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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Part of the Problem
By S333 thru Vince
Apr 7, 2010 - 7:39:56 AM

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S333 - Part of the Problem

Hello Dear Ones,

Have you ever heard the phrase; ‘It's Business'? Meaning that business has a life of its own, and there's no sentiment; that if you have to pull some stunts or cheap tricks so the business survives, then so be it. Well, there are many people all around the world who use this philosophy to make sure their business survives, and hopefully makes them rich. But you know what, it's not right; it's part of the problem and definitely not part of the solution?

Most of these business people wouldn't normally understand that the energies involved with these methods are more Dark than they would imagine, and certainly not enlightened. In the first place many of them have to start by borrowing money to set up or grow the business, and that takes them into the shark filled waters of money lending. Now, these lenders may be regular banks or other financial institutions, loan sharks, crime syndicates or similar, and they all demand payment with horrendous interest rates on the due date, or else. The ‘else' which hangs over the business peoples heads, can be financial penalties at one end of the spectrum to physical assault or death at the other murky end.

No wonder then that the Dark energy goes down the chain from the lender, through the business to the customer, and that's before the other Dark energies in the form of multiple taxation have their slice of the pie. Then there are the commodity traders, who in their eyes do nothing wrong. They sit in front of a computer screen buying at one price and selling at a higher price; thus making a profit every day. What's wrong with that? Well, it keeps prices artificially high, and means that every product from food and drink to autos is much higher than you should be paying; but there's worse.

The people in the raw material producing countries get little or nothing for their toil. From Bolivian Tin Miners, thru Rice Growers; right down to the Slave Labor Children who harvest cocoa beans in the Ivory Coast and Ghana in Africa; are all taken advantage of to make these businesses a ‘healthy profit', but it really isn't healthy. Children of 8 and 10 years are taken from their parents and forced to work more than 8 hour days, without pay and without schooling; and those cocoa beans are in most chocolate bars made by the world's major manufacturers.

It really isn't even about making chocolate, or any other product you care to name; it's about making money, period. If they could find a method of making vast sums of money without going to all the trouble of making things, then they'd do it like a shot. But, these businesses have got the system set up so well (for them) that they have no intention of changing, as ‘It's Business'.

Well my friends; it isn't fair, it isn't right, and it's going to stop.

There are changes coming, and boy; are they going to be dramatic? After the ‘shock and awe' of the geophysical events; after the period of suspended animation on Earth, which we call stasis; and where every living thing is halted for a time, while the Dark Energy and Pollution are removed; those of you who are staying with the planet are going to be more of the Light than the Dark; and the Dark Ones are going elsewhere more suited to their energy levels

These crooked practises of the Dark Ones are going to stop, and we are going to have a new system which is fairer to all, and people will no longer be chained to the factory bench, the office desk or the farm fields. There will not be Economic Slavery, and food will be grown and consumed in the same regions; and production of goods will also take on a regional aspect, for the current trend of Global Brands is not good for the health of the planet, nor for most of the population, just the few rich ones.

And once again, we discuss the big choice facing people, which is; Are you of the Light or of the Dark? In our illustration here, some of you who thought you were of the light may have to think again, if your business model follows the lines we mention, so you need to think very carefully for it will affect your future in a big way.

Give up the Dark ways and turn to the Light; turn to God. If you don't, then in the coming years you may have cause to regret your choice, but by then you will have missed the best opportunity which has come along in many thousands of years. So, you owe it to yourselves to consider this matter very carefully; but be quick for there isn't much time left.

And so it is.................................


This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.



 Candace: we are getting so many goods now with "cheap tricks" in them that do not perform, and also of course we are consuming cheap goods from China and 3rd world countries to save a buck. And business is being used to also take people's water around the world for your pop's you drink, and these people are being forced to BUY water in bottles so you can drink your pop. Or they have to put money into a spiget to draw water, that once belonged to them. Just a pet peeve of mine this morning, as I was visiting a neighbor and I will not drink pop for this reason and also because it is not healthy to drink.  I don't buy bottled waters where the water comes from elsewhere than my country either. Same reason. And it's all business. Making other peoples buy the water that is their natural right to consume.

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