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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 - 5:26:20 PM

S333 - Cola, Burgers & Sport - A Dark Agenda
By S333 and Vince
Mar 3, 2010 - 12:47:33 PM

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S333 - Cola, Burgers & Sport - A Dark Agenda

Dear Ones,

A correspondent has asked for my comments on your big sporting events, and how they entrap the minds of people in your popular cultures. It is important to address this issue, because it goes to the root of some of your main problems associated with the general lack of spirituality on your planet.

Distraction of the masses has been going on for a long time, and it allows your rulers, the Dark Elite, to control many aspects of your lives, while furthering their own agenda of gaining ever more control over you, as you aren't looking. Sport as such, is a joyful and healthy mainly outdoor activity, which at a certain level, has been turned from a friendly community activity which helps to bond yourselves with your fellow beings, into a hypnotic distraction of major proportions.

If we look at the major events across the globe today; we see many of them sponsored by the major corporations, who sell you health damaging junk food, take your money and give exceptionally large donations to support these distractions such as national, international and Olympic competitions. The average sports fan will see nothing wrong in this, and will spend much of their week feasting on a televisual buffet of sporting events and attending stadia for that hypnotic pastime of supporting their team.

Behind the scenes, the Dark Elite have taken over your reality and turned you into financial slaves to their valueless fiat money system, and they were allowed to get away with that because most of you looked the other way. Even now, people just don't ‘get it', that whereas they think they live in free democratic societies, the truth is quite the opposite. You are not free, because they own the system. So many of you worship at the temple of money, and you need this paper, debased metal coinage, and figures on computer screens, to go about your daily business.

Then when the financial climate suits the Dark Ones, they engineer an economic collapse or a recession, which ruins people, and snatches assets away from them, which go to the Dark Ones. That's all part of their economic cycle which is based on power, greed, and lies. When they have obtained these assets, either freely or two cents on the dollar, they pay their line-chiefs massive bonuses as a reward, and there has been much of this in the banking world recently.

In sport, and particularly with games played on fields, pitches and courts, the same is true; where players are given vast sums of money, often bringing their clubs close to bankruptcy in recessional times. When that happens, there is always another Dark One there to pick up the pieces for two cents on the dollar.

When there are major global sporting events like the Olympics, the sheer cost of this festival, keeps nations in debt to the Dark Elite Bankers for decades, thus keeping peoples in check, through additional taxation on the population, on top of the already high taxation burden the ordinary citizen has to carry. They make money whatever.

When these major events take place, it is always worth digging around behind the scenes to see what activities the so-called Illuminati are up to, for make no mistake these events mask massive wrongdoings while you are looking the other way. The majority of these are secret, but they are done by people, and as the Senior Dark Elite never get their fingers dirty, ordinary people get sucked into their schemes, often without realising they are fraudulent and evil; and once in, they can't easily get out.

Yet it is these very people who can help to finish off the Dark Ones, by telling their story to the people, and how they were forced into doing some very dark deeds, from low level fraudulent activities and thuggery, right up to murder and genocide. It is these people I wish to reach, and I invite them to come aboard the Starfleet Craft when they appear, and we will take them and their families to safety, and invite them to explain to people what they were made to do and why.

Many of these tales are tragic, where people have arrived at difficult places in their lives, and the people they turned to for help gave them money and other help, but extracted payback from them which effectively ruined their lives. It is these stories we wish to show with the deepest of compassion, to the population; so that everyone can see at last what great evil has been done to you all.

Then the Dark Elite captains and commanders will be held to account by the Spiritual Hierarchy under Divine Law, whilst those who informed on them are welcomed back into the fold of Divine Light & Love.

To our potential informants we say you should ask within you for your guide to listen to you, and express your desire to give your account of what you did for the Dark Ones, and we will ensure that you are contacted to rescue you and your family and loved ones who may be in mortal peril. Don't worry if you don't believe in guides who are invisible to you; just summon up the courage to ask and go through with the plan, and we will do the rest; and we thank you for reading and considering our request.

And so it is................................................

This is a telepathic message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince. 3rd March 2010


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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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