not we should bring in the ships in large numbers and land, before the serious cataclysmic activities on Earth may come about.

    We can test the feeling world of Humankind, and judge exactly the level of its development. At the present time the percentage of your people who have more fear than we would want to cause, is about six percent. Now the question is, how low must that percent register before we could take a chance on landing in large numbers? We feel that if it goes down below three percent, we can land in quite large numbers. We would experiment with it, if the number got down to that point. However, the percentage has not been lowering very much, so we hope there will be an improvement.

    There are more people in certain areas who would allow fear, and in this regard, your United States is a little bit lower than some of the other places because of experience and more publicity about UFOs, but you are still not down to three percent.

    We have been preventing your Earth from going into a flip on its axis, which would change the positions of your polar regions by displacing your equator. Such a displacement cataclysm would practically wipe out most of the life on Planet Earth; and if we needed to do this, we would just withdraw the help which we have been giving, to hold your World in its orbit. Should it become necessary to withdraw our help, your planet would go into the flip on its axis, which in turn would soon end wars of any kind, and wash and cleanse the whole of Earth and begin its final purification.

    If that happened, it would only be a matter of minutes - an hour at the most -during which we can pick up the persons to be saved. There are almost 13,000,000 Space Ships close to your Earth now. Most are still in the finer dimension, so you do not see them. However, we can shift into another dimension which would be closer to your Third Dimension - close enough so we could pick up all of you beloved, precious ones in your physical bodies, and save those of you who would be proper to populate the Earth in the New Age, when you will have 'Heaven on Earth.'

    Work on your feeling world so that you are always at peace. Do not become disturbed. A disturbed climate would be dangerous if suddenly this activity of Earth's flip on the axis took place. Do not let anything in to disturb you. If someone started an atomic war, or earthquakes, hurricanes or any violence of that nature appeared, your inner disturbance and fear would endanger you. Without fear, you are protected by the Light which you have drawn about you, and the greater Light which you continue to draw.

    Sad to relate, as the energies are stepped up and frequencies increased, the evil forces are more active. They are in their last throes, as it were, and some of them are getting desperate. They feel that they may not be able to accomplish their mission in controlling others to promote undesirable deeds. Their desperation has caused them to step up evil happenings, and the evil is receiving more publicity.”

    * * * * * * * * *

    Monka's closing paragraph brings to mind further words in the message from Andromeda Rex through messenger Lucy Colson:

    “Those of you who are Light Commanders must be brought further into our radiation and thoughts. Now is the time in which we call you to attend to your duties for which you were posted into an early lifetime. Arise, O Eagles, arise and fly that Michael and His Hosts may join you in flushing from the Earth all vestiges of evil and negativity. The planet Earth must return to its rightful place in the Cosmos.”

    * * * * * * * * *

    A prominent leader of the Intergalactic Fleet, Commander Alphon, speaking through messenger Lyara, of Golden Rays Center in Phoenix, reveals:

    “Each soul has already been locked into the coordinates for their unique timing and circumstances. Rest assured that planetary evacuation is quite familiar to us, and each detail has been fully accounted for. Those involved are being prepared at conscious and unconscious levels. The existing energies of the core of this planet will be gradually releasing in vast magnitude, eventually rendering its surface temporarily unusable. It is not only the physical changes, but resulting boomerangs, that will affect the quality and survival of life here. It is still scheduled that an estimated ten percent are scheduled for departure. The remainder will not have a long opportunity to support life at this dimension. The severity will assist souls' release from the Third Dimension quite rapidly.

    Earth must karmically fulfill certain destinies and plans. Recognize that just as your destiny is to serve in these final days, others are on different courses of destiny. Be true to the Godself within. Love, Alphon, of the Intergalactic Fleet.”

    Another release from Alphon through Lyara continues, “Evacuation plans have already been initiated through natural planetary disasters and disappearances, and will become increasingly evident. Many pickup points coordinated by each sector will make a gradual and peaceful, planned departure of Earth's citizens in addition to those taken through disappearance and natural disaster events.

    There are many reasons for this acceleration. First is the inaccuracy of the present day calendar system, which is off by thirteen years. Then, there has been planetary vibrational acceleration caused by several factors, including atomic research testing. And third and the final reason that both the surface and Middle Earth must be evacuated, will be a possible planetary lineup, followed quickly by the bypass of a larger planet.

    Approximately ten percent of the planetary population is to be taken aboard the Mother Ships for eventual return to the planet after 5 to 7 years. Some will remain aboard the ships. The boarding pass for all will be 'love in the aura,' for without that, one cannot withstand the higher vibrational frequencies which will be necessary.

    Items of spiritual value and advanced technology which have been guarded by the Brotherhoods, will be withdrawn and replaced when the planet is repopulated.”

    * * * * * * * * *

    My own Commander spokesman has brought to me a Great Commander who comes from a very high-ranking station in the Ashtar Command, a great Leader honored by all. He truly exemplifies the spirit of Love. He is the Record Keeper for the Galaxy and the records are kept on the planet bearing his name. It was my great privilege to welcome HATONN to contribute to this book:

    “Fellow citizens of planet Earth, I bring you my thoughts on the plight of your planet. We look down upon it and see within its inner being the record of all of its turmoils throughout all of its history. We see the struggles of the Light to shine forth and the hindering influences of the dark ones. We observe and we wait, knowing that ultimately the Earth will be as a great shining Star, the most beautiful in all the Heavens. Why would you seek to destroy it, O Man? Cannot your differences be reconciled in a peaceful way?

    We of the outer worlds have found a way to do this, and have learned that Love is the only way toward peace and enjoyment of our brothers. There were times eons ago when some of our worlds had not yet found this solution. In their torment and thrust for power over others, they did also seek the great weapons of destruction and did cause much havoc within many constellations. Their greed and lust for power and control of other worlds only led to the destruction of themselves. There is an eternal monument to them seen as the stardust fragments across the Heavens. Out of these problems, we of the Galactic Federation of Planets formed the Galactic Pact, which forbids warfare against another and the warlike ones who would not yield were removed from our midst.

    Now your world has projected itself into this chaotic time of unrest and threat due to the calculations of a few in your midst who will not yield to the peaceful way or the attitude of peace and love on Earth. This is regrettable, for your entire SSystem is destined to orbit its way into a higher frequency manifestation. This will lift your entire world into vibrations so elevated that only the peaceful man may survive in them. Therefore, it is ordained that before this orbit into the Golden Age is fulfilled, the Earth will be prepared for its advancement by many changes. War will be removed, outlawed, from your planet, and all of the impurities of your way of life will be filtered away by the changing scene due to begin. There will be much turmoil in your midst and much sorrow for those who have sought to instigate bloodshed upon Terra.

    We, therefore, have been authorized by the Spiritual Hierarchy, to intervene in the affairs of Earth in the event of attempted nuclear holocaust. This will not be permitted by the higher intelligences who watch over your affairs. Intervention will come to you in the form of cataclysms of great magnitude. We plead with Mankind, yet this day, to lay aside your arms and dismantle your stockpiles of death, and come to the peace tables to settle your differences. Come in the desire to find another way. Know there is a better way and labor together until you find it. Lean not upon yourmilitary powers, but rather, look to the Most High for your directions. Even in these messages, designed to warn you of the coming Evacuation and what to expect concerning it, I nevertheless plead with Humanity, and I say this can yet be avoided if Man will change and turn his eyes toward God. The Love of God within all men must be allowed to express itself and space must be made in your thinking for its outworking in your international affairs.

    Nevertheless, having stated thus, I do now give my attention to the peacemakers among you. Your efforts are carefully recorded and every effort of love to extend love amongst your fellows shall not be forgotten, but your reward shall come to you. Further, you will not be expected to be a participant in the destructions you have labored so faithfully to avert. You will be removed from the chaos and be sheltered in our ships that will come to escort you to safety. I have many times visualized this great event in my mind, marvelling at the efficiency of the Plan and the expertise of those who will bring it to completion.

    Many of you who read these words will be assisting us from the ground level in this great undertaking. 'As above, so below'. The teamwork of cooperative effort will prepare souls in advance and acclimate them when the zero hour has come. The primary purpose for sending forth this document by the Ashtar Command is to prepare the minds of those enlightened souls now present upon the planet with at least a veiled description of what to expect at these crucial events, and thus, lessen the presence of fear.

    Therefore, I sum up for your consideration some basic statements to hold in your mental storehouse against that hour:

    1. Each of your names is written down on the records held in our great computers. Your, Sectors are carefully assigned to certain fleets and Commanders who oversee the needs of your Sector. We know you are there and exactly where you are.

    2. Each one of you will without fail receive definite instructions at crisis moment so that you will know where to be at a given time. No one will be missed or overlooked, and your participation is sure.

    3. Units of families, separated in the great exodus, will be brought together again on our ships as soon as events make this possible. Do not harbor fear of any kind, but think only in an attitude of thankfulness to Our Father. ;

    4. There will be some you know and whom you love who will be remaining behind for reasons built into their own being. You must release them into the hands of the Father, who will receive their spiritual being into His House where there are many mansions. They will be escorted to a place their inner thoughts and life patterns have created for them, to begin again their upward spiral. You must accept that their personal choices have created their personal destiny.

    5. There will be a natural missing of accustomed environment, but a brief time with us will bring a forgetfulness, as you settle into the new routines and surrounding atmosphere. Our ships are beautiful places to be, and the atmosphere within them is joy and love and concern for one another. There will be those of your own, already trained to assist you in your adjustment to your new environment. We will have trained these beforehand for the work they are to do.

    6. You will recognize and know these Leaders as special Representatives of our Mission, even before the crisis has come. Follow them and heed their instructions, that all may go smoothly for you at the time of great confusion.

    I am Hatonn, and I shall personally greet all of you when you are lifted into our midst to remain with us for a little while. When your planet has been healed, you will be returned to it and all of your needs for reconstruction will be given. Higher Intelligences shall walk with you to assist you in a speedy reclaiming of the Earth in Universal Love. I am grateful for your consideration of my words.”

    Part II – Chapter 2: The Gathering Storm

    Probably one of the most important releases from the Guardians of our planet, relative to nuclear warfare, came in a joint statement by Joshua, of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and Andromeda Rex, high in the echelons of Universal Statesmanship and the Space Alliance. The statement deals with 'The Effect of Nuclear Attack upon the Soul,' through the spiritual messengershipof Lucy Colson:

    "It is very disruptive to the soul's growth to encounter the full nuclear radiation resulting from global conflict. One tends to believe that the four lower bodies are separated by time and space. This is not true. What happens to the physical body during a nuclear attack affects the non-physical bodies as well.

    The soul can most definitely be affected; and any nuclear attack is an attack upon the soul of others - military targets notwithstanding. The nuclear effect affects the auric envelope around a person, and according to how close the person is to the blast area, it can either maim the envelope permanently or destroy it completely. Normally those whose energy fields are thusly affected die in a very short period - not so much from the radiation, which is, of course, poisonous to the Human organism, but because the Light or Life of the person is destroyed. It is this Light - the Very Light of Very Life - which is a person's connection, or Life-Line between dimensions. This Light - or energy - travels along the Golden Cord.

    What is the Golden Cord? In the interior of the Silver Cord, which is the higher-dimension life-cord connection between the Physical Body and the Etheric Body, is a Golden Cord filled with a golden vital energy, vital to the person because it is this Light energy descending through the cord which keeps the person alive. Once the physical is destroyed, the problem has only begun. The Spirit is normally released from the Physical Body and travels to the higher dimension through the Silver Cord, but in a nuclear death, the cord is preemptly snapped and withdrawn from the person.

    Life is energy, regardless of what dimension the person is in. Energy can become distorted as various factors play upon it. It is this distortion, brought about by the nuclear blast and subsequent radiation, which concerns us now. The distortion causes the soul to suffer inordinately. There is a warping of the life energy at several planes of consciousness which must be dealt with. It takes a great deal of care and patience to realign a soul once it has been subjected to this ordeal. While most of our methods are not understandable to the Earth plane at this time, you might say that we have to polarize the energy fields of the soul before it can go on to its rightful domain.

    We have had to deal with this several times upon your planet. Unfortunately, these destructive rays are not unique to your planet and the effects have been felt elsewhere in the Solar System at various times. However, once a ban was proclaimed, all other planetary systems abided by the conditions set forth in the agreement, realizing the terrible damage that is done to the soul. Your planet is now the only one not in accordance with the Galactic agreement on the use of so-called nuclear energies. We fear for your peoples. As we have mentioned, we cannot interfere unless there is total nuclear destruction indicated – and then we interfere because the soul's purpose warrants interruption of the life form on the planet. We cannot interfere for anything less than a soul-threatening event, unless specifically advised to do so by your own Planetary Hierarchy.”

    * * ** * * * * *

    The following bold statement was made by Space Master Monka in his message through Winfield Brownell:

    "We have promised that we will not allow an atom bomb war to gain any momentum sufficient to cause severe radioactivity on your Planet. . You have enough already, from the bombs dropped experimentally and otherwise, which is sad to relate. This is the great crime against Humanity! All atomic activity should cease upon the Earth. There is no safe way of taking care of the waste material from the nuclear plants which are creating so much of it, using plutonium and other radioactive substances. Expansion of these nuclear plants is in error, and very undesirable. Also, there is no safe way in which radioactive materials can be used. If you carried on with an all-out atom bomb war to the detriment of other planets, we can prevent the war from continuing. Under certain circumstances we could even prevent an individual from ever pushing the button to start an atomic war!"

    * * * * * * * * *

    That was a striking statement to me, for I now dare to share with you information which is evidential of this type of intervention. This account was allegedly obtained by an unnamed aerospace engineer from a participant in the events related. For very obvious reasons, the Engineer must remain anonymous. The account is repeated verbatim:

    "The incident took place a few years ago at a tactical Atomic Missile Battery in Europe near the Eastern border. An unidentified target appeared at extreme range on the radar sonar net: initially exhibiting the electronic characteristics of a ferret, a spy mission to seek out and study enemy radar, radio, and other electromagnetic emissions. As if realizing that it had been detected, the unknown blip quickly began to respond in imitation of friendly aircraft. After routine correlation of data, the evaluation center serving the Missile Battery initiated a red alert. Missile #1 was raised from its stowed position and readied for launch. Missile #2 was alerted to back up status. Missile #3 was alerted to standby status. At the point in missile #l's countdown where the system dictated a built-in hold to prevent unauthorized launch, the system failed.

    It was a Human failure. The firing officer on missile #1 was known among his fellow soldiers as a hot-headed right winger whose personal formula for World Peace was complete destruction of all Communists, the sooner the better. Evidently feeling that he would never be confronted with a better excuse, he pushed the firing button that would start World War III. However, instead of a missile lift-off, he got a red malfunction on his display console, followed immediately by a bullet through his brain, fired by a security officer posted behind him to prevent such things.

    The missile automatically lowered to its stowed position in its launcher, missile #2 was alerted from back-up status to launch ready status, missile #3 was alerted to backup status from standby. Before missile #2 had proceeded half way from its alert towards its built-in hold in the countdown, it, too, displayed a red malfunction light and lowered to its stowed position. Missile #3 had barely started its countdown when the red light appeared on the display panel. The UNIDENTIFIED cause of it all reversed its course and departed out of range.

    All three missiles, their launchers, and associated equipment, controls and displays, were completely dismantled and inspected, to find the three separate malfunctions that had been indicated. There were none! The equipment was new and in perfect condition. Army Intelligence was called in and interviewed all personnel thoroughly. It was noticed that the investigators did not seem to think that the incident was at all unusual or warranted any skepticism. It was as if it had all happened many times before! It might be expected that in an event with such profound implications concerning the history of the Human race, the prospects for peace, and the degree to which the Human race controls its destiny, would have its effects on the outlook of the participants, even if they were not allowed to divulge the facts.

    Indeed, the effects on the second Missile Firing Officer seemed most beneficial. His intelligence seemed to increase markedly. He became outgoing, cheerful, and much happier than before. When promised anonymity, he divulged the reason behind his transformation. The unknown target was a UFO, so-called. On board the Alien craft was a sophisticated energy and data-storing system, far beyond any computer Earth has yet envisioned. Its function is to store the extremely complex intelligent energy entity people incompletely refer to by such terms as 'consciousness,' 'ego,' or 'soul.' This is done when the entity's physical body dies. During the encounter between the Missile Battery and the UFO, contact was established between the entity in the UFO and the second Missile Firing Officer. Permission to take over control and occupancy of the Officer's body was negotiated, requested and granted. The Alien entity was then transmitted into the officer by a directed energy beam. In this case of visitation, the Alien left virtually all of his own memories behind, which are functioning with the Officer's memories, and at a tremendously high level of awareness, capability and intelligence. The Officer has since left the military, but is employed by one of the nation's largest aerospace contractors."

    * * * * * * * * *

    The following discourse was one of those received from a greatly beloved Commander, named Korton, of the Communications Network of this Solar System.

    "We of the communications system headquarters located on Mars, constantly monitor all communications that are transmitted throughout the Ashtar Command as well as all communications received or sent forth to or from our representatives, channels and messengers present on Earth. It gives me great pleasure once again to administer to you a few thoughts which may be a somewhat worthy contribution to this coming effort.

    In the beginning of this decade, as the Great Council convened to discuss planetary affairs, much heaviness filled our hearts. The situation existing in and around and upon the planet was crucial, because of the evil ministrations and the dark intentions of certain ones embodied in your midst. These dark ones [The Illuminati / Secret Government] desire to instigate world situations which would produce chaos and disorder within the Earth family and result in tremendous unnecessary loss of life from this platform of evolution. Growth and evolvement would be disrupted for many souls, as well as ultimately defeating the Glory of God intended to fill Earth with Love and Grace.

    We have known the utmost effort to this end would be extended by this group of whom I speak, during the period of 1982 extending into 1984. The ultimate goal is nuclear war and destruction of the present prevailing economic system. The final idea of enslavery of Mankind and total subjection of Humanity to the ruling few would result in total extinction of freedom of will and Man's right of choice to determine his pathway. As embodied sparks of the Divine, this choice is their inherent right, ordained at creation. The tenets of Universal Law prevail in all of the solar systems and galaxies of this Universe. We have therefore been given the authority to intervene and to interrupt, disrupt and destroy these plans to enslave souls. The Spiritual Hierarchy has ordained total freedom to us in these matters. We have considered the hostilities internationally, the threats of escalation that appear almost constantly and the issues as we see them. It is evident that a Master diabolical hand prepares these ever recurring incidents, skirmishes of lesser scale, military hostile actions and the repeated disturbances in one small nation after another.

    We are alert to the 'Beast' and the Plan and the purpose of the Plan. We are united in our love for your world, with freedom to choose your own pathway within your own guidance system. Presently, many karmic debts remain upon nations which must be reconciled. However, we continue aloof to those situations where karmic debt is a factor, until that point in circumstances when the Great Law is fulfilled. Beyond that point, intervention by the Intergalactic Confederation forces will be forthcoming, and men shall be told their acts of aggression shall proceed this far and no farther. The destiny of this Planet may not be destroyed.

    Military offenses of whatever nature are monitored by our Commands, and close discernment of karmic patterns is faithfully examined. When national situations reach a boiling point, some nuclear activity can be expected within the karmic concept, but wanton uncontrolled destruction will precipitate our intervention under Universal Law. At the point of national and personal accountability, all nuclear action will cease, by use of our technology.

    The capability of Mankind to make right choices is in a continual changing pattern, and in many areas greatly changing for the better. Consequently, we cannot offer dates and times and specifics involved. The element of constant change affects prophecy of the past, from or through any source, including your scriptures. These which deal with international affairs are subject to the Will of Man and his desire to find solutions in love.

    In our assessment of Earth's affairs, it seems unlikely that world evacuation would be precipitated by warfare. World evacuation has primarily been planned because of threats from other sources. I refer to the spiritual evolvement of Humanity or the lack of it, and the influence it brings to bear upon the Life Force of the entity Earth. The aspirations of its inhabitants determine its destiny, as well as their own. Disharmony brings destruction. Displacement of spiritual values effects displacement of matter within and upon the globe of Terra. Earth changes will be the primary factor in mass evacuation of this planet. We will be standing by while the entity Earth's efforts to protect itself, shakes off its irritants and destructive elements.

    There is no place for fear of any kind relating to these matters. Everyone whose understanding has this awareness of our constant vigil on your behalf, who understands that the Heavenly Father knoweth the whereabouts of each of His Own and that the very hairs of your heads are numbered, should feel secure. We speak of the children of Light. The Planet entity will enter a period of cleansing to prepare itself for its Golden Age. You are a part of that heritage and you shall inherit the Earth and its glory. This is Korton, of Mars, speaking for the Ashtar Command."

    * * * * * * * * *

    Masters who can read the Akashic Records have stated that China would soon have enough atomic and hydrogen bombs to start a war for the subjugation, under them, of everyone else on Earth. Perhaps so, but the insight that has made its way throughout New Age circles has it that the cause for the comparatively recent unprecedented earthquake in China was the massive secret underground military installation there, covertly concealing the housing of untold thousands of troops geared for offensive action.

    'They boast of tomorrow' like that one who proposed to 'build many new barns,' totally unaware of the true state of things as they are and as they will be! The brotherhood of Man is a reality, for Our Father has 'made of one blood all nations ... on Earth ... and determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.' (Acts 17: 26) No other commandment has been given that is greater than the admonition to love our neighbors as we love ourselves! Love is the circumspection and the completion of all Universal Law. For 'being rooted and grounded in love,' we can comprehend the 'breadth, length, and depth and height' of the inner divinity, or splendor, within every man!

    * * * * * * * * *

    Into the heaviness of my thought at this point, beloved J.W., of Jupiter, came bounding in like the clean gust of a fresh wind:

    "Many years ago according to your Earth's time, it was my privilege to give to the world a small volume entirely dictated by me, through a channel called Gloria Lee. Essentially my message then contained descriptions and details dealing with the identical subject of this book. The former book was withdrawn out of print with the transition/death of my channel, and I have not attempted another like discourse since that time. However, the book remained to fulfill its ministry in triggering the awakening of many of the Special Volunteers upon the Earth. So it did serve its purpose to the few to whom it was sent.

    Now it is a great joy to me to learn of this project of the Ashtar Command in producing this volume so necessary in this day. Again I realize, it is read by the few, just as mine was in its day. Nevertheless, this outreach is of great importance to the Commands. The fleets of Jupiter and many others are occupied in their assignment on the other side of your world, but we desire to bring you this word to assure you that we shall assist in distribution of these words throughout Europe, the Orient and all points surrounding them. This will be our contributing effort and every fleet in my charge hails this mission of beloved Kuthumi and Commander Ashtar.

    I desire to leave a brief message to those souls into whose hands this volume will be placed. Now is the hour! Now is the time! Look not for another decade or even the completion of this one. We have in our responsibility the presence of many nations who are not content to live in peace, but whose appetites for world power would destroy all that lies in their pathway if that were possible. Our constant vigilance above them has been a saving grace in many threatening situations over here, but that does not insure that at any given moment a wrong button will not be pushed, or despair of solution instigate the first strike. There are those with diabolical plots to make it so. These we must watch with great concern. For it is not the people of these nations who act in this way, but the small cluster of certain ones in whose hands control is placed, who have the authority and the power to manipulate their circumstances which would lead to greater conflict.

    We are the silent watchers and we are the Guards! But it is like unto the lid of the pressure cooker which is about to burst forth its steam. Be not unbelieving of these pages, but know they are the truth; these are urgent things the Enlightened ones must know and be prepared for. Mankind cannot count upon time. We join with all of the Ashtar Command in admonishing those who have started upon the pathway of illumination to grasp the garment of truth and adorn thy being. Be love! Be light! Be in tune with the Universe and its thrust for Light upon the planet Earth. All else is the way of the fool.

    Again I thank you for this opportunity to speak, and all of our help will be forthcoming to spread these messages. I am ever at your service, J.W. of Jupiter."

    * * * * * * * * *

    A paragraph from beloved Joshua, through messenger Lucy Colson, seems a fitting summary with which to close this section:

    "While plans are going ahead for planetary evacuation, they are going ahead on a 'crisis basis' only. Man, with his Free Will, has the option to stay the Hand of the Lord. While the hour is extremely late, we have not given up hope that Man will yet realize the immediacy of his peril, both to himself and his planet, and come into alignment with his Christ Being. However, should there be planetary warfare, then the Hand of God will be stayed no more, and we will have to rescue our Light Servers, for theirs is not the destiny to witness the full cleansing."

    II – Chapter 3: The Cleansing Action

    Earth's axis is influenced by the weight of the karma of Humanity. Man's inhumanity to Man and voluminous thought forms and feelings of negative emotions have tipped the axis of the planet. Electrons have weight - though very slight, singly, of tremendous heaviness in the aggregate. It has been pointed out that this has been concentrated mostly in the Northern Hemisphere and has bent the axis. This bend of the axis causes instability in Earth's revolving action.

    Churchwood's books on the ancient civilisation of "Mu" graphically describe this tipping, producing colossal tidal waves of water, gravel, and ice, destroying all life in its pathway. Earth's proper climates can only be restored to normal in the arighting of the axis. In the Halls of Heaven we are told there are blueprints for planet Earth which present the original designed continental distribution of the Earth. Originally the seven continents encircled the globe at its greatest diameter, while water occupied the other two regions. To restore the original continental distribution will require tremendous cataclysmic activity, sinking certain continents beneath the seas and raising others. Following this, the barren Earth would need proper climate restoration and a new covering of foliage and vegetation.

    Spiritual Light Being Lytton mentions this (through Lyara):

    "The physical Earth is a living organism/consciousness, and is continuously being created by group consciousness. Solidified thought forms have densified into rocks, earth, institutions, and constructions, etc., which must be broken up to yield to new vibrations and new creations. From the higher vibration will emerge the new Heaven and the New Earth. The entire surface of the planet will be reconstructed."

    Lytton has important things to say concerning acceleration also:

    "The significant activity in the 1970's that had such an impact upon time was the atomic underground blasts! Each Human life form is composed of millions of atoms. It is the lowest visible, divisible structure to our physical world. Within the atom exists the exact counterpart of the outer universe - the inner universe. It is not visible by Human senses or instruments, for like its constituents, it can only be perceived by spiritual vision or, in some cases, by properties. The science of etherons is one application of the principles of the 'stuff' composing the atom.

    The rate the atom vibrates in matter constitutes the uniqueness of the creation the thought form supports. For example, a rock vibrates quite slowly, whereas Man, depending upon his spiritual/soul development, can vibrate quite rapidly.

    All on this planet share a common substance of space which surrounds the atoms. Through this space flows the life force which connects all creations on or within this planet. Now what do you imagine happens when man splits the atomic structure violently in one part of the surface of the planet, or within? The Life Force which flows through the ether (as rapidly as your thoughts are sent into the universe-instantly) and all atomic structures, begin to accelerate in their vibration, causing TIME, as vibration, to accelerate, putting us many years into the future! No more atomic blasting is allowed! You, as citizens of the Earth, have already spiraled this planet into the last years! As the Earth begins to yield to this pressure within and without, and the stars within the heavens exert their influences, rapid, imminent changes must occur. We, in the Fleet, could not prevent you from your destiny of bringing the planet into its final work, but we have now been allowed to oversee how you handle this. It is not allowed for you to blow up this planet, as Maldek and other planets have done when they developed nuclearly. We have given repeated warnings to your Leaders. They have been ignored.

    Now we can only carefully monitor - assisting with as many awakening projects as you have given yourselves time for, and safely evacuate those who are ready to go home with us. Obviously the current vibrational frequency acceleration has a profound effect upon life on the planet. People intuitively feel changes. Many are opening to new dimensions, but they do not understand what is going on. These anxiety/fearful thought forms will accelerate air and ether pollution to the sensitive, causing them to leave the cities or live together for personal evolution and work.

    It is the discordant conditions between these higher energies now hitting the planet and the fears and subsequent thought forms which people have created which are the true battle between the Light and Dark forces, or the lower and higher which people have created. The real war is within the souls and hearts of every man on the planet."

    * * * * * * * * *

    Scientists have spoken of two enormous sunspots on the surface of the Sun - presently dormant - that are the largest ever seen. But if they should flare, they would cause a magnitude of Earth disturbances and earthquakes the like of which has never been known within a recorded time. There has also been much talk concerning a possible collision with Earth from another Heavenly body. I asked my teacher, Kuthumi, concerning this, and he replied:

    "This is a time-controlled event. The negative quality of Earth could magnetize it toward its location, but if the cleansing has already occurred for this planet, the other Heavenly body would be diverted from its course. If it comes coincidental with nuclear action, it would be permitted as another form of cleansing."

    * * * * * * * * *

    This Summer I was greatly moved by an account of the stabilizing action of our beloved Brothers from Space, which appeared in the New Atlantean Journal, and I am sharing it here:

    "An acquaintance of Hermann Ilg (contactee) who is employed with a geological institute where also seismologic surveying takes place, informed him that during the months of January and February, 1982, an incredible observation has been made: There was not the slightest geological movement! The apparatuses did not show anything for weeks! This has not been the case as long as the apparatuses are in action, because the Earth crust is in slight movement day after day. She asked for an explanation from the Spheres of Light, and this was the answer:

    “The extraterrestrials detected at the end of 1981, an increasing, highly dangerous axial declination impending to evoke a hyperchaotic condition. This is because of the rolling motion. As an immediate counteraction, it was decided to place all available Mother Ships around the whole planet in such a way that this was approximately in keeping with the meridians. Through the emission of their powerful radiant energy, the Earth was taken as into a vise. Thereby, the abnormal rolling motion could be highly reduced, although not completely. Had this not been done, there would not be a pole jump during the coming entry of the Earth into the Monastic vibration, as expected, but there would have been that pole changing which would have led to a total devastation of our planet in 1982. So you see that in late 1981 there was a highly dangerous situation.

    In the same issue of the New Atlantean Journal, Allan J. Grise mentioned that "scientists have announced the existence of the Great American Fault Line, a vast mega-crack in the earth's surface, that runs from Seattle all the way to the lower reaches of the Appalachians, some 1700 miles long and 90 miles wide at places, indicating that most of us now live near a major fault line."

    * * * * * * * * *

    More interesting and vital information concerning future Earth events comes to us in a joint statement from Lytton, St. Germain, and Cassion, through Lyara:

    "Heavy releases of the plates of Mother Earth, movement and motions which previously would take many years to accomplish, will begin in vast motion. The triggers beneath the plates in Africa, Southern Europe, Mideast, Australia and the West Coast have been accomplished. Great patterns and flow of energies are occurring now at the subsurface levels of the planet, propelling triggering actions and reactions to each event now, thousands of miles from the source. We can no longer stabilize fault lines, and indeed, it is no longer our position to do so.

    In your 'sleep' states many of you can recall working with earthquakes, volcanoes, energy lines, grid patterns and travel to various spots around the world. You are each a part of working groups differentiated by etheric colors (there's that color coordination again!) and are called to come together for service every night now. You are being provided an understanding at the soul level of changes which are occurring. Those on the birth path of Love balance dense emotional energies on the planet by the neutralizer of Love. Just as blocks of emotions prevent the proper flow of life force through the Human body, so do collected thought forms block the flow of the conduit channels of energy flowing through continents and energy lines. Keep the energy in your abodes and activities high and stay tuned, unemotionally, to the channel of Divine Love, and you will always be guided in your activities and your decisions.

    The release of energy from nuclear power plants will be one of our biggest concerns. Nuclear energy was definitely an example of giving toys to children. It has only sped up the transition for all the population. What was planned to be more gradual has now become accelerated because of the energies released and imbalances facilitated in both the etheric and physical life' forces. We will not allow the entire planet to be destroyed. If atomic warfare does become activated, that will be the point of immediate mass evacuation by us of the prepared citizens of planet Earth.

    Earth changes will have far reaching effects upon the nuclear power plants around the world. None are safe from potential leaks if given lethal impacts. Some unfortunately will not be closed in sufficient time to prevent damage to communities. Major earthquakes will cause fissures, with immediate consequences rather than leaks. Spend special attention treating on Divine and Perfect Order concerning these plants.

    It will intensify our work in this dimension to redirect the relocation of specific people and officiate all responsibilities without directly interfering with the will and destiny of Mankind. We bombard with high vibrations and wisdom as helpers through the Fourth Dimension. The ultimate acceptance or rejection is an individual soul decision.

    Take some time each day to be isolated and know that you are not alone, and listen to those who do surround you then. Allow your bodies to clear all emotional blocks as quickly as your soul is calling you. The clearer the vehicles, the greater the ability to serve. Walk quietly, calmly, and beautifully through the world. Golden will be the touch of Love you will bring to others. Golden Love and Light - Lytton, St. Germain, Cassion."

    * * * * * * * * *

    Johnny Prochaska, a scientist who serves also as spiritual messenger, has spent many years in nuclear research and air pollution. We have a pungent passage from him concerning Earth events:

    "When major quakes rock Los Angeles and California, they will not completely collapse the State until there is a major quake down the fault line of the Mississippi River. This Midwest quake will give a warning quake and in twelve hours, a second devastating quake will divide the continent. After that, major triggers around the world will occur. First, Los Angeles; then New York, then Italy, etc.

    Solar flare activities will cause hotter heat, sickness and insanity. Do not overexpose yourself to the sun. These solar flares will tilt the axis more and cause climatic changes.

    The last four years there has been a hold up in activities for more internal refinement. Even twenty years ago prayers went out for the final days to be shortened in length and not in winter. There may be a limited nuclear war initiated by Israel-Arab states. The Ark and other valuable spiritual and technical items left in the earth will be lifted by the Space Brothers and returned at reconstruction.

    The orbits of the planets are changing because of the energies of the planets. Solar flares are causing high cosmic radiation which is hitting atoms and smashing them. The changes happening to heavy mineral atoms are causing them to throw off reflections which are even now causing unidentified diseases. The combination of Earth's energy plus the negative energies is affecting the Human aura now, which accounts for much migration to clear open spaces."

    * * * * * * * * * *

    One evening, after dispensing with the required identifications and interdimensional protocol, Commander Anton spoke to me concerning the possible bypass of a large Celestial Body:

    "In Earth's closing days there will be much preparation to be made on spiritual levels. A great manifestation of devotion will sweep across the planet as souls become aware of the actual possibilities that hover in the near future. You have read of a collision of comets. It could be more involved than that.

    For it is true, there is another Heavenly body which at present is on a straight course for your own position in the atmosphere. This is the true reason for deep concern on the part of such as beloved Soltec and Voltra and astrophysicists here who carefully monitor and register these activities. There is the possibility of a disturbance from the forcefield this Celestial Body coming closer each year. It will not need to actually enter your atmosphere to bring reactions within the electromagnetic field of planet Earth. It can be a great distance away, yet nevertheless make its effects penetrable enough to cause much havoc to Earth's situation. This fact is another cause for extreme planning on our part for perfect coordination in all evacuation procedures. We are now organized to the extent that total evacuation could be completed within fifteen minutes of earth time!

    The approach of another body or system within your magnetic field would be known to us long before your scientific community would be aware of it. There are universal satellites and fact-gathering devices upon them that make those of Earth appear as toys. We are prepared for this occurrence completely, along with all other possibilities. I mention this to your readers, in the event that messages concerning this may have reached some and produced fear. This fear is inadvisable and unnecessary, for those who have lived in love and served the Light upon the planet, will not remain to witness any catastrophe! We send you, rather, the comfort and the assurance that your Heavenly Father knoweth all your needs before they are known to you. I thank you. This is Anton, of the Silver Fleet."

    * * * * * * * * *

    One of the earlier messages received came from Beloved Soltec concerning coastal changes.

    "Good evening, Tuella. This is Soltec speaking once again. I greet you in the Great Light. As Commander of the great Phoenix Mother Ship, that monitors all scientific situations for this Northern Hemisphere, I have been invited to speak with you at an early opportunity whenever the door would be opened for me to do so.

    As you know, we have monitored the planet for many civilizations. We have scanned our records and perused every detail to gather material that might prove of interest to Humanity concerning their destiny and the destiny of the Planet.

    I have personally monitored the West coastlines for many years, as has my father (Monka) before me. Now it would appear that soon the time could come when these labors will prove to be not only vital in all of our undertakings, but important in the saving of many lives. We have organized our forces to such an extent that within one minute of time, or sixty seconds in your time scheme, we can evacuate two-thirds of the Western Coast should that prove necessary. We have organized our communication system providing for a message to be transmitted to each craft simultaneously. Each Commander and lesser leader is totally prepared to do exactly what they are supposed to do in their assigned area. Therefore we do feel fully prepared and ready for whatever takes place.

    We are not able to give you details and descriptions of what will take place, or exactly when and where. We must confine ourselves to more general expression because so many variables are present. Even if we did know these things, which we do not, it is doubtful that we would be permitted to spread such facts to the population. However, there is a certain sequence of events that can be scientifically and philosophically projected with reasonable success and accuracy.

    For example: It is evident that volcanic action will eventually erupt on the Earth's crust. We have scientifically determined action within subterranean levels. An unrest within the bowels of Earth has indicated to us that many volcanoes will erupt and disturb many areas. This first action will probably come in the Mediterranean area and along the western coastline of America and into Hawaii and that area of the Pacific. There is very little we could do to prevent this action, but we can lessen the depth of the destruction once the eruption has begun. We do have scientific means of deploying such things as will reach within the heart of these eruptions and cool them down. We would be very busy and active in this service.

    A reaction throughout the planet to these outer disturbances would follow very shortly in the wake of these occurrences. This reaction is similar to the domino effect. For one occurrence activates and produces another within subterranean levels of Earth. Therefore, it appears that these eruptions would activate earthquakes along the Western Seaboard through the faultlines there.

    The possibility is great that some of these earthquake maneuvers will be of great magnitude. At such a time we would urge the children of Light to withdraw from the shores in those places, and to penetrate inland as far as their circumstances permit. During those Western disturbances we would further anticipate a series of tidal waves coming to the southern portion of the Atlantic Seaboard which would create much chaos and destruction in the Bermuda area, the Caribbean and the coastline of Florida.

    As Commander of one of the key monitoring spacecraft that patrols the entire Northern Hemisphere for the Ashtar Command, it is my duty to keep in closest contact with all incoming data and the newest information. This possible future sequence has been our conclusion as many of us have sat together in the Higher Councils and looked upon the problems of Terra presently in the making.

    In the Eastern Sector, the disturbances below the surface of the ocean would move northward up the Atlantic coast with pockets of heavy storms for both England and the American seaboard. At such a time urge we would urge those of Light along these areas also to withdraw inward away from the water and the lash of winds upon them from these vast storms that will be precipitated by the tidal waves that come first.

    As I have patrolled in my Mother Ship, the Phoenix, observing the land from the North to the South on both of the coastlines - North in Canada and South into the coast of South America, it has been a great trial to me to realize that these things might be set into motion upon Earth. It is our desire to send words of helpful warning to all occupying all of the coastlines that theses possible actions of these great bodies of water could be severe; they would lash upon the lands with no respect of persons or property.

    On behalf of the Interplanetary Alliance within the Solar System, I am Commander Soltec, of Spacecraft Phoenix, monitoring your world for the Ashtar Command, in the Authority of Jesus the Christ, Our Beloved Commander, and the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Solar System.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    I received a telephone call from a close friend, Jeanette M., who passed along a dream. In the dream Jeanette saw a tremendous black cloud of colossal size, heading toward Houston, her home. It was moving inland fast, at great speed. A Being appeared beside her and told her, "This hurricane will smash the Gulf Coast. It is like a great wall that will cover the land. The wind is of such an intense nature that people do not realize it contains a wall of water also." Jeanette was told that where she lives the land could be totally covered with water. The Light group there has often diligently worked with impending storms, preventing them from coming in, or redirecting them, but she was told that "in this one, you would not be able to work on it. At such a time we will call you. Do not forget!" Then she awakened.

    II – Chapter 4: The Great Exodus I, II, and III

    Undoubtedly, the most often asked question concerning these evacuation details is, "When?" This is apparently also one of the most difficult to answer. Kuthumi attempts an explanation for us:

    "The situation is greatly related to international affairs. It cannot be dogmatically determined the exact nature of the event that will precipitate these crucial events. Whether a panic button reaction or a polarity that cannot be maintained, when a certain critical point is reached in planetary affairs, the changing of the auric color and magnetic field surrounding the Earth will automatically trigger the plan into action.

    The unpredictable element of Human action must be considered. The free will of Humanity prevents any actual knowing of moment and time when these things will occur, for the action and reaction of Humanity to given influences and situations are a key factor. The onset of war on a devastating level would be a crucial incident, which would then precipitate intervention of a cataclysmic nature. Geological factors taking place within the orb itself are an intricate part of triggering action. The combination of both of these events would trigger the First two Phases of evacuation immediately, undertaken in a secret manner. The Third Phase would follow shortly thereafter. For the Third Phase is a public occurrence, while the first two are covert maneuvers, to insure their completion. Time-wise, it is impossible to yet tell precisely how the Nations will go or when they will yield to the crisis situation and blow the world apart.

    The Legion of Earth-based Commanders will already have had their training and briefing. It is imperative this be completed while there is time."

    * * * * * * * * *

    I have been told that while basically most of the Lift-up will be invisible to others, it will not necessarily be, exclusively, for all three Phases. There will be some landings where the people just walk onto the ships. When they cannot land or do not have open areas, then they will resort to other methods. There may be survivors floating in water, from earthquakes, and the land may become jelly-like in many places, making the Levitation Beam a necessary procedure.

    Another recurring question is, “Where will the rescued be taken?” Answers that I have received cannot be specific. Destination will depend on age as well as enlightenment level. Some will be put to sleep to lessen the trauma. Some will remain on the Ships, depending on their ability to continue in service. Some will be escorted to other planets where acclimation is possible, while others may be transferred to the tremendous city-like Mother Ships .

    Destination depends on the individual survivor, his life patterns and spiritual evolvement. Some who qualify to be lifted up will be in need of treatment. This will be provided. Others will be on the right level, but will require education and training in areas designed for that purpose. The length of time involved in removal will depend on the nature of what has taken place upon Earth. In some cases where Earth devastation is present locally, some may merely be relocated to another area.

    Johnnie Prochaska, reader of the Akashic records, has graphically answered the above question. He is quoted here verbatim:

    "Much of the domes and dome cities people are visually seeing exist on Uranus. Many evacuees will be sent to there from Earth. Many will arrive in suspended animation. Souls will be stepping into already-prepared cloned bodies, while others will transfer their Third Dimension vehicles to the Fourth Dimensional ones. Women will have 18-yearold bodies and men, 24 to 25. Any older vehicles will be overhauled.

    When evacuation does occur, there will be several ways of removal. There will not be as much planned boarding as was originally planned. More will go in the Raptured type and be gone in a second just before or during a major Earth change. In all the confusion, none will suspect. The experiment where this was tried was in a past major quake in China, where 200,000 were secretly removed."

    * * * * * * * * *

    During the research in Utah in cooperation with Eve Carney, an interesting bit of information came through. After a long pause in the Silence, she suddenly remarked, "One of the Astral Heavens has been closed! I'm seeing seven Astral levels. The door of one has been totally shut off. Whoever is there is certainly going to remain there for awhile. They are there now and will need to remain there another 26,000 year span and then they will be given another opportunity toward evolution. I see that the next Astral level is also going to be closed so that the complete cleansing of the planet can be thoroughly accomplished. That second level corresponds to the dark influences and resultant problems. With the sealing off of these two levels, the mission of the Special Volunteers will proceed smoothly."

    * * * * * * * * * *

    There have been scattered and random reports in the past concerning great landings, even en mass, of Mother Ships, here and there and yonder. World Teacher Kuthumi has clarified this conjecture and requested that it be included here:

    "The Space Confederation has announced that the coming evacuation will not necessarily involve landings except in rare isolated areas. They have measured the hostility factor within the center core of your protective forces, your local and national military stands throughout the planet. It was determined that in most cases, a large majority of these forces would openly attack us and fire upon us in the event of our appearing. This they would do even in disastrous circumstances, and disrupt rescue, thinking it to be some form of invasion.

    We are therefore forced to forsake almost all landings that had been planned and to resort to the invisible levitation plan. This means that those who are calling for our assistance will need to believe that we are there. Those with the vision to see us, our ships and those who are being lifted, will be of great benefit to those who do not see. It is still hoped throughout the Confederation that this material will fall into many hands who are a part of these policing groups and military reinforcements, and that this information will gentle the hostile spirit when these events do come to pass. For to openly offer our rescue assistance would be far less complicated than to enter your atmosphere incognito and invisible. Please place this appeal within your text, and trust that it may change the attitude of some who do not understand. I am Kuthumi, speaking for the Alliance for Peace in the Universe. Thank you."

    * * * * * * * * *

    Personally, I have greatly appreciated the words of Commander Jycondria, Assistant to Ashtar, as they have been given to us through spiritual messenger Lyara. Again, we share his words:

    "As the scenario reaches its final stages it will be experienced as a great time warp. Time will appear to stand still in some experiences and in others, to feel like entire lifetimes in hours, moments, or days. If you waste your precious energy in reflecting upon the past, it will only further confuse the Mental Body, which has no references but previous Earth tapes, and cause more tension and anxiety in the emotional body. To live in anticipation of tomorrow and the days to come is equally unfair, because as always, the preparations, understanding, and endurance will be given when you need it!

    Some of you are now being given foresight or foreknowledge. It is appropriate as a preparation and conditioning, so that you are given both understanding and emotional growth processes to soften the shock and be more effective to share your processes with others during actual impact times. Much of this preparation is unconscious and for some, conscious. Each of you will be experiencing a magnification of unresolved energies now-through the physical, emotional vehicles for complete release."

    * * * * * * * * *


    PHASE I of the Great Exodus of souls from the planet will take place at a moment's notice when it is determined that the inhabitants are in danger. The very second the great computers show that needle has gone across a certain point, every satellite and participating craft, already in readiness, will swing into action. If it is not global in nature, but local areas of great danger, persons may be lifted only until the danger subsides and just as suddenly returned without recall. (In the former gatherings of the Earthean Eagles, most all will be permitted recall, being of a spiritual nature that permits it). The decisive events that trigger Phase I depend upon man and his actions and activities.

    PHASE I of the global evacuation will come as the twinkling of an eye, with no time for any prewarning of any significance. It will be a secret taking away of spiritual leaders and teachers of the Light workers, but not those of the Special Legion who will remain until the last phase is completed. Phase I participants will be momentarily alerted at the time of any threat to the planet or its crust. Some may be notified where to go and when. In this covert rescue they will be invisibly levitated by beam to smaller ships that wait, on which they will be transported to the great Mother Ships anchored high in the atmosphere. Again it was repeated for emphasis, Phase I will remove all of the Earth Volunteers on assignment except those of the Special Legion who remain, highly protected, till all evacuation is completed .

    It was stressed that it was impossible for them to state or give a figure of how many will participate in any of the removals because of the constant fluctuating population of the planet through death or intervention of Human Will, and the opening of the chakras of the new ones.

    As mentioned earlier, there will be no landing areas for Phase I. They will be overhead and none will land. The Scout Ships will come wherever these special persons are.

    * * * * * * * * * *


    Our Space Friends have explained that the Second Phase of the global evacuation are those who have followed the Leaders and Teachers of Light, and the children! This Second Phase will be as close to the first as time permits, with the Second immediately following the first. The Second Phase is vital, as we return for the children of all ages and races. The child does not have the power of choice in understanding nor personal accountability.

    In Commander Jycondria's continuing message through Lyara, he also speaks of the children:

    "The children will naturally be lifted before the final phase of evacuation. Some of you will assist young souls of children and will be instruments in both entertainment and love until they are safely removed. Many will move up with them during evacuation so that they may pass up with the least amount of trauma possible.

    Naturally most children will be boarded asleep - suspended animation - for the trauma of events would be too strenuous until they are to be awakened. The children will be initiated also, and as their 'veils' are lifted, they will appear as wise, mature adults in young bodies with very worthy assignments of service and education like the rest of you. Nurturing assignments which you as parents have received will be ended, as you rejoice in the graduation and beauty of these souls. Through the unlimited application of love, you will always be able to communicate with others. Telepathy, tele-vision, and teleportation will be among your unlimited abilities that you are awakening to. Be not concerned about the children, for they will be lovingly provided for."

    Andromeda Rex has also given me these comforting words:

    "In this phase the children will be attended to first, and special great ships of paramount love vibration are especially prepared, with those of great love to be in attendance upon these children. Your children will not be lost from you. There are tracers within our complicated equipment which can locate every soul. You can request and will be given this information to comfort your hearts while you tarry with us."

    * * * * * * * * *

    Captain Avalon has added this bit of information to the whole:

    "There has been discussion of relocating medical personnel. This is an emergency contingency that is not necessarily a part of global evacuation. In times of great stress and truly phenomenal needs in a certain area, that is not a threat to the planet, then those members of the Special Legion who do have the necessary vocational attributes will agree to be approached in emergencies for these relocations.

    If only a portion of the planet or certain sections are in danger or peril, a mass of persons may be relocated to another safer area. This would not constitute sufficient reason for evacuation, but mercy would permit a relocation for them. In that case, expertise and abilities of the Special Volunteers would accompany them to organize and care for them. Our ships are assigned to pick up persons of specific groupings. Those assigned to medical personnel would disperse them and supplies to the neediest areas of the planet, for the needs throughout the planet will be diversified, and the ability to meet those needs must be balanced. Thus, much of the lifting of these medically trained persons will be for relocating them where great need is present. This kind of emergency action would fall into the activities of Phase II. There could be much reshuffling of masses of persons to areas safer, cooler, warmer, drier, or whatever is vital at that moment of time, yet not threatening planetary annihilation.

    * * * * * * * * * *


    Enoch prophesied the returning Lord would have an entourage of at least ten thousand saints (Jude 14), but from the information we now have, that figure could be updated to many millions. Various Commanders of the Ashtar Command have explained to me that in whatever time remains, the sky will be filled with ships extending an invitation to rescue whosoever is without fear and whose vibratory frequency is sufficient to bear the Levitation Beams. Due to the planetary turbulence at the time, there will be only limited landings for this mass evacuation. This final removal takes place as time permits and in accordance with whatever disaster is prevalent.

    "This will be a mass hovering in the skies for whoever is unafraid to join with us to be rescued. The ultimate destination of these will be determined later. The moment at hand will require only that they be without fear and of sufficient vibratory frequency to withstand the levitating beam around them. Phase III makes up the invitation to the multitudes to welcome whomsoever can withstand the activities of rescue and accept our call, in whatever few moments are left, for we cannot linger in your atmosphere when the turbulence gets underway. This final lift-off will, of course, also include those faithful Earth Commanders who have borne the heavy responsibility of Earth details in preparation for our coming. These are the kinds of things that will be discussed with them at their briefings in the Secret Councils."

    * * * * * * * * *

    Important instruction from Lytton through Lyara should be included here:

    "Energies must be totally cohesed in the moment of each day, with a total commitment to the energies. Many are now called for the magnitude of work to transpire. Few will be ready for this committed level of service. The wheat is being separated from the chaff. Each Light Worker will be given multiple hats - roles of service - as they have been given multiple talents. It is most important in maintaining balance with these responsibilities to separate your energies from yesterday's or tomorrow's or anything unrelated to each exact moment and project. Then, as the Holy Spirit descends upon you, perfect direction and action will transpire with phenomenal and unprecedented levels of service.

    Put your quiet moments and spiritual growth as number I. Be not attached to planetary service. Only some will be facilitated for this service and they will be assisted with the combined efforts of many toward rapid and necessary projects. The major projects of the evolution of Mankind at a consciousness level will not occur until the interruption of life on the Planet. Then both those who exit on the Ships and those who drop their bodily vehicles will be taken into various schools and experiences for their further growth."

    * * * * * * * * *

    Further informative and helpful details make up the conclusion of Commander Jycondria's message shared by Lyara:

    "Some of you are to be gatherers of supplies and essentials for others that will come to you in the final moments ahead. Simplify your lives that you will not be burdened with extraneous material possessions. Many of your homes will become filled with your spiritual family before departure, and space will become a premium.

    Besides the citizens of Earth, successful evacuation will be given to all the Spiritual Centers both in the Etheric and the Physical in the mountains and beneath the Earth's surface. Records, energy and healing devices, and all instruments of Brotherhoods, will be removed to be returned with life on Earth at a later day. Even today's plants and animal specimens (similar to the enactment of Noah's Ark) are being removed to various planets for successful hybridization to vibrationally prepare for their return. Nature spirits and plant and animal Devas are being removed to continue their evolution and return in greater forms and expressions. Ships which have been left within the Earth for this time will be reactivated, as they will be locally used and then lifted with the evacuation. The civilizations within Middle Earth which serve the Light will be evacuated as well as all life upon the surface. No life will be left for the cleansing cycle, in any dimension or expression.

    You have been previously instructed as to the 'why's' - now you have received more instructions as to the ''how's.'' Trust the perfection, preciseness and experience of the Intergalactic Fleet. Many contingencies and details which you could not even fathom at this time have been allowed for. Remain calm, trust the process, and all will go smoothly with lift-off. We are not only manifesting the lights in the sky, but expanding the love and understanding in your heart. Trust our words! Our actions will speak for themselves. Welcome home. The reunion will soon be occurring aboard the ships. Bless you." - Jycondria (Assistant to Ashtar).

    * * * * * * * * * *

    In response to some questions asked of my Space Friends, I was told that the areas of Earth to be repopulated first will depend totally upon what nature of cataclysm has taken place upon the Planet. Some members of the Intergalactic Fleet will relocate with us for assistance in rehabilitating the survivors and introducing helpful advances to the Planet, as advisors in many fields such as education, art, government, horticulture, and spiritual guidance.

    Commander Voltra, a leading Space Psychologist with the Commands, spoke to me of these blessings:

    "I command a fleet of those who monitor the vibratory rate of Mankind, as well as the frequency changes in Nature and all manifest life upon the planet. It is a great joy to us when the data banks fill with good tidings of another soul, here and there, who has turned to the unfolding Light and awakened to truth in accordance with his own understanding of things. Such a soul, if it continues to seek, will ultimately find the uninhibited truth of all things and add his or her measure of Light to that already upon the Planet.

    We have so much scientific data to share with Earth, and much benevolent knowledge to give you for your own well-being and blessing, but these must be withheld until that time when Hu-Man has evolved into Man and can be invested with great revelations. You will see many things upon our Ships that will astound you and truly electrify your understanding of the Laws of the Universe.

    There is so much that you do not understand and upon which you are building false conclusions. Your concepts of gravity and energy are cause for much error in your approach to applied physics. The coming interplanetary fellowship will bring Men of Earth unheard of scientific enlightenment, under the New Order . Already many of those who will be given these formulas and concepts are born unto you and bring with them the capability of understanding new principles. These new thoughts will truly bring in a Golden Age of Enlightenment and Abundance.

    When war is removed from your plane of existence and love prevails upon Earth, then all of the great blessings of other worlds will be shared freely with you in perfect love. Fret not for the changes that must come to make this possible. Think only of the great New Earth to come with deliverance, health and peace. I am Voltra, who speaks in the brightness of Our Radiant One. Vasu, Vasu. I amVoltra.”

    * * * * * * * * *

    Xyletron, of the Intergalactic Fleet, speaking through Lyara, puts it bluntly:

    "Earth - as a playground and educational institution - is closing down for a period. After a cleansing and remodeling has transpired, it will be reopened, but with a greater curriculum and staff to challenge the eager students of life into more preparations for even greater horizons that will challenge them after graduation. After successful preparations, those returning to Earth will know the Universal Laws and be prepared to live in harmony with them.”

    * * * * * * * * *

    Lyara also shares these words from our Beloved Jesus:

    "You are rapidly moving internally from an awareness of a possibility of these events to pass on to an absolute knowing that the accounting and recording must be activated now. The Trumpets will be soon sounded, and with the sounding, will come forth my children to be lifted up by the vibration each of your souls have achieved. Commitment to an Institution, Church, or Synagogue will not assure salvation. But those who have sincerely sought out the love of God in their hearts and then applied those higher principles of service and joy toward the higher development and service to others. Knowledge from book-learning will profit nothing. The gathering of knowledge and wisdom in thought and deed will count for everything.

    “Woe, that I weep for the children who have not learned from Earth and will not be prepared to move into the Higher Worlds with me. They must suffer more experiences until they surrender to the loving Father who can cleanse their pain, dry their tears, and purify their hearts. Many are called, as always, but few have developed the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

    “Let go immediately of any unresolved energies or emotions which are binding you to Earth, whether it is the sin of attachment to material possessions or the continual lustful thoughts of passion in your mind. Release your resentments, your fears, your needs to feed your ego. Forgive your neighbor, your friends, and even the bums in your community. Judge nothing as less than Divine, perfect in its own unique way. Accept everything equally as beautiful and good. Trust that life force/source to sustain you with all that you need now and in the days to come. All is God! Awaken to the glory of that joy as creation is spun from the illusion of separation into the Oneness of creation for all to witness that participate.

    Oh, Father, bless and rejoice for each soul that moves forward with me. Bless those who are not ready, that their evolution be quickened.

    My love constantly abides with all of you. Soon you will see me, as now you consciously feel me." - Jesus

    * * * * * * * * *

    The spiritual designers of this volume have asked that I repeat a message that came some time earlier this year from the great Chohan, Hilarion. The message has already appeared in print in several places, but it is an appeal that is vital and bears repeating once again:

    "I am Hilarion, thy Brother of the Emerald Ray. I have returned to you once again in order that my words might be broadcast to the people who serve the Light and the Manifesto of the Ascended Masters who guard and guide the planet Earth:

    "It is imperative that now at this time the persons who are connected in any way with the Representation of the Spiritual Hierarchy shall begin to come together in Oneness and in Love and Tolerance of one another, in order that a great pink cloud of Love and Unity might float throughout the Land and bring blessing to its people. We look upon many divisions and many variations of the Great Truth, but we see within all and through all, a great lack of cohesion and inner Oneness designed toward a bringing together of the Souls who serve under many banners. I speak to you now, my Beloved Ones of the New Age understanding. I speak to those who are the Enlightened Ones. I speak to those who have found their way out from the coalitions of Darkness and Manmade hierarchies of bondage.

    I speak to our Sons and Daughters of wisdom and deliverance. I call for a uniting of all those Light Beings in whatever Ray of Service you find yourselves, in whatever allegiance to whatever Master or Body of Revelation you serve in the Legions of Light.

    I call for a setting aside of all attitudes of separateness within the fold of our Emissaries, to unite yourself as a Great Impenetrable Wall of Light against the strongholds of invasion from the Dark Emissaries who would seek to divide you and to conquer your Great Light. Take care that not one iota of interference from these shall be permitted nor tolerated within Thy fold. Hold fast to a stronghold of Blue Light around every Group, every Circle, every effort extended toward the ongoing enlightenment of this day. Let not any division be found among you, let not the imperfections of Human manifestation disturb your inner peace or your great stillness. Through these means much gain is lost, much victory is weakened by the internal strife of the personality!

    This is that hour when the greatest of LOVE must prevail. The patience of Love must overshadow every joint undertaking and every combined effort for our great Hierarchal Program. Cleanse yourselves of all Human pettiness and lesser emotions that frustrate the action of Love in your midst. The time is come when Love must unite you in one solidified nucleus of purity. The Gates of Hell itself cannot prevail against Love in United Action within the body of our Lighted Ones.

    My Blessing and my Benediction be upon each and every one of you who serve the Great Light in this day. The Light of God shall not fail. I am Hilarion, of the Emerald Ray.”

    * * * * * * * * *

    Andromeda Rex, whom we have come to love so very dearly, brought me this final message as the book neared the closing:

    "The Great Evacuation will come upon the world very suddenly. The flash of emergency events will be as the lightning that flashes in the sky. So sudden and so quick in its happening that it is over almost before you are aware of its presence. And so it will be when the events that warrant this action have come to the Planet. It is not possible to totally describe these events, but it is possible to instill at this time into the hearts of Humanity the hope and the knowledge of our vigilance and emergency actions on their behalf.

    Our rescue ships will be able to come in close enough in the twinkling of an eye to set the lifting beams in operation in a moment. And allover the globe where events warrant it, this will be the method of evacuation. Mankind will be lifted, levitated shall we say, by the beams from our smaller Scout Craft. These smaller craft will in turn taxi the persons to the larger Mother Ships overhead, higher in the atmosphere, where there is ample space and quarters and supplies for millions of people.

    It has been explained to you in the past that there is a certain amount of preparedness necessary because of exposure to this powerful levitating beam which will be operating in these circumstances. The frequency of it will be higher than most of your known electrical Earthly exposures. Those of extreme density and extreme selfish dispositions - especially at the expense of others - or causing suffering to others, will find extreme physical difficulty in surviving in the frequency of our beams. This is why our messages have been broadcast to Mankind over the centuries to lift his own emanations and vibrations to a status of Love and Selflessness so that in so doing, a compatibility of forcefields will make his rescue possible. Those who have lived closely aligned to the Father's Will in their lives and have let the Love of the Father flow through them, will have no problem with the frequency of the Evacuation Rays. For a high state of Love in the Human heart reacts upon the Human forcefield surrounding the physical form, giving it an electrical sheath of protection and a blending with the incoming vibrations between now and that time. Indeed, if enough souls could experience perfect Love, there could very well be no need for a removal of Humanity.

    There is nothing to be feared in coming into our midst. We are loving, normal persons, as yourselves, with the attitude of good neighbors and helpers in a time of crisis. We are prepared with clothing, and your foods, and the needs to which you have accustomed yourselves. We will not be guards, but friends, and you will enjoy your time with us, especially as you look upon your Planet in its turmoil. Those beamed up in Physical form will be accelerated and quickened within that Physical form to a more Spiritual essence within the body, into what has been termed 'Light Bodies'. The Physical form will remain the same in appearance to most, but that higher blending of the Etheric with the Physical will bring about change, and eliminate sickness and physical disharmony among you. There will be a period of time to be spent with us, for your beautiful Earth must be healed in its cleansing, and given time to return to its true glory. Then those who have been lifted in the body will be returned to reconstruct a New World and a New Order of things.

    As you tarry with us, you will be given the opportunity to attend classes and training for the work which will need to be done. You will be given our constant help in doing this; our advice and our technology will be at the disposal of these returning ones. Many others who have been lifted through natural transition will be returned in new bodies to participate in the new awakening. Those who could not participate in the lifting off rescue will be transported, following their natural transition, to locations with a vibration and frequency equal to their own, where they may grow and learn at a pace slower than the new vibration of Planet Earth. For the Earth will be in an accelerated and very high frequency as it finds expression in the new Aquarian Age.

    In the beginning of this great occurrence, time will be of the essence and all must be done in great haste and in a minimum of time. We will not have time to tarry, but must work speedily in the Phase III portion of the rescue of the multitudes who consciously choose to be included. You must understand that this great activity will only be set into motion when events on Earth have reached a crisis. We may not interfere with your lives in any way unnecessarily or too soon. But only in that last moment of danger to the masses will the final stages of evacuation be set into motion. The other two Phases will have been completed. The Light Workers, along with those who have followed them and assisted them, will already have been removed. The final lift-up will be of the multitudes who desire to come and can participate in time. This Phase will continue as long as the situation allows, which at best, will be brief!

    Most of you, while in the sleep state, have already been brought into our craft for acclimation and adjustment, the memory of which will be quickened within you as a recall when the true lift-up takes place.

    There is nothing to fear. Let great joy abound in thankfulness to the Father of all, that not one thoughtful detail will be overlooked to overshadow you with His Love and His Care for you who have put your trust in Him.

    I am Andromeda Rex, one who speaks for the Ashtar Command."

    * * * * * * * * *

    I have chosen to give beloved Matton the last word because of the nature of his appeal. Matton is the busy coordinator of all the Volunteer Units serving within Earth's atmosphere in these final events. He often speaks of the beautiful and loyal dedication to this Mission of International and World Peace, of these men and women of other worlds who serve here. His desire with this message was to speak of the coming armadas of craft in the final stage of evacuation.

    "The hour when the call is extended to Mankind, while very broad and universal, will come very quickly and will not be extended but for a very short period of time. At that point in time, the atmosphere will be dangerous to us as well as to you Earthlings, and to linger in it would destroy us both. Therefore, let me stress that Humankind cannot wait until that moment to decide what they will do, for the time will be so limited and those who choose first will be taken first. It would be well for mankind to think on these things now, and ask himself what he will do in that eventuality. Not only that, but to ask himself also whether or not he would qualify for survival of the operation, in terms of personal frequencies and attitudes. There will be no time then to set about changing oneself, or beginning then to attempt personal change within one's lower bodies. What a man is within himself will be revealed by all to see when he steps into those Levitation Rays. Density and low vibrations will not survive them, only the higher aspired mind and the pure heart will be immune to them.

    Now it is an incredible thing to us that Earth persons would so long neglect that which is the only reality of all life. It is not the materialistic accumulations of a lifetime that matter at all in the hour when you face your rescue. Human opinions and the perils of pride, the falsity of ego-centered thought and activity, will all perish in the twinkling of an eye. Only love for others will make the Ascension, service to others will lay up treasures in Heaven, but selfishness and guile will be destroyed in that hour.

    Therefore, we plead with all souls now, to think on these things, to consider the innermost parts of being, and judge yourselves that ye be not judged, and receive the help of the incoming Great Rays now being poured upon the Planet. These Great Rays are here to assist you in your spiritual aspirations and if that is the desire of your heart, you have much Heavenly assistance coming to you at this time. Now is the time to make yourself ready to be taken by the Ships. Not to sit in the seat of the scornful, but to wholeheartedly enter into the spirit of Love for those who come and desire even now to begin to speak to others of this Great Plan to come. At least to those of your immediate family and immediate circle of friends. Think on these things together. Think of the vibrational compatibility that is necessary to be with us, to live with us, until your Earth home is prepared for you once again. I plead with you, ponder these things. This text is released now, for the small portion of time that remains, that Humanity would still have an opportunity to return to the blessed life and the guidance of the Guardians to take you safely home.

    How will you feel within your own being when your eyes behold the sky black with craft over your head? How will you feel? Thankful? Frightened? Inadequate? Insecure? Or rejoicing and eager to betaken out of the turmoil. This final massive maneuver of Phase III will be Humanity's last opportunity to retain the present Physical form and be kept within our Ships until the calamities be passed.

    This is Matton, closing the contact. Thank you, Tuella.”

    * * * * * * * * *

    "And my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you, Dear Brothers, for this wonderful opportunity to serve with you.

    This is Tuella ... closing the book!"
    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    Rosie as written a short evacuation letter which she posted to 8* with a bunch of translations. The idea is to print it out and hand it out at the necessary time or to those interested I guess. Its quite concise ... So here's her English version and I will get up the available translations as I have time.. She can post them too I think here.


    This is for those who are worried and who do not understand what is really going on. I will try to state this as simply as possible. More detailed information is at the links provided below. Though all are free to make their own choice, I advise rapid boarding as soon as the ships appear. Please put all the stories of violent aliens in Hollywood films behind you and know that these are highly benevolent forces devoted to saving you from certain disaster. Love Rosie

    According to where on earth you are living at this time, you will have noticed that our sun is either not setting or not rising as it should. The planet is “stuttering” in its revolution and as this increases it will go into arrest. In other words, the rotation of earth is slowing down, and eventually it will STOP. This will trigger quakes, volcanoes and tidal waves. It is necessary to evacuate the planet before this happens.

    The planet is ill – burdened by our collective negative behaviour over many centuries, and especially by dark powers who intend to destroy it and who refuse to cooperate with the celestial hierarchy which oversees the entire universe. Due to reasons of great danger (deliberate attempts to destruct as well as earth’s necessity to “rebalance”, involving magnetic reversal) you will be evacuated by small scouts which will then take you to large “motherships”, some of which are as large as earth herself. Here you will spend a period of time as galactic guests until danger has passed. During that time, decisions will be made concerning your onward journey.

    There will be unmistakable signs for the need to evacuate, such as atmospheric disturbances, land movement and loss of communications. Please remain calm. Many small ships will appear in the sky to evacuate your area. There will be a few hours during which you can board. After that, it will no longer be possible. Rescue staff will be on hand and will be able to communicate with you in your language.

    Boarding is carried out by stepping into the lightbeam coming down from a ship. This is a sort of elevator. Please remain calm while boarding as loud disturbances can disrupt the process. You can take your pets with you, but know that otherwise the ships have EVERYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY NEED. DO NOT PACK SUITCASES. Should family members be in a different place, they should board at that place and not try to go home.Children who are not with their parents and not with those who can be responsible will be picked up later also. Families will be reunited on ship. Do not worry about people in hospitals, homes, prisons or other institutions. Provision has been made for them.






    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    Ok the German Version.


    Diese Information ist für diejenigen, die wenig Ahnung davon haben, was auf der Erde gerade vor sich geht. Ich werde versuchen, dies knapp und klar dazustellen. Weitere Informationen sind unter den Links im Anhang erhältlich. Obgleich alle sich selber entscheiden werden, möchte ich dringend vorschlagen, so schnell wie möglich an Bord zu gehen sobald die Raumschiffe erscheinen. Versucht die Geschichten von gewalttätigen Außerirdischen in Hollywood Filmen hinter euch zu lassen, denn diese Rettungstruppe besteht dagegen aus höchst engagierten und besorgten höheren Wesen, die nur dazu da sind, euch von einer unvermeidlichen Katastrophe zu retten. Love Rosie

    Egal wo ihr auf der Erde zu Hause seid, werdet ihr schon gemerkt haben, dass unsere Sonne entweder nicht mehr wie erwartet unter geht oder hochkommt. Der Planet „ruckelt“ immer mehr während seiner Umdrehung, und dies wird ihn bald zum Stillstand bringen. Das heißt; die Rotationsgeschwindigkeit verlangsamt sich, bis sie auf Null ist. Dies wird Erbeben, Vulkanexplosionen und Flutwellen verursachen. Es ist nötig, die Welt zu evakuieren bevor dies stattfindet.

    Unser Planet ist krank – überbelastet durch unseres kollektives, negatives Verhalten seit vielen Jahrhunderten und besonders belastet durch die herrschenden Aktivitäten von destruktiven Mächten, die sich weigern mit der Administration/Hierarchie, die allgemein für Ordnung im Universum zuständig ist, zu kooperieren.

    Wegen zerstörerischer und von solchen Mächten absichtlich geplanter Attentate und wegen der Not der Erde, die sich wieder ausbalancieren und reinigen möchte (durch magnetische Umkehrung), werdet ihr durch kleine Raumschiffe evakuiert, die euch dann zu den großen Mutterschiffen transportieren werden. Einige Mutterschiffe sind so groß wie die Erde selbst. Hier werdet ihr zunächst eine Zeitlang als galaktische Gäste bleiben. Währenddessen wird dann entschieden, wohin die Reise weitergeht.
    Es wird absolut unverkennbare Zeichen geben, dass eine Evakuierung nötig ist, zum Beispiel Erdbewegungen, atmosphärische Veränderungen und Unterbrechung von Kommunikationssystemen. Behaltet bitte die Ruhe. Viele kleine Raumschiffe werden erscheinen, um eure Gegend zu evakuieren. Es wird ein paar Stunden geben, währenddessen ihr an Bord gehen könnt. Danach wird es nicht mehr möglich sein. Rettungspersonal wird sich vor Ort befinden, die mit euch in eurer jeweiligen Sprache kommunizieren wird.
    Um an Bord zu gehen, stellt euch bitte in den Lichtstrahl. Dies ist eine Art Aufzug hoch zum Schiff. Bitte bewahrt die Ruhe, weil laute Geräusche diesen Prozess verhindern könnten. Ihr könnt eure Haustiere mitnehmen, aber ansonsten sollt ihr wissen, dass die Raumschiffe ALLES HABEN, WAS IHR JE BRAUCHEN WÜRDET. ES IST NICHT NÖTIG, KOFFER ZU PACKEN.
    Falls sich Familienmitglieder an einem anderen Ort befinden sollten sie DORT an Bord gehen und nicht zuerst nach Hause fahren. Kinder, die von ihren Eltern getrennt sind und nicht mit Anderen zusammen sind, die für sie verantwortlich sind, werden später hochgebracht. Familien werden wieder in den Schiffen zusammengeführt. Macht euch keine Sorgen um diejenigen, die sich in Krankenhäusern, Altersheimen, Gefängnissen oder anderen Institutionen befinden, denn auch für sie ist gesorgt.









    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    Quanto segue è per coloro che sono preoccupati e che non comprendono quello che in realtà si sta verificando. Io cercherò di esprimerlo nel modo più semplice possibile. Informazioni più dettagliate le trovate nei link sottostanti. Benché tutti siano liberi di fare la propria scelta, io consiglio di salire a bordo delle (astro)navi non appena appaiono. Per favore, lasciate alle spalle/lasciate perdere tutte le storie di alieni violenti [raccontate] nei film di Hollywood e sappiate che queste sono forze altamente benevole che sono dedicate a salvarvi dal disastro certo.Con Affetto, Rosie

    In base a dove state vivendo sulla terra in questo momento, avrete notato che il sole non sta né tramontando né sorgendo come dovrebbe. Il pianeta si sta “inceppando” nella sua rivoluzione e questo fatto aumenterà fino a che il pianeta si fermerà. In altre parole, la rotazione della terra sta rallentando e alla fine si FERMERA’. Questo scatenerà terremoti, fenomeni vulcanici e maremoti. È necessario evacuare il pianeta prima che questo accada.Il pianeta è malato – gravato dal nostro negativo comportamento collettivo nel corso di molti secoli, e specialmente[gravato] dai poteri oscuri che intendono distruggerlo e che si rifiutano di collaborare con la gerarchia celeste che sovrintende l’intero universo. Per motivi di grande pericolo (tanto i deliberati tentativi di distruzione quanto la necessità della terra di “riequilibrarsi”, il che implica l’inversione magnetica) verrete evacuati/fatti uscire dal pianeta per mezzo di piccole (astro)navi da ricognizione che vi porteranno poi alle grandi “(astro)navi-madre”, alcune delle quali sono grandi come la terra stessa. Lì, sulle (astro)navi-madre, passerete un periodo di tempo come ospiti galattici, fino a quando il pericolo sarà passato. Durante questo periodo saranno prese le decisioni per quanto riguarda il proseguimento del vostro viaggio.

    Ci saranno segni inequivocabili che indicheranno la necessità di abbandonare il pianeta, come ad esempio anomalie atmosferiche, movimenti della terra e perdita delle comunicazioni. Per favore restate calmi. Numerose piccole (astro)navi appariranno nel cielo per l’evacuazione della vostra area. Ci sarà qualche ora di tempo a disposizione per salire a bordo. Dopo di che non sarà più possibile. Il personale di soccorso sarà a portata di mano e sarà in grado di comunicare con voi nella vostra lingua.L’imbarco viene effettuato entrando nel fascio di luce che scende da ogni (astro)nave. Questo [fascio di luce] è una specie di ascensore. Per favore restate calmi mentre venite imbarcati, perché le forti agitazioni possono creare problemi al procedimento. Potete portare con voi i vostri animali domestici, ma sappiate che per il resto le (astro)navi hanno TUTTO QUELLO CHE VI PUO’ SERVIRE. NON FATE LE VALIGE. Se i membri della famiglia dovessero essere in un altro posto, dovranno salire a bordo là dove si trovano e non cercare di tornare a casa. I bambini che non sono con i loro genitori e nemmeno con chi possono esserne responsabili, saranno presi/portati su dopo. Le famiglie saranno riunite sulla (astro)nave. Non preoccupatevi per le persone negli ospedali, case di riposo, prigioni o altre istituzioni. Sono state previste disposizioni per loro.INFORMAZIONI PIU’ DETTAGLIATE SULL’EVACUAZIONE PLANETARIA
    SERAPHIN RISPONDE ALLE VOSTRE DOMANDE QUI: conversazione con Rosie nel forum TIU/Talk It Uphttp://www.abundanthope.net/talkitup...8469#post38469
    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    EVAKUOINTITIEDOTUSTämä viesti on tarkoitettu niille, jotka ovat huolissaan maailman sekavasta tilanteesta eivätkä ymmärrä mitä on tapahtumassa. Tässä viestissä selvitetään tilanne niin yksinkertaisesti kuin mahdollista. Lisätietoa saat alla luetelluista linkeistä (englanniksi). Vaikka kaikki ovat vapaita tekemään omat päätöksensä, suosittelen mahdollisimman nopeaa nousemista avaruusaluksiin heti kun ne ilmestyvät taivaalle. Unohda kaikki Hollywood-elokuvien tarinat vihamielisista maan ulkopuolisista olennoista ja tiedosta, että nyt täällä olevat joukot ovat erittäin hyväntahtoisia ja pelastamassa sinua varmalta tuholta. Rakkaudella, Rosie.

    Riippuen siitä missä päin maapalloa elät, tulet huomaamaan että auringon nousu- tai laskuajat ja kulmat eivät ole sellaisia kuin niiden pitäisi olla. Planeettamme ”kakoo” mullistuksien kourissa ja kun kakominen yltyy, planeettamme menee pysähdystilaan. Toisin sanoen, maapallon pyörimisnopeus on hidastumassa ja lopulta pyöriminen PYSÄHTYY KOKONAAN. Tämä laukaisee hyvin voimakkaita maanjäristyksiä, tulivuorenpurkauksia ja hyökyaaltoja. Planeettamme evakuointi on välttämätöntä ennen mainittuja tapahtumia.

    Planeettamme on sairas – vuosisatoja kestäneiden kollektiivisen negatiivisten toimien kuormittama. Erityisesti synkkien voimien, joiden tavoite on ollut tuhota planeettamme ja kaikki ne jotka tekevät yhteistyötä koko maailmankaikkeuden järjestystä valvovien tahojen kanssa. Hyvin suuren vaaran vuoksi (planeettaamme tahallisiin vahingoittamisyrityksiin kohdistuva tuhovimma ja planeetan välttämättömyys tasapainottua uudestaan magneettikentän sunnanvaihdolla) teidät tullaan evakuoimaan pienillä tiedustelualuksilla, jotka kuljettavat teidät suurempiin emoaluksiin, joista jotkut ovat yhtä suuria kuin maapallomme. Tulette olemaan aluksilla vieraana niin kauan kun vaara on ohi. Tämän vierailun aikana tullaan tekemään päätöksiä taipaleenne jatkosuunnitelmista.

    Tulette näkemään täysin selviä merkkejä evakuointitarpeesta, kuten ilmakehän häiriöitä, maamassojen siirtymisiä ja tietoliikenneyhteyksien katkoksia. Tärkeintä on pysyä rauhallisena. Evakuoinnin alkaessa alueellesi ilmestyy monia aluksia. Evakuointitilanteessa on vain joitakin tunteja aikaa siirtyä aluksiin. Tämän jälkeen aluksiin nouseminen ei enää ole mahdollista. Pelastushenkilöstö on koko ajan apuna ja tulee kommunikoimaan omalla kielelläsi.Siirtyminen aluksiin tapahtuu astumalla valosäteeseen, joka kohdistuu aluksesta alas maahan. Tämä on eräänlainen hissi. Pysy valosäteessä niin rauhallisena kuin mahdollista, koska häiriöt voivat tehdä siirtoprosessin mahdottomaksi. Voit ottaa lemmikkisi mukaan, mutta tiedosta, että aluksissa on KAIKKI MAHDOLLINEN MITÄ TULET TARVITSEMAAN. ÄLÄ PAKKAA MUKAASI MITÄÄN LAUKKUA. Jos perheenjäsenet ovat evakuoinnin tapahtuessa eri paikoissa, nouse alukseen siinä paikassa missä olet välittömästi äläkä yritä mennä kotiisi. Lapset, jotka eivät ole vanhempiensa kanssa tai henkilöiden kanssa jotka eivät ole heistä vastuussa, nostetaan aluksiin myöhemmin. Perheet yhdistetään aluksissa. Älä ole huolissasi niistä jotka ovat sairaaloissa, kodeissaan, vankiloissa tai muissa laitoksissa. Heidän siirtoon on myös varauduttu.

    TÄRKEITÄ LINKKEJÄLISÄTIETOA PLANEETTAMME EVAKUOINNISTAhttp://abundanthope.net/pages/Leonette_112/Planetary-Evacuation-the-plan-changed-explanation_printer.shtmlLISÄTIETOA MAGNEETTIKENTÄN SUUNNANVAIHDOKSESTAhttp://abundanthope.net/pages/Leonette_112/More_Detail_on_the_Process_of_the_Magnetic_Reversa _3610.shtmlCANDACEN (Abundant Hope -järjestön johtaja) VASTAUKSIA EVAKUOINTIKYSYMYKSIIN: keskusteluketjuhttp://www.abundanthope.net/talkitup/showthread.php?1965-Planetary-Evacuation-the-plan-changed&highlight=evacuationKUINKA EVAKUOINTI TAPAHTUU: LISÄTIETOA EVAKUOINNISTAhttp://www.abundanthope.net/talkitup/showthread.php?1992-The-HOW-IT-WORKS-of-EVACUATION&highlight=evacuationSERAPHIN VASTAA KYSYMYKSIISI TÄÄLLÄ: keskusteluketju Talk It Up –foorumilla (Rosie)http://www.abundanthope.net/talkitup/showthread.php?1986-SERAPHIN-answers-YOUR-QUESTIONS-here&p=38469#post38469
    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    Many thanks to you dear André. Love Rosie


    door ROSIE

    Dit is voor degenen die bezorgd zijn en die niet begrijpen wat er eigenlijk aan het gebeuren is. Ik zal trachten dit zo eenvoudig mogelijk samen te vatten. Meer gedetailleerde informatie vindt u in de verwijzingen onderaan. Hoewel allen vrij zijn van hun eigen keuze te maken, raad ik u aan om zonder dralen aan boord te gaan van zodra de schepen verschijnen. Gelieve alstublieft alle verhalen van gewelddadige buitenaardse wezens in Hollywood films opzij te zetten en te weten dat deze entiteiten hoge edelmoedige krachten zijn met de opdracht van u te redden van een zekere ramp.
    Met Liefde Rosie.

    Afhankelijk van de plaats waar u nu leeft op de aarde, zult u opgemerkt hebben dat onze zon niet ondergaat of opkomt zoals normaal. De planeet is aan het “stotteren” in haar omwenteling en naarmate dit zal erger worden zal zij vertragen en stoppen. In andere woorden, de rotatie van de aarde vertraagt en komt uiteindelijk tot STILSTAND. Dit zal aardbevingen met zich meebrengen, evenals vulkaanuitbarstingen en vloedgolven. Het is noodzakelijk om de planeet te evacueren vóór die gebeurtenissen plaatsvinden.

    De planeet is ziek – onder de last van ons collectief negatief gedrag over vele eeuwen, en speciaal door de duistere krachten die van plan zijn om haar te vernietigen en die weigeren om met de hemelse hiërarchie, die het gehele universum overziet, mee te werken. Te wijten aan het grote gevaar (doelbewuste pogingen tot vernietiging, evenals de noodzaak voor de aarde tot het “herbalanceren”, die een magnetische ommekeer met zich meebrengt) zult u geëvacueerd worden door kleine schepen die u dan naar de grote “moederschepen” zullen brengen, waarvan sommige zo groot zijn als de aarde zelf. Daar zult u een bepaalde tijd verblijven als galactische gasten tot het gevaar voorbij is. Tijdens die tijd zullen er beslissingen genomen worden in verband met uw verdere bestemming.

    Er zullen overduidelijke tekenen zijn voor de nood aan evacuatie, zoals atmosferische storingen, land bewegingen en onderbreking van de communicaties. Gelieve echter kalm te blijven. Veel kleine schepen zullen in de lucht verschijnen om uw streek te evacueren. Er zullen slechts enkele uren zijn tijdens welke u aan boord kunt komen. Daarna zal het niet meer mogelijk zijn. Een reddingsstaf zal beschikbaar zijn en met u kunnen communiceren in uw eigen taal.

    Het aan boord gaan zal gebeuren door in een lichtbundel te stappen die vanuit het schip neergestraald wordt. Dit is een soort lift. Gelieve kalm te blijven tijdens het aan boord gaan daar luidruchtige storingen het proces kunnen bemoeilijken. U kunt uw huisdieren met u meenemen, maar weet dat voor wat de rest betreft ALLES WAT U ENIGSZINS NODIG ZOU KUNNEN HEBBEN IN DE SCHEPEN BESCHIKBAAR IS. PAK DUS GEEN BAGAGE IN. Moesten familieleden op een verschillende plaats verblijven, dan zouden zij op deze plaats aan boord gaan en niet trachten om naar huis te komen. Kinderen die niet bij hun ouders zijn noch bij degenen die er verantwoordelijk voor zijn zullen nadien opgenomen worden. De families zullen terug samenkomen op het schip. Wees niet bezorgd over mensen in hospitalen, bejaardenhuizen, gevangenissen en andere instituten. Er zal voor hen gezorgd worden.

    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    Detta är för dem som ör oroliga och inte förstår vad som egentligen pågår. Jag vill försöka förklara detta så simpelt som möjligt. Mera detaljerad information finns under nedanstående länkar. Även om alla fritt kan göra sitt eget val, rekommenderar jag snabb ombordstigning så snart skeppen anländer. Vänligen lägg alla historier om våldsamma utomjordingar från Hollywood filmer bakom er och förstå att dessa är välmenande styrkor hängivna till att rädda er från säker katastrof. Med kärlek, Rosie.

    Allt efter var på jorden ni nu bor, har ni märkt att vår sol antingen inte går ner eller upp som den borde. Planeten ”stammar” i sin rotation, och efterhand som att detta tilltar, kommer den att stanna. Med andra ord, jordens rotation avtar och till slut kommer den att TVÄRSTOPPA. Detta kommer att orsaka jordbävningar, vulkaner och flodvågor. Det är nödvändigt att evakuera planeten innan detta sker.

    Planeten är sjuk – betungad av våra kollektiva negativa beteenden under många sekel, och speciellt utav mörka makthavare, som har för avsikt att förstöra den och som vägrar att samarbeta med den Himmelska Hierarkin, som håller hela Universum under uppsikt. På grund av stora faror (avsiktliga försök att förstöra såväl som jordens behov av att ”återbalansera” sig, vilket involverar magnetiskt skifte) kommer ni att bli evakuerade av små scouter, som så tar er till stora ”moderskepp”, av vilka en del är lika stora som själva jorden. Här får ni tillbringa en tid som galaktiska gäster tills faran är över. Under den här tiden, kommer beslut att tas gällande er vidare resa.

    Det uppstår omisskännliga tecken på evakueringsbehov, såsom atmosfäriska störningar, landrörelser och kommunikationsavbrott. Vänligen förbli lugna. Många små farkoster kommer att dyka upp på himlen i syftet att evakuera ert område. Ni har några timmar på er att stiga ombord. Efter detta, är det inte längre möjligt. Räddningspersonal finns till hands och kan kommunicera på ert språk.

    Ombordstigning pågår genom att stiga in i ljuskäglan som strålar ner från en farkost. Detta fungerar som en sorts hiss. Vänligen hålla er lugna under ombordstigning eftersom ljudligt oväsen kan störa processen. Ni kan ta era keldjur med er, men i övrigt finns ALLTING NI KAN TÄNKAS BEHÖVA OMBORD. PACKA INGA VÄSKOR. Ifall familjemedlemmar befinner sig på annat håll, borde de stiga på därifrån och inte försöka komma hem. Barn, som inte är med sina föräldrar eller någon som kan ta ansvar för dem, tas också upp senare. Familjer blir återförenade på farkosterna. Oroa er inte för personer på sjukhus, vårdhem, fängelser eller andra institutioner. Ombesörjande har gjorts för dessa.





    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    这篇信息是针对那些担心之人以及不了解发生了什么事的人。我将尝试尽可能简洁地陈述这一切。更多详细信息在 下面所提供的链接中。尽管所有人可自由选择,我建议在飞船出现时尽快登船。请将好莱坞影片中残暴外星人的所 有故事抛在身后,要了解这些人是些极为仁慈的力量,他们致力于挽救你们避过某一灾难。(陈述者 ,罗茜)

    依照你们在地球上所生活的地点,你们将会注意到我们的太阳并未按原来那样东升西落。我们的星球自转出现了“ 磕磕绊绊”,随着这种情况日益加剧,它将会停止自转。换句话说,地球的自转正在减慢,最终它将会停下来。这 将会引发地震、火山爆发和海啸。在这一切发生之前,有必要撤离这颗行星上的人员。

    这颗星球恶疾缠身—因我们成千上万年来集体的负面行为而受拖累,尤其因试图毁灭它的黑暗势力而受拖累,这些 人拒绝与监管整个宇宙的天界管理层合作。由于各种含有极大风险的原因(恶意毁灭以及地球本身需要“重新平衡 ”,包括磁极翻转),你们将会被小的侦察飞船撤离,之后它们会将你们带到更大的母舰上,有些母舰会像地球自 身一般大。你们将会在这里作为星际客人待上一段时间,直到危险过去。在那段时间内,关于你们接下来旅程的决 定会得以做出。

    需要撤离的明显迹象将会出现,包括大气扰动,大地移动以及通讯的中断。请保持镇定。许多小飞船将会出现在空 中来撤离你们地区的人员。你们将会有几个小时的时间登上飞船。在那之后,将不会再有机会了。营救人员将会在 场,并会以你们的语言与你们交流。

    登船的方式按以下方式执行,步入到飞船所投射下来的光柱中。这是一种提升方式。请在登船时保持镇定,因为喧 哗的骚动会干扰这一进程。你们可以随身带着宠物,但要知道的是,飞船上有你们所需的一切。不要收拾行李。如 有家庭成员处在不同地点,他们会在那一地点登船,不要尝试回家。没有与父母在一起的孩子们以及未与其监护者 们在一起的孩子们也会被接上飞船。各个家庭会在飞船上团聚。不必担心医院、家里、监狱及其他机构中的人员。 所有设施都会为他们准备好。






    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    행성의 대피에 대한 간결한 정보

    [로지Rosie: 이것은 무엇이 정말로 일어나고 있는지를 이해하지 못하고 염려하는 자들을 위한 것입니다. 나는 이것을 가능한 한 간결하게 하려고 노력했습니다. 더 세부적 정보는 아래 제공된 링크들에 있으며, 모든 이들이 그들 자신의 선택을 만드는데 자유롭지만, 나는 배들이 나타날 대 가능한 한 빨리 탑승하라고 조언합니다. 부디 할리우드 영화들에서의 난폭한 외계인들의 이야기들은 치우세요, 그리고 구조를 위해 오는 자들은 어떤 위험으로부터 당신들을 구하는데 헌신적인 고도로 자비로운 존재들입니다.]

    당신들이 이 시간에 살고 있는 지구상의 지역에 따라, 당신은 우리의 태양이 정상적으로 떠오르거나 지지 않음을 주목했을 것입니다. 행성이 그 회전에서 “더듬거리고shuttering” 있으며, 이것이 증가할 때 그것이 “경련으로 사로잡힙니다arrented.” 다시 말해, 지구의 회전이 느려지고, 마침내 그것을 멈출STOP 것입니다. 이것은 거대한 지진들, 화산폭발들, 거대한 파도들을 촉발시킬 것입니다. 이것이 일어나기 전에 행성을 대피시키는 것이 필요합니다.

    행성이 아픕니다ILL.... 그것은 많은 세기들에 걸쳐 우리들의 집단적인 부정적 행동으로 과중되고, 특히 그것을 파괴하려고 의도하는, 전체 우주를 감독하는 천계 정부와 협력하는 것을 거부해온 어둠의 세력들에 의해 말입니다. 거대한 이유들(어둠의 의도적인 파괴 시도들과 지구 자신의 “균형을 회복하려는rebalance” 필요성, 자기극 역전을 포함해)로 인해, 당신들은 작은 정찰선들scouts로 구조될 것이고, 그런 다음 그것들이 당신들을 거대한 “모선들motherships”로 데려갈 것이며, 그것들의 일부는 지구만큼 거대합니다. 여기서 당신들은 은하의 손님들로서 한동안 지낼 것인데, 위험들이 지나갈 때까지 말입니다. 그 시간 동안, 당신들은 앞으로의 여정에 관한 결정들을 만들게 될 것입니다.

    대피 조난의 필요성에 앞서 간과할 수 없는 표시들이 있을 것인데, 대기권의 교란들, 땅들의 이동과 통신의 마비와 같은 것들 말입니다. 부디 침착하게 남아있으세요. 많은 작은 배들이 당신들 지역을 대피시키기 위해 하늘에 나타날 것입니다. 당신들이 탑승할 수 있는 몇 시간이 주어질 것입니다. 그런 다음 그것이 더 이상 가능하지 않을 것입니다. 안내 승무원이 내려올 것이고, 당신들의 언어로 당신들과 대화할 수 있을 것입니다.

    탑승은 배 밑의 한가운데로부터 나오는 빛의 기둥으로 들어감으로서 이루어집니다. 이것은 일종의 엘리베이터입니다. 부디 탑승하는 동안 안정된 마음으로 남아있으세요, 큰 소동은 그 과정을 방해할 수 있습니다. 당신들은 당신의 애완동물들을 데리고 탈 수 있으며, 배들이 당신들이 필요한 모든 것들을 갖추고 있음THE SHIPS HAVE EVERYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY NEED을 아세요. 가방을 챙기지 마세요DO NOT PACK SUITCASES. 가족 멤버들이 다른 장소에 있다면, 그들이 그 장소에서 집으로 오지 않고 탑승할 것입니다. 부모나 돌보는 자들과 함께 있지 않은 어린이들이 또한 픽업될 것입니다. 가족들은 나중에 배에서 재결합하게 될 것입니다. 병원들, 요양원들, 감옥, 다른 시설들에 있는 사람들에 대해 염려하지 마세요. 완벽한 준비가 그들을 위해 만들어져 있습니다.

    [더 자세한 관련 정보는 어번던트호프 한국 사이트: www.abundanthopekorea.net
    새로운 정보, '어번던트호프 재림 사무국' 란 http://www.abundanthopekorea.net/board1_1 에서
    읽을 수 있습니다. ]
    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    Short Evacuation in French


    Traduction Mathias

    Ceci est pour ceux qui sont inquiets et qui ne comprennent pas ce qui se passe réellement sur la terre. Je vais essayer de préciser le plus simplement possible. Des informations plus détaillées sont fournies sur les liens ci-dessous. Bien que tous soient libres de faire leur propre choix, je conseille l'embarquement rapide dès que les vaisseaux apparaissent. S'il vous plaît mettez toutes les histoires d'ET violents dans les films hollywoodiens derrière vous et sachez que ce sont des forces très bienveillantes consacrées à vous sauver d'une catastrophe certaine. Amour Rosie

    Selon où sur la terre vous vivez en ce moment, vous aurez remarqué que notre soleil ne se couche ni se lève plus comme il se doit. La planète "bégaie" dans sa révolution et comme cela augmente elle s'arrêtera. En d'autres termes, la rotation de la terre se ralentit, et elle finira par STOPPER. Cela déclenchera des tremblements de terre, des éruptions volcaniques et des raz de marée. Il est nécessaire d'évacuer la planète avant que cela arrive.

    La planète est malade – accablée par notre comportement collectif négatif au cours des siècles, et surtout par des puissances obscures qui ont l'intention de la détruire et qui refusent de coopérer avec la hiérarchie céleste, qui supervise l'ensemble de l'univers. Pour des raisons de grand danger (des tentatives délibérées pour détruire ainsi que la nécessité de la terre de se «rééquilibrer», comportant un renversement magnétique) vous serez évacués par petits scouts qui vous conduiront ensuite à de grands «vaisseaux-mères», dont certains sont aussi grands que la terre elle-même. Ici vous allez passer un certain temps en tant qu'invités galactiques jusqu'à ce que le danger soit passé. Pendant ce temps, les décisions seront prises concernant la poursuite de votre chemin.

    Il y aura des signes évidents de la nécessité d'évacuer, tels que des perturbations atmosphériques, mouvements de terrain et la perte de communications. S'il vous plaît, restez calme. Beaucoup de petits vaisseaux apparaîtront dans le ciel pour évacuer votre région. Il y aura quelques heures au cours desquelles vous pourrez monter à bord. Après cela, ce ne sera plus possible. Le personnel de secours sera sur place et sera en mesure de communiquer avec vous dans votre langue.

    L'embarquement est effectué en entrant dans le faisceau lumineux descendant d'un vaisseau. C'est une sorte d'ascenseur. S'il vous plaît, restez calme lors de l'embarquement car des perturbations fortes peuvent perturber le processus. Vous pouvez prendre vos animaux de compagnie avec vous, mais sachez que sinon les vaisseaux disposent de TOUT CE DONT VOUS POURRIEZ AVOIR BESOIN. NE PRÉPAREZ PAS DE VALISES. Si des membres de la famille devraient se trouver à un endroit différent, ils devraient embarquer à cet endroit-là et ne pas essayer de rentrer chez eux. Les enfants qui ne sont pas avec leurs parents et non plus avec ceux qui sont responsables pour eux seront ramassés plus tard aussi. Les familles seront réunies à bord. Ne vous inquiétez pas pour les gens dans les hôpitaux, les maisons, les prisons ou d'autres institutions. Des dispositions ont été prévues pour eux.







    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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    Rosie's short evacuation in Spanish....




    Este articulo es para aquellos que están preocupados y que no entienden lo que realmente está por suceder. Por eso, se van a hacer las aclaraciones necesarias de la manera mas simple posible. La informacion detallada está en los enlaces proporcionados al final del articulo (en Español y en Inglés).

    Aunque todos son libres de hacer su propia elección, cuando llegue el momento de la Evacuacion, se aconseja abordar rápidamente tan pronto como aparezcan las naves. Por favor, se debe dejar a un lado todas las historias de las películas de Hollywood acerca de extraterrestres violentos y saber que estas son fuerzas tremendamente benevolentes dedicadas a salvarnos en momentos de desastre.

    Dependiendo de dónde estemos viviendo en este momento, Uds. ya habrán notado que nuestro sol no esta saliendo u ocultandose del modo que debería. El planeta está, por decirlo asi, "tartamudeando" en su revolución y en la medida que esto se incremente, llegara al punto de DETENERSE. En otras palabras, la rotación de la tierra se está desacelerando, y finalmente PARARÁ. Esto provocará terremotos, erupciones volcánicas y maremotos. Es necesario evacuar el planeta antes que esto suceda.

    El planeta está enfermo – agobiado por muchos siglos de comportamientos colectivos negativos de parte nuestra y especialmente por poderes oscuros que pretenden destruirlo y que se niegan a cooperar con la Jerarquía Celestial que supervisa todo el universo. Debido a este gran peligro (intentos deliberados de destruir, así como la necesidad de la tierra de "reequilibrarse" –lo cual implica una reversión magnética) seremos evacuados por pequeñas naves exploradoras que luego nos llevarán a grandes "naves nodriza", algunas de las cuales son tan grandes como la Tierra misma.

    Allí pasaremos un período de tiempo como huéspedes galácticos hasta que el peligro haya pasado. Durante ese tiempo se tomarán decisiones en relación a la continuación de nuestro destino.

    Habrá signos inequívocos de la necesidad de evacuar, tales como perturbaciones atmosféricas, temblores de tierra y pérdida de las comunicaciones. Por favor, mantengan la calma. Muchas pequeñas naves aparecerán en el cielo para la evacuación del área donde estemos. Habrá unas pocas horas durante las cuales se podrá tomar LA DECISION de abordar. Después de eso, ya no será posible. Personal de rescate estará presente y será capaz de comunicarse con nosotros en nuestro propio idioma.

    Para realizar el abordaje debemos encaminarnos hacia el rayo de luz que desciende desde la nave. Se trata de una especie de ascensor. Por favor, mantener la calma mientras se está abordando ya que el exceso de ruido puede INTERRUMPIR el proceso de embarque. Podemos llevar nuestras mascotas con nosotros, pero debemos saber que de otra manera las naves tienen TODO LO QUE PUDIÉRAMOS NECESITAR. NO EMPACAR MALETAS.

    Miembros de la familia que pudieran estar en un lugar diferente, deben abordar en ESE lugar y NO tratar de volver a casa. Los niños que no estén con sus padres o con alguien responsable de su cuidado serán recogidos más tarde también. Las familias se reunirán en la nave.

    NO hay que preocuparse por las personas en hospitales, hogares, prisiones y otras instituciones. Se han previsto acciones para ellos.


    1ra. Parte: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Spanis...cambiado.shtml
    2da. Parte: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Spanish_50/2-PARTE.shtml
    3ra. Parte: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Spanish_50/3-PARTE.shtml




    RESPUESTAS DE SERAFÍN A TUS PREGUNTAS AQUÍ: hilo de discusión en inglés moderado por Rosie en el foro TIU
    Books are not the WORD.. the HUMAN BEING IS THE WORD and when MAN UNDERSTANDS HIS HUMAN ROLE... as the WORD... this planet will come into glory.

    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.” “The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    "The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny."

    "The Great Tao flows everywhere, to the left and to the right. All things depend on it to exist, and it does not abandon them. To its accomplishments it lays no claims. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them." - Lao Tzu

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