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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Love Is
By S333 thru Vince
Feb 22, 2010 - 1:34:09 PM

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S333 - Love Is.


Vince - Good morning David, or whatever it is where you are. You said that you wanted to write a piece; are you ready to start?


S333: I wanted to write a piece about Love, which for many people is an unknown and misunderstood capacity. You'll find it a much nicer thing to be doing, than ‘Outing the Darkness'.


Vince - OK then, ready when you are.


S333 - Love is everything, and yet it can be nothing, for love  just IS.

 Love is what Creation is all about. It is the reason for the Creation in the first place, and it is what fuels every nook and corner of Creation.

Now, rather than get into the nuts and bolts of whatever the whole of, or your part of Creation, is and how it works, I am focussing on Love itself. It matters not whether you have a technical understanding of various dimensions and the various levels of being within the vastness of Creation. What matters is Love, and finding that small piece of the Creator within you.

How can you forgive another person who has carried out an unpleasant attack on you? How can you not?

Love is not an emotion, for it is more than just that, it is the very essence of the Creator, and it drives everything, and is both of the Light, and Creates the Light.

That small child which exists deep within everyone, will always hope for good and kind treatment, if their human presence gets into trouble, even though they maybe transgressing the law. How many times in their most bleak and hopeless of moments, have those souls who are unbelievers, reached rock bottom and said; "Please Help Me God"?

Deep down, you know who you are. You know you're a God in the making; even if your present path in life is at odds with that eventuality. God, Prime Creator; call Him what you will, is indeed your father/mother and created you, and you are a piece of Him/Her. So in the final analysis, when the chips are down, it's perfectly natural for the most dark of souls to say; "Mum/Dad, please help me", and you know what, your plea is always heard.

God loves you and you are a child of His. You may have drifted onto the wrong path and be desperate to get back to the right one; or be perfectly happy with the wrong path; but God still loves you. Do you have a pet? Maybe it's a dog, a cat or a rabbit? Either way, that animal loves you UNCONDITIONALLY; how wonderful is that? Even with people who mistreat their pets, those pets still love their keepers unconditionally. It's the DEFAULT condition.

Unconditional Love is the Default, the norm, normal, natural, not un-natural, and perfect. God loves you; every being of Light in the vastness of Creation loves each and every one of you, and yet not everyone on Planet Earth does. Many of you have lost your way, and been encouraged to believe that it's the money that matters; the Money and the Power.

Those of you on that path, hate many of your fellow humans, and go to extraordinary lengths to rob them blind and torture and maim them by a whole variety of means. And do you know what? God still loves you. That doesn't mean that you have Divine approval for your activities, but when you ask God for help, it will be given, and not necessarily in the way you may expect. Transgressions of Divine Law must still be paid for in the future, but you are still loved unconditionally.

How many of you are walking a much more moral path, and you love a person for what they are, but when that changes, you no longer love them? Equally, there are those of you who love another unconditionally, but don't even like them; for Like is different to Love.

Love is giving; being kind; doing unto another something in the way that you would wish to be treated yourself; giving love and sustenance to a person who detests you. Just like that pet of yours who loves you unconditionally, even when they are mistreated.

If you can find inside yourself, the power to give out unconditional love to everyone you come into contact with every day, then your world is going to become a so much better place. Then there are the situations you see on your TV News; just send out your love to those who are sick or in difficulty, that will help them immensely in many unseen ways.

To those of you who are already familiar with Unconditional Love; the gift of our Creator, I ask you to join with me.

Call me David if you wish, and link to me in thought. When you project your thoughts for the healing of certain situations known to you, link with me and let us all send our joint unconditional love. I am of God, but I am not God; and so you should also continue with your personal relationship with the Creator, but I am also here to serve you when the need arises.

And so it is................................

 David S333.

 This is a telepathic message received and transcribed by Vince.

 A Final Note from David

 There will be people reading this who do not believe in God; do not believe in telepathy or channelling; & do not understand that the greater part of existence is invisible to you. If only I could show you the wonders of it all, you would be so pleasantly surprised by the beauty and logic of Creation and the Divine Laws.

The problem is, that in order to take the first step on a path to understanding these things, a truly open mind is required; and many people who think they've got an open mind, have been so conditioned by those who control the material aspects of your world, that there is a bias in one direction or another, rather than the neutrality of a truly open mind.

It can take many decades to unravel that conditioning and start again to build a solid wall of understanding, backed by hard evidential proof, to get to the base level required to start training to be able channel members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, or even your own Spirit Guides who exist at a lower level.

And yet, there are people born into your world today, who come with no bias one way or another, they are spiritually developed to the extent that the training for them would be much shorter. But first, they would have to decide of their own free-will that this is something they wanted to do, for there is never any compulsion.




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