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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The Profit Motive
By S333 thru Vince
Mar 18, 2010 - 7:36:59 AM

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S333 - The Profit Motive.

Hello Dear Ones,

Most of your businesses operate on the basis of the profit motive, and you would most likely say this was OK, else how would you survive if it were not for profits? The whole of your global financial system demands ever more money, and so if a business doesn't continue making profit year on year, it fails and ends up on the scrap heap.

There are many ways of keeping the organization on track to maximum profit and that can involve producing new products, revamping old ones, cutting costs, increasing output with sales campaigns, finding new markets among many other tactics. Cutting costs often means shedding labour by firing people, irrespective of how they've helped the business grow in the past and what personal financial commitments they have.

Revamping product means taking cost out of the product and in the food industry, this often means that the product is less good for you, and full of bulking ingredients and chemicals, to make it look and feel the same. In manufacturing this can mean changing materials and making a less robust item which is less reliable. You see, the consumer and other end users are cash cows, to be milked for everything they are worth in the name of profit, just to keep the Illuminati bankers happy.

It is a feature of life across your planet, that the only model which works is the profit motive; and that is what the Dark Elite want you to believe. Its strange then, that on all the inhabited planets elsewhere in Creation; and there are many, the most successful societies work without the profit motive. The profit model has been responsible for restricting the growth of your culture, as everything is geared towards making money, just to keep a relative few in luxury, but at the expense of ordinary people who are treated as economic slaves.

A genuinely successful society is far stronger than yours, as it works with the weaker members, to help them become stronger. Everyone helps everyone else, and the sense of satisfaction in the population is enormous by your pitiful standards. Just look at the war and strife on Earth as you call it (We call it Urantia), it goes on perpetually and do you know why? Well it makes wealthy people even richer; in terms of the amount of paper money and figures on computer screens.

But that's not real wealth; real wealth comes from richness of the soul, and being in a gifted economy; that's where people put their contribution into the community pool and take out of it what they need.

Time after time the gifted economy outperforms the profit motivated economy by a vast margin, and the gifted economy gives everyone huge satisfaction and is a self perpetuating upward spiral. Whereas the profit economy is a self defeating downward spiral, where ALL forms of profit are at someone else's expense. Just think of that for a moment; every penny of profit which is extracted from people, contributes to the fragmentation and downfall of your societies, and it is not a sustainable model.

Periodically, there has to be mass theft of your population's resources, to keep the Dark Ones in their artificial wealth. That's what the successive economic downturns are; periods of maximum fraud on, and theft from ordinary people, and quite often complete countries as well. The wars keep down population numbers in massive killing sprees, ending in subjugating the population and taking all their resources. It's yet another form of theft.

You live amongst spiritual poverty, but you don't realize how poor you really are, and it is pitiful for the Spiritual Hierarchy to watch our children suffer in this way. That is why we intend to remove the Dark Ones from your world, and reinvigorate Planet Earth, to her potential at this time in her history.

Those people who have chosen to stay with Earth will have the opportunity to help construct a civilization from the ground up, and based on spiritual values, where the profit motive will not be welcome. This is an immense task, but this time everyone will have a voice, not just a minority Dark Elite. It will mean a great deal of hard work and the consumer society in which you currently exist will be a thing of the past.

People will be encouraged to value the food they eat and the possessions they have, for they will not be easy to come by. When a civilization starts from scratch, and the process has happened before on Urantia (Earth), the basics of life have to be produced by you the people, as the system of production, distribution and local outlets will no longer function as it did. You the local people will have to produce all that you need, after you have scavenged as much as you can from that society which existed before. It's going to be hard but rewarding, and you will all be the better for it.

And so it is...................

This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.


 Candace:  How many of you have purchased cheap crap that does not last well? Then it has to be replaced with more cheap crap?  As a homework assignmment, look at what the profit industry does to ROB you and all the life on the planet. Pick some situations personal to you and study the beginning and ending output of the profit motive in action in your life.  We will not have true abundance in this world, until we give up money and profit motive.

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