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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 - 5:26:20 PM

Migrant Workers - A Statement
By S333 and Vince Commentary by Candace
Mar 3, 2010 - 12:57:12 PM

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Candace: Recently S333 did a message with Vince called Work Until You Die. There were some readers who took serious offence to some wording in one paragrah, believing it to be a racial slur. Now some I guess assumed this was a piece directed just at the United States, but in fact the issues brought up in that piece are the conditions now in many countries under the control of the illuminati, regards jobs, taxation, pensions and the importing of inexpensive labor. This is a global problem. Heavily done in Dubai, by the way, besides many other countries the dark are taking over, or have taken over.

So I contacted S333 myself, because we have communicated before Vince was chosen, and have been communicating with him over the results of this project.  I read the statememt that caused offense to some readers to S333, and also some comments from the letters received, plus summaries about this issue and he did not see anything wrong and in fact this is simply the truth.

Now I read these pieces by Vince before I put them up, and I saw no red flags and I still don't see any red flags. There were requests for an apology, which for me is completely unncessary. S333 has no issues either and found the statement consistant with what he gave to Vince.  The people offended felt that S333 had not made this comment and the comment belonged to Vince.

I have had now quite a few conversations with Vince over a variety of topics via email, and have watched his commentary and teaching on AHS.  One of those conversations included one where Vince was questioning another post of this site, made by a team member, but not a channeling.  In the course of that conversation, I saw no red flags about Vince and his attitude towards immigrants or other races, in fact, I see thus far in my letters a very open person. And it was his openess and concern that prompted his LONG letter to me.

 S333 has sent this through Vince today, to discuss the issue.  First, here is the link to the piece, and the comments that were seen as offensive.

Some Public Pensions are still OK though, as they are paid for out of public money, from the taxpayer (That's You!), so not only do you have to take a reduced pension, but you've got to fork out for ex-civil servants and other public sector workers' pensions as well. So, in all probability, many of you will have to work after retirement age to help pay for all that. That is IF you can find a job, and they're going to be increasingly harder to find, because all the jobs you might have taken are being done by immigrants, and many of them don't even speak the language of your country.


S333 - Migrant Workers - A Statement


Dear Ones,

When I give a telepathic message to my partner in the material body, he does not necessarily agree with, or even understand the consequences of the words he transcribes. He gives his time freely for the benefit of Humanity as a whole, and the message is mine, and mine alone.

He lives happily in a diverse community with people from all countries, races and religious backgrounds and he regards every living being as a child of God and no different from himself.

I have referred to the tactics of the Dark Elite who rule your material reality, and specifically where they use migrant workers for cheap labour, and then these jobs are no longer available to the natives of that country. Many of the migrants don't speak the language of the country, and so they are used to split up the originally cohesive society, and this was planned from the outset, so that the people feel foreigners in their own country.

In saying this, I am pointing out the truth; because there are many other items of truth on a variety of subjects to come out, and everyone has a right to know that truth, for it is for the entire world's population to know what the Dark Ones have done.

In most cases, inward investment in the migrant's countries of origin has been minimal, with the intention of keeping them poor, so that they see labor in the fields and factories owned by supporters of the Dark Ones as the only way for them and their families to survive. They are very hard working people, and they thrive in their new lives, and thus they are fully contributing to the wealth of the community.

Everyone on the planet is an economic slave of some kind, unless they are one of the Dark Ones, it is just a matter of scale. You are all being exploited, whatever your race, colour, religion, sex or whatever; and in the coming times you will have the chance to see fully what has been done to you, and how the Dark Elite have sucked out your lifeblood.

This knowledge may make you cry, it may make you angry; or you may simply not believe it. But let me say this, and let me be very clear; I am not making racist or religious attacks on anyone, and when finally all of the truth comes out you will see that the piece about migrant workers was one topic amongst many where the whole of humanity has been manipulated by the Dark Ones for their benefit, and not yours.


And so it is............................


This is a telepathic message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy, received and transcribed by Vince. 3rd March 2010





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