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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Prison Planet & Questions
By S333 amd Vince , commentary by Candace
Mar 21, 2010 - 5:10:37 PM

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S333 - Prison Planet & Questions


Hello Dear Ones,

There are at any one time, hundreds of thousands of people we call Dark Ones, plotting your downfall. It's what they do, and it makes them Dark. At any one time, there are many millions of us from the Realms of Light, plotting their downfall and your rescue; and the difference is: we are going to win.

You may have noticed more news reports about sleaze and corruption beginning to appear, and top celebrities who look tired and haggard on TV. These are the grassy slopes, before the foothills, before the mountains of revelations which will be coming out into the public domain showing ordinary people how they have been lied to, robbed from and cheated at every turn by the Dark Ones who run your material reality.

The momentum is growing all the time and more people are coming forward to inform on the Dark Ones you would call the Illuminati or the New World Order; and who have you all locked in an invisible cage on your Prison Planet. That's a dramatic name for it, but it is a prison because your freedom has been curtailed and you are slaves to their financial system.

While you can't get a personal or business loan as easily as you once could, the Illuminati Captains of the financial institutions are being given vast sums of money for a job well done and to keep them loyal for the future. That's millions of Dollars, Euros and Pounds of YOUR money, being given away to keep you as financial slaves.

Would it surprise you to know that many of the famous people of your society are serial paedophiles who practise their vile perversions amid satanic ceremonies, where human sacrifices are also part of the ‘Big Secret'? Certain majestic institutions have their secret suite of rooms in which these Black Crafts & Rites are conducted, and even in more modest circumstances at a local level, there are people from ordinary communities using more makeshift facilities, who practise no less vile and horrific crimes against humanity. This sickness can be found in all walks of life from Religion, thru Government; Armed Forces; Police; the Security Service; Law; right down to Child Protection Services.


This is just part of how depraved your societies have become with drug dealers everywhere, drunkenness, gambling and prostitution endemic; political sleaze and corruption regarded as normal behavior. These are the hallmarks of your Prison Planet.

Watch for the volcanoes; major earthquakes; severe weather patterns; and the appearance of Jupiter as your Second Sun; then you'll know it's all over soon. All the dirt, all the sleaze, all the vile behaviour; it's going to be swept away from Earth's surface, with the people who practise these Black Arts. There's not much time left, but if you are involved in any of these activities, there's just time left to turn away from the Darkness & embrace the Light.


And so it is.............................


Vince: Have you finished? If so, can I ask you a question?


S333: Yes My Son, of course you may.


Vince: If you know all of these things and who did what and when; then why don't you just give out the names and dates; plus the places and shame them into confession? You never give names and other evidential details.


S333: We never will. In all of these messages thru you, I am preparing the ground for what is to follow, no more; no less.


I choose to explain what goes on in an overview; and what is to come in the same style; that is all. The; who; what; when; and why; are no concern of mine, in the context of the immediate job in hand.


I also have your own safety to consider, and I am using you to give out my messages; and I think we work well together. But, you are an innocent, who wouldn't say ‘boo' to a goose. If the Dark Ones had the merest of thoughts that you had knowledge of names, dates and places of what Evil things they do, then you'd soon be just so much pet food.


It wouldn't matter to them that we would just switch to another channeler, but you would be taken out very quickly and silenced. Now, not only would we get thru channelers at a fast rate of knots, but it would turn out to be counter-productive very quickly.


The Dark Ones are given a chance to consider their positions, and if they feel that they can get out of their habit and turn to the Light, then we want them to appear on screen and tell their stories. We also want to introduce to the population at large that things are not what they seem to be, and that they are trapped in a system which controls them like sheep. But that has to dawn on them gently, for the controls have been placed on them for thousands of years, and the names and dates approach won't work.


The population must ask themselves questions, and when the people who performed some of the tasks are on TV telling their stories, they will have more questions to ask themselves. Even then there are bound to be a very large number of folks who will be so amazed what's gone on around they will barely find it credible. But they all have the right to know why their lives are going to be frozen in time by Stasis for a few years, while all the filth, evil and pollution are swept away.


They also have the right to know why some people are so evil that they will have to be uncreated, the final sanction; why many of them are going to wake up on other planets; why some will pass-over in Stasis; and why a minority of Earth's current population will be staying on the upgraded planet, to build a new civilisation from the ground up.


We are not going to attempt to tear down the walls of their current perception; but feed them the appropriate information in the best way possible from some of the culprits themselves, and let the people make up their own minds.


Your own safety and wellbeing are of considerable importance to us, and we will not place you in jeopardy.


Vince: Thanks for explaining all this to me.


S333: Pleasure.




This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.

Candace:  Well beloved Vince I will remind you of the times they have tried to make me into pet food. Plus the attempts to harm others on the team, and we don't name names, but we do post what is available on the net, some of it not totally factual, but we do the best and hope to get people to think.

And if they can't make me and others into pet food, they can still harass us by crashing our website, and killing computers.  It takes time away from the work needing done.

Beloved's I will not likely be fully operational again, as I said for a week or more, depending. It took 7 hours to download an updated version today of my antivirus, because of my short RAM which cannot be rectified on this old stone age machine.  Mail response will be slow.

It is significally time consuming to even load this part of our website to post, and thus I am using Vince's time here to add on to his piece to  save me time.  Please do not drown me in a sea of email for a bit, I can't process it all. I also have a lot of missing links that were on the other computer, plus the address on this one is deficient and it takes a bit of time to up date these considering I haven't used it hardly at all for nearly 3 1/2 years.

I lost a lot of material I had been unable to back up on the laptop recently, including current work so I have lost all of the work around the first money homework assignment, and when I am a bit caught up will work on the 2nd one.  Now ponder, in the meantime all the time you have lost because of money issues in your life. 

Amongst them I think I suggested recently would be such simple things as having to shop at many stores for the best deals.  The dark side crashed our website and took out my computer, to cause me TIME away from this, besides little mental hassles. We need to plan on the return for a cleaner better society and all ascending civilizations desire, truly desire TIME.  Real Time to make life meaningful.  Time is money, goes the expression, but truly not using money will create a lot of TiME that can be put to better use. 

Now, I have a queston frm CM, and please don't send me a lot of email, this is for your personal pondering.  Why do YOU want to see Jupiter?  I am not saying we won't, but this is just a mental exercise. But say, what If the energies are just to heavy and they still are a bit, thus the very grandual allowance, (we don't want a big axis change right now), and we had to say no, how would YOU feel?  We do want the coverage on TV and the people have a RIGHT to KNOW. This is something I always stand for in my communications, because I think the people have a RIGHT TO KNOW, rather than just reversing the poles without explanation. 

One person wrote to me, that for Christians anyway, it would be cool to have it appear on Easter. I agree, and I won't rule that out, nor confirm it, because it's about the energy connections, and not a Christian date, but we do, if it is going to be able to come out, to have it be a HOLY EVENT for everyone. I prefer some announcements of some sort first, like they started to do in the Netherlands.

If you live in the Denver area, please encourage your friends to be watching KBDI, PBS Channel 12, as they are hitting the truth pretty hard and heavy still. After their trial showing of Camp Fema along with Freedom to Fascim by Aaron Russo (with addtional material I didn't see in the origional), they are showing the pair back to back together again several more times, including prime time on this past Friday evening. 

I so hope other PBS channels will pick up on the idea. The are also showing a new film about the GM problems with food and I haven't watched it all the way thru, but I learned some things about the GM cotton crops that is hair raising. When aninimals in India feed on these GM cotton plants after harvest, they DIE and very quickly. And people who work the cotton are having chronic skin problems. 


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