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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

S333 - Stasis & Related Questions
By S333, Vince and teaching added by Candace
Mar 23, 2010 - 11:32:32 AM

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S333 - Stasis & Related Questions

S333: Hello my Dear One,
How are you today; and I understand you have some questions for me?

Vince: A little better than yesterday thanks. Shall I ask away?

S333: Yes, carry on.

Vince: How close are we to Stasis?

S333: Close, but as I've told you before I can't put a date on it. Also, I
won't put a date on it. Can't because it depends on a variety of things
happening; and won't because even if I could predict a date, I don't want to
take away the element of surprise for when it hits the Dark Ones.

It's going to hit them very hard, and unless they've turned to the Light
by that time, it's trouble all the way for them.

Vince: You said that a large proportion of the Earth's population will be
going to other planets during the time of suspended animation you call
Stasis? What are conditions like there, and are they far away?

S333: The conditions there are in some respects like Earth, in that there
are mountains and fields, trees and plants; animals and insects. In other
respects they are more primitive than Earth, without the material
infrastructures you are used to. The people mostly won't remember their previous lives on
Earth; except some of them will have a remembrance at a subconscious level.

They will be starting again from scratch, building new societies; and with
their general lack of ethics and spirituality, it will be relatively
unpleasant for many of them. They are graded according to how advanced and how
backward they are from a spiritual viewpoint, and the very worst will go to the
most primitive of those planets and the best of the bunch to the more
advanced of the set.

For the chosen people who are of a certain level of spirituality, and who
will remain with Earth, their tasks are no less challenging, for they too
must build a sustainable civilization from scratch. The benefits to them though
will be a planet with all the filth removed and being among people who are
much less likely to be crooks, murders and rapists etc, so they will start
off in a place where it is hoped that crime is non-existent and greater
ethics can be taught and more spirituality gained.

Vince: Is that realistic though?

S333: Well, you have to start somewhere with the raw material you are
given, and then shepherd those people along. Most crime is associated with people
stealing things that don't belong to them, because of poverty of goods and
wealth, and poverty of spirit.

When you build a thriving locally based self sustaining society, there is
an inclusiveness of everybody, and this deters crime because the ultimate
sanction of the community is exclusion of the guilty party, after considering
other remedial actions including restitution. This kind of society is quite
normal in the greater part of Creation, so we know they work and we are quite
used to developing societies in this way, with the planetary populations

Present humanity pre-stasis think they are very clever, but they are not,
and as far as the Cosmos is concerned, they have learned how to look through
and go out of a tiny keyhole, and view a very tiny part of only one
universe. If you think that your universe is vast; then just remember that it exists
in a Superuniverse, of which there are many in the whole of Creation. Your
scientists are hide-bound by book learning and what went before, so that
true ground breaking discoveries and theories are few in number, because many
of the scientists lack a truly open mind, and real resources to fund
research; not the tied fiat money of the Dark Ones.

Vince: What amount of people will have to be uncreated, do you think?

S333: All told, not a vast amount of people, but the final tally is some
way off yet. It's a last resort though, and we don't hand out this final
sanction until the people concerned have been fully counselled and worked with
by Angels of the Light, to try and get them turned from negative into
positive. At the end of the day though, you just can't put rotten apples back in
the barrel with the ones who show some remorse and spiritual potential. There
are lots of ands, ifs and buts connected with the various forms of rotten
apples we are discussing, and we have a range of options for dealing with
them; with uncreation as the last resort.

Vince: From what I understand, it's going to be a bit stark here on Earth
after Stasis; isn't it?

S333: Well, yes it is. There's no getting away from the basic fact that it
is going to be a new civilization built from the ground up.

There will still be recyclable materials from your present civilization
which can be used and also managed natural resources from your local area, but
you are not going to have an oil based economy as you currently have. There
will be new technologies introduced as you go along, but these are to
underpin growing local sustainable communities, and not to recreate the global
society you currently have.

We have always found in the past on other planets in other solar systems,
that the greater the collection of local societies become, the more diverse
the nature of the planetary population becomes; and it is therefore much
stronger and more flexible when natural disasters occur as they inevitably do.
Communities around the planet will need talk to each other, as that kind of
networking is valuable when seeking to compare results and correct societal
problems when they occur. Eventually Galactic societies are able to visit one
another elsewhere in the cosmos, by means which you have yet to experience,
and which will be included on your Menu; when the time is appropriate.

Vince: Are there enough people available for starting again on Earth after

S333: No there are not. That is unfortunate, but you just have to work with
the numbers who have reached the minimum required level of Spirituality.
It's no use crying over spilt milk, but it is such a waste of human potential
that so many souls got bogged down in the filth and sleaze; and most of them
still think its ‘normal' behavior. It is pitiful to watch some of the
disgusting things they get up to, and they think they are clever and
sophisticated, but they are just spiritual dwarfs and cannot see the truth.

Well, in their new planetary circumstances, they are going to have a lot to
contend with, particularly those who have led luxury lives at the expense
of ordinary people. They will have to fend for themselves in quite unpleasant
circumstances, and they have all of eternity to ponder their fate and
arrive at a position where they are able to have the first moments of spiritual
awakening. When they do, they will find the whole of the Spiritual Hierarchy
cheering them on to greater things, but they have to turn to the Light first
and turn their backs on the Darkness; and for them, that's no easy task, so
deep is the mind programming.I think that's enough for today, don't you?

Vince: Yes and thanks for your answers which I'll get posted on Abundant
Hope soon.

This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and
transcribed by Vince.

Candace:  ok, on the question Vince asked above if there are enough people to restart the civilization, he was asking Population and S333 didn't realize that, and answered regards spirituality. YOu see, most are only barely at 51% karma cleared, and you could also look at this as 51% service to others, leaving 49% service to self, and these ones are not so polished yet spiritually.  Also though we have put out an estimate of what might be the returning numbers, that figure is an estimate. We suggested 1 billion, and that is certainly enough people, the earth will still be overpopulated, we are designed for 1/2 billion, and perhaps 1 billion under the best of spirituality and technology. We have a ways to go.

So Vince upon my questioning asked for more clarification and this is what S333 replied:

S333: No there are not enough people going forward to Earth after Stasis. Of the people who are going, a large number just scrape through the barrier over the minimum level of spirituality required.

Everyone is going to have harsh times of one kind or another, even though the satisfaction levels will be higher than at present; and there is going to be natural wastage as we go along. Some people are going forward because they will be carrying a child designed for the new Earth, and after a period of upbringing, those parents will pass over and be reincarnated on another planet. Some of them already have the children, and their tenure will therefore be shorter.

Then we have the accidents and incidents, where we expect numbers of people to perish due to adverse geophysical events, which will be ongoing even after Stasis, albeit at reduced levels. There is a build-up period before Stasis, and a reducing time after Stasis, such is the nature of these events. Then there will be periods of famine, where the potential is for millions to perish. This is a process for weeding out the weak ones.

We are talking about a society which is just starting, and in the first few centuries, it will be relatively unstable. There is going to be a weeding out of people, where some will be shown to be not ready for the new civilization and will subsequently go elsewhere for further development, until the time is appropriate to return to Earth.

There will be those who resort to crime and other misdemeanours, and if they are found not yet suitable for Earth, then they will also go elsewhere.

In the beginning, there are no guarantees as to how many people are going to fall by the wayside, and so I would have preferred to have a greater proportion of people who are above the minimum entry level, to ensure the longevity of the project. But having said that; there are those here who disagree with me and say we have adequate numbers, and that I should not concern myself with the possibilities I have described. We are all of a mind that the matter is rolling along nicely at this point, but I would still have liked a bigger number of higher quality people, in terms of spiritual growth; than we currently have, to ensure success by a wider margin, and allow for ‘natural wastage'.

I hope this satisfactorily explains my previous comments.


Candace: Initially there will be no famine because people are going to be fed, because there will be no crops after several years pf stasis.  There will be people left in areas who tend to graze off of nature and these ones will continue if left. Once man has replanted and is harvesting crops, and has other details running, then what he causes to himself will happen naturally.

God has almost never dropped food for people in famine conditions, as this is a great testing period. The followers of Moses were not fed for 40 years, that is a deliberate manipulation of the bible. But they were fed for a short time.  We will have to continue to have earth changes, and depending on situations, we may even be in aother stasis or two for shorter periods. The lands must be properly birthed as part of the balancing act leading to light and life. As we have said before, the lands masses have to be more balanced around the planet for monopolarity to be achieved. 

Look on your globes, most of the land is above the equator and we have a huge Pacific Ocean.  Some of our excess water will be put back up into the, shoot, not sure the label, but in the very highest atmosphere and the current chem traisl provide some opportunity for that, the particles can be pulled up to hold water vapor, and there is evidence of this, in the increasing, let me see, noctilucent clouds, I think is the name or similar. These clouds glow after the sun has set from the water vapor high up there that is increasing.

The melting polar ices are part of why the earth is ready to move her poles, seeking a new balance in fact.  These unbalanced a planet, in more ways than one, both physically and socially as man has to deal with the floods from it. God never comes in and does all the work, God helps man help himself, and there was never a truer statement about God on this earth. I wish more would repeat that one every day they live. God helps those who help themselves.  You must show DESIRE to share with God in this developing world, in all worlds in fact. Ask and thou shall receive, but the receiving is never free handouts, the receiving is the tools to solve the problems. Man is going to learn, as he rebuilds, to rebuild WITH GOD, not shunning God, this time.

Many people are going to continue to overproduce themselves. I remind you that the population of earth has well more than doubled since I graduated from high school 45 years ago, and it would be even worse without some of the currents wars.  People naturally go into reprouction mode after wars and the like, look at the baby boomber events that happened after World War 2.  I am a baby boomer myself.  Keeping the population under manageable numbers is going to take awhile.

It not only reuqires people have a natural sense of the effects of reproduction, we have to as a civilization have LAWS around reproduction and these are no where in site yet. WE are going to have to also control our hereditary defects and this means at some point people will be tested and will not have children if their genes aren't up to muster. And we are going to have to learn to either sterilize mentally deficient people, or segregate them in such a way they cannot reproduce. A little reading in the Urantia Book would be worthwhile in this regard, for it is one purpose of advancing man to deliberately advance his genetics.

A suggested Chapter would be Paper #72 called Government on a neighboring Planet. If you do not own a copy, you can read free online at   I also have on the site on Urantia Book, a section on light and life, which may have some explanation along these lines. 

Understand, that our former Plnaetary Prince Caligastia, not only entered into the Lucifer Rebellion, but he also dropped out of overseaing control by Nebadon, he secceeded from the union, in other words, like what the South did in the US of A during the civil war and many groups have done same on this earth, from over control by others.  So this planet since then has not really been under the full superivision of Nebadon Heirarchy. That has been restored and will be evident with stasis and the teaching to come.

But as you know, there are folks even that survive and return to earth that may turn a deaf ear and their minds are still not as developed as they could be. But they will be challenged and if they work through that challenge, oh my, what a glorious time for these ones it will be. Mind is going stagnant on the earth right now in some regions, like my country.  Evoelutionary planets such as this one, particularly the seed planets are TOUGH worlds. That is why the dark are placed on them, because beloveds, mind does not grow without challenge, and that goes all the way back to the planet life, thru the animal life, and into the human life, in whatever form it takes.  AGain, with these new energies lots of you are noticing the changes in your beloved animals.  Mind is growing and though I know you worry about your animals, this experience is going to grow them up some more.

It is not gong to be easy, but it is going to be exciitng and a time of great opportunity for you ones who read here on AH and are amongst either the chosen to stay here as teachers, or amongst those who will be going to the new planet, which was designed on purpose to take overflow from this one, and on that planet, those basically have to be 51% or even higher also.

Regards visionary and proper methods of population control, this is always done under advice from the hierachy. Planets are helped to face these issues as part of growing up into light and life. And when you read the UB sections on light and life, you will understand the beginning ages of that status are not yet perfect, but the people have learned to sustain themselves and their planet and no longer need to experience cheansings when everying gets out of balance, such as on this planet now, several times now in fact. One of the greateset early steps of entering light and life, is that the people have learned to "war no more."  We have a song about that I think I may have posted in the past, Peter Paul and Mary used to sing it, but I don't know who wrote it.

Even the cleansing when the dinosaurs roamed the earth was needed, they were out of balance.  Light and Life means a global civilization has learned to maintain balance with nature and within their societies. And understand later, when we are more in that state, and we also have galactic travel, we can move excess people elsewhere!  We might eventually build large ships even, that people use as a new home! There is HUGE potential coming forward! 

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