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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Pressures Are Building
By S333 thru Vince
Apr 13, 2010 - 11:16:00 AM

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S333 - Pressures are Building

Hello Dear Ones,

There are on your planet many earthquakes, some of them minor and some of them major; and there are a number of websites reporting them. Some of these quakes are being reported at different magnitudes than the actual levels, and most sites only report a fraction of the total number of actual earthquakes.

This is not a criticism, just a statement of fact, but there is a tendency in the media to practice ‘News Management', so as not to frighten the population. The Dark Ones are worried how they'd cope if regional populations didn't go about their normal business and relocated elsewhere, for it would cause them a major headache, and we find this understandable, considering they regard ordinary people as slaves; but, they are only rescheduling the inevitable.

A number of telepaths have reported that there are going to be ‘Shock and Awe' events around the world soon, and that will indeed be the case. At the moment, there is a slow build up with the underground pressures which cause earthquakes, and many of the quakes themselves are regarded as fairly mild. There are also quakes week in, week out which are regarded as quite normal and of little consequence.

Some of the areas which have been having larger quakes recently; have also been having a good deal of smaller quakes in the vicinity, which on the face of it are no real problem. But in reality, these areas are shaking like a jelly and have become a good deal more unstable than the authorities will admit to. Geophysical events like earthquakes and volcanoes are measures in terms of centuries, where repeat events often have several hundred years between major events, or at least several decades.

But what is going on is something never witnessed in the history of your modern civilisation. As a result of decisions made at the Universe Management level, your planet needs to be reconfigured and de-polluted, and so there will be major changes to the land masses and oceans throughout the world. Pressure is building everywhere and it cannot be stopped, and there will be no other outcome than planetary change; for it has thus been decreed by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Soon there will be geophysical and weather events which can no longer be hidden by ‘News Management', because you will be able to see what's going on with your own eyes. The ground will shake, buildings will be damaged to some degree, yet others will not; and there will be extreme weather in places; plus volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. These will be widely reported on the internet, by the people affected. In general, you will know these ‘Shock and Awe' events are what we have been mentioning to you for a while, as there will be no doubt.

The onset of Stasis will arrive and you will not be conscious of any further changes when they happen, for this is a period of suspended animation. For those of you who are staying with Earth, you will awaken to a vastly different reality than the one you are used to, and much of it will be as if it had been a war zone, with damaged buildings and infrastructure, no food crops growing; and that is a understatement. After a period of grace when you will be fed and helped to establish yourselves so that you have some kind of water, food and shelter for the future, it will then be up to you dear ones to build a new civilization better than the one you have now.

To achieve that, there will be something of a pioneer spirit required, and multi-tasking of a practical kind, where any and every skill you have will be useful to the community, in order for it to survive and flourish. You will not be able to do it by selfishness, and can only achieve success by a collective effort on a local, regional and national basis. The scenario is both daunting and exciting at the same time, for you will learn much about co-operation, community spirit; love and gifting; for this will be the only way to survive and create a new civilization. Selfishness, greed and corruption will become things of the past, because as, when, and if they emerge; they will not be able to flourish in a world full of light energy, where all the darkness and pollution have been removed.

While you are experiencing the pre-stasis shock and awe, please try and stay calm and know that God and His vast team are creating an upgraded world for you. Use this time wisely, and find out just what skills you really have, and how you can put them to use for the benefit of the community in your new circumstances.
And so it is.........................

This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.

Candace:  These messages from S333 thru Vince will be halted for a short time, as Vince needs some rest.

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