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Telepathic Messages : Vince Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 - 5:26:20 PM

Light & Dark.
By S333
Mar 5, 2010 - 9:23:04 AM

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S333 - Light & Dark.


Hello Dear Ones,


Here within the Spiritual Hierarchy, we love everyone; however loving or hateful they are, however good or bad they are; for they are all part of the One, as we are.


Many of you have done some wrong things, either in this lifetime or in previous ones as part of your long standing developmental existence. That is to be expected, because you have to grow spiritually, and this is all part of that growth. We understand when you stray from the path and we will welcome you back to the fold when you find the light again, and leave the darkness behind.


Each and every one of you is faced with a choice, which will be required of you very soon. That is; are you of the Light, or are you of the Dark? Some folk have already decided, and they have made their views known by their thought patterns. Others either haven't decided yet, or are not even aware that this choice is available for them; and this last group is in the majority, at least at the conscious level.


And so, both the forces of Light and Dark are vying for this client group on an ongoing basis; and each side has stepped up its online presence as part of this process. And so we say to you, be very discerning as to what you let yourself believe for all texts are not necessarily what they seem to be.


Do these messages tell you what you want to hear, rather than what is actually the truth? Do they seem a little bit too good to be true? Can you believe any aspect of a certain piece, and are there great untruths skilfully woven in among just too few and thinly spread truths?


You have to use your own judgment and seek a reaction inside yourself, as to whether a statement feels true or false. And that applies to whoever it says it is from. Nobody else can decide this for you, and you should start this process with this message being the first.


Now, we do not blame those who have been tricked or forced into working for the Dark Ones, for they are human and humans are fallible, and for the most part they have been caught in difficult circumstances and given two choices; work for the Dark Ones, or suffer the consequences. That often involves being sent to prison, murdered, sexually abused and bankrupted; to name just a few options.


I want to make it clear to those people who used to channel messages of purity and truth from the Spiritual Realms, and who now dance to the tune from the Dark Ones; that you have a choice. You know very well how to contact us, so you should do that very soon, before it is too late, and seek our full protection. You need only become pure channels of the Light once again and we will give you our protection; but if you miss this opportunity and carry on distributing lies with your messages, you will no longer have the rosy future you expected, and will have fully declared your support of Darkness  and Evil.


Think on this Dear Ones, and decide if you want to return to the fold of Love & Light.


And so it is..............................


This is a telepathic message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy, received and transcribed by Vince - 5th March 2010


Candace:   We are in 4d, and in 4d, people have to choose which side of the fence they wish to be on.  That is why you are seeing more turbulence in the channeled work, and in every aspect of society for that matter.  People are lining up on the side they wish to be on, and there is more and more dicotomy for this reason. And some are actually starting to think and ponder, but do not have a full enough education yet, so they sometimes will fight to the end for their version, but it is important at this time to have a personal version, as truth is discovered always only individually by anyway and can't be forced. Each soul is responsible for it's own search and there is no other way. We will provide as much education as we can, but many will reject it out of hand immediately, but still there is a seed planted for later.

 There are quite a few out there, who took to working with the CIA Council of the (Not so) Light and related programs, after first working for the light, because of benefits offered and the inability to refuse controllers who came into their lives.  I have even helped place some of them into service, only to have them back pedal to have a nice new age business opportunitym as money talks, especially if they are short of it. It seems harmless to them, they put out the Council of Light pretty goo, which does satisfy readers who prefer lollipops to truth, and the truth is often times not pretty, so it is not looked at. Some of these back pedalling folks, actually prefer to give out the false lollipop messages, as they don't have the spine to do real work.

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